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  1. FZG|Soul

    Fennekin Double Debuff Hex Setup

    Nice just need to be careful not to do the Hex too fast or you will try to grab the hit stun frames.
  2. You can link mine if you want for Chandelure or NA @framezerogaming
  3. Frame Zero Gaming is coming back in a big way this fall with Down Right Fierce 14! Pokkén players rejoice we are getting Pokkén Tournament DX for the Switch! We are also very proud to bring you the first NC tournament for the game, literally 1 day after release! All characters, all supports, all stages legal!!! Keep in mind the rules below, we will be employing a Bring Your Own Switch policy at least for this first event. Pokkén isn't the only game in the spotlight of course. Street Fighter V, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Tekken 7, and Injustice 2 are all on the schedule for the day. Also starting at 7:00 you are welcome to bring any games you want to play and we will host a tournament for it. BREAKING NEWS: This just in! We are also going to be doing a mystery game tournament called The Russell Classic - named after Charlotte's very own Ernest Jerale Russell, the host of classic console fighting games! Starts at 7:00 and only $3 to enter! Pre-Registration: All players that preregister will receive 1 free raffle ticket! The raffle drawing will be held before SFV Grand Finals, and you must be in attendance if you want to win any prizes. Prizes for the raffle will include: -A copy of Pokkén Tournament DX -Free venue fee & entry to 1 game at TFC-2017 -Various game posters and paraphernalia -And more to be decided Pre-register now here: https://smash.gg/tournament/drf14 Schedule for September 23rd: 2:00 - Doors Open & Registration Begins 3:00 - Pokkén Tournament DX Bracket Starts 3:00 - Street Fighter V Bracket Starts 5:00 - BlazBlue Bracket Starts 5:00 - Tekken 7 Bracket Starts 7:00 - Injustice 2 Bracket and The Russell Classic Starts 12:00 - Event Ends & Store Closes Entrance Fee: - Venue Fee: $7 - Event Entry: $10 (SFV) - $5 (Pokkén, BlazBlue, Tekken 7, Injustice 2) - $3 (The Russell Classic) Payouts: <40 - 1st - 55% - 2nd - 30% - 3rd - 15% >40 - 1st - 50% - 2nd - 30% - 3rd - 15% - 4th - 5% <10 - 1st - 70% - 2nd - 30% Street Fighter V Ruleset: Slightly altered Evo rule set http://evo.shoryuken.com/additional-rules/ -Game version: US PlayStation 4 -Game Settings: Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, No Handicap -The top 3 competitors will play 3/5 Matches. -Legacy Controller Mode is allowed. -Winner is character locked, loser may switch character -All matches will be random stage select. -Training Stage, Skies of Honor, and Kanzuki Beach stages are not tournament legal. Pokkén Tournament DX Rule Set: Slightly altered Evo rule set http://evo.shoryuken.com/additional-rules/ -Game version: US Nintendo Switch -Game Settings: LAN Mode, Skill=Off, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games -Stage select set to Random -Winner is character locked, loser may switch character -Both players may change assist sets and cheer type between matches if they win or lose -A Bring Your Own Switch policy is in effect for this tournament. To enter you must provide your own Nintendo Switch, copy of Pokkén DX, and approriate controller you wish to use. BlazBlue: Central Fiction Ruleset: Slightly altered Evo rule set http://evo.shoryuken.com/additional-rules/ -Game version: US PlayStation 4 -Game Settings: Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, No Handicap -The top 3 competitors will play 3/5 Matches. -Legacy controllers are allowed. -Winner is character locked, loser may switch character -Random stage select -The Gate and The Blue stages are not tournament legal Tekken 7 Ruleset: Slightly altered Evo rule set http://evo.shoryuken.com/additional-rules/ -Game version: US PlayStation 4 -Game Settings: 2/3 Games, 60 Seconds (Tournament Mode) -Random stage select -Winner is character locked, loser may switch character -There will be no customizing colors, names or items at any time before or during a tournament match. Any player that does so will be given a loss. Injustice 2 Ruleset: