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    Oki topic

    super WIP, just made this as a note to self to remember to drop the information down in here later. Just threw it in here from the discord. will clean up later. Oki Field > Duel CA = +4 [CA] = + 53 Homing 2 = +8 Homing 2 vs air hit = + >37 b[Y] = + >37 j.X = Omega plus. Enough time to do Swords Dance and get 4[X] some degree of meaty Grab = +4 U-Turn = + 49 (U-Turn to Swords Dance is even) U-Turn Sword = +47 (U-Turn to Swords Dance is -2) Metal Claw = +39 (Gets the last hit of 4[X]) Metal Claw Sword = Mega plus. Enough time to completely whiff 4[X] and are only -4 Aerial Ace = + >37 Aerial Ace Sword = + >37 Knockdown Oki Swords Dance > jump forward j.Y (loses to backdash) Swords Dance > Hover Y (loses to 9 frames) Swords Dance > CA forward 4[X] > Let it rip or dash cancel mixup Bug Bite Mixup HOVER DASH > GUESS (Guess consists of throw, CA, or hitconfirming Hover Y) Hover Dash > jump up and Hover right above them and j.X xN Hover Dash > TK j.R (overpowers CA) j.X gives you the most time to do what you want on the field shift. Metal Claw Sword is probably the best overall shifter because of simply how the move behaves. Standing Oki TK j.R (Overpowers CA) Kara Throw or Dashing Kara Throw Metal Claw (loses to jump, CA, and backdash) Immediate Hover Y > Hitconfirm (loses to 9 frame normals and DPs) j.X Specific Always do Swords Dance to 4[X] mixup Metal Claw Specific Swords Dance > Throw > CA trap with Hover Dash if they do it. 4[X] if you’re near a wall. It’s meaty. U-Turn Specific Swords Dance if you want one (you want one) Metal Claw Sword and b[Y] Specific Do a 2Y frame kill, then 4[X] to get it meaty every time.
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    Work In Progress - Scizor Guide

    What you can expect: Introduction and synopsis. Playstyle. Scizor is a stylish and complex character in Pokkén Tournament DX. He is intricate to understand and is a resource character, where he acquires stocks and then spends them on moves for combo or damage extensions. He's one of two characters with a "run" and the only character that can do his run field phase, as well as change directions in his dash infinitely. Uniquely, he can act during his dash animation without going into a Run stance, which allows him a larger degree of control over his actions and movement. Scizor can utilize this and other system mechanics to his advantage to obtain favorable outcomes that would be unavailable to other characters. To achieve this you'll be pressing a lot of buttons and combinations, making Scizor a high effort character and challenging to play. He is a thinker's character in that he utilizes systems other characters barely care about, and takes a lot of confidence to succeed with! Advanced Scizor play will be managing your number of Swords Dance stocks, utilziing tricky movement and mixup options to catch your foe off balance and obliterate them for thinking it was a good idea to attack you. If you're new to Pokkén, you might compare his resource management to Claudio from Tekken 7. Claudio must obtain Starburst, which opens up extensions on several of his moves. You might compare Scizor's goal of absorbing hits to turn the tables on the opponent to Street Fighter 3rd Strike's parry system. Extra Scizor Terminology In addition to the Terms found in this topic, you may also hear the following among Scizor players: Parrying - The act of using the guard point of Counter Attack to absorb a hit or hits, canceling it into a dash. Usually this will be a forward dash with intent to riposte. Piano- Pressing two or more buttons quickly one after another. Kara (cancel) - The act of transferring startup properties of one move into a completely different move. Very common for “kara grabs” to use distance travelling portions of one move, cancel it before it even has a chance to generate a hitbox, and grab. Grab/Find, etc. A Sword - Using Swords Dance to generate a stock of your resource while not in an oki situation. Spender - Attacks that use, or spend, a stock of Swords Dance. Pickup - Getting a weird or stray hit, usually versus an airborne opponent, and getting a combo. Convert - The act of completing a combo properly and going for one of a few objectives, such as damage, meter, or oki. Basketball - Term used from another fighting game Hokuto no Ken. The act of “dribbling” the opponent with repeated ground bounces in a combo. Booster Chase - Pressing any attack button after certain moves to auto-jump to the opponent’s location. These are usually notated with the same button of the triggering move, such as 5X~X “Move Name” Sword - Referring to the Pokémon move and its extension by spending a resource, as a whole, or in part. Swords Dance Throw - 5AA. “Throw the sword” - colloquialism for Metal Claw’s spender but only