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    Scizor Supports

    Already, a number of people have asked me about Snivy. Snivy is a classic support choice for Scizor, popularized by Japanese player RARA. It's still used to this day by many Scizors, and so my not including it in this guide raised a few eyebrows. I'll be blunt: I think it sucks. For starters, Scizor already has not 1, but 2 of the best anti airs in the game, being 8Y and U-Turn. Why an i15 armored anti air move with gigantic horizontal and vertical hitboxes is considered "strong" should be obvious, but eliminating 8Y from your gameplay in favor of U-Turn is an easy trap to fall into. While the reward granted for an 8Y anti air isn't particularly high, it's still a remarkably consistent anti air that hits opponents who are behind you. This is the important part: almost no other character in the game has a crossup anti air. Scizor's almost impossible to approach from the air to begin with, which is why I think Snivy is a waste of your support. I will grant thatLapras is actually a pretty good choice for Scizor, but I don't think it's enough to justify using the set over something like Mega Rayquaza or Emolga.
  2. Six

    Scizor Supports

    Here's my support guide for Scizor! These are just my opinions, and I'd love to hear some feedback. Eevee and Frogadier are both great choices for Scizor, making them one of the stronger support sets for Scizor. Eevee is wonderful against characters with strong Synergy B ursts, and Frogadier can stifle movement in Field Phase, making it harder for opponents to gain meter. Useful against: Mew is more effective than Eevee in matchups where Bullet Punch and 4Y, moves that have increased reward on crit, are used more frequently. Like Eevee, it can also be used to counteract strong Synergy Bursts, but it lacks the consistent of Eevee. Useful against: Mega Rayquaza is useful in matchups where the opponent has one or more ranged options that are difficult for Scizor to contest without the use of a support. For this role, Emolga and Cubone are also good choices. Useful against: Finally, Rotom and Togekiss is another set where both support choices are effective. Rotom significantly improves Scizor's ability to gain resources as well as function without them. Togekiss is my personal favorite, and I use it all the time, but I acknowledge that it works best against characters with strong neutral tools that can be circumvented with the speed boost it provides. Useful against:
  3. Six

    Scizor 1.1 MU Chart

    mine too, i disagree with the vey concept of a matchup chart for Scizor and you didn't ask if you could put my name here
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    Nice! That's going on the list - I'll make sure to credit you.
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    Managed to squeeze out more: 6XX j.X~R j.YY j.AA does 241+30.
  6. Six


    Optimal from 6XX is 6XX j.YYX~R j.YY j.A. Forgot how much it does exactly. Check if i'm wrong... How is this combo even supposed to work? Can you record it? And for all of you: help me optimize my combos! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vtlD94M661iePEazBDmCaslFpfanQ5D9b7GX-KNXKj0/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Six

    Scizor's Neutral

    Against characters like Decidueye, Croagunk, Weavile, and Pikachu Libre, you want to force them back into a position where you can have control. If you don't have them locked down, these characters can be extremely tough to hit. Push them to the corner, and then start using Bullet Punch and 4Y to keep them in place. Emolga, Snivy, and Umbreon are wise picks. Zoners are tricky to play against. You have to be very patient in Field, as there are almost no circumstances in which you can get Swords Dance without risk. Counter Attack is a useful move in these matchups, since it can deal with projectiles effectively with its range. These characters don't have a ton of mobility, so it will be easy to hit them with your attacks from max range. All the other matchups I've played thus far have mostly revolved around keeping my opponent at bay with attacks. Most characters will have to approach when faced with Scizor with swords at fullscreen. 4Y, 2Y, and 8X are great pokes that have a variety of uses. Let the opponent come to you, then smash them with your powerful attacks.
  8. Six


    I'll look at wall combos today - thanks for the ideas. Doesn't work on anyone. The optimal combo from Bullet Punch looks like this: 1/2AA~A j.YYX~R j.YX 1A~Y+B. It does 195 damage, works on every character, and only requires 1 sword. That's the right combo to use from 5X, but 2 problems. 1, 5X is a terrible move that has absolutely no use. 2, you're not getting all the hits of j.Y, which will increase your damage. You got pretty close with this one! Optimal is 6XX j.YYX~R j.Y(2)Y j.AA. You only want 2 hits of j.Y so that you don't reach 21 hits before the j.A is finished. Also, you can conserve swords and lose only 7 damage: 6XX j.YX~R j.YX 1A~Y+B. I can't think of when I'd ever be in a position to use that, but I'll try and optimize it tonight. It means XX from hover dash. Similarly, hY means Y from hover dash. Both of them are unique moves. hXX is technically the same as 6XX, but it inexplicably has more damage.
  9. Six


