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  1. slippingbug

    Pokkén Arena Appreciation Thread!

    Favorite thing about Pokkén Arena is when a character first comes out and the optimals are out and I can have an easy way to learn so much information about a character on day 1. It's something that wasn't as easy when Pokkén launched.
  2. The Community Voted Character and Support Surveys' goal is to capture general public opinion about character strength and support popularity and track them through time. By no means is at an "official tier list." The prompts for each survey are listed below. Character Survey: Vote how strong you think a character is in an OFFLINE TOURNAMENT setting. With 10 being the strongest character in the game, 1 being the weakest, and everyone else in relation to those two characters. Support Survey: Vote how likely you are to bring a support in a round/matchup with 1 being never and 10 being almost always. Just want to thank everyone who voted or shared this time around. We got 122 responses for the Character Survey and 76 responses on the Support Survey after getting rid of the obvious meme responses (all 1’s or 10’s etc). Here’s the final averages of each Pokemon Fighter. Hide contents Here it is in tier list form. Hide contents Here's a distribution of votes for each character. This will show you if votes trend towards a certain number or if they are kind of all over the place. Hide contents Here is my opinion on the current 1.3 DX patch. Ask me in the comments if you want to know why I place someone where they are. This is here to compare my opinion to public opinion. Have your own tier list? Share it or just give me your thoughts on the results or the current 1.3 DX patch. Hide contents Here’s the final averages of each Support Pokemon. Hide contents Here’s the final averages of each Support Pokemon in a tier list form. Hide contents Thanks for reading this to the end. See you in about 2-3 months!
  3. Yeah I think Machamp got a little better this patch because Pachi/Karp got buffed. This allows him to stance a better chance against characters like darkrai, sceptile, and scizor which were bad matchups but not unwinnable. Karp is insanely good with him since he also has an air grab. A lot of my placing is based around how effective magikarp is with them and vs them. I still think togekiss braixen and chandelure are borderline unwinnable but he still has amazing frame data, armor options, and kill you in a single duel phase vs everyone else. Maybe I'm overrating him but it wouldn't be fun if I didn't!
  4. Hey Guys! Just want to thank everyone who voted or shared this time around. We got 209 responses after getting rid of the obvious meme responses (all 1’s or 10’s etc). Here’s the final averages of each Pokemon! Here's them ordered in a tier list. I'll break down each tier: S: 8.83-8.36 A+: 7.99-7.76 A: 7.39-6.83 B+: 6.35-6.25 B: 5.99-5.70 B-: 5.11-4.63 S, A, and B are the three tiers but the +/- is used to show a few characters that were slightly higher within the tier Here's a distribution of votes for each character! This will show you if votes trend towards a certain number or if they are kind of all over the place. Here is my opinion on the current 1.2 DX patch. Ask me in the comments if you want to know why I place someone where they are. This is here to compare my opinion to public opinion. Have your own tier list? Share it or just give me your thoughts on the results or the current 1.2 DX patch.
  5. slippingbug

    Decidueye Rotom combos

  6. Hey I'm compiling a tier list based on community votes, here's the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf7W-jF_xcrap1gHPDN6m-9u0zjUK0uOSw4nRHsJ5iKne5D3A/viewform Goals: To help shed a light on public opinion of the Pokkén DX metagame. This month's goal is to see first impressions to patch 1.2 and Aegislash. Data to be expected: Along with the compiled list I want to show the distribution of votes for each character and an overall graph to show the exact averages. Please fill it out if you have the time! Thank you Here's a Twitter post if you'd like to share:
  7. Positives: - Event provided setups and good amount of setups - Not super early pools - Stream was very professional! Provided headsets and everything with instant uploads of VODs. Negatives: - Half the pools weren't streamed because of smash. Makes sense though they wanted to give stream time to both games. - Finals were held kind of late on Friday, but I guess it was nice to have Saturday free. Overall an above-average event. Really impressed how few issues the tournament had.
  8. slippingbug

    Cheer Skill Discussion!

    I mostly run special cheer to guarantee momentum with 150cc or 200cc characters. I love abusing burst mode so chances are if I didn't win round 1, I didn't use/get my burst. That way if I win, I start off with a huge boost next round but if I lose I'm usually close to my meter being full and don't have to worry about saving it for round 3. I just find it easier for me to win 2 consecutive rounds instead of round 1 and 3. For 100cc characters I don't really have to worry about meter so I will run whimsical if the support I'm using is a fast charge support or support cheer if I need my support to be up at a certain time like Jirachi.
  9. slippingbug

