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  1. Ye, just an input recording glitch. No one knows how to replicate it to my knowledge, though.
  2. Mewtater

    To Shift, or not to Shift?

    I felt like this topic was under addressed personally so went ahead and made a video explaining most of the important things to keep in mind while choosing whether or not to Phase Shift! Here's the link, please share it around! Oh yeah, feedback is also highly appreciated
  3. Mewtater

    Cheer Skill Discussion!

    The main argument I made was that to ban Croagunk you have to ban an entire character for 3 moves. A character people have spent lots of time and energy practicing and researching mind you (Whimsical can take some as well but a character takes a completely different level of work). Whimsical is just RNG, so banning it wouldn't remove anything except RNG. We can and are making arguments without having to discredit players, it's unnecessary. And I've stated this twice now, but it's impossible to know what would happen without Whimsical in play/if they got a different draw from Whimsical without a time machine so discrediting players for their wins because they used it is stupid. You're right. In a vacuum, for the specific player using Whimsical, logically all the odds will balance out over the course of many matches. BUT you aren't playing the same person over and over again, so you could be playing someone and get multiple jack-pots and fight another person and get nothing several times, both of these scenarios out of P2s control completely. Just because a mechanic has a skill ceiling doesn't mean it should or shouldn't be in a game. Something that just came to mind is that in Pokkén, we've always banned random stages and opted for Stadium only since the early Wii U days. In DX we've done the same, just now with different skins. Why do we do this? It takes skill to adjust to all of the stages advantages/disadvantages, does it not? Choosing whether or not to counterpick for the matchup while having to also play around the chances that you'll get stage counterpicked by the game, this could be argued as the same or at least a very similar skill-set that's required to play Whimsical, couldn't it? But we ban random stages because it has the power to change matchups at random. It can make bad good matchups bad or bad matchup super bad, the player that just got put (in my opinion extremely unfairly) at a disadvantage can still win but it's harder. Same is the case if your opponent gets good Whimsical luck.
  4. Mewtater

    Cheer Skill Discussion!

    You didn't address any of my points about Croagunk and Whimsical being completely different cases here. You can acknowledge something requires skill and has the potential for competitive validity without agreeing that it would be good in every setting. I also stated why I think that this game in a competitive setting is better off without it in the same post and they were more than "I don't like it". As me and you both already know, Whimsical can slant chances of success/failure but doesn't downright choose who wins and loses and based on what Whimsical provides the user with they (and their opponent) are put in different situations then if they weren't using it and got whatever they got by chance. It's impossible to tell you who would win for sure if it wasn't in play or if they didn't get that draw from Whimsical without a time machine. On top of that, this community is pretty respectful for the most part and people aren't going to discredit players that work hard because of a "what if-" scenario. The issue isn't that it affects the match period, it's that neither the user nor the opponent know how it's going to affect the match and it can vary greatly from round to round, game to game, set to set etc. The outlier is that it's inconsistent as opposed to all the other cheers that remain constant.
  5. Mewtater

    Cheer Skill Discussion!

