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  1. RoksoTheSavage

    Garchomp vs Mewtwo

    While true I'm not a fan of Duck doesn't mean that it's a good support in other MUs, just not this one imo. Field is the hardest phase to win for Chomp in the MU because of the potential zoning Mewtwo can use; JY, sY, 5A etc. These inputs would normally either make you block or Dig and depending on how long you stay under they can react to punish you. Now with the Duck of you use it on reaction from a distance it may not reach or it will reach but you may end up not shifting phases because you couldn't convert in time. It also gets CADC from Mewtwo rendering it useless. Emolga doesn't let Mewtwo have a chance to recover. It's a simple hard knock down and you get a Oki. That's how I see Duck being used in field. In duel it's a different story yes you can get away with a bit more but the scaling after is ridiculous, a 285 combo turns into a 220 is not worth using Duck imo.
  2. RoksoTheSavage

    Garchomp vs Mewtwo

    This MU spread is 45:55 in favor of Mewtwo. How to win with Chomp: I will be going over the "need to do" in order for Chomp to have a chance at winning this MU based off my experience. First will be Supports to use. There really is only two Supports that are effective for this MU; Emolga and Frogadier with Emolga being the "must use" in my opinion. Emolga is to be used as a reaction tool. In field when Mewtwo does his side Y (the three projectile Psycho Cuts) use Emolga to punish and get up close in a better position. Also his field jY (three icicles), 5A (the cancelable Psycho Cut. You have to do this immediately because they can cancel side dash dodge it), and Barrier are the times to use your support. In Duel it should be used the same way as in Field; as a reaction tool. When Mewtwo does 5A (Psycho Cut), and Barrier. To use Emolga as a combo or trying to "call out" doesn't usually put you in a good position. Also if you panic use Emolga, they can jump and instant air dash (IAD) JY to a full combo that does well over 215+ damage. Using this support like this will put you in a better position at most of the neutral you play with Mewtwo. It gives you a pressure tool to counter Mewtwos "pressure". Emolga recharges fat as well so you will be able to use it more often and frustrate your opponent bevause, lets face it, a slow Mewtwo isn't a good Mewtwo. Recommend using Support Cheer so you will have it ready for immediate use for two rounds. Oh and if Mewtwo is in burst and you panic use Emolga in Mewtwos face your gonna get One Punched real hard so do not do that. Frogadier gives you a more direct pressure tool and theres not much to "when to use" the Frog. You can use it on reaction to most of the options listed above (except Barrier). Or you can use it in neutral and not get punished (unless you use it up close to get grabbed or while Mewtwo is in burst). Use Frog as a pressure tool to get you to approach and you need to have a idea on what to do in between the first and second waves of Frogs attack. Thats really it but the problem with this support is that if done without applying some sort of pressure, or to put yourself in a better position for options, Mewtwo can apply pressure until Frog recharges. Also this support is rendered useless when Mewtwo is in burst so theres also that. Use Special Cheer when running this support. It has the same recharge time as the first initial charge time so get yourself some Synergy with Special Cheer. Field Phase: Field is a very difficult phase for Chomp to win usually with or without your supports. Here are some ways to approach field with Mewtwo: Always be at a pocket sand tipper distance with Mewtwo. When you see Mewtwo jump use it and you will win the exchange. If you are waking up and they used the Fire Spin to CA oki hold X during the duration your shielding so you have it charged and ready for use. Ifthey use the 5Y projectile (the three ball-like projectiles) after the fully charged CA, Release X will duck under the projectiles and punish Mewtwo for massive damage and a decent position in duel. Also, if you have Release X charged (every Chomp should start charging whenever they can) and Mewtwo is in the air, Release X to either shift phases or get a hard knock down. Barrier; when up close