using it for its projectile, especially in field. Debugger - 2X. Pros: Excellent damage off of most touches with a sword. Piercing Oki Valid mixups Staples are great at space control and field pressure Can crouch under moves Hover Dash clears weak projectiles Can act during regular dash animation Best character on defense Field Phase has a lot of functionality Mobility options Hitconfirmable and delayable strings. Anti-airing Burst Attack Cons: Command counters kind of shut most of your normal offense down. Difficult to open up the opponent without taking a risk. Vulnerable to high crushing moves, especially those that high crush frame 1. Hover Dash in Duel Phase is a commitment to offense. Being plus, but not plus enough to get a stock of Swords Dance safely is kind of whatever. System mechanics If this is the only guide you read as a Scizor player, the first thing you need to learn are the system mechanics. Match Flow: Every round of Pokkén begins in Field Phase. Field Phase is all about jockeying for positioning, dealing as much damage as possible, and "winning" the phase by triggering a shift. Attacks in Field Phase will either always shift or never shift to Duel Phase. Attacks in Field Phase build your Synergy Meter on whiff, and on connecting with an opponent whether they hit or get blocked so it isn't uncommon to see more advanced players attack more often or whiff certain moves intentionally simply to generate meter. Blocking, getting hit, and absorbing attacks with Counter Attack also build meter. In Field Phase, you can obtain perfect, or instant blocks, to drastically decrease the hitstun on single hit attacks by performing homing and then guarding at the right moment. Once you're in Duel Phase, you're now on a 2D plane. You no longer build meter by whiffing moves while in Duel. In Duel Phase, there is an invisible point system called Phase Shift Points. Each attack in a character's moveset is assigned any amount between zero and twelve Phase Shift Points when they connect. Upon reaching twelve phase shift points over the course of the Duel Phase, or the Combo Count (for the most part) reaches 21 consecutive hits, it shifts back to Field phase, whereupon the cycle continues. Attack Triangle: There are three types of Attacks in Pokkén. Grab Attacks, Counter Attacks, and Normal Attacks. Typically, Grabs beat Counter Attacks in that they will often grab through the beginning stages of a Counter Attack's Hitbox. Counter Attacks beat Normals in that they absorb their hits while their Guard Point is active, and Normals beat Grabs in that they will often tech or crush the Grab attempt. When these moves interact with each other, a Critical Hit occurs. These are not random, will always happen, and are merely the game's Counter Hit system, since Counter Hits do not exist in the traditional sense within Pokkén. Critical Hits (Counter Hits!) will reward the player with increased damage and extra hitstun properties. Now, earlier, it was mentioned that this is what typically happens. As with any fighting game, there are ways to overcome these mechanics. There are periods in Normals, where they may be grabbed, Counter Attacks will still hit Grabs just like any ol' hitbox, and Normals can overpower the guard point in Counter Attacks before the hitbox becomes active, with good timing. Movelist review with psp, properties, and frame data Utilizing Swords Dance and Sword extensions One of the most important parts of playing Scizor or is learning when to go for swords and when to utilize a sword and expend it. It's important to realize that you cannot just do Swords Dance in neutral or for no reason without a setup, and it's important to realize when spending a sword would be folly. Doing this is a great way to lose your momentum and turn the tide of match against you. First, Swords Dance is a command counter. It does have Guard Point frames on it, though it does not activate immediately, rather it's 5 frames into the move. After that, the Guard Point does not persist throughout the entire move, nor does it persist through throwing the swords if you choose to do the followup. Going back to neutral from this move takes quite a lengthy time and is very easy to respond to. In order to utilize Swords Dance properly, you typically only press Swords Dance when you have a knock down or during a phase shift. If you must get a sword without a knock down or shift, definitely try to get fullscreen or do backdash to Swords Dance. This way, you lower the risk of getting blasted... although you doing this in itself is pretty telegraphed. You're going to want to keep at least one pair of swords -one stock- on you at all times. This allows you to always keep the utility of having access to damage and sometimes getting a hit by accessing the spender move at the right time, such as U-Turn Sword to keep