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  1. One week until Blastoise is released, and recently information on not just Blastoise, but also Mew and Celebi was released on the official Japanese Pokkén website! First, let's start with the new Battle Pokémon Blastoise. Blastoise, a Battle Pokémon with excellent long range offence and top class physical strength for close quarters. From the information given, it seems that Blastoise could have varying stances in both Field and Duel Phase. In Duel Phase, he can go into his shell from which he can perform different attacks based on which button the player presses. In Field, he can choose to pressure opponents long range with various cannon shots. Blastoise’s Burst Attack is “Gun Destruction”, in which Blastoise mega-evolves to unleash a powerful close range attack that ends in a spectacular blast from his rocket cannon on his back! Onto the new Support Pokémon, Mew comes packing the ability “Metronome”. While increasing the Synergy gauge, Mew also gives a random buff alongside a critical hit buff allowing for it to be great for putting on pressure. Celebi adds an all-new feature to the game! With the ability “Time Travel” you can now switch Phases at any given moment! This exciting ability is surely one of a kind and we can’t wait to see how it’s implemented into everyone’s battle plan. Alongside the new Pokémon, more customization options will be available! As shown below, new shirts, hairstyles, glasses, scarves and an entire new Rock Style outfit is unlocked to customize your avatar to your heart’s content. Speaking of outfits, Nia gets two new ones! This is all of the information we have as of now for Wave 2 of DLC Battle Pack 1, but if we missed anything we’ll be sure to update this post with the latest news. Have fun everyone and see you all online on the 23rd! Official Pokémon News Link: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/pokkenDX/news/180316_01.html
  2. Are you a fan of Pokkén? Do you want some awesome gear to show that love? Well fear not, fellow community member JWiing has got you covered. Wave One of her Synergy Burst DX series has just been released! It includes Blaziken, Chandelure, Empoleon, Garchomp and Gardevoir. Standard T-Shirts are $20 USD, but buy before 1 PM EST on November 7th and get them for only $14 USD! Click here to check out her store! Don't see your favorite character? Follow JWiing on Twitter to know when Wave Two will be released!
  3. Bughead

    Decidueye movelist (the better one)

    Removes 6 PSP, and extends Debuffs by 5 Seconds iirc
  4. POKKÉN X TOURNAMENT, a recent tournament in Japan, brought together total of a 64 people to compete in Pokkén Tournament DX. After a long day of competition, here are the results for POKKÉN X TOURNAMENT. Top 8 Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H You can watch the entire VOD here.
  5. Bughead

    Newbie Q&A Thread

    That's really up to you, many people use many different things that fit their play-style. So just use what you feel comfortable with! The Skill points you earn in the Single Player, Online Matches and in the Daily Challenge, all take effect in online matches. You can reset these points in My Town. Some people do, some people don't its up to you. However, if you plan to compete in LAN tournaments Skill Points are turned off, so I recommend turning them off for online play to get a true sense of your Pokemon.
  6. Bughead

    Newbie Q&A Thread

    Synergy Burst Enhanced is a buff to your Burst Form. You will do more damage and receive less damage while in Burst on-top of the buffs Burst mode naturally gives. The exact percentages I'm not sure on, I think it's an extra 10% to both attack and defense but I could be wrong. I'm sure someone will correct me on the percentages.
  8. Bughead

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    Well, when I was a young lad of 3-4 years of age I was in our garden one day helping bring in peas and tomatoes and such. As we were leaving a grasshopper jumped on my head. Took him inside and made friends. Ever since I've had a fascination with bugs and the nickname my mother gave me "Bughead" just kinda stuck within the family. Fast forward to now and Bughead is what I use for all my online accounts.
  9. Well I'm half a good and half a FG. The perfect combination.
  10. Another member of the NC group here. These guys are some of the greatest people I've met. They've helped me learn to be a better player and to be comfortable in a competitive yet friendly environment. While everyone here gets salty from time to time (Soul I'm looking at you), we all have a great time no matter who gets bodied. Hopefully I can travel with these awesome people to bigger tournaments outside the state, once I get better that is.
  11. Bughead

    How would you describe your play style?

    Rushdown, rushdown, RUSHDOWN. Listen, I'm going in your face and I'm not leaving until I see the Victory Screen. I may throw out unsafe stuff all the time but it all just to get in your mind. Now with combos though I just stick to like 3 that actually work well, and anything else is just getting damage and applying pressure. Now if its a match that is going sour, I'll back off and try to understand their play style. Then get in, do damage, and win. At least this is my mindset, it doesn't actually apply very well. But point still stands I like rushdown and applying pressure from up close.
  12. Bughead

    "What Pokemon are you?" Quiz

    Yet I play rushdown characters
  13. Bughead

    Introduce Yourself!

    1. Robbie A.K.A Bughead 2. North Carolina 3. The only Libre main in NC as far as I know. But looking forward to both Empoleon and Scizor. 4. Uhh, Im never active on anything really. 5. Got a brand new PC so some videos might go up soonish once I figure out editing and stuff. 6. Interesting things huh, well Im ranked 10th in the NC PR so there's that. Im kinda active in the Libre discord so you'll probably find me there bashing on Plague or just admitting that I'm a fraud Libre. Oh and "Best Friends" with Knightrise according to him (pretty chill guy). Nothing else really, I'm just your friendly neighborhood geek. P.S Incase your were wondering, the name comes from when I was 4-ish A grasshopper jumped on my head. It kinda stuck around in my family so I just live with it now