Slightly altered Combo Breaker ruleset https://combobreaker.org/injustice/ -Game version: US PlayStation 4 -Game Settings: 3/5 Games, 240 Seconds -Tournament mode -Random stage select -Winner is character locked, loser may switch character -Randomized gear turned on, unless disagreed upon by either player The Russell Classic Ruleset: Slightly altered Combo Breaker ruleset https://combobreaker.org/mystery/ -Double Elimination -Round & Set numbers will vary -Different game per tournament match (Example: Player 1 vs Player 2 in Street Fighter Alpha 3 for PS1, Player 3 vs Player 4 in Def Jam: FFNY, ect.) -No cellphone or other computing devices used during competition -Coaching is not allowed -Winner must keep character or team won with -Random stage select (if applicable) From Frame Zero Gaming: Thanks to the wonderful people at Get Some Game we now have a great new home and base of operations for our upcoming Smash and FGC events. We will hopefully be continuing with am alternating schedule with Smash and FGC events on a bi-weekly basis. Pretty much this gives us at least 1 Smash and FGC event every month! - Watch live and follow us on our Twitch channel: Pokkén, SFV, & Injustice2: https://www.twitch.tv/framezerogaming Tekken7: https://www.twitch.tv/mastermind6000 BlazBlue: - You will be able to find all of the future content from Down Right Fierce, and any of our past events on our YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/c/FrameZeroGaming
  4. until
    The Fall Classic 2017 North Carolina's Major - $1000 Pokkén EVO Pot Bonus Hosted and Organized by: Big E Gaming & FINAL ROUND LLC. Pre-register now for the Early Bird fee of only $30! Ends Monday, June 19 at 11:59PM https://smash.gg/tournament/the-fall-classic WHEN: September 29 - October 1, 2017 WHERE: Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley 4500 Marriott Drive Raleigh, NC, 27612 919-781-7000 TOURNAMENT DETAILS: The Fall Classic is North Carolina's standing major event hosted by Big E Gaming and FINAL ROUND LLC. the groups providing other amazing major events such as Final Round, NEC, Summer Jam, and more. With a strong focus on cooperation with the NC FGC community we bring an event to the state every year, uniting the East Coast under one banner. All the best games old and new will be in attendance, along with vendors and a free arcade for all attendees, it truly is a classic experience we provide every fall! MAIN TOURNAMENT GAMES: Street Fighter V (PS4) Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (PS4) Injustice 2 (PS4) Tekken 7 (PS4) Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (PS4) – Battle Royal Circuit Points - $1000 Pot Bonus Pokkén Tournament (Wii U) – $1000 Pot Bonus Super Smash Bros 4 (Wii U) Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator 2 (PS4) Blazblue: Central Fiction (PS4) Under Night In-Birth: EXE: Late(st) (PS4) King of Fighters 14 (PS4) 3rd Strike (Arcade) - $500 Pot Bonus Street Fighter II: Turbo (Arcade) Soul Calibur V (PS3) Killer Instinct (Xbox One) Mortal Kombat XL (PS4) Super Smash Bros Melee (GameCube) Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS4) - FREE entry - $250 Prize Pool Ultra Street Fighter 4 (360)- Free entry- $250 Prize Pool IMPORTANT RULES REGARDING CONTROLLERS: All converters, except for the XCM Crossfire 3.0 and Brook super converters, are banned on PS4. You must use an USB extension cable with your Brook converter to prevent damage to our consoles' controller ports. Legacy PS3 controllers are banned for Street Fighter V. OFFICIAL RULES: Rules for all games and tournaments can be found here: http://thefallclassicnc.com/tournament-game-rules/ STREAMS: Coming Soon TFC ADDITIONAL LINKS: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tfctournament Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/532095173847115 Smash GG Event Page: https://smash.gg/tournament/the-fall-classic Twitter: https://twitter.com/TFCtournament
  5. Stadium only, it's been standard for a while and it works. Maybe at locals have a gentlemans rule to random on or something but that's it. If we had a stage select option maybe but the way the game stands now, Stadium only.
