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  1. I've posted several ice punch reset routes: 1 2 3 I no longer think these are a good idea. Why? Well, opportunity cost. More often than not you are giving up a phase shift or a hard knockdown with 6A that comes with synergy drain. I want to make the claim that having an oki is significantly better than being +8. Especially against characters with high jumps, you can only punish jump with a couple options. 4Y's scaling meaning that even a 9 PSP wall combo (159) will do less than 5X 5A AAA (166). J.y follow up are pretty jank near the wall. It and can hit three times on the wall giving virtually no follow up. Also, if they just block, jumping towards your opponent will corner yourself. If you aren't near the wall though you can usually combo with 4YYY/4YYX into 6A for about 95/105 damage. On the other hand an oki, if well timed, can punish jump with any move (for example: 5X). There is also the matter of saving PSP in duel phase. Personally I prefer 6 PSP to 3 PSP (9 PSP remaining to shift) so that my 5Y combos end in 6A/5A AAA and phase shift. There are even some 8Y combos that work well at this PSP. I think saving PSP matters less than the potential damage of your follow-up threat. Finally, there is also the nuance that you can't grab immediately if you are plus. There is actually an option select where you jump right before you can get grabbed, which will automatically block Weavile's 4Y. The timing is tricky, but doing it too early is just jumping and too late is similar to blocking. Even if you mess up the timing you are still doing one of your best options.