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  1. Part of me wants to get the Wii U version, but chances are I'll have to leave it with my brother. Not to mention, I bet many players who don't own a switch yet are still there.
  2. V-drift

    (Rerun) FSBC Psydisaster Cup Results

    Hmm... Maybe I should have convinced my EU friend to join and at least get the participation title.
  3. V-drift

    Developing Pokkén scene in Puerto Rico

    Thank you so much! I hope it grows in Israel, bud! Hopefully, people in other places get to see how fun Pokkén can be.
  4. V-drift

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    Man, many people here have interesting stories behind their gamer tag/username. Well, for mine, it's a weird thing how I ended up getting mine. So, before I was a friendly guy, I was someone who literally never had much asides from video games and obeying the things family tell me. Back then, I had a really dumb username call Ricarnator with a rather cringey e-mail. It was mostly because I was like, 14 years old and because I rarely had a local friend, I just started doing myself nicknames people do on their accounts to make myself sound cooler and see if I can actually have friends. ... It didn't work. Duh. Later on, as I continued on YouTube again, I was talking to a really nice guy (not going to mention who). And he was inviting me to give DeviantArt a try. But I wanted a different name. And it was around the same time I regretted having my username in Playstation 3 being Ricarnator. So I definitely did not want that public again. So I was thinking for that, a DA account, and a new PSN account. And before you knew it, I was thinking, "Wait. I like racing games. And although no one plays NFS with me, I still play Mario Kart 8 and Modnation a lot with others. Maybe my name could be... V-DRIFT!!!" And then I had decided on that name. I didn't think too much on the meaning behind my name. it was just something that I enjoyed a lot. Not as a favorite video game genre, but games I play a lot when I was younger. I'm still more of a variety/all-around gamer. Later on some people on certain game communities (mostly the CoD games even though I'm not a fan of it anymore), they would try to give it insulting meanings or make it inappropriate. When I was younger, it did bother me. But now? Those insults are kind of meaningless after having met people who think my username is cool and simple. And so, I stuck with it. V-drift.
  5. V-drift

    Developing Pokkén scene in Puerto Rico

    Huh, I didn't think I'd find people from Puerto Rico into Pokkén as well. I know this is a really old forum post, but, I am suddenly curious about FGC event and where it is if I ever want to see it. Also, glad to see another Puertorican in here. Assuming you still enter in here.
  6. Thank you so much, Fiora. I have yet to introduce myself on the main Discord. But hopefully, after that, I'll join the character specific servers. Since 3 v 3 format is used, and my favorite typings are water types, I want to make sure I can use all three water types. No harm in using favorite characters over play style every now and then, right?
  7. Hello. So... I guess I'll introduce myself here a bit. I'm V-drift. You'll see my character in Pokkén called Rocky (That's what I name most of the avatars when I start a game). I guess you could say I am still a newbie at Pokkén. I've had the game for a few months. I got it if I remember well at the start of this year. Around February or so. Um... Some say I don't behave like a newbie from what they see. But I consider myself a newbie until I dedicated either a good amount of hours into the game, or dedicated myself to the game like say around 6 or 8 months? ... I tend to usually think I'm not perfect, but it tends to sound like I'm also bringing myself down, so I apologize if that happens. I don't mean to sound like that. Just a way to remind myself, there are still things I can improve on. I'm glad that out of many games, Pokkén still had good netcoding. However, because of my situation with NAT type (Stuck with C or D which is Strict), I have to use a VPN and... let's just say it gets laggy. Sometimes barely noticible, other times, there is tons of lag and I'll consider it mostly being my fault because you know, it happens. But regardless of lag, I try my best to consider what I can do in the moment. Before I say the last thing, I also want to apologize for making use of the newbie training gym as an introduction thing. But the last thing I want to say is a simple question as well. So I joined the discord because I was actually curious if it is the official Pokkén community with official people who've gone to tournaments and plays online (to my surprised, never though I'd find the people who rekt me in Psydisaster X'D I still don't feel like I deserve my top placement in it. But I am curious. Would you all recommend me to ask advice for Blastoise and Empoleon on the Pokkén Discord, or am I better off asking in the pokémon specific discord? Hope we can all get along, regardless of how good or bad one is at the game.
  8. I am kind of sad the place was empty. I don't deserve second place. Most opponent for my wins were E to C rank. Those in B rank and A rank are definitely on another level and I find it strange I did not see more of them online.