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  1. Adelvos

    Trying custom combos

    A lot of character have good ways of setting up more creative combos, Sceptile, Scizor and both Mewtwos come to mind. Antwerp on twitter has some pretty good ones, and Thulius just posted a like 20 second long field phase combo not too long ago. I also found a pretty good darkrai one Check out @Zeledon35’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Zeledon35/status/1017261114311114752?s=09 Check out @AntwerpDX’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/AntwerpDX/status/1013778166077218819?s=09 Check out @AntwerpDX’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/AntwerpDX/status/978727638612115457?s=09 I got you some examples, not necessarily the ones I talked about however ( Couldn't find them rip)
  2. Adelvos

    Gardevoir's Chip Damage Values

    I'm surprised no one else had taken the time to do this before, but here is a google sheet documenting all of Gardevoir's chip values, in and out of Synergy Burst, and field specifics as well. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rdwehp8fYaxrqOijoWiG5WRXMR0hlySed0ylT_ARTuY/edit?usp=sharing Enjoy the information, and see you in Ferrum.
  3. Adelvos

    Moonblast cancel: Uses and data

    As of DX, Gardevoir can now cancel Moonblast before the beam comes out, which leaves her minus but unpunishable. I was unsure of what the data actually was, so I tested it. What's important to know is that the data changes depending of if you're in or out of burst. After further testing, I determined, with some help, the following: Out of Burst Cancel -16 In Burst Cancel -8 HOWEVER, it is extremely important to note that cancelling moonblast still puts you in a 50/50 situation, as cancelling into an action such as jumping or countering lets you cancel the dash earlier than if you had buffered block or an attack. So what CAN we use Moonblast cancel for, outside of said 50/50? - Throw crushing into a reset, can be useful to get out of the corner and put them in it with a future sight on top of them. - Finishing combos into a reset, useful if close to capping out on Phase Shift Points. - Eating weak projectiles and be able to not commit to the beam afterwards. Overall very useful technique to keep in mind, can't wait to see how players use it. Thanks to Double and Drakonzeta for the help they provided, as well as Jet (not Jetsplit) for making me look further into this. < 3
  4. Adelvos

    Decidueye early impressions

    I've been playing nothing but Decidueye since DX launched, and while I'm no pro player, I thought that writing about my early thoughts about this character could help others, so here I am. Decidueye, as a whole, seems extremely solid, and I don't think this is going to fade as time goes by. He has a LOT of strengths that really stand out. Unfortunately, knowledge of his frame data is very scarce right now, so I can't really talk about that. Speaking of strengths, let's look into them: Pros - Amazing air mobility, that has to be respected because of air grab - Good walk speed, which allows him to play footsies better and whiff punish with 6A - Can check lows really well with a lot of his moves (6XX, 8X) - Has both a frame 9 grab and frame 9 attack - Rewards knowledge of the game well - Ghost forward dash and reversal in 4A, which can let you punish reckless offense with ease - can easily reposition with Soaring stance This doesn't mean that he's a perfect character, however, as Decidueye has a few problems of his own: Cons - Soaring stance can be very awkward to use, and locks him out of his regular jumping options - Sucker Punch's CA frames and iframes are really weird, you can get hit out them rather easily if it's a multihit - Zoning seems below average, slow and predictable projectiles with a ton of recovery, the only fast one is his (Y) - His 7/8/9A oki is very weird to setup, and predictable. Not as strong because of super long recovery frames - Combos can be hard to execute, opponents fall out of them easily if not done right. Overall, I think Decidueye will be very strong in the meta, and I can't wait to see what he can do in tournament.
  5. Adelvos

    Gardevoir's Full Combo List

    2X Duel Phase Combos (in notations, CP! stands for counter pierce, and the numbers inside the ( ) are stacks of calm mind required) If one of the CM stack amounts is missing from the damage portion, it is because it does not work with that specific amount of stacks. 2X, CP!, 5X, 4AYY, 5X, 4A (Shift) (Any combo ending in 4A is mostly used to get calm mind stacks) 2X, CP!, 5XX, 8Y (Shift) 182 dmg (1), 217 dmg (2), 246 dmg(3) 2X, CP!, 5XX, 5A (Shift) 153 dmg (0), 188 dmg (1), 223 dmg (2) 2X, CP!, 5XX, j.A (Shift) 243 dmg (3) 2X, CP!, 5X, 5A (Shift) 150 dmg (Sets up for oki, can potentially get 2 stacks out of this) 2X, CP!, 2Y, 5YY, 6A, 8Y (Shift) 187 dmg (1) 235 dmg (3) (Must space the 2Y at max range)
  6. Adelvos

    Pokkén at E3: When and Where to Watch

  7. Adelvos

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    I was looking for something truly original, like a second name, and that sounded cool. Something that would never be taken and be my own. I like how it sounds and the spellng, and it's stuck with me for years. I was also told that it is close to the dutch translation for Aristocratic Fox, "Vos van Adel". Which wasn't planned, but hey that's pretty neat.
  8. Adelvos

    Twitter Tech!

    I've made a thread for Gardevoir in the character section, so if you see any Garde tech PM me on discord!
  9. Adelvos

    Gardevoir 1.5 buffs thread

    I am making this thread to try and put all the japanese twitter videos in one place, thus making it easier to discuss them. Speaking of... Buffed 5Y The additional range acts as more of a quality of life change than anything, probably will be most useful for guaranteeing a followup after j.X, instead of sometimes whiffing. 8X Buffs This clip shows us approximately how much time you have to set up on their wakeup after 8X knocks them down, which is barely enough for a psychic. Overall extremely good buff, as it allows us to play to our strengths more, and 8X not pushing them into midrange where we are weakest is very welcome. The next clip also shows us the new range at which the enemy is forced to air tech after 8X connects with an aerial foe. Once again, very useful buff that'll let us set up easier. Counter Buff This one is similar to the 8X buff, where upon phase shift, CA forces the enemy to air tech very far away. We unfortunately lose an oki opportunity but gives us greater stage control, something Garde definetly needs. Buffed FP Teleport (PRAISE DA LORD) Being able to teleport in all directions is going to help us get out of sticky situations much easier, as well as screw over tracking. VERY GOOD BUFF THANK YOU. J.Y angles Also showcased in that clip, the j.Y angling will prove very useful to use vs far away opponents, as well as the fact that it hard knockdowns. FP f.Y This is the only one I have found so far, will update once I see more.