  6. Glass Cannon Incarnate vs The Master of Aura A Chandelure vs Lucario Match-Up Guide Lucario is the best example of a jack of all trades character in Pokkén, he has no overwhelming strengths but at the same time no crippling weaknesses. Because of this, Lucario is notorious for being one of the few characters in the game that has nearly no bad match-ups since his play style can be adapted and applied to almost any circumstance. The same can be said for fighting Chandelure, while he may struggle at a distance, as many characters do, he has more then enough tools to reliably get in and his incredibly strong punish game can be a big problem for Chandelure. However, despite all that our laser lamp has plenty of options to completely shut him down and come out with a solid win, let's see how. General Overview MU Ratio: 45 : 55 While generally considered by most top Chandelure players to be in Lucario's favor, it is only a slight advantage and it can certainly be argued to be very close to even. My personal stance does still put Lucario at the advantage but it is an incredibly slight advantage, as I feel our strong field phase and keep away tools are very powerful against the standard Lucario. Supports & Cheers: Cresselia/Reshiram: Cresselia is overall great for combating Lucario's quick burst gain as well as removing debuffs and recovering HP. Overheat is very strong in this MU since Lucario has no reliable counter-piercing attacks as well as his fast burst gain can be a big issue for Chandelure. Because of this, Cresselia is a viable solo option in this MU with a Special or Standard Cheer. That said, Reshiram is still incredibly strong as a push back or jump punish tool since calling Reshiram in duel, even if they block it, is almost always a safe option for Chandelure. Cresselia round 1 and Reshiram rounds 2 & 3 with Support Cheer is my preferred set-up for this MU. Mismagius: While not the most reliable support to call out, Mismagius provides incredible amounts of pressure once on the field. The attack buff is also a decent option to counter Lucario's burst mode, just be very careful when calling this support as he can react to the call and punish nearly full screen with his BA. Best used on a hard knockdown or on a phase shift into Field to apply pressure and chip. While not my personal favorite option the utility of Mismagius cannot be denied. Espeon/Umbreon: While still a controversial pick for top Chandelure players (more information on which can be found in DISCUSSION: CHANDELURE SUPPORT THREAD) I consider this a very viable choice against Lucario. Espeon has it's obvious advantages with removing debuffs and recovering HP, but the star in this set is Umbreon. It can be used as an incredible anti-pressure tool, punish tool, and a way to combat burst. While Lucario does have above average burst gain it is not quite on the level of characters like Weavile or Shadow Mewtwo, so a full drain from Umbreon can still be a considerable hit to his meter. You need to be aware of when to properly use it and they will actively try to bait it, but as I said in the thread linked above "Umbreon should not be used by playing against the character, but rather adapting and learning how to beat the player across the table from you." Support Cheer: Chandelure's go to cheer as most of the supports she likes have a decent charge time, especially Reshiram and Umbreon. The normal strategy is using the faster charging assist in the set first round then use the generally more useful and powerful support the following rounds. Standard/Special Cheer: I am grouping both of these together for the same reason, burst gain. In my opinion the best use of these cheers are with solo Cresselia, using her as an Overheat recovery and a way to keep up with Lucario's burst gain. I feel Standard is best for this strategy since you still have the option of using Reshiram reliably and you gain more overall from a lost round. However, Special does give you more meter overall so it really comes down to your preference. Field Phase: It should be no surprise Chandelure has a major advantage in Field Phase, her damage output, range, and projectile game far outclass not only Lucario but most characters in the game. Despite all that though, Lucario does have some very scary options to shut down Chandelure as long as he can get in range. Bone Rush: The general rule of Chandelure Field Phase is keeping the opponent at a safe range and to not corner yourself. Against Lucario that ideal range is outside of Bone Rush since it can cut right though her default projectiles and punish you hard with a safe approach. Bone Rush 1 is -16 on block, this means that if spaced properly it can be safe on block since the most common response is to Smog in punish to a potential uppercut or slam. If the Lucario blocks after a well spaced Bone Rush 1 the worst case scenario is he takes some chip and shield damage from Smog or retreating fireballs. Beyblade (s[Y]), a move notorious for being a normally safe option thanks to its maneuverability, is incredibly unsafe against Lucario because of the range and speed of Bone Rush, be sure to only use this for a shield break or anti-air option. As long as you stay out of this deceptively large range you are pretty much golden since all of her projectiles outright shut most of Lucario's grounded options down completely. Air Projectiles: Bone Rush is not all Lucario has though, as his air projectiles can be surprisingly annoying. j.Y has stronger durability and comes in at an awkward angle to block with grounded fireballs and j.A can stall him in the air to punish grounded fireballs or laser reliably. However, the best answer to both is Flame Burst (bA), it has stronger durability then the j.Y and nullifies j.A along with draining that all important synergy burst meter if it connects. Also, depending on the height they launch their projectile from you can easily block and punish his landing recovery with a laser. They may be annoying but that's about it, once you adapt to this option you should have no issues. Supports: A common way for characters to