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  1. Welcome to Pokkén EX, a weekly tournament series from the old Pokkén Arena that's still going strong. To get in on the action without more persuasion, go to the discord link below. If you need more persuasion, then keep reading below. https://discord.gg/tvcCNYh When? These weeklies are almost every Saturday at 12pm EST, 9am PST, or 6pm CEST. Signups are usually open a few days before, and check-in starts an hour before the tournament up until the start time. What? These weeklies are run as a season, with 8 weeks in every season. Those who place in the top 16 at the end of the season can participate in an invitational tournament for small cash prizes. Then the process starts all over again. The exact rules of the tournament are listed on each weeklies' challonge page, but for the most part are the same as standard tournament rules. Where? Aside from in the comfort of your own home because this is a netplay tournament, you should join the discord to enter in the next weekly as well as find your opponent during the time of the tournament. Of course, all other important announcements regarding the tournament will be posted there. If you don't have one already, you'll need to create a challonge account. Discord and challonge are both free services so don't worry. https://discord.gg/tvcCNYh Who? The weekly tournament is run by me, Bronze. I've been running the weeklies since Circuit Season 2. If there are any problems or questions about or during the tournament, you just ping me in the server. Why? Cause Pokkén. How much more do you want from me?