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  1. So I decided to do a writeup on an alternative option for following up Night Slash that was found/compiled a while back by AuTorizo on the old Pokkén Arena. Instead of the usual 5YYY, this covers the use of 5X as the Night Slash followup. This option leads to slightly greater damage and opens up a few more combo options than the standard jab string. Here is a quick demonstration: There is a catch, however: it only works on four characters. These characters are as follows: Everyone else will hit the ground before 5X connects or will be just out of reach. I'm uncertain what makes these characters' hurtboxes unique enough for this to work, but that's how it is. Below is a table that compares damage values of identical combos using both 5YYY and 5X followups off of Night Slash. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it will hopefully demonstrate the differences enough to warrant the use of this variation. As you can see, the damage increase (where applicable) is minor, and the circumstances you actually get to pull this off are pretty situational. However, in a game of inches like Pokkén, being able to convert more damage with your available PSP is always worth it when you can go for it! Plus, you get to impress your friends with some (relatively?) new tech. I hope this helps you all in some small capacity!
  2. Alright. Here's my two cents. My biggest gripe was definitely the top 16 scheduling fiasco. Myself and many other players had our Saturday night and Sunday morning plans severely compromised because of pools running behind and miscommunication on when top 16 was happening. After my pool finished around 8:00 PM, I was told top 16 would be happening the next day at 10:00 AM, so I left the venue to get rested up and prepare for the day ahead. I was later contacted and told there was a change of plans and that top 16 was still happening that same night, so I rush back to the venue and got there around 10:15. Literally the moment I arrived, I then find out that they're only doing a small handful of top 16 matches that night because the venue closes at 11:00, and that the rest (including mine) would be happening at 10:00 the following morning as originally planned, meaning I came back down for nothing. With daylight savings factored in, we were left with effectively less than 10 hours to prepare for our top 16 games on Sunday morning. That is far too little time to prepare for critical games that will determine life or death in bracket. I know I was looking forward to hanging out with the community during tournament afterhours, as that's always one of the best parts about coming out to events like these, but I wasn't able to enjoy that in full because I had to rest and get ready for my match the next day. It also gave the players fortunate enough to win their games Saturday night the privilege of not having to be back at the venue until 4:00 PM for top 8, which, in my eyes, is a bit of an unfair advantage. I understand setbacks happen and things don't always go according to plan, but man. It sucked that things had to go down this way. How to prevent this from happening in the future? Make sure pools run according to schedule. Use all of the setups available to you to make sure they start and finish on time. And don't distract yourself playing Scissorclips when you should be tending to your TO responsibilities so that if things are running behind, you can find out sooner rather than later. Everything else, to my knowledge, was great. Friday was particularly excellent, with Wheel of Death, 2v2, and the crew battles all making for an exciting time and being orchestrated wonderfully. Sunday was great as well, as there was plenty of opportunity to socialize and play with other players during top 16 and top 8 downtime. Not to mention free pizza. '-')b All in all, I definitely had a wonderful time and would certainly do it again, but I would like to see some organizational changes made to ensure things run more smoothly and that we don't run overtime again. It hurts the players, it hurts the organizers, it hurts the community--and none of us want any of that.
  3. Raedis

    Weavile Oki Guide

    Good stuff! I'd like to add a couple of things, if I may. First, some characters have specific moves that can avoid having to deal with Weavile's usual oki shenanigans. There's Braixen, whose 4X (the little backstep followed by a thrust with her stick) has i-frames on startup and will typically beat the standard 6[X] and 5[X] options if timed properly. The same thing applies to Gengar and his 8Y (the twister), as he goes completely invisible for the duration. Against these characters, you'll definitely want to vary up your oki options and get a little creative. Both those moves are horribly punishable on whiff, so if you can bait them out and avoid them with something like a backdash or back jump, you guarantee yourself a strong punish of your choosing. Something else to consider is your opponent's support. Anytime your opponent is running a disruptive support with i-frames on activation (Umbreon, Fennekin), they're provided with a get-out-of-jail-free card against your oki. Take note of when they have it ready, and be prepared for them to use it on their wakeup. Most players will instinctively use those supports the second they get up, which you can use to your advantage by getting out of range, baiting it out, and potentially punishing (you can Agility through Umbreon's hitbox and punish with Fury Swipes, for instance). At higher levels, though, players will expect you to expect their support call and will end up holding on to it while you're sitting out of range, thus escaping your pressure while still retaining their support. Needless to say, it makes for some interesting mindgames! Sometimes, it might just be easier to go ahead and get their support call out of the way so you can keep doing Weavile things uncontested. That being said, that's a lot of good information you provided to get started with! Thank you for writing this.
  4. Raedis

