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  1. meLo

    Optimals Against Aegislash

    These suck pretty bad tbh but it's the best we got.
  2. TLDR: Whoever 8ys first gets bodied.
  3. meLo

    Optimals Against Blastoise

    Notes: the number "1" in a combo indicates a single hit of the move, these are good because they often don't have PSP and are low scaling options * indicates spicy (harder) combos "66" means dash forward "(CA)" = fully charged counter "BA" = Burst attack "TC" = Throw Crush "2" with no letter accompanying it means a quick low stance for timing "AA" means quick attack, literally AA on your controller Unenhanced Midscreen No Wall: 5yy:y:y 2y 4a 130 No Shift (CA) 7y1 j.y 5x1 5x 6yy 2y 4a 145 Shifts 6xx 5x 5yy:y 4a 136 Shifts 6xx 9y j.y 6j.y 9y1 j.y 6y 4a * 140 Shifts j.x 7y1 j.y 5x1 5x 6y 4a 185 Shifts j.x 7y1 j.y 5x1 5x 5x 2y 4a * 195 No Shift 8y j.y 5x1 5x 8x 2y 4a 154 No Shift (Throw Crush) Crit 2y 2a 144 Shifts Unenhanced Wall Combos: 5yy:y 6j.y 7y1 j.y 8y j.y 2y 4a 221 No Shift 5yy:y 6j.y 8y j.y 8y j.y 2y 4a 205 (235) Shifts 7y1 j.y 9y j.y 9y j.y 2y 4a 205 No Shift 7y1 is spacing dependent (CA) 5yy:y 6j.y 7y1 j.y 8y j.y 2y 4a 149 (179) Shifts j.a 5y 4a 102 No Shift 2xx 5y 2y 4a 145 No Shift Burst Mode/Enhanced Midscreen No Wall: en8a 66 7y1 j.y 5x1 5x 2y 4a * 237 (CA) 7y1 j.y 5x1 5x 5x 2y 4a * 186 8y j.y 5x1 6x 6y1 4a 231 j.y 6xx 5x 5yy:y 4a 225 j.y 6xx 9y j.y 6j.y 9y1 j.y 6y1 6a * 242 j.x 7y1 j.y 5x1 5x 5x 2y 4a * 263 j.x 7y1 j.y 5x 5x 6y1 4a 260 j.x 7y1 j.y 5x1 5x 5x BA 278 5yy:y:y 2y 4a 196 (TC) Crit 2y en8a 66 7y1 j.y 5x 6y1 4a * 252 (TC) Crit 2y en8a 2a 244 j.a1 2a 207 j.a1 66 7y1 j.y 5x 6y1 4a 214 Burst Mode/Enahnced Wall Combos: 5yy:y 6j.y 7y1 j.y 8y j.y 2y 4a 298 (CA) 5yy:y 6j.y 7y1 j.y 8y j.y 2y 4a 227 en8a 2 7y1 j.[R]y 7y1 j.y 8y j.y 2y 4a * 292 j.a 5y 4a 202 2xx 5y 2y 4a 241 AA j.y 9y j.y 2y 4a 242
  4. meLo