    1/2AAA j.YYX~R j.Y(1)X 1A~Y+B Positive it works on the entire cast, but timing varies and it's pretty strict. 195 damage, so new optimal from Bullet Punch.
  10. Labbing priorities. Get all the properties written down. Write down combos. Go to the mall and buy some swords. Lose sleep over wall extensions. By then I'll be ready for Final Boss.
  11. Go through all of Scizor's moves and see what's changed from arcade If that's too much, test if Scizor can cancel j.R with R and/or see how punishable moves like 5YY, 4Y, 8Y, 6AA, and 2AA are.
  12. i want to ask tsukichuu why she doesn't play pikachu how do i do that
  13. how do I get RARA's MU chart
  14. Pokkén Tournament Mewtwo Guide General Information - character type: standard - health: 600 - synergy gauge: 400cc - unlocked by: clear story mode through Red League Glossary of Terms Used (credits to @Milln for this thread): Overview Considered by many to be the strongest character in Pokkén as of recently, Mewtwo is a dominant force in the metagame that you should always be prepared for. Mewtwo has so many tools at his disposal. Knowing the right tools to use in every situation will allow you to unlock Mewtwo’s true potential. On the other hand, having so many tools can be overwhelming to you, the player! This can make Mewtwo somewhat difficult to effectively play, although the work is definitely worth the reward. Ideally, by the end of this guide, you should have a good idea how to utilize these tools to their full effect. Pros and Cons + good damage + strong whiff punishes + lots of options for mobility + amazing field phase + good anti air + incredibly long range poke to play neutral with + iAD j.Y is an amazing all-purpose tool for Mewtwo, potentially one of the best moves in the game + doesn’t lose any matchups, and wins several - lack of safe mids - no particularly strong mixups - by extension, not the strongest okizeme - biggest synergy gauge in the game as well as specials that drain meter hold him back against fast burst characters Offense While he's not known for them, Mewtwo has some tools to pressure opponents with. Chief among these is iAD j.Y. iAD j.Y is a move that has good framedata, can confirm into a combo, and is hard to contest. On hit, he can go into the j.X followup and do pretty much anything. If it gets blocked, it's normally -8, but if you press X right as you land, it can be up to +2. More info on this move can be found here: Because Mewtwo has no safe mid, and because his main offensive tools have lots of pushback on block, your best pressure will be in the corner. The main corner mixup is 8Y/iAD j.Y/grab. Grab will open up the opponent if they try to block or CA, iAD j.Y will catch most lows (you can substitute it with 2Y against some moves that go under iAD j.Y), and 8Y will beat high moves and jumps. Also, Mewtwo's 8Y can be jump canceled. In the corner, this is really useful, as it lets you connect with iAD j.Y afterwards on grounded opponents. This property makes it a viable meaty against characters who don't have an option to beat it every time. If the opponent tries to CA it, you can always use j.A, delay j.X, or just do an empty airdash, but these options are all very risky. Once he has a knockdown, Mewtwo has a handful of options, but none have particularly high reward in comparison to the risk. At midscreen, Mewtwo can do meaty 5X followed by Barrier. From there, he can cover their defensive option with 1 of 3 followups. However, if the opponent jumps, all the followups will whiff, unless you do a delayed Confusion. As mentioned, you can do a meaty 8Y in the corner. Other than that, you can iAD j.Y, grab, or simply back off and return to neutral. Defense Mewtwo is very good at keeping his opponents out. In field phase, he has an onslaught of projectiles he can throw at his opponents, making him almost look like a zoner. sY is the one you’ll probably end up using the most. It has 3 hits, travels quickly, and has absurd amounts of tracking. This move locks the opponent down with ease, creating space and giving you an opportunity to confirm into a special. Similar to sY, nY is another fast moving 3 hit projectile, but it doesn’t track as much as sY. The tradeoff is that it has better framedata than sY overall. You can use this projectile in the midrange to keep your opponents on the defensive. While it takes way too long to become active for use in even mid level play during neutral, as an oki tool bY can be considered the best in the game. It is +60 on block and is a true blockstring into charged CA, which is +8 on block and does serious shield damage. If they attempt to CA it in any way, you can either let the fully charged CA rip for a hard knockdown or grab for a chunk of synergy. If they attack, bY will lock them in place, allowing for a multitude of followups ranging from a grab to Hyper Beam. There is no way to beat this okizeme other than holding block and waiting until it is your turn. For these reasons, it is an extremely good idea to learn where and when you are allowed to set this oki up. Duel Phase changes Mewtwo's options considerably. At the long range, Mewtwo's Psycho Cut demands respect against most characters, as it can be dash canceled for extra