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  1. The second episode of From Field to Duel will air live on December 12 at 6:00PM EST. This episode will focus on Garchomp and will feature special guest RoksoTheSavage, one of the best Garchomp players out there. What is From Field to Duel? Over the time Pokkén has been a thing, the metagame has constantly been evolving for each character in the roster. "From Field to Duel: A Pokkén Retrospective Series" takes an in-depth look at each fighter's metagame from when the game first released, through the updates and patches, and what it is now in DX. It is hosted by prominent members of the Pokkén Community: Burnside, H2, & Slippinbug. Where can I watch it? Right Here (once it goes live)!
  2. Happy Halloween!

    My dad and I are going out for Dinner since our birthdays are coming up (mine's Nov. 6 & his is Nov. 2). Other than that, I'll probably be doing homework or something. As for a costume, #Nazgûl:
  3. Combo Dojo Combos

    The Combo Dojo is unique to other game modes since it removes one of Pokkén's most fundamental mechanics, Phase Shifts. This has given rise to a new small trend known as Combo Dojo Combos, which are centered around this nonexistence of Phase Shifts. In a normal battle, the phase will change between Duel Phase and Field Phase once one player receives 12 Phase Shift Points or lands a combo with 21 hits. For more information about the technicalities of Phase Shifts, such as moves' Phase Shift Points, here is a datasheet by SSJ-Luffy (@SSJLuffy): Without these restrictions in the Combo Dojo, it is possible to keep a combo going as long as the opponent doesn't reach the ground. Otherwise, the Combo Dojo will automatically reset. Examples: Darkrai Combo Dojo Combo by S-Ki (@SKi_Pokken): Empoleon Combo Dojo Combo by Akahoshi (@akahoshi07): NOTE: Once again, the infiniteness of Combo Dojo Combos will ONLY work in the Combo Dojo and are primarily for fun and intrigue. They will NEVER work in an actual match or competitive setting!
  4. Avoiding/Punishing Aqua Jet Followups

    Oh, thanks for clearing that up! Do you, by any chance, know how Darkrai's Dash beats Aqua Jet in BDR?
  5. Avoiding/Punishing Aqua Jet Followups

    How does Darkrai's BDR Forward DASH beat Aqua Jet? Also, what do you mean by Level One/Two/Three? (What are the levels of Aqua Jet?)

    This probably isn't the perspective you're looking for but: What are some tips when fighting AGAINST Libre (specifically with Sceptile and Darkrai)?
  7. Nintendo Switch Friend Code Thread

  8. Pokkén Haiku

    Sceptile Protects Us And Garchomp Fights for Us, And Darkrai Shall Join Us - -