you in the air a bit longer to stay over attacks, or Bullet Punch Sword to catch people that try to capitalize on a whiff too soon and walk into a tornado. Learning when to avoid using a sword comes with the territory of learning the Phase Shift Point values of your moves and keeping track of them during your duel phases. If spending the stock on, say, Metal Claw Sword is going to shift, perhaps keep it and not waste the resource. Likewise, if a U-Turn is going to shift, by all means spend it and get the extra damage! Many nuances such as the above about sword management will make you a better Scizor player. Parrying If you ain't doin' this, you missin' out. Gundam theme recommendations How to Field phase As above, Field Phase is all about jockeying for positioning, dealing as much damage as possible, and "winning" the phase by triggering a shift. How to Duel phase BnBs Swordless 5YY, 1A~X:X (148) 2Y, 1A~X:X (116) 6YX, 5YY, 1A~Y+B (188) 1 Sword Bnb hY, 6AA, 6YX, 4Y, 2Y, 1A~Y+B (206) 5X~X, j.YYXR, j.YY, j.AA (211) 1/2/3AA~A , j.YYXR , j.YX~R , jY(2), j.A 1 Sword Wallsplat 5YY, 6AA, 6YY (W!), 1A~X:X (205+30) 4[X], hXX, j.YX, j.AA (243 + 30) Swordless Counter Attack [CA], hXX, j.YYX, j.A Support advisory Overview Conclusion I'll be straight up. Scizor is a character that you're going to have to take a lot of L's to improve with. Character's tough. You'll definitely lose very often in the beginning until you get a good handle on what you're "allowed" to do in a match and until you understand how your character's flow should be. Don't let this discourage you! You have a lot of things going for you, if they may be complicated and sometimes risky. You can trick your opponent into giving up space or damage, as well as letting them think they are safe in trying to pressure, causing your opponent to doubt themselves and play in ways they may be uncomfortable with. Scizor is definitely a rewarding character and he will reward you with creativity and fluidness in proportion to the amount of effort you put into him. Match flow is dynamic and once you master his core, you have a great edge in your battle kit. Your reward is being able to turn any other character's offense on themselves, great okizeme mixups, and very high damage conversions. Scizor also takes a lot of confidence to play. You need to know the game. You need to know the character you're up against and how many hits their moves have along with what your opponent likes to do. Above all you have to believe in your character. You must shoot your shots and run your game and set your plays with conviction, trusting in Scizor. Always accept adaptation and be open to adjusting your decision making. Keep your head high, don't use moves for poor reasons, and stay the course and find everything's purpose. We believe in you. Other games to watch to better your learning Watching these games will not necessarily make you a better Scizor or Pokkén player. However, it's always beneficial to watch other games and observe how they approach the match with their tools and fundamentals. It's important to watch these videos with an open mind and with examination. For now, it is recommended to watch Claudio matches of Tekken 7 for the sole purpose of understanding when Claudio goes for Starburst Acquire combos, and when he chooses to spend. You can also watch various matches of Street Fighter 3rd Strike to understand how that game allows players to overcome situations and completely turn it around to both shut down the opponent's offense and even their defense.
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    Drive to Georgia.
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    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    ........... ............. This isn't the reason, but I would like to retcon it to be the reason: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=milln+reef
  7. After entering LAN Mode by utilizing the procedures found in this other forum post.... One Nintendo Switch will run with these settings on Recruit. The second Nintento Switch will run with these settings on Apply.
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    How to LAN Two Consoles Together

    Updated for Nintendo Switch.
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    Swords Dance at round start

    None of them. If you're on an 18x18, and the opponent bets you're going to Swords Dance, they have enough time to homing and kill you, do one of their gap closing special moves (or good fy's) out of a couple dashes, or at least tag you with a goofy projectile. Swords Dance at start is never safe against someone who thinks you're going to do it, some characters it's never safe to Swords Dance in neutral at all and you have to work it in. Backdash Swords is slightly better. Try backdash swords dance or side dash swords dance.