    Libre Match Up Spread

    This list is the average of Libre match up spreads taken from Slippingbug, Fabilous, Brocooli, and meLo.
  5. Gengar is without a doubt one of the most challenging matchups Libre has in the whole cast. This is mostly due to Gengar's amazing field phase and ability to keep Libre from ever getting synergy, and without synergy, Libre becomes one of the worst characters in the game. This guide will aim to highlight things you NEED TO KNOW in order to stand a fighting chance against competent Gengars. Field Phase: This is without a doubt the hardest part of the match up for Libre. Gengar has the ability to go under EVERY projectile Libre has just by using homing attack. But it doesn't stop with projectiles, Gengar can also homing under quick attack, fY, and even homing under the 3rd hit of Libre's homing attack. But its not just Gengar's homing attack you need to be aware of, Field OKI in general is something you have to be very cautious of. Gengar can use hypnosis, which has a lot of iFrames on it, to avoid all of Libre's pressure options as well. Now you may be asking yourself "wtf am I supposed to do then?" Well, there isn't much you can do except for constantly mix up the timing and types of your attacks. For example nY~AX (nY double team cancel into homing attack) is a very strong option. The nY baits a homing attack from Gengar because it's so easy for them to go under, however because Libre has higher homing attack priority, Libre will win this exchange every time. Homing attack is pretty much the only way you will ever win field phase unless the Gengar messes up. Grabs can also work from time to time but they are risky because most Gengars will jump if they don't homing or hypnosis on their wake up. You can get away with fY OKI as well as long as you shimmy shimmy ya on your way in to keep them from gauging the proper timing for their homing or hypnosis attacks. This is going to sound silly but DON'T GET GRABBED. Gengar steals synergy every time he grabs you, and synergy is your most valuable resource in this match up. WITHOUT BURST MODE YOU WILL GET DUNKED ON. Regular Gengar doesn't do much damage in general but especially in Field Phase. It's better to take the damage than it is to have your synergy stolen! j.X for your wake up is a decent option as sometimes it will clash with Gengar's homing and for the most part isn't grab punishable. You also need to be aware of how deceivingly high Gengar's homing attack actually hits, especially if they charge it. Getting in on Gengar in Field can be tricky at times but once you learn how Gengar's move set works it becomes much easier. Vertical movement beats shadow punch. Gengar's projectiles are super slow but will out prioritize Libre's projectiles. Gengar's have a shield break set up in Field with one of their slow moving projectiles, they lurk behind it and once you show them shield they will charge homing and break your shield. If you have the life to do so then just take the homing attack rather than having your synergy drained from the guard break. Duel Phase: Duel phase is where Libre wants to be in this match up and it's significantly easier to deal with then Field. That being said it's still hard and requires extreme patience at times and very risky play at other times. Pick your spots, get in and do big damage. The only reason Duel is favorable for Libre is because Gengar has pretty low HP and this is where Libre does her best damage. If a Gengar truly knows the match up they will never approach unless they absolutely have to. They will retreat while putting out Shadow Balls, Sludge Bombs, Shadow Punches, and once you do get close they will zone with astonish, which is very hard for Libre to deal with. To deal with these zoning options you can: Jump Shadow Punch, 2x or 5x Shadow Ball. Or CADC backward against astonish and hope they over-commit. It's important to note that if you counter Sludge Bomb as it comes down you will not take the attack debuff. You can also use Discharge to make the Sludge Bombs disappear while they are on the ground, as well as when they are coming down from the sky. It's important to keep yourself from getting attack debuffed as much as possible. Now that we've established how to deal with Gengar's zoning pressure lets talk about what to do vs what not to do in Duel Phase. OKI Options: Gengar is a ghost pokemon, so this means he has the ability to dodge attacks by dashing through them or using certain moves in his kit that have iFrames, which will also avoid attacks. Because of this Gengar players are more prone to not blocking on wakeup because they don't really have to in most cases. The best OKI option for Libre is fake pressure. What I mean by this is after a hard knockdown, try your best to walk them into the corner then simply shield on their wakeup. Because Gengar is so squishy this really puts the fear of getting grabbed into them and will often force bad options from them. Things you can expect to see on Gengar's wakeup because of fake pressure: 6X- This is one of the more difficult moves to deal with for Gengar's wakeup. It's decently fast but is still reactable. If you see it coming you can counter it, j.A it (Spark), or my personal favorite 2A it. (Wild Charge) 8Y- The