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  1. Garchomp 4X Projectile list If you missed it, in 1.3.2 Garchomp’s 4X was changed to be able to avoid certain projectiles, as well as be immune to lows. This is a list of projectiles this applies to. If new information is found, contact SKDale and it will be added. Darkrai: 5A EN 5A 5[A]* 5X Rift 8X Rift 6X Rift 2X Rift *Requires further testing to confirm Pikachu: 5A 5[A] Burst JA second hit Lucario: 5A (all charges) 5(A) (burst)* *unable to go over full move Gardevoir: 5A 4Y 2X Scizor: 5AA 6AA Aegislash: SF 6A SF 5Y SF 6Y Sacred Sword Mist Activation EN 2X Croagunk: 6Y Sceptile: JA Trap Gengar: 5A 2A Burst 2X Decidueye: 5]A[* ]Y[** ]A[ *Puddle only ** Unable to go over full move Braixen: 5A EN 5A Burst Attack Empoleon: 6ADQR 6[A] Slide back Y Rock Smash Pieces Blastoise: 5A SF Y Chandelure: 5A 5[A] 6A 8A 6Y 6[Y]* *Unable to go over full move. Mewtwo: CA Suicune: 5A 6A* ]A[ (All levels) *Unable to go over the full move Charizard: 5A* *will not work on the added explosion in burst Supports: Frogadier Emolga* Yveltal Puddle *Does not go over full move.
  2. SKDale