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    Scizor Supports

    Aight revisiting this topic. Snivy - Great as an anti-air. You can jump up and get basketball combo if you catch them airborne and gives you something less committal than U-Turn. You can also use it for oki if you really want to to set up a 4[X] that they can't backdash. Eevee - Kill people in four touches. If you're burst mode, win field somehow and kill them in two. Frogadier - It's neat. Lets you set up. There's probably a guard crushing unblockable in field phase. Cubone - DX Cubone is a great tool. This is the one I use the most. Comes out on frame 17 from call. Juggles on air hit, combos into itself from anywhere on point blank, sets up unblocks a backdash away or closer. Usually makes people want to take an action instead of hold the second hit which you can use as an opening. You have enough time to pick up a sword and sometimes you can grab two if you're ballsy. Combos into anything, so go get your favorite confirm! Also counts as a high durability projectile so will remove other projectiles or pass through with a trade. Very useful support. (You can tell why the Darkrais are eyeballing this support too)
  11. This topic is a depository for things that get placed in the Scizor Discord's #bug-facts channel. This channel is designed for one-liners about random things we find out in our adventures with Scizor that could be useful. It is tested for accuracy, cataloged, & sorted, here. This topic is updated, and the Discord channel is wiped, on Sundays. Generally Field Phase Round start Swords Dance is a good way to lose field phase in under 5 seconds against most characters. In field phase you can go straight to guard from dash or Hover Dash by pianoing homing into blocking. Since you're going from homing into block, you're also doing the command for perfect blocking, as well. j.Y and back y buzzsaws get a big speed boost when they contact the ground, but it also lowers the damage they deal. Burst Attack has a wide hitbox around it if you miss the first hit and could pick people up that did a dodge to escape Burst will sometimes go past someone using a very fast forward moving attack at the same time you BA and also right in front of you. (See: Aqua Jet) Staples are lows, and the opponent has the option of jumping them on oki. j.A, the first hit does not have hitstun, unless you have Attack Up status (Eevee, Mismagius, Popplio, steal it from your opponent) If you shift phases into field and you grab your opponent immediately, your throw movement will pick up the small size burst nuggets that appear from the shift. If you hit someone with the first hit of j.X three times during this Field Phase, the third one will cause them to flip backwards invincibly. Hitting someone with side[Y] twice at any point will cause them to flip out invincibly. Side[Y] combos into side Y for good damage and causes a flip tech. You can use this to get a Swords Dance and chase. The field phase Metal Claw > Sword has the just frame on it, too. If you shift into Field Phase with a special cancelable move on the ground, you may go into Bullet Punch > Bug Bite, cancel it with a dash and may Bullet Punch again as long as you remain in this Hover state. b[Y] interacts with projectiles, so it cancel out other projectiles and triggers Smog. If you hit with Homing 1 and charge Homing 2, it is uninterruptable and inescapable unless the opponent has a 9 frame grab, a fast jump (Lucario) or a badass backdash (Darkrai) or the opponent goes into Burst Attack. You can cancel jump into Swords Dance, although doing so appears to be useless Duel Phase 4[X] can be avoided by anti-airs, such as 8Y 4[X] can be backdashed 5X, in the later part of the animation, has the crouching properties and can duck highs. Metal Claw is an aerial move and can be anti-aired and slid under, but cannot be used to go over grounded attacks. did you know there are Japanese hornets that spit acid??? 8Y Anti-Air is a real anti-air, so you can go under things like Emolga. 6AA puts the opponent in a stagger state that allows grab attacks to connect. It does the 120 damage, scaled per previous move. Same as if you did 6YY. J.y is untechable until they hit the ground and it gatlings into j.yy or j.x. If you sniff (or based on the character if you see!) A jump try going air to air and get a basketball combo After getting your raw BA blocked, by timing a backdash upon landing you can backdash people's punish attempts. It must be timed, you can't buffer it. Doesn't work against all attacks, obviously, but you should be okay for the most part. j.A, the first hit does not have hitstun, unless you have Attack Up status (Eevee, Mismagius, Popplio, steal it from your opponent) Play mid-range. Please. You have no business being up close unless you're going for a confirm or doing Hover Dash > Guess. If you get Close Bullet Punch but hit in such a way that you don't get all the hits, a player mashing jump to avoid non-sword followups will get snatched by Bug Bite. Crouching extends Scizor's hurtbox slightly. Be careful when prepping. The graphics for Bullet Punch are random, but the hitboxes are always the same, and each range