dreaded Tornado. You can expect to see this move a fair amount if the Gengar thinks you're going to grab. This move is one of the easier wakeup options for Libre to punish. It is grab punishable but because Gengar has the ability to drift forward or backward during the animation, I suggest you learn to Kara grab so you will for sure be able to punish. (Kara Grab extends Libre's typical grab range by about 1.5x) 8X- Baby Kicks. This move is also pretty easy to punish if you're applying fake pressure. Simply wait for them to disappear into the air and either start a counter, or wait for them to become visible again and 8y on their way down. Now let's talk about OKI options that involve actual meaties. Spaced 7y is actually pretty amazing in this match up. What I mean by "spaced" is position yourself in such a way that should Gengar 8y on wake up you will be just outside of its hitbox. And because 7y, 8y and 9y can be canceled into multiple moves it almost acts as an option select of sorts. If they block on wake up use the j.y follow up, you don't gain anything but you're plus on block and you reset to neutral. If they 6x on wake up use the j.a (Spark) follow up. Because Spark is a counter based move you will get a crit for good damage and another hard knockdown and OKI set up. If they 8y on wake up use the j.y follow up. J.y will knick Gengar at the end of the Torando animation and allow for a full optimal combo, assuming you know your optimals. If they dash backward then use the j.x follow up. You will likely catch them at the end of their dash and will allow for a good damage combo. If they dash forward use j.y follow up. It won't always catch them but worst case you're plus on block. Now you can't do this every time because they will just block on wake up and you won't ever get any damage so it's important to mix in other meaties like 5yy(y) combo. Occasionally grab, even if they 8y it you'll only take like 30 damage and they can't combo off of it. DON"T EVER MEATY COUNTER GENGAR FOR OKI, THEY WILL FUCK YOU UP. Countering in general is just bad in this match up. The only time it's semi-safe to counter is when they are zoning with Astonish but even then, a skilled Gengar can just do the divekick follow up and crush your counter. Now let's talk about what Libre can do against Gengar's OKI options. Honestly, there isn't much Libre has to worry about in this regard. You can backdash most of Gengar's OKI options with little to no consequence. They basically have to have a hard AF read to punish the backdash. This applies to Scoobys and grab and even j.y sometimes. However, if you do this too much they will read it and use 6x or Shadow Punch which will indeed catch you on the back dash. If a Gengar wants to Scooby for OKI they have to commit well before your hurtbox becomes active in order to keep you from jumping out. Because of this, this is one of the few times using counter can be advantageous for you. As for Neutral, you'll have to be patient 90% of the time until you see an opening. Be prepared to get zoned out with Astonish and be prepared to not be able to do much about it besides taking risks like Spark or CADC backward or trying to perfectly time your jump over Astonish with j.y. It's also important to note that should you and Gengar both be in Burst Mode, and activate your Burst Attack at the same time, Libre's will win. This is the case even if Gengar's animation starts first. So when in doubt just throw your burst out. It's safe on block and isn't really punishable for the most part. Supports: S-Tier: Snivy- This support is very good for this match up because even though Gengar has a lot of iFrames on its attacks and dashes, Snivy has a nice lingering hitbox that will catch them most of the time. Even if you can't always combo off of it will get you out of trouble a lot of the time. And should you have the life lead and Gengar is forced to approach this will stuff most of his options. Cress- Running this support can help counter act what makes this match up hard for Libre by getting health and synergy back, and stealing synergy is what Gengar is all about in this match up. You will at least get burst once per round running this support and possibly even twice a round if you're able to win a Field Phase or two. Eevee - Gengar has very low health, 510 if I'm not mistaken. Eevee will allow you to counter act Sludge Bomb spam as well as give you a nice juicy attack boost so you can get in and do BIG damage when you have your chance. Jirachi - Jirachi is good for the same reason as Cress, it allows you to get back synergy that will undoubtedly be stolen from you. It also makes fighting Mega Gengar not such a pain. Plus you get it multiple times per round. Togekiss- I've actually had a lot of success running Toge in this match up. It makes Filed Phase so much easier for Libre and if you can consistently win field phase this match up is actually super good for Libre. Plus you get health back and multiple uses per round.