get past zoners in Field is to use a support that applies significant pressure and allows them to close the gap quickly such as Emolga or Frogadier. Both are incredibly strong versus Chandelure as they can punish or pressure her from near full screen. Emolga especially is powerful vs Chandelure since it destroys projectiles, punishes nearly everything unsafe at full screen, can be comboed into a phase shift depending on range, and applies a debuff that locks her out of Overheat. There is not many counter measures to these assists, but the best advice I have is to not let them corner you and keep applying your own pressure as much as possible to restrict their use of these strong options. Smog is a decent option at long distance since the cloud can nullify the support projectile, you can also attempt to connect a laser to phase shift before it connects, however both options should not be relied on very much. Gameplan: Much like everything else Chandelure does, being patient, abusing your superior ranged options, and adapting to your opponents counter play are the keys to winning Field Phase. Because you want to constantly keep him at an arms length you will not want to use laser or Beyblade in your block strings as much since that gives him free opportunities to approach or punish. Instead end your fireball strings with Will o' Wisp or Charged Flame Burst if you are at a comfortable range for some chip. Throwing out Smog at the end of a fireball string is good too as the cloud can shut down his projectile game and will explode an approaching Bone Rush given the proper range. As usual staying out of the air as much as possible is a must since Chandelure has no reliable landing option and can easily be punished. If possible you always want to win Field at a long range since in Duel Lucario has a significantly easier time approaching and racking up damage. Duel Phase: Duel Phase is where this MU starts going downhill for Chandelure. Lucario has a much easier time approaching since she has fewer safe ranged option and his punish game is absurdly strong against a frail character like Chandelure. All that said though, he still has to approach to do all that damage and by no means should we make that easy for him. Mid-Long Range: As you can expect this is where Chandelure thrives, especially at the "vortex range" where laser, Hex, Will o' Wisp, and Flame Burst are all a threat. At max range Lucario only really has Aura Sphere, both grounded and air, which loses hard to laser. As long as you can keep them at this range abuse your laser but just keep in mind that as soon as they block one they get a free approach. That may not be a bad thing though since they will likely be stopped in that perfect range I was talking about, here is where you are arguably in the best position you will ever be in this MU. My go to start at this range is to throw out a Firewall (5[A]) this completely shuts down any grounded approach and lets you control any aerial approach with either 8Y or Flame Burst. From here you can throw out a Smog if they chose to out zone you with Aura Sphere, Hex if they chose to wait and block, or Charged Flame Burst or Laser for some chip/shield damage. Ideally you want to keep Lucario at this range as much as possible, 2Y and 5Y can help with this as their massive range will control space and push them back to that ideal range. With this position your goal is to push Lucario back to the wall, keeping the pressure on and shutting down every approach with your superior ranged tools. Close Range: Now the problems start, thanks to Chandelure's poor frame data she has very little to do up close, especially if she is at disadvantage. Lucario 2Y is an incredibly powerful poke, safe on block, combos into Bone Rush, great range, and can check CA or even Overheat allowing him a safe option to cover wakeups. Outside of 2Y, 6X is very strong as an approach or wakeup pressure tool and leads to some of his most damaging combos, if properly meaty it can allow the Lucario to block or even jump out of CA or Overheat. While Lucario does have strong close range combo starters he shines brightly in his punish game. If Chandelure ever jumps he has a great 8Y to knock her out of the sky which leads to solid damage, if he avoids an Overheat and can land a j.X or j.Y the full combo punish he gets afterwards can easily take off 50% of the lamp's health. The Lucario gameplan is to just wait until we do something unsafe and take every advantage to punish HARD. However, all that being said we are not helpless in this situation. Just blocking and waiting for an opening is actually not a bad strategy, during this time you can be charging a Minimize or waiting for them to overextend with something like a Force Palm or jump both of which can be reacted to appropriately. The worst case scenario is you take a grab, which, as long as it's not in burst, is much less threatening then anything Lucario can do in his combo game and immediately puts you in a much more advantageous position. Up close you want to just be patient and wait for the Lucario to overextend and punish with an Overheat or 8Y, don't give them an opportunity to use their punish game and you will come out with much less damage. Okizeme: If you ever get a close range Oki opportunity your best option by far is 5[X], this move could possibly be the best Oki tool in the entire game. If timed properly it pierces counter, catches jumps, punishes back dashes, leads to heavy damage and a guaranteed phase shift with charged laser, and pushes them back to vortex range if they block. You can do other things including Smog, 6X, 8X, j.A, grab and even Overheat but none in my opinion even come close to the utility of 5[X]. At long range your best Oki tools come in with laser or Hex, I personally like throwing out a Will o' Wisp timed just right to be at a specific range where it does not hit their shield but scares them into blocking which can lead to a Hex. It is something people will adapt to but overall it is a strong guessing game. If you are on the receiving end of an Oki position Minimize is a strong