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    Garchomp's Scaling Values

    Hey all, Snuffy here. I took the liberty(as nobody else has done so) to determine Garchomp's scaling values. Please note there is a -10% Penalty for air hits and a +20% Bonus for the 2nd hit after a wallsplat onward. If you would like to use these values, here is a link to Zyflair's damage calcuator. Click here to visit's Zyflair's post about the calculator! Move 100% Damage Scaling % Notes about Moves 5Y 30 10% 5YY 30, 27 20% 5YYY 30, 27, 32 40% 6YY/Running YY 30, 100 70% only can combo at wall 4Y 20, 40 20% 8Y 50 30% 2Y 30 20% only can combo in weird scenarios jY 30 0% 5X 30, 20, 60 30% 4X 20, 20, 20 40% 8X 40, 20, 40 30% 2X 40, 60 20% If you hit with just his tail(that part you can combo off), it does 60 damage, instead of 54 if the first part hit) jX 60 20% jYX 30, 40 40% Running Stance X 80 20% ij]X[ 20, 20, 30 10% ]X[ 60, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 45 (150) 10% Don't count me on this is, weird to figure out j]X[ 20, 20, 30, 16, 16, 16, 40 (158) N/A Can't combo out of this 5A 20, 20, 40 30% 6A 20, 40, 60 40% Does not combo on its own, 2nd hits base damage is based off comboing into it. 4A 10, 10, 10, 10, 20 (60) 60% 4A(Crit) 12, 11, 11, 11, 22, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 48 (136) 70% 4[A] 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 30 (90) 60% 4[A](Crit) 12, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11, 33, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 48 (169) 70% 8A 80 40% 8A(Crit) 96, 126 (222) N/A Always shifts so cannot combo off 2A 10, 9, 9, 36 (64) 40% only can combo at wall 2A(Crit) 12, 11, 11, 10, 10, 10, 40 (125) 20% 2[A] 10, 9, 9, 54 (82) 40% only can combo at wall 2[A](Crit) 12, 11, 11, 11, 10, 10, 10, 60 (145) 20% jA 10, 10, 10, 10, 60 (100) 50% X+A 60 60% only can combo at wall X+A(Crit) 72 50% only can combo at wall [X+A] 90 60% [X+A](Crit) 108 50% Enjoy! Snuffy
  2. One of the Power characters in the Pokkén roster, Machamp’s damage output is very high. He is one of the slower characters, but his power and mixups will make up for it. Moveset: Field Phase: -nY: Machamp fires a small fist of energy quite a distance. The move naturally cancels into fY, but is also special cancelable. It is -7 on block, so you are not grab punishable, but still minus. -sY: Machamp moves sideways while firing 3 small fits of energy and if Y is pressed again, it cancels into fY. Being -25 on block, be careful using at close range without canceling into fY. -fY: Machamp creates an X with his arms a pushes with enough force to create a short ranged projectile with Counter armor. -6 on block, so you are unpunishable to grabs/9f moves and anything depending on the range. -bY: Machamp hurls a rock forward and you can change the trajectory of the throw. Is is -6 and one of his few answers to weak projectiles/short ranged zoning. -jY: Machamp creates a giant projectile from his fists and fires it towards the opponent. Besides the initial lock on, it has no tracking but has a ton of block stun and is -3 on block. -jX: Machamp spins forward with good tracking and slams down with 2 arms. Being -10 you are punishable to 9f grab if done too high in the air. -Homing Attack(XX/[X]): Machamp starts to charge forward with good tracking and will punch forward with his 2 right arms then come in with an overhead axe swing with the left. Like most homing he will swing if the distance is too far, but can be canceled with R or B. The first part is -4 on block and the second part can’t be grabbed after blocking, so it's either -8 or better. Pokemon Moves: - 5A, Bulk Up: In the main series games, Bulk Up gave you 1 stage of Attack and Defense boost. In Pokkén it gives Machamp a use of an Enhanced move, which have special properties compared to the regular versions. When Machamp has a Bulk Up, pressing 5A again will result in Cross Chop. This moves range is great, however it is -24 on block. Its PSP is 5 and does 150 