  6. Alright let me start this post off by saying that the common consensus is that this matchup is 50/50. Many Libres will argue that Zard wins and many Zards likewise believe Libre wins. The Zards are actually right in this case, this is indeed a winning match up for Libre and below I will list the steps/knowledge required to win this matchup. 1) Low Profiling On Wake Up Is GODLY In This Match Up Alright so here's how this plays out. Zard gets a hard knockdown and is stetting their position for OKI, here is what they will generally go for: Seismic Toss, Regular Grab, J.Y, 5X, 5Y, 8Y, Meaty Counter, or 2X. It seems like they have a good amount of options to choose from but in reality only 1 or 2 of these are good OKIs against Libre. The subsection below this will list their options and what you should do. The trick to this matchup is to Low Profile/React. Seismic Toss- Low Profiling by itself will duck this, you can either wait till they come back down then 2y wildcharge or just grab after the whiff. J.Y- Low Profile ~ 2XX or Block on reaction to J.Y. This does not always punish but worst case Libre slides under the J.Y and avoids any chip from the J.A follow up. 5X - Low Profile ~ Block or Wildcharge. 5X is a good combo starter but its slow and easily reactable 5Y - Low Profile ~ Block. Not advantageous for Libre but you didn't get Seismic Tossed and it sort of resets neutral. Remeber 5Y is not a move you can duck so holding block on wake up may be your best option if you read this OKI. 8Y- Low Profile ~ React. Low Profile alone will duck Zard's 8Y so what you do next will depend on what they do in the air. Meaty Counter- Low Profile ~ Block/Jump Back/Grab/2Y ElectroWeb/2Y DoubleTeam. Obviously the safest option is to just block but I can confirm all of these options will work except "Jump Back" when you're against a wall. 2X - Low Profile ~ Block. You could Wildcharge but 2X is special cancelable into a bunch of moves and you don't want to get crit seimic tossed. Regular Grab - Alright so this is really the only Zard OKI my "LowPro~React" theme doesn't really work on. However if you actually are capable of reacting to grabs and not just reading them then this will still work. Just do the standard 2Y~Wildcharge reversal. 2) 2X Master Race 2X is the most under utilized move that Libre has. This shit is actually broken if you know how to use it. It will duck/punish every move Zard has out of Flight Stance except for Dragon Claw, and even then sometimes you get lucky on the timing and the Frame 1 antiair property will beat Dragon Claw. You can even 2X every characters divekicks, even counter based ones. However I would not suggest you try this against zard J.A, the timing seems frame perfect. DON"T BE AFRAID TO USE THIS MOVE EVEN WHEN ZARD IS IN BURST MODE. Just be careful and make sure you see them commit to a move before you just throw it out so you don't get burst punished. 3) 5X Is Good Against Flight Stance, But It's Slow 5X is one of the best tools Libre has to combat Burst Mode Zard. It's got a nice juicy hitbox, its a strong attack, and it leads into optimal combos. However Zard players also know this is Libre's answer to a Burst Zard in the air and they will use their amazing aerial mobility to bait out the 5X and burst punish it. The move is super slow so be 100% sure they will get hit by it or you can kiss goodbye to that life lead. 4) FOR THE LOVE OF THE MASKED GOD PLEASE PUNISH FIRE PUNCH Pretty straight forward, don't be a plebeian and just let them get away with it over and over. Below are some options to punish with. 8Y/9Y - This should pretty much always be your go to punish for Fire Punch on block. 2XX- the 2nd hit of 2XX will catch vulnerable frames, it will also duck every fire punch followup besides dragon claw NET -Is your opponent using fire punch to close the gap? Remind them that it's a bad move by throwing your Net out for a juicy crit catch. 5) Use Discharge Cancel To Bait A Reaction For some reason unknown to me, Zard is actually able to just straight up duck discharge. However most will go for 2X because it ducks discharge and is a good combo starter. Show them how nimble and acrobatic you are by doing 3 front flips then fully charge a counter in their face as they involuntarily Fire Breath, 2X or 2Y. 6) Zard 8Y will beat Libre's 8Y No explanation necessary just know that if you both 8Y they will win, so plan accordingly. 7) Zard's Divekick Is Trash Against Libre This is something I personally need to work on for how simple it is to execute. Libre's 8Y will beat out Zard's divekick, but it does require good timing. The reason it gets tricky at the higher levels is because Zard has the ability to charge his divekick, and not only that he can cancel the charging animation to bait out the 8Y then punish. So remember you HAVE TO SEE THEM COMMIT to divekick before you can commit to 8Y. 8) Grow Some Balls And Wake Up Grab Meaty Counter Zard's regular counter is not very good unless they have the opponent trapped against the wall, but for some reason they will still go for it even when this isn't the case. Did you just get Seismic Tossed? Feel that rage burning inside you? Good, now wake up grab them after they divekick into position for a meaty counter and remind them that YOU ARE DI CAPTAIN NOW. Standard: 55/45 Libre meLo rating: 60/40 Libre Recommended Supports: Jirachi, Snivy, Eevee, Emolga, Cress, Umbreon is ok but not great. I will edit this post at a later date with .gifs showcasing what exactly I'm taking about in each section.
  7. meLo