option but be careful to not overuse it as your options out of Minimize are minimal and potentially punishable. Backdash is also a strong option since it is invulnerable on f1, as long as your back isn't against the wall and they don't read it with a 6X or Bone Rush, again don't overuse it and allow them to adapt to you. Overheat is one of the biggest things they will be aware of an will actively try to block, avoid, or bait it if it's available to you, you could potentially use this fear to your advantage though just recognize their normal Oki options and adapt appropriately. Again patience and adaptation is key to playing Chandelure. Burst Mode: Chandelure unfortunately has a relatively weak Synergy burst mode, 200cc, 12 seconds, and literally 0 gameplay changes...yes, nothing in her moveset changes. Lucario on the other hand has one of the most powerful, 150cc, 14 seconds, and numerous enhancements to his moveset which turn him into a completely different beast. Because of this you want to avoid Lucario getting burst as much as possible, thanks to Flame Burst and strong shield break options that is not exactly hard for Chandelure to do. However, there is more you can do to be prepared for Mega Lucario. Stay Safe and Run Away: Lucario's BA is a quick near full screen rushing attack that is almost completely invulnerable, because of this he can react to nearly anything Chandelure throws out. Thanks to our poor frame data this is a horrible position for us, not to mention over half of Chandelure's moveset are light attacks this seems like it may be an unwinnable position. However, this is when Chandelure's superior evasion tools are a life saver, dashes, Minimize, Beyblade, and even Pinwheel (j.8X) can get her out of tight situations quickly. Your goal to combat burst is to literally run away as quickly and as safely as possible, only standing your ground when absolutely necessary. Because of this, it may lead to the Lucario overextending to try and catch you, where you can then punish with powerful options such as Overheat. Lay on the Pressure and Instill the Fear: On the flip side, when you have burst it is your turn to go nuts. You are much safer approaching with moves like 6X, Pinwheel, or 8X since the threat of your BA is very strong. While on the offensive you can instill fear into them and make them jump, backdash or just wait in shield leaving them wide open for powerful punishes like 8Y, 6X, or Hex. If they try to actually fight back your counter armor on BA is a constant threat so they will often have to go for less damaging options. She may not get much, if anything, from her Synergy burst mode, but being on the receiving end of a critical hit Chandelure BA is definitely terrifying. Just remember to still be safe with your pressure and sometimes the fear of your BA may actually be stronger then the attack itself. Final Thoughts: Lucario may seem on the surface a strong threat to Chandelure but once you recognize his weaknesses at long range and realize how to abuse your strengths you will find it a very manageable match-up. Of course, my personal philosophy is: If you know how to play every character, you will know how to better combat every character. So if you are struggling with any match-up, maybe spend some time learning that character. I would also suggest taking a look at Pentao's take on the MU HERE. I hope this guide helped, if you have any questions or thoughts of your own feel free to leave them below. If you enjoyed this style of guide let me know who you want me to break down next. I will also leave some videos for any of you that wish to study the MU. Until next time, I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing all my Chandybro's future achievements! Videos:
  7. until
    Carolina Clash Rebirth Montlhy RDU Fighting Game Tournaments Hosted and Organized by: Tierless Heroes: Event Planning & Tournament Organizing RDU North Carolina Fan Page Discussion Group Our Venue and Sponsor: East Coast Gaming 218 Nottingham Drive Cary, North Carolina Facebook Page Web Site Fighting Game Tournament Details: Date: April 15th Time: Registration 1:30PM, Tournament Ends: 11:00AM Venue Fee: $7 Spectator Fee: $5 Game Fee: $5 (Entry Fee Per Game) Payout: Regular Game: 1st: 65% 2nd: 25% 3rd: 10% *** Venue Fee can be paid with cash or credit/debit card, Tournament Entry Fee MUST BE PAID IN CASH ONLY *** Tentative Schedule: (Subject to change, allow 30 min buffer) 1:30PM - Registration Starts 3:30PM - Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 4:30PM - UMVC3 5:30PM - BlazBlue:CF / Pokkén Tournament 6:30PM - Street Fighter V (Running late? Text 919-219-3774 let us know your handles and what games you are competing, we will put you in the bracket.) Money Matches and Exhibitions will be streamed after tournaments are done. Casual will be allowed until 11:00PM *** We are looking to run the mentioned game tournaments with a minimum of an 8 man bracket. If a game doesnt get enough entrants we will start the next game tournament on the line. *** Game Lineup Setup: -BlazBlu: Central Fiction (PS4) -GG Xrd: Revelator (PS4) -Street Fighter V (PS4) -Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (PS4) -Pokkén Tournament (Wii-U) All tournaments are ran on PS4/WiiU and with standard EVO rules. 2 out 3 - All Pool Matches 3 out 5 - Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals SETUPS ARE ALLOWED AT THE VENUE, WE ENCOURAGE ALL GAMES TO BE PLAYED! *** If we use your setup for tournament (console and monitor), your venue fee will be waived. *** Watch The Stream Official Tierless Heroes Page Twitter Page YouTube Official Channel Call or text if you have any questions: Fco-James Garcia (Madskizophrenik) (919) 219-3774 All the footage, graphics, photographs, and logos are property of Tierless Heroes and Carolina Clash Rebirth Fighting Game Tournament All Rights Reserved. By attending our event you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of using any images and footage for promotional and entertainment purposes. Fighting Game Characters and Franchises belong to their respective Gaming Developers.