of Bullet Punch overlaps with the next closest range slightly. Scizor can CADC and go back to CA very quickly, as fast as Pikachu can. Doing a j.Y allows you to slightly change your directional momentum, even if you don't Hover Glide first. Scizor is not in guard point state the entire time he's doing Swords Dance > Throw Sword. He leaves guard point before the hitbox activates. If you're going for Metal Claw > Sword just frames, peep your combo count during your conversion so you can alter your route so that you don't shift before the ender. The absolute tip or extremely low versions of Aerial Ace 1 if you can get hitstun on a grounded hit (combos, attack up, burst mode) links into 9frames. Against normal and large sized characters, 5YY > 2A~X is more consistent at more ranges than 5YY > 1A~X Bullet Punch cancels are delayable. Parry Pikachu's WGF and feel like a god. You can cancel jump into Swords Dance, although doing so appears to be useless Hover Y is hitconfirmable and the special cancel is delayable, so you can space out your Pokemon move followups, especially Bullet Punch, to catch attempts to punish your blocked Hover Y. Burst Mode Scizor has 10 hits built right into his kit with Hover Y to Bullet Punch. Useful for overriding armor moves! CADC > CA is fastest in the game with proper execution. Any move that puts you in the air (5X chase, 1AA chase, 6XX) and Hover Glide (j.R) can be jump canceled with Popplio. Scizor has two kara grabs to help close distance and snatch people up. 6Y~B gets him up to an extra foot's length of grab distance, sort of rocking your thumb between the buttons. You can also dash kara grab and gain an incredible amount of distance, up to two Scizor lengths! Vs. Scizor can bY and b[Y] Aegislash's Iron Head in field phase If you block Aegislash's 6X, you can bullet punch punish it Vs. If you block 6A, 5Y 4A is a true punish to ALL options. you can high stance blastoise 5A you can high stance the 5AA follow up, but none of the other ones can you high stance, this is ok in burst too you just cant high stance the 5AAA follow-up Vs. If you can't do the real tech of duck > React 8Y to Blaze Kick and Flare Blitz, then you can just mash U-Turn and it beats everything. Ducking EX Blaze Kick gets you full damage punishes. Burst vs. Burst interactions. Blaziken - If you go immediately before Blaziken, you can block the upkick. If you go after him, you die. Vs. BA punishes Braixen 8X > Air backdash on shield Vs. If Charizard is a backdash or more away and he does his Burst Attack on the ground, you can BA in response and win the exchange. Air version is trickier. You can parry j.6YY for full damage. Vs. In Field Phase, if Scizor does fY and Croagunk does Thief, neither pokemon gets hit. You can Swords Dance clean through a Junk Ball boulder. Moving CA is incredibly useful to deal with all of the possibilities that can come from Croagunk's j.A Vs. You can bY and b[Y] every Darkrai trap except their activated fY Vs. U-Turn will sometimes beat Decidueye's dive grab, Acrobatics. We don't have deal with the bs mixup all the time. Swords Dance > Throw Sword nukes all of Decidueye's release Y arrows and hits Decidueye in Duel Phase You can parry release Y by holding 8 Decidueye 5X goes under highs, so they can 5X under CA, 4Y, 6Y... etc. Decidueye Soar X (the big wing stomp thing) is minus -13. Punish this with 6YX and get your fat damage. Field phase, you have staples, grab, or U-Turn. If Decidueye does 6A and you block, U-Turn will punish all followups. If you get hit by 6A or 6AA and the Decidueye goes into Soaring Stance, U-Turn will punish all followups. Note that the Decidueye can punish the U-Turn by exiting Soaring Stance and immediately performing a j.A. Vs. If you CA Aqua Jet, and backdash you get out of it Empoleon can 4X Metal Claw, which leads into a full combo, so be careful. After a level 1 Aqua Jet on block, Scizor can forward jump over Cut Vs. You can high stance Garchomps 8A while they are in or out of burst Vs. U-turn will clash with Libre's wake-up Wild Charge. Do not let 4[X] rip on oki. She can 2X and high crush it. Parry Libre 6XX and immediately backdash the 6XX will whiff outside corner If you CA any part of Libre 5YY, you can release or full charge and it will beat electroweb. Don't be scared. You can CA and then time a backdash to invuln through 5YY, which stops their string. If Libre does 8Y on you, immediately do a 2A. It beats every option that isn't backdash > nothing and is safe vs. that. Vs. Hover Dash triggers Smog b.[Y] can go over Will o' Wisp Hover Dash goes through all of those small or double fireballs in field phase. Vs. Field Phase Oki, block 5Y in field and do b[Y] over force palm Vs. You can parry any variation of Mewtwo Fire Punch with Hover X. Vs. You can 6X and Hover X underneath Psywave Level 1 > Blast Vs. You pretty much always have time to punish Aurora Beam if you CADC it with Metal Claw. You can parry Suicune 4/5/6 X with Hover Y You can parry 7/8/9 X with Hover Y Good luck doing it online, though. The cancel must be immediate. Vs. Weavile Weavile can Agility or Knockoff through staples on wakeup If Weavile ever tries to j.A, you can react with an immediate Rotom