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  1. Arpee

    Scizor Supports

    Sabre had much better litten combos, I only had 1 and it wasn't all that great. I mostly use snivy or eevee ?
  2. Arpee


    They always come up with fun combos, some of the burst ones in particular are cool.
  3. Arpee


    For you 6XY wall combo, you have noted down HXX, I assume you mean 6XX where he slides along the ground, can you record the combo as I can't connect the slide after hitting with jY they fall too fast.
  4. Arpee


    Well I mean, it's the same combo i said up above that does 275?
  5. No worries! I remember discovering it by accident when messing around with him
  6. Sorry, just realised you can achieve it with clicking1X~Y, instead of clicking 2X then Y. Same as doing jX~4Y.
  7. Arpee


    You can get a teeny bit more if you're in the corner by going 6XX > jY(1)Xr > jY(5)YA = 230 With swords it does 275.
  8. Arpee


    I enjoy this midscreen combo, For having a swords dance probably worth experimentig with differenr jy hits to get the optimal damage in order to conserve hits so that the spinny finisher in the air gets all the damage. Depending on where you are though you might get a wall splat which can do around 237 or something. But can't rely on that happening ofc. Enjoy seeing people finding new optimals though! Keep at it Six and others! ?
  9. He can high stance suicunes 5A (aurora beam). For Braixen he can parry through 6y (boomerang) and 5A/5[A] Can't high stance Sceptiles stuff. Can parry Chandelures 4X, including charge version. Can parry Garchomps 8A (dragon rush), even if chomp is bursted. Empoleons 2X slide into 4Y can be high stanced. Can parry Scizor's 4X unless it is fully charged.
  10. Arpee


    So here's the wall combo's I have so far, not sure if they are optimal but this is the first time I have done any labbing myself with no prior knowledge. HOPEFULLY it all makes sense and works, there are a few tricky delays in there. I have found that the most important factor for determining optimum damage is the number of hits you get on multihit attacks (e.g. jy). From what I have found, the more the better. More hits = more damage, logical I suppose! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VyGZLIs341lkqM3sNBlccuafod1ZzPPRrZ_FcNPe71k/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Arpee

    Introduce Yourself!

    Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there, I'll tell you all about myself so you better prepare... Hi there I'm Naomi, but I go by Arpee online in almost every community. I'm a 21 year old girl from Scotland (UK) and have wanted to become more involved in the Pokkén community for a long time. I haven't really played in many tournaments, the biggest would be UK nationals in 2016 where I was very new and nervous. I main Secondary Sometimes dabble in depending on the matchup. Want to learn I used to main Suicune when I first started and was the character I used at UK Nats. Sadly, I found myself growing bored of the character. However I had always wanted to use Garchomp, he was my secondary at the time but I was a little lackluster with him. After lots of practice though with my training partner MillerTime (more commonly known in the VGC community), I think I am ready to start climbing the online ladder and trying to reach that much wanted S Rank A Rank! I haven't played online for around 9 months, and while I am only B rank (which I got to with Suicune), I think I am more than capable of attaining higher with Chomp. I have set up a secondary account I plan to use for Chomp but haven't had the guts to go online with yet. I get extremely nervous because, like many people, I don't want to fail. I'm getting better at accepting defeat and understanding that it's all part of the learning process...but I'm a passionate person. I'm extremely competitive. I think it stems from playing video games with my brother when I was younger, it used to bother him when I would win because I was his little sister, he was supposed to win as (at the time) it was more common for guys to play video games than girls (sorry if I sound sexist here but it was true). Not that he disliked me playing, he was always proud to have a little sister who enjoyed playing video games over playing with Barbie's etc. I think that having an older brother always made me want to prove myself to him, and because female gamers are few and far between (on the rise though yay!), I always wanted to be the best, like no one ever was. You can find me on many social media platforms, such as: Facebook Twitter DeviantArt If you want to chat or whatever just send me a message on Facebook or Twitter and I'd be happy to speak. If you've read this far then congratulations! I haven't completely bored you with my ramblings, here's some pointless extra info for anyone who is interested to learn more about me! I am currently in my 3rd year of studying Applied Animal Science at Edinburgh University. Sadly, university is the main reason for not playing Pokkén more frequently...it's annoyingly more important. If you're curious as to the origins of my gamer tag, it stemmed from my account name on DeviantArt. My name is RainbowPegasis on there (I know pegasus is spelt wrong but it was already taken when I made the account...), my brother needed a name for a spaceship on - Insert name of game I can't remember - and was going to use my DeviantArt name, however it was too long. He then changed it to 'RP' but felt it was a bit bland, so then he came up with the genius idea of writing 'RP' phonetically. Thus, Arpee was born! I love many different kinds of video games, a few of the series I enjoy most include: Monster Hunter, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, Smash Bros., Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Portal, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart...And probably many many more I have forgotten. I occassionally play Pokemon VGC and have played a couple of tournaments, I very much enjoy it but don't really have the time to keep up with the meta... Other than video games, I have a keen interest in Ten Pin Bowling which I have played for 16 years (15 competitively). I have represented Scotland in many National and International tournaments including: Multiple Triple Crowns (National tournament between Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales then why is it called the triple crown ikr...), the European Youth Championships, and two World Youth Championships (Toot toot blowing my own trumpet #sorrynotsorry). I also have a major love for art; I like drawing and doing digitial work (can be seen on my DeviantArt page). I adore anime as well, so if you have any recommendations for me let me know! Thanks for taking the time to read this unnecessarily lengthy post, suppose I got a bit carried away... Hope to chat and play with you all sometime so that I can learn and improve my skills! Maybe even see you at some tourney's in the future.