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    Sign-ups are open for the first event of the NC Pokkén Spring 2017 Power Rankings season, Victory Road! This event is for North Carolina Pokkén players only! Schedule for April 9th: 1:30- Check-ins begin 1:55- Tournament bracket finalized 2:00- Tournament bracket begins Every 15 minutes is a check-up, if you have not responded in that time and your opponent is ready, you will receive a DQ. Sign-ups: To enter, fill out this simple form: https://goo.gl/forms/Jqapfj0HRHSsyofg1 Discord: For easy communication it is required for you to join the FZG Discord channel in order to compete in this and future online events held by FZG: https://discord.gg/bqY4nhu Prizes: - $20 gift card to the 3DS/WiiU EShop - Free entry and venue fee to next Carolina Clash or Down Right Fierce. Pokkén Tournament Ruleset: Slightly altered Evo ruleset http://evo.shoryuken.com/additional-rules/ -Game version: US Nintendo WiiU -Game Settings: Online Vs. Code determined between players, Skill Points manually removed by each player, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Finals 3/5 Games. -Loser of last match may change fighter Pokemon, the winner is character locked. -Both players may change assist sets and cheer type between matches if they win or lose. Victory Road is an online tournament series designed for those NC Pokkén players that may not be able to attend many in person tournaments but still wish to qualify for the Power Rankings. It is also a great tool for gauging skill level and improvement throughout the season, with one event being at the very beginning and one being at the very end of each season. Keep in mind these are the only two online events that count towards the PR so even if you enter both you still must attend and enter at least one in person event to qualify. Please fill out the following form to be entered into the bracket, and be ready the day of the event, April 9th, 2017, at 2:00 PM EST. Good luck everyone!
  9. FZG|Soul

    How do Chandelure mains feel about the Lucario MU?

    Ofcourse, feel free too use anything I post that you found helpful man.
  10. FZG|Soul

    How do Chandelure mains feel about the Lucario MU?

    1. Field phase I and many other Chandelures feel we win fairly solidly as long as we don't corner ourselves and keep you at a safe distance. I think the most ideal distance is really anything outside of Bone Rush range, Lucario really can't do a lot about projectiles at this range. If he throws an Aura Sphere we can either cancel our fireballs into smog to stop it or laser to break through it, all of our projectiles have more durability then his so we don't have to fear nY or sY. J.Y and Air Aura Sphere can be a little annoying but that's about it, we still have great anti airs and more then enough means to deal with it as long as we recognize it, also if the Lucario does it at an unsafe height then we get a free laser on their landing. The problem comes in when they get in that Bone Rush range, it's actually one of the very few instances where we can't use Beyblade safely because of it. Not to mention if you break through and use a well spaced Bone Rush 1 even on our shield we can't punish it often cause -16, if you misspace it you might eat some fireballs but the the OS with Smog won't hit you. All in all as a Lucario you should be aiming to push the Chandy into the corner and get in that Bone Rush range. 2. Chandelure obviously thrives at Mid-Long range, so pretty much anytime a Luc gets within range for them to use 2Y I'm starting to get iffy. As for the most annoying move, uh maybe Bone Rush again but it's really not that bad, mostly just comes down to you can approach with a well spaced Bone Rush 1 for free on block cause we can't punish it similar to field phase, and the worst that can happen in duel phase would be a 2X or 4Y for minimal damage. Lucario should be pushing constantly and using his really good punish game to get us in the corner, once there it is a mush worse MU for use. As long as you respect her reversals, are patient with your approach and hit your punishes you got nothing to worry about. The key to beating any zoner is to wait for them to fuck up, they eventually will and that is your chance to blow them up. Also remember you can just duck instant jump laser at any range. 3. I've always considered Emolga to be the best support vs Chandy and still do in many ways. It's fast, breaks through all our fireballs, and at worst trades with laser, and the long debuff is great for locking out Overheat. However, the biggest thing I think is that it gives you a full screen punish for us jumping in field, any time you see Chandy drop from a tether or shooting a laser just immediately pop Emolga, 90% of the time it will catch them as they fall and you get a free approach. Just remember that the Smog cloud can stop the little bolt if its between you, it's a kind of weird interaction cause it can still kinda go through at some ranges but most of the time if its near you when you use Emolga it will at least blow up in your face and you won't get a follow up after Emolga. Other then Emolga, Frogadier is really good for pressure and can be used as a great approach tool in Field. It's no secret Chandy struggles vs Burst so if you want to use a support like Cresselia or Jirachi to build meter quick and overwhelm her it's not a bad strategy. There are other's I've seen used to some success but for the most part these are the most popular and effective. I hope this helped and when I get some free time feel free to hit me up on Discord for some games!
