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  1. Great video! I was just asking about such a video the other day in Discord, thanks SaruGINE !
  2. Magikarp speeds drop the opponent? #preemptivenerfneeded #newmeta
  3. Are the pokes in each tier ordered within the tier? If it isn't, it's a pretty decent list and I mostly agree. Save for overrating Braixen, but that's a common mistake
  4. Arrowni

    How would you describe your play style?

    I just adapt to whatever I face, not so much to actually win the matchup but to improve my tactics for the future. This also means I play around too much from time to time and get bit in return for my bs. As far as actual tactics I have a more natural style based in feints and trying to get chip damage on the opponent whenever possible, punishing them and breaking their rhythm (because Pokkén for me is very rhythm based). When this fails I switch to a much safer style that is more about turtling and controlling different zones to strike back, but mostly I time out people like crazy because it comes as a second nature to me.
  5. Arrowni

    Questions about how Weavile mains feel about the Lucario match up.

    1. What is your general plan in field phase neutral? Depending on the starting distance I'll set up traps or annoy them with quick 5Y jabs until I pick a good opportunity to counter. At mid distance there is an spot in which Lucario will easily punish you with Bone Rush or 6Y, just bait those options for counter and you can punish both. If Lucario is jump happy then you can easily catch him on descent with your ground homing attack or Fury Swipes. If you have space to set up traps, keep pressure with those. For the most part you need to adapt to your opponent and properly find wholes in their strategies, but with your speed you can avoid most safe attacks without much issue. 2. What is your preferred field phase oki, and why? Counter if they are aggressive, sneak homing attack if they are set up heavy. 3. How do you deal with being on the receiving end of field phase pressure? Depending on how good the Lucario is, I just move a lot, throw jabs and have my counter and my anti air (2y) handy. J.y is a critical mix up to keep Lucario guessing and to avoid getting cornered with one of their counters. 4. What is your general plan in duel phase neutral? Use icycle crash to chip damage while they try to get to me, counter their bone rush either with counterattack or a low profile attack and use 8X or Knock Off if they try to pressure me with their low poking. I get a better position in the field by jumping around, as my speed and flexibility allows me to evade Lucario's anti air moves with relative ease. 5. What is your preferred duel phase oki, and why? I keep pressure with 6X for piercing, mixing grabs, jabs and even j. X. Keep them guessing. 6. How do you deal with being on the receiving end of duel phase pressure? I block and wait for openings. Lucario is not the most pressing opponent barring their poking with 2Y and occasional Force Palms, you should be able to punish 2Y by using jumping moves and disuade them to use it all that often (your options often lead to full combo strings or Knock Off). Most Lucarios won't keep pressure long unless they have a healthy lead of Hp once you start countering their moves hard. If they are pressuring in Burst Mode... Don't get Grabbed. 7. What support set do you like to bring in for this match up? Specifically against Lucario I'd like to have either Jirachi to have burst available against theirs or Eevee to get through their light armor. Stopping their Burst momentum is a big part of solving the Lucario puzzle and it's one of the things where supports can help a lot. 9. Also if a Weavile player is jumping around playing with icicles in field phase, stalling in the air, is it a free jY from Lucario or do I need to be watching out for something once you're mid air? Against Lucario you mostly don't want to get too jumpy unless you are trying to bait their counter or bone rush. Your icycles are a legit jab strategy but it's only worth nothing if you have enough space to pull it off.
  6. S: A+: A: B+: F-: Pretty much this. I overrate Sceptile like most people overrate Braixen.