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  1. there are some sensible things in here, but there's also a lot of misconceptions about the character and the MU. especially how it plays out in Field.
  2. Now signed with InControl Gaming!

  3. I S T R O N G L Y disagree with coaching between games. Only exception being with brand new players learning the game itself. Fighting games are a 1v1 competition, and being able to adapt to your opponent's play, pick up their habits, and adjust your own gameplay, is an enormous part of what makes a player good. I understand it can be useful to help lower level players, but to that I offer the suggestion of post-set analysis rather than mid-set coaching. This also helps them learn what to look for on their own in matches, rather than doing the work for them and just helping them win one more set they otherwise may not have.
  4. Kino

    Combo vids i thought were interesting

    man, going back and watching these, that first vid has so much bad info now lmao
  5. Kino

    Litten Combos

    So I've been playing with Litten a lot and it's pretty great. Litten can be used in a similar way as Farfetch'd. Call out buttons or get some big trades. It can also be comboed into. Here are some follow ups you can get for Level 2 or 3 Litten. Some combos go for more damage, others reduce PSP's or give positional advantages. And some are just swag. Enjoy!
  6. Kino

    New players: Pika is busted

    So, I'm gonna try to be more active on PA and stuff now. I'm gonna start making guides and combo vids etc because I would love more Pika MAINS in our community. For new players considering trying him out, here are some reasons I think Pikachu is easily top tier in DX now. -One of the best field phases in the game. His new and improved charged j.y has great projectile priority and gives you the freedom to set up mix ups or create more space from your opponent. His ability to cancel f.y into Pokemon moves, specifically Nuzzle and Tbolt, allow you to either react to a counter attack and grab, or force a small mix up if they block the first projectile. This coupled with his already strong Field Phase from Wii U version give him a great advantage. -Very fast meter build. It is REALLY easy to get Burst twice in one round, and the free pressure Pika puts on by even just standing still in Burst Mode is great. After his Field Phase buffs, you will be winning the majority of your Field Phases and filling your meter even faster. Also, Jirachi :3 -He is so safe. He has some of the best frame data in the game. In Duel Phase, his j.y and j.x are both + on shield, letting you continue pressure. If his j.x is countered, it sometimes won't register as a crit, limiting the follow ups some characters would otherwise be able to get. Being able to cancel normals into Nuzzle lets you react to and punish Counters. He has some of the best zoning AND anti-zoning tools in the game. -He's adorable. Wayyy cuter than Libre. Those are just some very basic advantages that Pikachu has at his disposal. He needs more rep for how great he is. If anyone has any questions about Pikachu, I'm sure all us Pika veterans are happy to help. Happy Pokkén'ing -Kino
  7. Kino

    Scizor Supports

    The "standard go-to" supports seem really good on him. Snivy, Frog/Eevee, Jirachi, Umbreon, etc. I've been primarily picking between Snivy and Frog depending on the MU. Frog is nice for zoners like Darkrai, Gardy, etc because it forces them to just shut up for a second lol and allows you to approach more safely. Prefer Snivy for more CQC match ups. Great anti-air, which Sciz gets a great follow up off of, and on the ground Sciz really appreciates having that frame advantage or hard KD.
  8. until
    South Florida's premier Pokkén Tournament weekly! Home of Suicune Master, Bim?, Kino, Corgian, Jin, Goon, and more! Location: 750 E Sample Rd, Ste 1 Pompano Beach, FL 33064 Fees: Venue: $5 Bracket: $2 Payout Structure: 11 entrants or less 1st: 100% 2nd: Waived venue fee for a later tournament 12-25 entrants 1st: 70% 2nd: 30% 25+ entrants 1st: 60% 2nd: 30% 3rd: 10% Game Rules: Game Version : 1.3 Sets are best of 3 until Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals which are best of 5 Controllers are BYOC The following are what is used for the game settings: Use Wii U Player Data: No Round Points: 2 Stage: Stadium (Random is allowed only if both players agree) Skill Level: Off Players may ask for a "button check" to ensure that all of their controls and buttons work as expected (please limit to ~30 seconds). All Characters, Supports, and Cheers are legal. If Random stage was agreed upon, the stage "Dark Colosseum" cannot be used. If it is the stage that appears, the game must be reset to get a different stage. After a game, Loser may change characters, support, and/or cheer skill. After a game, Winner cannot change characters but may change support and/or cheer skill. At the end of a set, all controls are required to be set back to default & players are required to exit to the title screen to prevent controller sync issues. Any issues that may happen during a set will be handled with TO discretion, where the TO has all rights to any ruling deemed necessary. Nearby Food: Wawa, Taco Bell, Arby's, McDonalds, Publix, Miami Subs, Steak Shop Schedule: 4 PM EST : Doors Open 7 PM EST - Registration Begins 7:50 PM EST - Registration Ends 8 PM EST : Bracket Begins To find out more about the South Florida's Pokkén scene, check out the following pages: Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VersusGamingCenter/ Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/vsgc Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/VSGamingCenter Business Main Website: http://www.vsgaming.org