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  1. Before I start this I should mention that I don't use forums much, so there's not going to be much in the way of organization and formatting. Sorry. Anyways, most Blaziken mains have blown off 6X as a useless move. It doesn't have much combo potential, and the only way to make it combo into anything is to get a crit and a wallsplat. However, Recently I've found that 6X, more specifically 6XX, has some serious potential for mixups. Thanks to 6XX being 0 on block, it puts Blaziken in a position where he can use a variety of attacks, grab, block, or CA. I'll start off with the attack options. All of these can be used to crit a grab, as the hitstun of 6XX is just big enough to make up for the gap between moves. The first option you have out of 6XX is 2Y. This one is tricky to land, as you have to rely on the opponent pressing a button that brings them just a little bit closer to you. Most light attacks will do this, like Empoleon's 5Y. This is also a good option for pressure, as 2Y can go right into blaze kicks and you can work off that. I'd say 2Y is the least reliable option out all of them, since the opponent has to move towards you, but 2Y is safe on block, and 2Y will connect with a blocking opponent off 6XX. The second option is best if you have the opponent against the wall, and that's 8A. This one is risky, pretty much all of them except 2Y are, but if you land 8Y against the wall out of 6XX, you can do a sort of bastardized version of the sacred combo, which is 8A > airdash j. Y > 8A. I'm talking about EX 8A by the way, not the normal 8A. And if you're really crazy about maximizing damage output you can delay the airdash until the last possible moment to get more out of j.Y, which will give you 2 more points. By doing that you can get 227 hp instead of 225. Again this is one of the riskier options, and I recommend you don't do it if you think the opponent is going to block, as 8A is very punishable. The third option you have is 8Y, this one I haven't explored too much since the phase shift points from 6XX don't allow you to do much with 8Y, but it works against an opponent that likes to push buttons so I'm including it anyways. If you guys haven't picked up on it yet, most of my research into 6X went into what can be used to punish button pushers. Anyways, since the PSP from 6XX doesn't let you do a whole lot, the only thing I know works is the Poke Combo of 8Y > 5Y > 6A. There are better labbers than I out there that can probably find better things out of 8Y, but that's all I got. 5Y is your stand in for 2Y if you want shield pressure. 5Y will connect reliably after 6XX, even if the opponent does nothing. I recommend this option for shield pressure or if you don't think 2Y will do the job. I haven't explored many options outside the obvious ones either for this one. Just think of 5Y as the substitute for 2Y. 5X is probably your least useful option. Not much combo potential as it leaves even less PSP left over than 8Y, I would just use this option as a mixup to keep your opponent on their toes. It should be noted, however, that you have to delay 5X a bit to get the right input, otherwise you'll end up inputting 6XXX, which causes a hard knockdown. It can also be blocked. It should also be mentioned that the opponent can block between 6X and 6XX unless you land a crit. This isn't a big issue, as 6X is -8 and 6XX is 0. You can catch the opponent up and they might not block, simply because they don't expect 6X, but if they do, you can start shield pressure with 2Y or 5Y. Or try a grab. Your choice mate. Of course, you can always grab out of 6XX, or you can just block. You can also CA, but I highly recommend not doing that. CA out of 6XX is an awkward move, as 6XX should be used to catch your opponent pushing buttons. If they don't, and you CA, you take a grab or any of the thousands of ways CA can be beaten. So there you have it. I think there's a lot of things you can do out of 6XX, and I'm a terrible labber. This post should be seen as a sort of baseline for the potential of 6X. This is where I pass off the development of options to anyone willing to give it a shot, as I've taken it as far as I can.
  2. Final Round is right around the corner, and, at Milln's request, I made this thread to see who is arriving when, and if you're alright with sharing, what hotel you're staying at. So, in other words, I, and Milln, want to know where the after-tournament rager is gonna be. Who's ordering the pizza again?
  3. Ra1nbow

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    I was 14 and I needed a tag for Xbox Live, and after about 10 minutes of trying stuff and getting denied, I thought, "hey, rainbows are cool. Dinosaurs are also cool." Thus, Ra1nbowD1no was born. I shortened it to Ra1nbow when I got into Smash 4, although my Twitch name is still the full thing.