damage. -6A, Submission: Submission can be compared to Zangief’s Running Bear Grab. Machamp charges forward with his hands out and if you get in range, it will go into the grab animation. During the run, as long as you're not in range of the grab activating, you can press R or B to cancel. While enhanced, Submission gains Counter Armor on startup and can be canceled much sooner. It does 120 when unenhanced and 150 enhanced and has no PSP. -4A, Karate Chop: Machamps main use of Karate Chop is to clear projectiles as it negates almost all weak projectiles. While enhanced the move is +4 instead of -4 on block. It does 80 unenhanced and 120 enhanced and has 5 PSP. -789A, Heavy Slam: Machamp jumps upwards and comes slamming down. The trajectory can be changed with 7A, which he jumps straight up and rolls backward and 9A, where he jumps forward and rolls backward. It can serve as an Anti Air, but the startup makes it very hard to use this way. The move is very odd to combo out of depending on which version and where you hit your opponent. When Enhanced, machamp gains hitboxes as he's rising and if air juggled into, they slam down and bounce and you may get a combo depending on the situation. It does 90 damage and 0 on block and when enhanced 135 and +8. It has 3 PSP either version, 2 on rising, 1 on the slam. -2A, Close Combat: Machamp throws a flurry of fists and it does a major amount of damage and always shifts. When enhanced, it gains 50 more damage, brining 180 to 250. It is -28 on block even when enhanced, but will outlast move regular counters if they try it. Normally your main combo ender out of a juggle. -jA, Wake-Up Slap: Machamp claps the air and creates a shockwave that is larger when he is enhanced. Being -2 both enhanced and when not, its a decent move at good ranges. It is the only move to have a special property of removing PSP, removing 3 when unenhanced and 6 when enhanced. It does 60 unenhanced and 90 enhanced. It is surprisingly good at beating out Anti Airs due to the large hitbox. -RL A, Scary Face: Machamp’s charge move. Scary Face, like it does in the pokemon games puts a speed down on the opponent. The debuff lasts for about 6 seconds. Having CA properties, on crit it crumples the opponent for a scaled combo and cancels into specials on crit hit, allowing a Cross Chop/Close Combat combo on air crit. Dual Phase: - 5YY: Machamps “jab” is a decent ranged High, and the second swing is a Mid. These 2 swings are not a true blockstring and will lose to a CA in between the 2 hits, but catch a jump. Most fast back dashes and the ghost ones will get out. The main use is either 6A/6YY mixups or 4A for damage/reset situation. It does 30, 64 and has 0, 4 PSP. It is part of a Poke-combo being 5YYY being 5YY4A. -6YY/6YYX/6YYY/6YYYX: Machamp does a series of forward punches, none of which are true blockstrings and only 6YY is a true on a grounded opponent. After 2, you can substitute an X in, for a move very similar to fY that is +8 on block. The first 6YY is -8 and the 6YYY is -12. The main use of 6Y and 6YY is setting up tick throws with your regular grab. They do 20, 36, 60, 70, but the X after 6YY does 100. It has 0, 3, 4 PSP and X followups both have 4. It is a throw crush. -8Y: Machamp flaps his arms backwards and thrusts his chest at you. Being an 8Y, it has upper-mid and high invincibility beginning on frame ?. it is special cancelable and is +4 on block and has 3 PSP. It is part of his Poke-Combo 8YY being 8Y 2A. -2Y: Machamp punches downwards with his bottom right arm and his upper right arm punches upwards. Machamp’s main mid-ranged option. A great poke with a large hitbox. It is a good close ranged Anti Air and juggles into 2XX on air hit of the upper punch. It’s mainly used for tick throws and tacking on a bit of damage during juggles. It is a throw crush. -jY: Machamp rapidly punches while airborne. It has 4 hits in total and does 72 if all connect. Main use is Air-to-Air and juggles with 2XX or 6[X]. It is +7 on block and each punch as 1 PSP except the