jump but do not press a option unless you see Mewtwo use Drain Punch or attempt Telekinesis in which case Earthquake to punish them. If they Drain Punch on your block they are minus on it but only -4 so they can Barrier again or fY (the counter frame projectile). Best potion is to fake a homing towards them and watch what they do. If you fail to react to Barrier with a jump, sit and block, and Mewtwo uses Confusion (people call it Disable but its not called that) use your Homing attack. Mewtwo is -12 at that position and normally a 9 frame grab would be the punish in field but since Chomp has a 13 frame grab he can't punish it properly, so Homing Attack would stuff out most options other than CA. Homing Cancels are your best friend in field especially when your dealing with a Mewtwo mixup. For example, a common mixup is the single Homing Attack uppercut from Mewtwo. They would not follow up with the kick and leave you guessing if they will grab or do another one. Using the Homing Cancel will give you a tech if its grab, and if done correctly, you'll be able to block if the Mewtwo does homing again. Do not Dig. Dig is not a good option against Mewtwo. If you jump cancel towards him, Mewtwo can just Homing Attack anti air you for free. If you Dig under a Psycho Cut up close, you may get a hit, but only the first hit, which has no hitstun and they get a free punish. If you do the Dig into the safe JX, and try for another JX, Mewtwo can just Homing Attack anti air you. Dig should only be used if Mewtwo does Hyper Beam (which is very unlikely). Duel Phase: Duel is where you get to see first hand why this MU is only 45:55 instead of 40:60 like most think. Garchomp has a easy time in Duel if played correctly. That means neutral: Yes, yes, I know "Neutral?" "Chomp?" how? Well I'll tell you how to play neutral correctly against Mewtwo: Keep your distance. This is where Mewtwos "pressure" is ineffective. 5A, Psycho Cut, can be reacted with a 2X and be converted into a full combo with a tipper or if both hits connect use the hard knock down to get a Oki. This is the most effective way to win the MU as you will find out. When they are not using Psycho Cut to approach/put pressure, try to bait out options from them with running stance but never going in. Running Stance jump back is a great bait tool because Garchomps JX is the best JX in the game and can stuff out moves like Barrier, CA, Drain Punch and Confusion (if timed right). Then when you condition them, you can actually go in with a CARC (Counter Attack Run Cancel) to try and get a full combo. When you get in close quarters from a Dragon Claw (5A) with Mewtwo DO NOT JUMP BACK (unless you get a grab read or react to Barrier). Mewtwos 8Y is his easiest combo starter and leads into massive damage. Stay to the ground. Let Fire Punch on block go. Do not try to grab it or 8Y on reaction its not worth the damage if they do the next hit of it. Instead, use your 5YY to either start a combo on hit or use 2A (Sandtomb) cancel to jump back (THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN JUMP BACK). Because of the space in neutral 5YY gives you, you can 2A to jump back without fear of a 8Y hitting you. Barrier to Confusion on block is a free 8Y (9 Frame move). Barrier to Drain Punch on block is -4 so 5YY would be effective and it also beats out Fire Punch. When Mewtwo is in burst...Dont fear the BA, stay to the ground and keep your distance. Theres not much to this topic because thats literally all you have to do. If you see Mewtwo try to approach you with Psycho cut 2X it. If he just starts dashing up to you with no outside pressure (Frog, Mismagius, ect.) 2X. 2X solves most of the problems, but do not use just out of panic. You will get punished by a Burst Mode Mewtwo IAD JY guaranteed. And thats how you approach this MU really. There are probably others who have other ways to approach but this is my personal way and itpulls in results. If you want references check out most of the HBA Pokkén VoDs with HBA Oreo and myself. Also check out my intense match with Thulius where everything that I explained (Even the things I say not do) are displayed here. Hopefully some of you find this useful and have a better understanding on how to approach this MU. Feel free to post any other advice.
  3. RoksoTheSavage

