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  1. @Johnny Bullet Seeds (JBS) is a cotton headed ninnymuggins. :Sceptile:

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      Johnny Bullet Seeds (JBS)

      You're right. Didn't even write my name right before it was too late to edit it smh

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    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ is a cotton-headed ninnymuggins < is addicted to Pizza Rolls v is the first member of the DK crew
  3. AsahiVULPIX

    Share Your Pokkén Community Story

    Prior to Pokkén's announcement, I stuck purely to casual Pokemon. Playing Free-For-Alls with friends or occasionally messing around on Showdown (and getting bodied). Maybe playing Smash occasionally with friends. I knew no one outside of a little Skype group I had. When Pokkén was revealed as what it was and we got the first few trailers, I immediately became hyped as hell. I made a point to try to get as good as I could at the game and I had actively wanted to be at least one of the best Suicunes. I immediately envisioned myself going to tournaments and finally having a game I could play on a competitive level. Before the game came out I even sort of studied it by watching videos like HYDEgaming1's. I had my eyes set on Suicune since Sui's my favorite legendary Pokemon and my 2nd favorite Pokemon in general. The more videos and news that came out for Pokkén the more I came to realize how much I enjoyed fighting games, even if I never played them I got a lot of enjoyment out of watching other peoples' matches via Youtube and Twitch. Unfortunately, none of my big hopes and dreams have come true (or at least not yet) but the community that I've put myself into has been incredibly welcoming. I found Pokkén Arena while watching a Twitch stream of the game. Someone in the chat had suggested I join a Discord server for Pokkén, so I did, I was greeted with a lot of genuinely likeable people and even top-level players. To this day there has not been a single person in any of my Pokkén-related groups that have not liked someone. Even now, with my internet making the game unplayable for me and without any way to go to events still, just talking in the groups has been an absolute joy while still keeping me up-to-date somewhat on the game and it's advancements. I couldn't ask for a better community and I'm glad that I was able to be even a small part of it.
  4. AsahiVULPIX

    What's Suicune's biggest flaw?

    Probably lack of counterpierce, yeah
  5. AsahiVULPIX

    Introduce Yourself!

    AsahiVULPIX (You can just call me Asahi) Longview, Washington I main Suicune I will also use Empoleon when he comes out Twitter: @Asahi9TALES (admittedly I don't use this very often) Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/asahivulpix I stream when I can, which is incredibly rare. I'm having a lot of issues involving my internet, so I have hard times playing games online and keeping a stream online. Once I get it all sorted out and all that good stuff I'll be streaming a lot more frequently. I stream Pokkén, Smash, Mario Kart 8, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Showdown occasionally, Diep.io, Cards Against Humanity (with a custom deck built by friends and I), and emulated games to do Nuzlockes and Randomizers on. At age six, I was born without a face I spend literally all day on my laptop watching Youtube, listening to music, and playing games. I often have my mic muted in calls because my microphone is hella sensitive and pics up everything that could possibly happen in my house, so I don't have it on that often. My favorite game has been and always will be Pokemon and my favorite Pokemon has always been and always will be Vulpix. My favorite kind of music are remixes, especially from GameChops. My favorite colors are blue, orange, white, and purple.
  6. AsahiVULPIX

    Best PokéWaifu.

    My waifu is the President of the Aether Foundation and she is Lusamine
  7. AsahiVULPIX

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ Likes vegetables enough to name himself after one < Founded a MEGA drive that currently has over 9 GB of "art" v Never found that damn fourth Chaos Emerald
  8. AsahiVULPIX

    Which 6 Pokemon are on your Dream Team?

    Vulpix (Alolan) Ninetales (Kantonian) Suicune Meganium Salamence Aggron