    #Pokkén-discussion summaries

    10/17/17 ART VS. SCIENCE Today I was asked by 6tennis if I am more of an "art" or "science" type player. Art is based on heavy conditioning, learning your opponent thoroughly, and relying on instinct. Science refers to using your knowledge and core understanding of the game itself to influence your decisions. I wasn't sure on how to describe myself so I asked some others. Burnside tunes in with: So I think it's a complex question, but like originally you got good because of science. Like a lot of NA right. You set off to master the game through understanding of core mechanics and to use that knowledge to your advantage. But then people started catching up "figuring out your tricks" and you realized that you could exploit people's habits in other ways too. I think right around when you started saying "you're not really conditioning unless you're conditioning in neutral is" is kinda a paradigm shift in your play and maybe playing m2 and seeing the benefits of fire punch as a tool to exploit opponents habits and that some risk could be good helped with this too. Like your walk up wildcharge stuff is basically the Pokkén verison of the Umehara uppercut. So I think now you play with both to varying degrees depending on the MU/player. This basically says it's important to have a good foundation and fundamentals of the game but it's just as important to adapt to the player matchup as much as the character matchup. THE IMPORTANCE OF FRAME DATA AND MOVE PROPERTIES As mentioned earlier, frame data is very important to learning how interactions in the game work. Currently there is no excuse for not learning your frame data. Something that was brought up is someone was saying "I am a visual learner I don't learn that way." However, learning frame data isn't really a visual thing aside from learning what the move looks like which you can do in training mode. it's about taking 10 minutes to go through a character's moveset and learn relevant stuff that you can punish and stuff where you know not to press buttons afterwards. Here's a quick explanation for those who don't know what frame data is: Frame data for newbies Here is the Pokkén frame data being compiled by TheAppleBoom: Pokkén Frame Data Here is a move properties list translated and posted by Pentao: Move Properties List
  10. slippingbug

    #Pokkén-discussion summaries

    This thread will have summaries of important topics discussed in the #Pokkén-discussion channel on my personal discord which you can check out here:
  11. slippingbug


    Sorry for getting to your question so late. Vs Libre it's important to abuse walking sideways in field since that will avoid many things like nY and CA. Don't throw out leaf blade since she can get a true punish on it with fY. u want to bait out fY and outspace and whiff punish it to win field. In duel phase u want to play midrange since that's libre's weakness. dont guess 8y bc she can get free whiff punishes vs you. you just want space with j.y and force approaches and punish accordingly. learn her frame data so you know when to press buttons vs her. I don't know how darkrai is supposed to play the matchup i've never played it haha.
  12. slippingbug


    I'm going to be honest, I haven't played the Darkrai matchup yet with Libre, so I would recommend watching any videos on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCniqc9Kndtjv0iMnkIkrlzA For chandelure you can walk sideways around her fireballs and will o wisp in field phase. this will allow you to get in but be prepared to block any lasers on reaction offline (can't be blocked on reaction online). once you're in, if she commits to her bY, you cant react and punish her with fY. same punish if she tries to go into the air and do any aerial shenanigans. if she uses smog and u block it, you can just walk back in on her. after she is conditioned to stop using her bY, you can jump more freely and punish her if she commits to nY or smog in field. other decently safe pokes vs her in field are your own nY and also side homing attack. In duel phase you essentially wanna get in by reading a 2y and jumping over it. Always punish her anti air if she whiffs it. catching backdashes with discharge is also pretty good. if you stand outside chandelure's grab range there is little she can do about you just blocking and wait for her to mess up. hope this helped!
  13. slippingbug


    I think the matchup right now is about even. Libre might end up winning the matchup since she can exploit scizor's tools quite well. In field phase both want to play midrange and close up since that's where their best tools are. side y is good for scizor because he can go around libre linear projectiles. He has to worry about libre fY since it can go over and erase staples and catch side movement. He can bait this and whiff punish by using his dashes. Scizor's CA also outranges libre in field phase. Libre just has to catch the vulnerable frames or dash frames with discharge, quick attack, or fY. In duel phase, Scizor mainly will try to bait whiffs in the midrange and punish libre. As Libre you want to try to walk scizor to the corner so you can force an option from him and punish. Jump outs are punished with your 8y, spark, or 5x. Once you are up close to scizor as Libre just low profile or anti air most of his moves since they are highs and start your corner mixups with 5y. Jump ins can be pretty good vs scizor since you don't take too much damage from an anti air and you can always j.r back to bait it. Hope I gave you a decent answer, lmk if you have any other questions!
  14. slippingbug


    Now that so many people are looking to pick up Pikachu Libre in Pokkén Dx, I'm sure there are lots of questions. Feel free to ask anything here. Do a quick skim-through to make sure your question hasn't already been asked if you could, but don't be afraid to ask anything!
  15. slippingbug


    some combos and frame data i found https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16Ybw-GBdTTJyBMrSnckFNAZ0gEl9AZ8ltT0Zs1qZxTc/edit#gid=0