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  1. Weebvile


    Got some impractical but entertaining Litten combos here. Scizor's combo game in general is so fun!
  2. Weebvile

    Scizor Supports

    Using specific supports to grab swords is interesting, hadn't considered that myself. Hypothetically, perhaps Mismagius could be a strong support pick for him? Mismagius can shut down characters who need to be in your face, so it might bide enough time for double stacks. Plus the attack buff is always welcome and would accomplish a similar purpose as Eevee.
  3. Weebvile

    Scizor Supports

    I've been mostly playing safe with Eevee since I'm unsure of how his neutral works yet. Don't want to deal with a bursted opponent pushing me into a corner without access to my reliable pokes. Plus Scizor already does big damage, so the Eevee buff makes him terrifying. I also tried Whimsicott in the Darkrai MU to give a bit more breathing room, though Emolga might be more worth it against Darkrai/Chandy. Outside of practice battles, I've been labbing combo concepts with Emolga, Snivy, and Litten. Snivy helps provide another option to get your opponent in the air for his BnBs, so I'd definitely consider that one of his stronger supports atm. Emolga scales too much to be worth using strictly for combo potential; it's best used for MUs against heavy zoners or speed demons. Litten so far is incredibly fun, but some of its combos are unrealistic, especially considering you have to be pretty low on health to capitalize off it. Popplio, however, seems like a fun way to timer stall and maybe maneuver around projectiles. Need more time to test its utility though.
  4. Weebvile


    Do we know if the just frame is duel phase specific or can it also be done in field? I'm sure the answer is yes, but it's worth a test.
  5. Weebvile

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    While playing Pokkén, I've gone by a few different tags. Originally I used my Smash 4 tag, ShyGuy, as that was my grandfather's nickname for me when I was very young (my real nickname is Shy). However, I didn't really like this tag as I felt it was too generic and too similar to some other gamers' tags. I'm a fan of puns, and the standard vs code I was using at the time to play with friends was weebvile. Thus, I capitalized and re-purposed it as my new gamertag. I also occasionally enter my local bracket as "Machamo." This is a joke tag that I use when I'm in a slump to help me try and refresh my mentality and get over anything negative that may be holding me back. This one stems from a conversation between Corgian, Kino, and myself, in which Corgian misspelled Machamp. At the time, Kino and I found it really funny, so I joked about changing my tag permanently to Machamo in homage of Corgian's unfortunate habit of misspelling everything. I actually tend to play my best when I'm using my joke tag, so whenever I do well in a match at Versus as "Weebvile", local players will tell me I'm actually Machamo instead. So basically, I've had a generic tag, a pun tag, and a meme tag.
  6. Weebvile

    Introduce Yourself!

    1. Shy/Weebvile, Sometimes go by joke tag Machamo. 2. South Florida 3. Main - Weavile Secondary - Lucario (WIP) 4. Twitter 5. I don't have any personal accounts for content, but I am a co-host on Corgian's Monday stream. His channel is here. 6. Been a fan of Pokémon since the beginning and have played VGC since late 2013. Going to events more frequently this year. Pokkén is my first real step into the FGC community; previously, I only played Smash casually for a little less than a year. I'm mostly in it for the fun and to meet others with similar interests, but I do aim to polish my play too!