first one. Frame advantage on hit is determined by how low you land it. -5XX/[X]: Machamp hammers down with his 2 left arms then punches forward with his right arms. The second part of it can be charged and will pierce CAs and always shifts, doing 160. Mainly used as a oki with the charged second part, it is also included in his unenhanced optimal. It has 5 PSP and is -4 and -8, but the second part is +8 when charged. Not a true blockstring. -6X/[X]: Machamp does a shoulder tackle that causes a knockdown and a launch when fully charged. The launch on full charge will only happen on a close hit, about a dash distance backward will still have the launch. Does 60 uncharged, 100 charged and it -8 and 0, respectively. 3 PSP uncharged, 4 charged. It is a throw crush but does not pierce like most chargeable moves. -4XX/Y: Machamp does a armored Shoulder Bash that has 2 followups. Pressing X again gives you an upwards axe swing that launches for a juggle. Pressing Y gives you a running double arm swing that is +9 on hit. 4X is -12, 4XX is -16, and 4XY is +4 on block. Both followups have 3 PSP. Neither followups are true blockstrings. -789X: The dropkick that always shifts and does 150. Being one of his throw crushes. It has a 7X and a 9X variation, which move him backwards or forwards during the airborne portion of the move. It does avoid lows. It is -12. -2XX: The scoop. Machamp becomes very low to the ground, then another X input causes him to lift his hands up and launch you. 2X does gain upper body invincibility on frame ?. Both parts are -16 but not a true blockstring. -jX: An armored body splash. A main combo starter from jump ins. Will beat out most AAs due to none of them piercing barring a few. Depending on the height you connect will determine the + frames on hit. 2XX will normally only connect on low hits whereas all lights and 5XX will connect any time. CA, Regular Grab, Burst Mode, Etc: -Y+B: In field knee the opponent and then dropkicks them for 100 damage in total. In dual he flings them up and then “close combats” them for 150 damage -jY+B: The signature move of machamp that no one else shares, air grab. It does 117 and you can combo into it unlike many other throws out of anything that launches, particularly 2XX, 6[X] and falling jY to iAG(instant Air Grab) -X+A: Machamp’s CA is a lariat style attack. It has 3 rotations and each one has 1 PSP point. It does 80 regularly and 90 on crit. It is -8 on block, but can be low profiled/low stanced by most of the roster. -[X+A]: Machamp’s charged CA. It has 3 rotations and each one has 1 PSP point. It does 100 regularly and 112 on crit. It is -8 on block like the uncharged variation and can still be low profiled/low stanced by most of the rostered. It will juggle into Cross Chop everywhere on screen, but has different, more optimal followups if near the corner. -L+R: Machamp’s Burst Mode. He turns red and all of his specials become enhanced without charge. Like all Burst Mode’s he gets a 20% Attack and Defense Buff and armor to Light(Y) Attacks. -L+R during Burst, Dynamic Fury: Machamp smashes the ground with his fist and causes rocks to explode up in front of him. The hitbox of this rock is a lot bigger than the animation seems. Anywhere further out from right in front of him won't go into animation. It does 240 and always shifts, like every burst. It is one of the worst burst attacks in the game, having low invincibility and normally loses burst trades. -High Stance: Red Armor to certain moves(update later on when I know more about it). -Low Stance: Armors attacks that are lows. Supports/Cheers: Jirachi/Whimsicott, Support Focused: the main support ran by many Machamp’s including Azazel himself. Jirachi is what makes Machamp’s not so dangerous Burst dangerous. He hits 300 on a crit submission when in rage and the buff. Whimsicott helps during the field phase against zoners like Braixen and Chandy. Combos: Coming Soon Feel free to add your knowledge that I can add to the guide. ?'s mean I don't know, for example