    Pokkén Height & Invincibility Interactions

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for taking the time to translate and format all of this. There is so much good information to be found here. Also huge shoutouts to the Japanese players that compiled all this data in the first place. I really hope everyone puts their effort and hard work to good use!
  5. Raedis

    Weavile's Field Phase projectile limit explained.

    It can, yes! I've had a number of instances where opponents run over multiple traps in field phase while bursted. Getting hit by the first one does nothing aside from minor damage, but the second one will humorously send them flying away from you and reset the counter.
  6. 'ppreciate the kind words, man! You're absolutely welcome down here anytime. I still have fond memories of that weekend that was The Fall Struggle, haha.
  7. Did someone say Puzzle and Waifus? I started playing the mobile version a few months ago after enjoying PAD Z for the 3DS, and it's safe to say I got hooked. I was really lucky and pulled Sumire this past weekend, which was a nice leader upgrade from my old standby, blue Sherias. Once I get her up to speed, I'll be looking to try my hand at some of the more endgame-oriented content (or at least die trying--this game is cruel sometimes, haha).
  8. I'd say right now, I'm most excited for Digimon World: Next Order on the PS4 and Vita. I'm so happy we're finally receiving localized Digimon games once more in the west, especially after coming off of Cyber Sleuth, which I enjoyed to bits. I'd also like to mention Ever Oasis for the 3DS. I absolutely love the atmosphere and aesthetic from what I've seen of the game, and it's tickling all of the nostalgic vibes from the beloved Mana series that I adored from my earlier years. Combined with the mysteries yet to be unraveled with the Swtich, I'm looking very forward to Q1 of 2017!
  9. Raedis


    There is definitely some matchmaking going on behind the scenes when it pairs you up with other players for ranked. Exact details are pretty sparse, but it generally tries to pair you up with others around your rank. As with all matchmaking algorithms, though, it will occasionally throw a wrench into the system and give you a lopsided matchup. If it fails to find you a partner of comparable level after a certain timeframe, it will start looking for players outside of your range, which is most likely how you wound up against said C and B rank players. When you reach higher ranks, this also means it will occasionally match you up with players of lower rank as well. This mostly happens during inactive hours, when there are fewer people online and the pool of players to choose from is smaller. On a different note, I wish you the best in getting Pokkén going down there in Australia!
  10. Raedis

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello! Nice to see many familiar faces, as well as some new ones! 1. Raedis 2. North Carolina / Southeast US 3. Main: Secondary: 4. Twitter: @Elraedis 5. I'm looking to get into streaming soon! Like, within the next week or two soon. You can find me at twitch.tv/elraedis when the time comes. I'm also interested in making informational videos/guides down the line as well, which I'll be sure to put up here on PA. I look forward to seeing you all around!
  11. Raedis

    Weavile Resource Megathread!

    Reserving just in case the first post overflows. Thank you!
  12. Raedis

    Weavile Resource Megathread!

    Hello! This is intended to be a one-stop shop for all information and resources pertaining to Weavile in Pokkén Tournament. Whether you're looking to pick up the character for the first time, take your game to the next level, or gain a better understanding of how to deal with our favorite ice cat/weasel, look no further than this thread! Note: this is a WIP and will be updated periodically. If you have anything you'd like to add, such as useful links, guides, VOD's, or what-have-you, please feel free to add them in the form of a reply. Thank you! General Information Weavile Guides and Resources Video Resources Miscellaneous