mobility. Be careful, however: it can be low profiled, meaning some characters can actually punish it with a slide. To prevent them from jumping in on you, you can use 8Y as an anti air. In addition to having head invulnerability starting from the 5th frame, you can rack up big damage if you connect with it. As far as the ground game goes, 2Y has great range, even reaching further than attacks like Lucario's 2Y. The drawback is that it does very low damage and cannot be special canceled. If your opponent whiffs a move, you can often use 6X to punish it. It moves Mewtwo forward very far, is quick for a whiff punish (17f), and often leads into a combo. Once the opponent is close to you, Mewtwo has several options he can use to get his opponent off of him, although most of them are risky. 2A is a command counter that leads to big damage on a critical hit, iAD j.Y will beat grabs and low attacks, and simply backdashing will avoid a lot of moves at the cost of sacrificing space. Knowing when to use which move is important in the neutral game, but don't worry if you struggle with keeping your opponents away: it will come with experience. Supports Most Mewtwo players tend to only use 2 or 3 supports to cover his few weaknesses, switching between them depending on the matchup. Let’s go over them. - Eevee: The most common support for Mewtwo, Eevee has a lot of utility for Mewtwo. Having an Attack buff increases the potency of Mewtwo’s attacks, allowing him more damage, earlier guard breaks, and most importantly, the ability to use light attacks against an opponent with burst. Because he struggles so much against fast burst characters, using Eevee can be a smart choice. As an added bonus, Eevee also heals a bit of recoverable health. The other half of the Eevee set, Frogadier, can create some opportunities to control space, but otherwise doesn’t do much for Mewtwo. - Togekiss: One of Mewtwo’s biggest assets is his mobility. He moves very fast in field phase, has a dash cancelable projectile, a jump cancel, and a quick dash. Adding a Speed buff on top of all that can be very frustrating to deal with for an opponent. It also makes it easier for him to punish his opponents, what with him being able to move from one point to the next faster. It also heals some recoverable health. Don’t be fooled: Rotom is awful. It’s only useful for calling out jumps fullscreen, which isn’t really necessary at all. - Umbreon: Everyone’s favorite "panic button" support is useful on Mewtwo as well. It locks opponents out of critical hits and takes synergy meter, which can put a damper on your opponent’s ability to terrorize you with synergy. Aside from Psydisaster in burst, Umbreon is the only 9f fully invincible move that Mewtwo has access to. This can be particularly useful against characters like Garchomp and Charizard, who have strong setplay options, as a tool to go back to neutral. Espeon ultimately won’t be saving you from as many dire situations as Umbreon. Burst Mode While not regarded as a particularly strong burst, Mega Mewtwo X comes with some interesting moveset changes and a very potent Burst Attack, Psydisaster. The details: - Mega Mewtwo X lasts 12 seconds. - Mewtwo gains Psydisaster, a 9f fully invincible command grab (that also beats attacks!) that can always pose your opponent a big threat. - Psystrike (8A) has hitstun in Burst. - Fire Punch (2A) causes an Attack Down debuff, and the Thunder Punch followup causes a Speed Down debuff, each one lasting 6 seconds. - 8X becomes a single hit 4PSP grab crush that causes a knockdown or low wallbang, based on positioning. It has a sweet spot at the fist. - j.Y becomes a single hit 3PSP ‘toe stub’ attack with a lot of hitstun. Good for combos, but loses some of its good hitboxes above Mewtwo. - Drain Punch (4AX) gets increased range. Overall, Mega Mewtwo X gets more reward off a punish at the cost of his j.Y pressure not being as hard to escape. In addition to Mewtwo's burst charging very slowly it also elicits much riskier play from opponents once they know about your options. It can be difficult to adjust to this crazy play at times, and for the most part you'll never really land Burst Attack in the interest of covering the option they'll most likely be taking. Somewhat related to this is that Burst jY may cause you to drop combos if you want to iAD extremely fast. You also have very limited air to air options, as Burst jY's horizontal hitbox is somewhat pitiful. Fire Punch's new debuffs last a very short time and for the most part are made to clear buffs, not actually debuff the opponent. Burst Mode is not a tool to neglect, but overall it's neither the strongest nor the weakest of the cast's Synergy Bursts. Additional Resources Mewtwo Movelist Overview (credits to @Thulius for this thread): Mewtwo Combo Guide: Mewtwo’s Matchups: Mewtwo Videos: I hope this guide was helpful to you. Special thanks go to @Thulius. @Aegis____, and @Mewtater for their contributions to this guide. I will be updating this thread periodically as information changes. If you have any questions about Mewtwo or this guide, ask me (@6tennis#3069) or any of the Mewtwo mains in the Pokkén Mewtwo Discord server: https://discord.gg/m4fRc7M Take care!
  15. Six