    Libre Tech and Combos

    So I'm glad you brought up the varying 8ys like 7y and 9y. On quite a few characters starting with 7y is actually the most optimal combo Libre has because you only get a single hit. This applies to Weavile, Braixen, Sceptile, Machamp and Zard. So this combo optimally would be : j.x 7y j.y 5x 5x 2xx 5y 4a (Near Wall) j.x 7y j.y 5x 5x 5yx 2y 4a (Without wall)
  8. This post will be a simple, yet effective guide for things to remember when playing libre. 1) Learn Thy Just Frame Libre's Just Frame is pivotal to her combo game and without it your combo damage will be laughable. On top of learning the Just Frame you need to learn how far away from the wall you can start the combo and still get a wall splat. 2) Learn Thy Moves Granting Enhanced State This is pretty straight forward. Field Phase: AA(Quick Attack) Forward A (Discharge) J.A (Spark) Y+B (Grab) Back A (ElectroWeb)- All of these moves will get you enhanced for about 10 seconds. Phase Shifting with these moves in Duel Phase will grant Enhancement: 6A (Discharge) 2YY (Discharge) J.A (Spark) 8A (Flying Press) Y+B (Grab) En4A (Enhanced Electroweb) 8XX (Pokemon Move) 2A (Wildcharge) 3) Thou Shalt Never Intentionally Phase Shift With 8XX 8XX is a great move in Libre's tool kit, however making a habit out of shifting with this move is not a good idea. This move only grants enhancement for 5 seconds no matter when you use it in a combo. So this means ending a combo with 8XX as opposed to any other enhancement move will give you only half the enhancement duration of the other moves. To put this in prospective that's hardly enough time to get into a potential OKI situation after a shift. 4) Thou Shalt Always Be Enhanced When you aren't enhanced your goal should always be to end a combo/phase shift with an enhancement granting move. Libre's damage output is pretty low, especially when you're not enhanced. (We're talking 200ish tops) 5) When You ARE Enhanced Thou Shalt Always End Combos With ElectroWeb No matter how long or short your combo is, ending with enhanced ElectroWeb is pretty much always optimal. Some may say otherwise but in reality you can do a 21 hit combo or a 5 hit combo and the output will only vary about 30 damage. Plus they get a speed debuff. 6) 8Y And Enhanced 8A Are Godly, But Not When You Spam Them We all know both of these moves are some of the best Libre has to offer, but so does you opponent. 8A is easily reactable with counter and skilled players know to wait for Libre to 8Y then respond with their own Anti Air. Don't be that guy/girl that uses 8A 15 times in-a-row. 7) Know Thy Buffs Libre is unique among the Pokkén cast in that she has the ability to self buff pretty much whenever she wants. Offensive buffs come from shifting with an enhancement granting move when already in enhanced state. Defensive buffs come from wall bounces and theoretically stack infinity. There are a few ways to do this: In Duel- J.R near a wall, j.y into a wall(hold Y) In Field- Back Y near a wall(Hold Y) Side Y near a wall(Hold Y) Left or Right AA( Quick attack into the wall while holding A) and standard J.R near a wall. Defensive buffs last about 5-6 seconds however there doesn't seem to be a limit to which you can stack them. Confirming a burst attack also give you a 10 second defense and offensive buff. 8) Thou Shalt Not Abuse Wildcharge Or Spark Both of these moves are great in small doses. Use them to whiff punish. Both are some of the most punishable moves on block in the game so don't abuse them or you're gonna have a bad time.meme There is a safe version of spark so I'd suggest learning that as well if you're a fan of the move. 9) Know Thy Stance Properties Libre's low stance is amazing. Not only does it duck a good amount of moves across most match ups, it also doubles as a taunt. Your opponent refusing to come in even though you have the life lead? Hold down on the D-pad and bait them into doing something dumb. Up stance is also very good, while it doesn't avoid any moves it DOES CHARGE SUPPORT METER. On top of that it also looks like a taunt in that she waves to the crowd while you're holding up. 10) Thou Shalt Tilt Thy Opponent It's pretty well known at this point that Libre is one of the more frustrating character to fight against, use this to your advantage. Did you just call out an Overheat with 8Y~Spark? Well done, now shield dance on your opponent after the hard knockdown as they begin to question their very existence. Quality opponents won't let this get to them mind you but this is a great way to get in your opponents head. Now you may be asking yourself "meLo, isn't that mean and unnecessary?" And to you I say "Yes, but....." If this is your thought process do yourself a favor a pick a different character because Libre isn't for you.
  9. meLo

    Pokkén Haiku

    Blessed By The Masked God Spam Double Team For the Win Pika Pika-pi
  10. meLo

    Libre Tech and Combos

    Slip made me do this. Behold, here is a playlist containing various Libre tech. Behold again! Here is a link to a bunch of different Libre combos varying from optimal, to stylish, to support based, as well as character specific combos.