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    ....My name is RoksoTheSavage... Rokso or ROCKSO is the name of the clown from the adult swim show Metalocalypse Savage comes from my friends telling me I do a on point Randy Macho Man Savage impression... I regret this name but how people play with it amuses me so I'm ok with it now
  4. RoksoTheSavage

    Twitch Clip Depository

    As we "patiently" wait for the Winter Brawl matches, here are some clips from the first two days of Winter Brawl 17: https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/ClumsyGoshawkDansGame Boss vs WW https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/RichClamFunRun Victini Combo https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/ThoughtfulShrimpPJSalt Stare down for first field phase https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/CautiousAlligatorNinjaTroll Finale of Team Battle https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/StormyReindeerMVGame Angel gets disrespected https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/EncouragingWeaselMau5 Angel with the “secret tech” https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/MushyParrotVoHiYo The dont-call-it-a-comeback by Angel https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/PlainHerdOSfrog Chomps J Release X gets beat by a Command Grab + WW disrespect https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/MagnificentHerdKappaClaus WW beats Rokso https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/ShinyHerringPartyTime Twixxie flexing too strong https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/BrightDolphinRiPepperonis Soul Guitarist with the jukes https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/UninterestedJackalCoolCat Rokso performing the sip-sip-no-jutsu and Sisto hyping WW https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/PerfectOwlNotLikeThis At this moment Rokso knew he F’ed up https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/FunnyShrewTheTarFu Emolga aka S ranked assist https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/ThoughtfulMosquitoMrDestructoid WW and Rokso showing respect https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/EnergeticPartridgePazPazowitz Madluk showing what a homing cancel looks like. https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/HelplessLyrebirdCougarHunt WW juking out the overhead. https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/BeautifulEagleMVGame Madluk showing he dont care bout yo overheat boi https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/WildMooseTF2John Nah yea thats death lol https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/WildMooseTF2John SuiMaster aka LingLing reacts to a burst with a burst https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/WrongVultureSSSsss Victini saves Madluk from a BA https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/BraveLocustSMOrc Madluk with the GodLike evasion https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/SplendidKuduNinjaTroll Twixxie comboing in between shifts for massive damage https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/AttractiveKuduResidentSleeper Twixxie calls Hex for disgusting damage https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/VictoriousCatJKanStyle LingLing just wants to hug Twixxie https://clips.twitch.tv/kpblive/CrowdedWormOhMyDog Rokso tells ReydelEmpire this is a no fly zone
  5. RoksoTheSavage

    Twitch Clip Depository

    Poor Sandy https://clips.twitch.tv/hitboxarena/importantraccoonbatchest
  6. RoksoTheSavage

    Twitch Clip Depository

    Poor Mewtater lol https://clips.twitch.tv/roksothesavage/JollyArmadilloBabyRage
  7. RoksoTheSavage

    How would you describe your play style?

    I think I'm well rounded. Could be a little bit of everything. I have a switch where i will be just blocking for at least a good 10 seconds, then I'll try to hit you. If i dont hit you i will keep doing so until I hit you or you hit me. Then the end result of that is what either makes me aggro or patient so I guess I am both. Also Team Grab
  8. RoksoTheSavage

    Garchomp Video Thread

    This is my matchup analysis of one of my matches at NEC 17. May do more if Chomps or anyone else wants but for now this is a little different content. Hope some people can find it useful! https://youtu.be/AIRlA09U1NE
  9. RoksoTheSavage

    Pikachu Libre vs Braixen: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. RoksoTheSavage

    Introduce Yourself!

    1. Hey I'm RoksoTheSavage (Rokso offline) 2. NorthEast (New York) 3. Garchomp with a Blaziken secondary and a Pikachu third 4. RoksoTheSavage (Twitter) 5. Just starting out yes 6. Pokken is my first game I play competitively but no one can beat me in Guitar Hero 3 *bangs the gavel*. I love Metal and EDM. Im one of the few Chomps that compete offline (and do well at tourneys). Always feel like Im not seen as a force to be reckoned with and thats what motivates me to keep pushing myself and Chomp. Watch me compete every Wednesday at 8pm at twitch.tv/hitboxarena. When you see me offline feel free to say whats up.
  11. S: A+: A: A-: B+: B: No order within tiers.
  12. RoksoTheSavage

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ Nah yo I know I suck < Preferred Absol over his own main v Thinks Pokemon X/Y was best out of series
  13. RoksoTheSavage

    Which 6 Pokemon are on your Dream Team?

    Absol Garchomp Skarmory Arcanine Feraligatr Lycanroc (Night Form)
  14. RoksoTheSavage

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ Ehh probably not <About to pass out v Bold Prediction: Plays Mewtwo :^)
  15. The Pokken scene in the N.E is huge. From the weekly local scene to big tournaments such as NEC 17 and Winter Brawl, Pokken thrives here. If anyone is near the Tri-State, residing or visiting, here are a few events that will be occurring that you should go check out: Hidden Boss 3: January 28, Hitbox Arena, NJ Winter Brawl 11: February 17-19, Big E Gaming,PA TNT (New York City Weekly): Every Tuesday, NY Hitbox Arena (New Jersey Weekly): Every Wednesday, NJ