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    A fun new tool with the 2X buff!

    So in DX Lucario got quite a few buffs but this is going to entirely focus on his 2X buff that he got. In DX 2X is now a launcher, in 1.3 it just gave a knockdown whenever it was landed, and this means he gets new follow-ups and new optimals from certain situations. This write up is gonna talk a little more in depth then the video I made talking about it in scenarios, since the video showcased the combos you’re most likely going to use when launching with 2X. When landing a raw 2X the only follow ups you can get are frame 9, so for Lucario it would be 2Y, 6Y and 8A. We also get new optimals from our counter attack and a new combo route from jX as well that utilize 2X. 2Y The most consistent follow up after landing 2X. From this you’re able to follow up with bone rush and continue the string if you want to shift or go for a reset if you please. 2Y scales pretty heavily so don’t expect a lot of damage when doing for this instead weigh your options if you want to shift or not when going for 2Y follow ups from 2X. Gardevoir is the only exception to this where you can go immediately into a 13 frame move to avoid the 2Y scaling that it gives so enjoy that noice juicy damage when playing against a Gardevoir. 6Y A pretty solid choice also if you want to get some space between you and your opponent and don’t wanna shift with 6Y~Y. Has potential to wall splat with 6Y which leads into 5Y 4[A], which is definitely respectable damage. 8A You should definitely never go for this option unless you just wanna swag with it. The reason why I say this is that 6Y is a superior follow up to this in every way. Provides a knockdown without using any phase shift points (PSP) and if you’re running low on PSP 6Y~Y does more damage (132 vs 130) plus the chance where you don’t get the two hits of espeed and only do 94 damage. I lied there is one benefit to using 8A, it does give a knockdown but from way farther than what 6Y would do. So if it’s a matchup where you feel more comfortable having some space, whether midrange or long range, 8A is your go to follow up. Counter Attack So when landing a fully charged or a critical counter attack (CA) 2X is able to link up so you can get a full conversion, obviously spacing dependent but 2X is pretty huge. It gives us a new optimal from our CA that can also get us the shift. jX Now jX is a little special cause now we have two followups we can get depending on where we land the jX. If you land the jX below the waist you’ll be able to get a 5X launcher but obviously if you don’t that we now have an alternative with 2X and go from there. Now granted the damage between the two is quite noticeable but this is just another option we have if we don’t land the jX as intended. And there we have 2X in a nutshell. The move was already solid in 1.3 but with this buff we now have a 13 frame heavy that launches and can get a full conversion from. Do be mindful of your PSP as well when deciding to go for a follow up because 2X is not going to be the optimal follow up if you know it’s going to shift so be aware and careful when going for that. 2X also high crushes meaning that it will beat out moves that are highs so it’s a good tool to use against someone who starts their pressure with highs. It’s gonna be a strong tool against bursted peeps since now they have to respect the range of our 2X and if they get smacked that’s a shift into field where we can enjoy our new found speed we got there too!!!! So! Conclusion that 2X is a great move and the buff is 100% appreciated and something I can get behind. .
  2. A lot of the issues (both positive and negative) were already brought up but some things that weren't mentioned was that they were having some sort of wiring issue so that's why it took so long for them to set up the stream for it. So we were waiting on the Wii U's to update and at the same time for them to fix the wiring. At the beginning the stream setup they had was the only one up to date so we used that to start the pools while waiting for everything else so we were so behind. The TO was pretty accommodating to the things I brought up to him; which matches to put on stream, being understanding and reasonable about the Son Dula business, and taking initiative when getting us our money. We had some bad and good but overall we all came together to help out and make this a successful event for everyone to enjoy so big props to the community!
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    Introduce Yourself!

    1. Yo Toasty here! 2. From Texas 3. Purely a Lucario main 4. @Toasty_BD is my Twitter thingamajig 5. Might be doing some stuff in the near future but time will tell how soon 6. I do Vet Facts!
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