    So before I get into my opinions on Whimsical I would just like to say that I really love the in-depth arguments being formed by both sides, this is a legitimately eyeopening discussion and it's great. 1. I don't think it's fair to say that Whimsical is "uncompetitive". It's still risk/reward that you have to manage and I would very much so consider that competitive. Competitive trading card games are great examples of this. If you make a deck with the intent of drawing each card in a specific order to win in mind you're probably not gonna win very often, therefor you usually build your deck accordingly and make it so that there's a low chance of getting completely screwed over by bad luck. They also need to think about their decisions with the chances of which card they'll draw next turn in mind. To paraphrase, just as you'll benefit from a strong foundation for your deck you'll benefit from knowing all the chances for each effect Whimsical can give, and just like it'll serve you well to keep in mind the probability of which cards you'll draw next it'll serve you to know Whimsical's numbers when planning ahead resource wise for the following round(s). All that being said, I still feel that it's best to avoid mechanics like this when possible to help with consistency as well as avoid those brutal "what if-"'s. I still wouldn't say it's "uncompetitive", it's something I don't like in a competitive environment when it can be avoided though. 2. =/= Whimsical. Let me state this: I dislike character's tools being based on RNG or having RNG elements to them. I also think how the devs went about an RNG archetype with Gunk was wrong, but that's a completely different discussion. Anywho a big reason why I think banning something like Whimsical is a much smaller deal than banning Gunk is because with an RNG character comes a lot of non RNG substance. Croagunk has jA, Poison Jab and Acupressure and they are all random/have random effects, but they're connected to a character who, outside of that, has a lot of moves that are unique and consistent. Most of Croagunk is consistent, but he does have access to chance if he so desires to roll the dice. Paraphrased: Gunk is a character with over 40 entirely consistent moves and 3 that are inconsistent glued on and to ban him for his RNG you'd be banning everything else his kit has to offer, where as Whimsical is gluing RNG onto other characters and banning it would just be banning RNG which is why we, as a scene, need to decided if we want that or not. 2.5 Banning a character that people have invested many hours researching and refining is also different than banning a cheer skill. You can be comfortable with a cheer skill over others but they're 2 completely different things. 3. Whimsical does not choose the outcome of a match, it influences it. I see a lot of people make the argument "it's still up to player skill", and this is mostly true. It is true that despite Whimsical being in play, it is still mostly up to player skill. It is true that you can play around Whimsical as you can any other cheer bonus. It is also true that a player getting Whimsical's "holy grail" (or anything but most notably the 40% Synergy and Max Support of choice) does in fact have an impact on who wins/loses the match. Yes, just because they were blessed with an advantage at the start of the round doesn't mean the round is already decided. Whimsical doesn't turn tables, it tilts them. The issue is it tilts them randomly and neither side has any idea who's soup is about to spill all over them. YES THEY COULD JUST PICK UP THE BOWLS BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT HUSH! My overall opinion: If we, as a community, can ensure a ban would actually take effect at all (or at least all large) events, I would indeed advocate for a ban. Luck based mechanics leave potential to artificially reduce the importance of skill gaps (even if it is small). I do still totally acknowledge that keeping track of odds and such is a skill in and of itself and the LAST thing I'm trying to do is shame someone who uses Whimsical, I hope I'm crystal clear in that regard. I also used Whimsical for quite a decent amount of time.
  6. Mewtater

    My Friendlies

    Lately I've been making it a habit to record and upload my friendlies with good players, so I'm gonna make a thread here that I will keep updated with all my matches. If you have questions about anything that happened during any of the matches, ask it with a link to the video and a timestamp and I'll do my best to answer it as best I can as soon as I can. vs Shadowcat「Darkrai」 vs Gintrax 「Sceptile」 vs Scatz 「Charizard」
  7. Mewtater

    Week 2 Gunk Combo Video!

    These are pretty much all super situational combos that you wont be landing mid-match anytime soon BUT IF YOU DO YOU'LL BE REALLY FRICKIN COOL! Oh yeah, Chandy makes a short cameo at the end
  8. I've wanted to make this for a really long time because it seems like this concept gets overlooked by a lot of the community. I hope I worded everything well. If you have any critiques please let me know, can't improve if I don't know where to start! The Video:
  9. Mewtater

    Garchomp vs Mewtwo

    edit: THIS SPOILER HIDES NOTHING IDK HOW TO GET RID OF IT REEEEEEEEEEEEEE The optimal standard (doesn't take synergy doesn't go for synergy) midscreen combo off our iAD jY assuming we get all 3 hits is 186. Please don't go throwing numbers around this is where misconceptions about Mewtwo's damage comes from. Good guide though, very informative and well worded!
  10. Mewtater

    L Cancelling

    What if my special is mapped to L? Are you assuming my layout??
  11. Mewtater

    Twitch Clip Depository

    Can we talk about how in tune that "ooo" was with the song in the Vortex clip lol
  12. I think "netplay" would be a good topic. Go over why certain mixups (i.e. dash grabs) and neutrals (i.e. people who guess CA a lot in neutral because lol try punishing me online) and why they are so good in an online environment and should be avoided, not cut out of your play entirely but not habits or tools to rely on. I don't know if you were planning to tie this in to the first two topics but I think this would be a good topic on it's own.
  13. Mewtater

    Just Mewtwo Things: What Makes iAD j.Y so good?

    You can also drain punch
  14. Mewtater

    How would you describe your play style?

    #TeamGrab That is all
  15. Mewtater

    Gardevoir Cumulative Guide 1.3

    That's a lot of wordage.