  11. FZG|Soul

    Evo Announces $1000 Pot Bonuses for 10 Tournaments

    Not a problem just wanted to make sure everything was accurate
  12. FZG|Soul

    Evo Announces $1000 Pot Bonuses for 10 Tournaments

    The Fall Classic is in Raleigh, NC
  13. We got a whole crew coming from NC. My carpool is going to be there late Thursday night and we're staying at the Marriott near the venue! I'd be open to hosting a Salty Suite if you guys want, I can't provide the best stream (or if any depending on the hotel internet) but at least I can get you guys game play and commentary! Just let me know!
  14. So I know this is long overdue, but let's have a look at what us lamps have to look forward to in the next console patch. We will be looking at all the changes to the arcade versions 1.4 and 1.5 which is the current version and the one we will most likely be updating to whenever we get it. Will these change Chandelure's fundamental gameplay, what new strategies can we employ, and will they ever give use a frame 9 move?! Let's find out! Arcade Patch Notes v1.4 translated by Hiet The infamous Minimize patch! Buffs Smog (6A): Changes the interaction with the smog cloud Vagueness is vague in this one but I assume it means the opponent receives more hitstun as it's considered a buff. This could be nice to stop Sceptile being able to Leaf Blade then be at frame advantage after blowing up the cloud and still hitting us. I don't think the added hitstun would be able to let us link into anything but if possible 2Y on the ground and 8Y in the air would be interesting. Since I don't know exactly what this one means I can't speculate too much. 4X: Shorten startup frames This might actually make 4X a bit more viable, while it's unclear on exactly the frame change, an increase in speed on the reel back can be a huge buff. While I'm still not convinced 4X will see much more use as it doesn't reel back far enough in my opinion, the other problem I have with it reeling back too slow to actually matter may be alleviated here. Added to the damage buff from 1.3 this may make 4X a nice surprise option, only time can tell us though. Nerfs Minimize (Charge A): No longer grab invulnerable This is the BIG one! Something that will fundamentally change Chandelure's gameplay is this huge nerf. No longer being able to avoid grabs will undoubtedly make many matchups much worse for us, the most notable is certainly Garchomp. Minimize is already a risk to go for but this nerf can make it even more of a risk. While we do still have Overheat to cancel out with, we don't always have that option. Flame Burst is the only other option that doesn't get beaten by grab, but it does barely anything if it connects with a grounded opponent, even on crit. In my opinion this was an unfair nerf as your options out of Minimize can all be beaten by shielding up close in our best base scenario, and in the worst we can be read and punished absurdly hard. What do you thinkm did this nerf ruin your play style and what lasting effect do you feel this will have on Chandelure's meta? Beyblade (s[Y] Field): Shorten movement distance While not as big of a change as Minimize this is still a nerf that has potential to hurt Chandelure's overall gameplay. While personally I feel this nerf is warranted, since I consider Beyblade a top 5 move candidate in Pokkén, I'm not exactly happy about it. Beyblade is my favorite move so it does kind of suck to see it hit at all, but besides that it does hurt our field phase movement quite a bit. We won't be able to cover ground as much to beat aerial approaches, counter attacks, and punish landings. However, it still pierces, has good speed, and does monstrous amounts of shield damage, meaning the moves functionality is still there. Since I think this nerf is warranted and fair, I am overall OK with it and we will just require a bit of adaptation to the new range. Bug Fixes Disco Inferno/Flex/Flatter (Charge X): Remove the glitch that reapplies debuffs after Hex We all knew this was coming but it's still sad to see this fun little trick go, if you don't know about this little glitch you can check out my video about it HERE. While this is something expected, it does have an impact on Chandelure's gameplay. Our corner vortex is nowhere near as strong now that we can't reapply the debuffs, and overall our opponents won't fear a followup Hex as much. Much like Beyblade though this is a nerf that is warranted, even moreso since it was a glitch, and will require just some adaptation on our end. Who knows this could lead to more Hex regrabs and IJL's landed as a result. Arcade Patch Notes v1.5 Translated by @五月雨のペンタオ The pendulum madness patch! Buffs Pendulum Swing (Air R): Can now press R