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  1. Kanto Tournament #3 98 Entrants January 6, 2018 Bracket Results
  2. NorthEast Championship 2018 54 Entrants December 15 - 17, 2017Bracket Results
  3. Unfortunately not done because it's hard to be precise about which frames are active without extensive testing. Perhaps PTDX will get a better training mode for this purpose, but for now, you have to lab this the old way.
  4. Pokkén Tournament World Championships 142 Entrants August 18 - 19, 2017Bracket Results
  5. What kind of rhetoric is anyone supposed to take this for? You want to stereotype every single criticism as merely insignificant babbling of spoiled people? You want to deem everyone else more incompetent and unable to take your role? These aren't the words of a community leader. These are the words of someone thinking they're in a goddamn monopoly. If your intention is to sabotage the kind-heartedness of Big E's support for Pokkén, congrats. I hope you're happy with alienating every person willing to travel with little hope of financial return, there only for a sense of community and smooth tournament experience.
  6. I think there's something to consider among the current proposed system: Is there going to be any theoretical MU where it's not a 20x20, 14x14, or 12x20 that's going to be banned? The ban system sounds centralized if people only care about making the stage either as large or as small as they can for their MU. Or if you play against a Braixen, then you have to ban Tellur Town. Point is that these bans are already being centralized by how MUs work and this means that in game 2 and on, the loser can pick whatever 16x16 or 18x18 they want, which feels rather silly.
  7. Zyflair

    Suicune Video Thread

  8. Zyflair

    Player "psychographics" and growing the scene

    You're figuratively waving away a problem when you state that the demographic being discussed about are "playing for other reasons." There are a number of reasons people play to win, and the perspective taken will change what they really want from the game. Some are only looking for a "cheap" way to get a sense of accomplishment, preferring to encounter a sort of challenge but nothing that will take too much effort to overcome. This by itself does not cause issues. Problems arise when you have one or so enter a competitive scene, which has the overall attitude of "do what you can for the W." Rather, the ambiguity of what a "scene" is leads into the disconnect between people that interact with each other. Some definitely just wish to aim to be the best of a character or best in a region. That's totally fine, but when these people pretend to have other motives and claim to do or be more than what they say, you get into a situation where you can't establish credibility into people you're playing with. But let's back up for a bit and say you're a competitive player actually training to be the best in the nation or the world. I'll say that we define such a person to be "top-level" if and only if they wish to play the game on a level that only a handful can contest with. In the Pokkén metagame, there's definitely people who are consistently labbing for new things in addition to their practiced tech and knowledge of the game, but those are far and few in between. This is my intended audience with my own tweets: the people who show up at multiple majors and potentially top cut as well. So with the current state of the metagame, you have people who are playing just to do good at locals, and then those travelling to get a big one. The former likely will have things of their own to work on already, and are in no position to advance the meta game, being in the state of having something to improve on (which is of higher priority to me). Those who have a good enough grasp of the game and are able to do well will have much less to improve with. What I see is that there's so little effort in further pushing themselves beyond what's the current standard, and maybe that's fine to them, but that's not my idealization of a metagame in the slightest. I believe your original post was more on making sure that there's an inclusive atmosphere within the community as a whole, and that definitely needs to be discussed, but when we're talking about a competitive level in the game, this is where my frustrations lie.
  9. Zyflair

    Player "psychographics" and growing the scene

    There's a giant scope you're addressing here, and trying to discuss all of it might not be that fruitful. I do want to tackle one proposition in this post, and that's the concept of pushing for more tech or "higher-level play" alienates everyone playing either for fun or as a means of expression. Note that "pushing the meta" is not the same as "telling others to play optimally." The latter is something that anyone can do to feel self-important and only demonstrates an actual alienating arrogance. But we can talk about such people in the community later and how to talk to others with the purpose of helping them improve. The main reason the thread ever started is because of these "Spikes" you speak of. Many are doing nothing to do anything about the current state of the Pokkén Community, and they say the most empty things. The bottom line is that a person who is playing to win and does not properly utilize the general resources they have available or do not contribute to the current wealth of knowledge either: Do not have winning as their first priority, to which we don't label this person as a "Spike" Does not have the personal resources (such as time) to utilize what's out there, but then we can deduce that they don't have competitive Pokkén as their main priority and we go back to the first case Do not care enough about improvement to utilize these resources That's what the Twitter thread was addressing. It was address a number of "competitive" players that you can only rule out as just not passionate enough, at yet pretend to be. I genuinely believe that this is the specific subset of people within the community that the conversation revolved around, and your original point misses the mark here.
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