    Optimizing Mewtwo: Combos

    Optimizing Mewtwo: Combos Mewtwo's combo execution requirement is about average, but there are a couple nuances in his basic combos that you should be aware of. In this article, I'm going to break down all his combo starters and how you might have to adjust them for specific conditions. 6X - Sometimes, when you do this move from max range or after a phase shift trap, you will hit this move at a range in which 8Y will not connect. You'll know this happens when only 1 hit of 6X registers. If this happens to you, rather than using 8Y as your followup, finish the combo with 2XX 2AAA. 8Y (anti air) - Depending on the height at which you land this move, you might want to change your combo to make the ender easier. If you land a high anti air, follow up with iAD j.Y iAD j.Y iAD j.Y 6YX. If you land a deep anti air, replace that combo with iAD j.Y 8Y iAD j.Y 6YX. If you wall splat after any one of the j.Ys, remember to wait for them to fall down before you continue the combo. j.X - j.X is a divekick-type move, and depending on the height and spacing at which you use it, your followup options may vary. After iAD j.YX in particular is when this property is most important to consider. If you land the j.X low to the ground, you can link a 5X into any combo ender. If the j.X hits higher up (usually if you delayed the airdash), your best bet is to go for 2XX. Standard, max damage, or Synergy? - When you get a wallsplat, you have a couple of different combo enders you can use. Namely, 6YY, 8AAA, and 4AX are all useful for satisfying different conditions. 8AAA will yield the maximum possible damage if you hit its just frames, but it consumes a big chunk of Synergy. However, you can actually substitute a standard wall combo for a Drain Punch combo (read more in the Combo thread) and gain around 20% of your Synergy meter, as well as get some health back. However, using these combos will sacrifice a considerable amount of damage. To get a balance between the two, end combos with 6YY; no meter will be consumed and you'll still get very nice damage. When you land a 2XX or an anti air 8Y, your combo enders are limited, but you can still add in a Drain Punch for extra synergy but less damage. Know how to use each combo ender depending on how you want to handle your Synergy. Drain Punch combo ender - Something interesting to note about Drain Punch is that it always recovers 30 health. If you have 30 recoverable life, regardless of whether or not your opponent has rage, you will always recover 30 health upon connecting with it. This means that after some combo starters, you can end a combo with Drain Punch, and depending on how much recoverable health you have, it will be optimal. Even though it does less damage than most enders, once you factor in the recoverable health, the health difference is actually greater when using certain combos. For example, after a midscreen iAD j.YX, you can check to see how much recoverable health you have. If you have recoverable health, you can use 5XXX. Otherwise, finish with 5X6A. Experiment in Free Training to figure out which situations will lead to optimal "damage". I hope this thread was helpful to you. If you want something clarified, or if you think I missed something, don't hesitate to ask. Take care!