while swinging to drop sooner This is going to be a running theme with most of this patch, but while this sound interesting I don't know how much this will effect Chandelure's overall playstyle. For starters, Chandy does not do very well in the air, pendulum and all her moves are very slow and punishable by multiple means. That said though, it's speculation time, if the drop down is fast enough this could be a great mixup tool in both phases. Imagine firing a laser then going into pendulum so your opponent is expecting another laser but you drop immediately and you just turned a normally incredibly punishable situation into a position where you are at advantage or even at least neutral. Overall this buff has some major potential and I look forward to seeing the capabilities, applications and most importantly speed of this new tech option. 8X: Can now press R before the attack comes out to cancel into Pendulum Swing. Much like the previous entry this has a lot of potential but it all depends on the speed of the cancel in my opinion. I can see this being a big buff in the Garchomp MU mostly. After the huge hit last patch to Minimize, this can possibly help balance out things. Now the normal Garchomp mixup to cover your wakeup is between either Sand Tomb (Grab), Stone Edge (Counter), and Dragon Hammer (Run X Attack). Right now if we read grab and they go for Stone Edge or Dragon Hammer we lose, meaning we have essentially a 33% chance of winning on wake up. Here is where this buff comes in, now if we read Sand Tomb and 8X on wakeup, but we see they went for Stone Edge, our slow frame data actually allows us to react to it and potentially punish hard with an Incinerate (j.A) for a full combo. Essentially this flips the tables and turns into a 66% win rate for us! I'm sure can use your imagination and recognize many situations this could be useful, but again I will save my final judgement until I can see the speed of the cancel. Smog (6A): On hit, this move's behavior changes Yet again another vague patch note about Smog, however we do know what this one means: Smog is now a hard knockdown (HKD) on hit! Now first off this is a pretty big buff for Chandelure as HDK's are always a huge opportunity for the attacker. This will allow us to create more space by using our time to back up and set up for an oki Hex/Laser mixup, or dash in for strong oki coverage with 5X or grab. Now there is something about Smog a lot of people don't know; there are actually 2 different hitboxes on the move. They do the same damage, give a defense debuff, and push the opponent back, but there is one big difference between the two. The hitbox close to Chandelure's body is a heavy attack, meaning it will pierce and give normal hitstun to opponents in Burst, On the contrary, the far hitbox is considered a light attack and will give no hitstun to opponents in Burst, but still somehow peircing a counter. If you want to see some rage and understand what I mean you can see one of my stream highlights HERE, warning though a bit explicit. Anyway though on to my point, since Smog is getting a HDK on hit maybe this means both hitboxes will be considered heavy and I won't want to kill every Sceptile I see in the most painful way possible from now on. Incinerate (j.A) [Field only]: Altered the movement/momentum of this move Why are they always so vague when it comes to Chandelure, I can guess this means that you will no long stop completely when you use Incinerate so you can maybe carry some momentum from your jump or Pendulum Swing into the move. Since I have no clue if that's true or not I'm going to try to keep this brief, nonetheless if I am right then this is an interesting but pretty meaningless buff overall. Field Incinerate is just not that good of a move unfortunately, its horribly unsafe, has huge landing recovery, and provides minimal combo opportunity since you can only land a close range laser off of it, and even that is dependent on how your opponent is hit and launched. All that said though I guess it is nice you could potentially throw out another move while retreating with Pendulum momentum? For now, this is what we have. Huge thanks go to Pentao and Hiet for translating these patch notes and let us get a heads up on strategies to apply and expect once we get our console patch. How do you feel about these patch notes, do you agree the Minimize nerf is too much, are you excited for the Pendulum cancels, and how do you think Chandelure will do in the post patch meta? Feel free to let me know in the comments and let's theorycraft some stuff!
  15. Current Power Rankings - Winter 2016/17 2017 Tournament Results Victory Road - NC Only Special No Contest 9 Down Right Fierce 8 No Contest 10