    Garchomp 2Y/2X High Stance Parry

    Thank you! As for when this will be implemented for other chomps, I’m not too sure. It’s a bit more inconsistent then I would like, but I suppose it’s just to do with timing. I plan to incorporate this in to my play in the near future once I get the timing down.
  3. (Here we go I'm garbage at writing stuff like this) Hello everyone! I was labbing the other day when I found this interesting technique. This here is what I'm gonna call a High Stance Parry, or HS Parry for short. It involves going from either 2Y or 2X into high stance. The reason this is so important is due to the regular slow speed of High Stance's armor. Usually, it take approximately 11 frames before Garchomp is able to armor through attacks. However, with an HS Parry,the armor comes out on frame 1. This can be shown in the above GIF. Garchomp's 2y is -10 on block, and Lucario's 2y comes out on frame 11. Despite being only 1 frame of difference, High Stance is able to come out. This opens up a plethora of punished to moves Garchomp can potentially have a lot of trouble dealing with. While the armor of Garchomp's high stance is undeniably powerful, it's always been held back by its slow activation. However, HS Parrying removes that downside. Now, how do you HS Parry? Sadly it isn't as easy as just holding up after you 2Y/X. You have to start holding up approximately when the 2Y/X animation ends (using freeze frames will help greatly in learning how to do this). It is obviously the hardest to parry frame 11 moves, however it is far more lenient on slower attacks. If you are successful, you should glow red (despite being in a neutral stance). You can of course continue holding the high stance for however long you would like. So what are some applications of HS Parrying? The best use I can find of it is by using it as a punish at opponents getting aggressive against a 2Y or 2X poke. It can be a bit of a harder callout, but you can convert the punish into just about anything you would want. You can also do this *This has to be a pretty meaty 2Y (2X is not quick enough) and only works on and (horizontal only) completely uncharged. If given a slight amount of charge, will also work on . (You cannot high stance any of these when fully charged). Now on to some of the most useful applications of this technique on individual characters! (If you want to test other options, look into the list of High Stance-able moves and get labbing!) On shield: - 2x - 5xx - 8x - 6x - 2yy On Wake up - uncharged Counter Overall Utility in the MU: 3/5 On Shield: - 2y - 2x Overall utility in the MU: 1/5 On shield: -5y -2y -5x -2x On wake up: - uncharged counter overall utility in the MU: 3/5 On shield: -2y -5y -6y -2x -6x (fully charged as well) -6A On wake up: - uncharged Counter Overall Utility in the MU: 5/5 On shield: -2y -5y -5x -counter Overall Utility in the MU: 2/5 On shield: - 5A - 2y - 5y - 2A (can not HS the final hit) - 6x - counter Overall Utility in the MU: 4/5 On Shield: - 2Y - 5Y - 1/2/3 A - 4X Overall Utility in the MU: 2/5 On Shield: - 5yyy - 4y - 2y - 5x - 6X - 2X - 6A - 4A Overall Utility in the MU: 5/5 On Shield: - 6A - 5A - 5y - 2y - 2x Overall Utility in the MU: 2/5 On Shield: - ]a[ - ]x[ - 5x (uncharged) - 4a (uncharged) - 2y - 2xx On wake up: - uncharged counter Overall Utility in the MU: 3/5 On Shield: - 5yyy - 2yy - 2x - 5x - jA - counter Overall Utility in the MU: 3/5 On Shield: - 5x - 6y - 2x Overall Utility in the MU: 2/5 On Shield: - 2A - 2Y - 2X - 4X - 5X - 5Y - Counter Overall Utility in the MU: 4/5 On Shield: - 5yyy - 2yy - 4yyy - 5X - 6x - 2x - 5a - 4a - Counter Overall Utility in the MU: 5/5 On shield: -2y -Counter Overall Utility in the MU: 1/5 On Shield: - 5x - 6y - 2y - 2x - 4yy On wake up: - uncharged counter Overall Utility in the MU: 3/5 On shield: - 5Y - 2Y - 2X - 5A - 4Y On Wake Up: - uncharged counter Overall Utility in the MU: 4/5 On shield: - 4A - 2yy - 2X - 4/5/6 y - 6X uncharged Overall Utility in the MU: 3/5 On Shield: - 5A - 2Y - 2X - 6Y Overall Utility in the MU: 3/5 On Shield: - 5yyy - 2y - 5A - 2x - 4y On wakeup: - uncharged counter Overall Utility in the MU: 4/5 On Shield: - 6A - 5X - 6X - 2X -2yy - 5y Overall Utility in the MU: 4/5 Phew, that was a lot! I really he to see a lot from this tech, because I believe it has a lot of potential! Hope to see what you guys think of it!! - SKDale
  4. Could I get this updated with my new @? It's @SKDale_
  5. Perhaps new data is made with the 3v3 format? Start off with random or semi-random seeding and then once you get enough data on either teams of people or individuals in the format you start seeding from there.
  6. So if this format does become a thing I think it's important on how we implement it. I personally think that 1v1 should still be played and held, and 3v3 held alongside it. Kind of similar to how Smash runs Doubles tournaments alongside Singles. Both have their own depth and uniqueness that I don't think one should overshadow the other. Also, on the topic of formatting 3v3, the idea of Bo1 seems like it could lead to some controversy. While undeniably 3v3 rounds will be much longer, I don't feel Bo1 would be very healthy competitively or for the players. It could mean that in a worst case scenario a single player might only play 2 rounds in the entire tournament. I feel like that could be very off putting to new players and tbh a lot of players. Plus, in a Bo1 scenario, players who can make comebacks simply on recognizing patterns and such are severely hindered. It gives almost no time to adapt to a player and make a counter active strategy. I think players should have more than just 1set to be able to determine who the true winner is.
  7. SKDale

    How To Find Your Main!

    Hello everyone! For all of you who are new to Pokkén, you might be having a hard time finding your main. Trust me, I know I did. So to all of you out there struggling with this problem, here's a video to give you some strategies to help you find your main!
  8. SKDale

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    So mine derives from my old username SkullKidDale that I made when I was like 11. I really loved Majoras Mask back then and named myself after Skull Kid in that game plus with my last name, Dale, at the end. Then about a year or two ago I realized I didn't really like the name anymore, but I still liked the shortened initials SKD. Don't know why, it kind of stuck. Thus, I shortened it to SKDale.