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  1. EveryDamnDay

    Final Boss 2017 - Feedback Thread

    The internet was a downside but its not HBAs fault as much as the hotel and weathers. The crowd and members of the community who showed up, old and new really made this event so great and as long as theres an amazing crowd like this, I’ll be sure to enjoy the event. Edd was a bum though. Fumu is my favorite TO from any community Ive ever been apart of and he deserves great things in life for the amazing things hes gone out of his way to do. Love Fumu guys. 10/10 event.
  2. EveryDamnDay

    Wanna beat Chandy? Heres how!

    A while back people started clipping things from my games vs players like Catfight and Twixxie and other chandys. They would ask for advice as well. So after beating Soul Guitarist in bracket, about a week later I just sorta vomited knowledge on discord about the MU that Gibus would later use to double eliminate Catfight at CEO 2017 and thanked me with a big hug after. So I guess these things are really useful for the MU. Im just going to copy and paste every single thing I typed out in the discord due to time. https://clips.twitch.tv/VainHealthyDiscHoneyBadger "Nightslash throws you back right away lol idk the actual frames for when but you can dodge alot of things with it depending on the timing hence spaced 2x on shield and then nightslash because they try to grab and it dodges the grab and crits for this mu we have tools that really help us but in reality its still 5:5 you have to be patient, bait out overheat, realize knock off beats alot of options and is actually safe on shield 4y is amazing for oki pressure as well as delayed 5[x] and 6[x] Ice punch is a real oki as well vs ghosties because it catches the iframes backdash and can lead to combos Finish fury swipes unless you can get a wall combo going off of oki or the end hit will fill their meter. then opt for knock off to deprive them of it 2x techs hex and dodges WoW while agility can be caught by hex you can 2x high laser to get in if you have life lead sit full screen and camp out the clock chandy cant actually chip you out or break shield full screen you can dodge full screen WoW easy if you nightslash into YYY you have to go for 6A because otherwise the 6X throws them behind you" "you can taunt/taunt cancel vs chandy 6xx" "play super duper patient and safe until they overheat and if they backdash 6[x] and the timing doesnt catch, they usually are gonna do it again and if you know theyre gonna backdash or jump and cant overheat, you can icepunch them. ice punch beats ghost backdash and will beat any jumps but I cant stress enough how patient you have to be. Especially vs players like cat. higher level chandys are usually also grab prone and never forget full screen in DP weavile can out camp chandy" "honestly one thing slip taught me I dont think other viles do is run in field every projectile chandy has we can outrun so we dont have to shield wait until you can get a grab, get under him when they swing, or try charged homing attack Togekiss really helps in field its weird because it helped me vs soulguitarist but not against cat vs cat emolga/rachi/cress helped me more umbreon is good too in that mu because it gives a debuff AND TAUNT TAUNT GIVES DEBUFF DONT FORGET THAT" "also you can bait out minimize and catch the end with BA, you just gotta get them to do it they cant punish knock off either" I apologize for the very unorthodox format for a guide like this. It reflects my gameplay I guess. In the future Ill try to right my guides better and not just copy and paste guides I wrote on discord here.
  3. EveryDamnDay

    Weavile vs CAs

    So after 4Y (just one) if fast enough you can react to the opponents CA and never have to block their CA again Blaziken if you wait for 4y to finish you can 2x Pikachu: Knock Off Lucario: Knock Off Libre: Knock Off Sceptile: Nightslash Gengar: Nightslash Braixen: Knock Off Machamp: 2x. (You can also 5[x] under it whenever) Chandy: Nightslash Suicune: Knock Off Weavile: Nightslash (you can agility it also) Zard: Nightslash (you can agility knock off also) Garchomp: Knock Off Sm2: 2x as far as Ive seen. Garde: Nightslash as long as she doesnt get you near the wall Mewtwo: Knock Off, or Fakeout. (Fakeout helps make field easier and sets them into a 50/50)(edited) These options all work in field aside from the 2x punishes but in field vs blaziken you can nightslash anyway If mistimed you will usually clash with the opponent. This results in a synergy gain for both players. This is something you can purposely do to get your way to burst faster.
  4. EveryDamnDay

    *Incoming Character Guide*

    Im working on it lol
  5. EveryDamnDay

    *Incoming Character Guide*

    After Winter Brawl this weekend, if people are interested, I may start a character guide that covers the ins, the outs and everything I know about the character and information gathered from other top Weavile players. ^^
  6. EveryDamnDay

    Dark Recorded Nights (Darkrai Video Thread)

    Oh I just saw this my b
  7. EveryDamnDay

    Dark Recorded Nights (Darkrai Video Thread)

    Do you want all footage? Because I have a lot of footage.