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  1. WhiteChocolate

    The Guide to Sceptile bY

    Nice work dude! Hopefully one day we can convince people that b.y is the future
  2. WhiteChocolate

    Pokkén Arena Appreciation Thread!

    When I had to go to my grandmother's house with nothing to do I decided to write a 20 page paper about unblockables during the summer of 2017 since they were going to be patched out with DX's release. Well by the time I was done with this mammoth of now completely irrelevant information to the metagame (June 19th just because I know these things) I wanted to upload it to Pokkén Arena via my mobile hotspot; however, like a complete scrub I forgot to save my password on my phone and, since I hadn't used the website for a long time before that, I forgot it. Nevertheless, @Quiet saved the day so I could log into my account and post it. The amount of hours I put into that thing was absurd, and I did it all within 2 or 3 days, so not being able to log in really bummed me out. So thanks Quiet. Even though we only talk like once every 2 months when we are randomly in the discord chat together, you're still the homie.
  3. WhiteChocolate

    The rise of the new Duel-to-Field exploit

    After scizor's got patched I saw a japanese tweet showing this tech with sceptile canceling after a bnb. I then made a latios combo with it and a few weeks later both gintrax and antwerp did extensive labbing. Antwerp was the one who found that any character can keep the state by cadcing so he should definately be given credit for the development of this tech.
  4. Below is a link posted to the 3 part playlist of Sceptile duel phase combos I made over the span of 2 months (I swear it's not cause I'm lazy it's cause I'm busy)
  5. WhiteChocolate

    Field phase gigadrain

    I did not find this tech - I saw it on twitter from some japanese players I did not recognize; however, the combo is mine and took me a couple hours to develop. Essentially what you need to do in order to use gigadrain or leafstorm in field phase is as follows: after phaseshifting with a special cancelable move (so 5yy or 5x), input either 3 or 1R or 3 or 1A, and alternate between 3/1A and 3/1R. For example, in the video above, after the 5x it hit 3A 3R 3A 3R etc. Each input must be buffered, so the timing may feel awkward at first, but i strongly recommend u learn the timing if you want to play with this rather than mash it out because if you mash, you are going to have a bad time. Also, any time after a 3A or 1A in field, input a 7 or 9A to do a leafstorm. This is extremely impractical in an actual match, but very fun to use in the lab. I hope you guys enjoy the video and post some replys in here with other combos you can get.
  6. WhiteChocolate

    Hit me with those DX Lab requests! :)

    test sceptile toxic scaling do 8x to 8y to 5y to 8a on wall. I need to know for my combo vid releasing this sunday.
  7. WhiteChocolate

    Pokkén Dx Character Rundown Charts

    libre gets extra mobility when enhanced but this is lit dude.
  8. WhiteChocolate

    The Complete Guide to Sceptile Unblockables

    Edit: Outdated information, unblockables removed The 8100+ word pdf post contains all of the known secrets to the bulletseed unblockable for 1.3 Sceptile. How to execute it, how to start combos for it, counterplay, and even the history of the tech itself is discussed. If you have ever wondered anything about this tech, please explore this document to your heart's content. it took me many many hours compressed into a single weekend (plus Monday) to complete, and I take a lot of pride in it. There will probably be some spelling / grammatical errors, etc., but its got a lot of information and I really did try to make it entertaining (try being the key word). Anyways, shoutouts to Quiet Repentance for helping me recover my account so I could post this bad boy. Also special thanks to all my Sceptile bros and everyone else whose played this game. I love you all. Link to the pdf is below https://www.scribd.com/document/351753146/Unblockables Please tell me if the link is not working for whatever reason. Thanks! EDIT 1: I forgot to mention that the WCR on the wall does NOT work on Chandelure because she gets wall splatted too close to the ground for the first 5aj8y to connect. For her you will have to 6ydey off the wall (still does a lot of damage, though. The reason the WCR is more optimal is because of the wallsplat bonus for the leafstorm / wallsplat after the grab). Also for characters like Garchomp who get splatted close to the ground from the 2x, you will only be able to get 2 5aj8y 5y strings before they fall too low. One last thing I will mention about the WCR because I've heard from people they are having trouble getting it is that the timing between the 5aj8y after the 8y and the 5y is entirely dependent on the opposing character's height and often determines if you can get the full wall combo or not. For shorter characters like Pikachu, you will need to wait longer, and for taller characters like Sceptile, you will nee to do it almost instantly in order to get the tip of the 5y to connect. This is why some characters cant be hit by the full combo: they are too tall, etc, so the earliest window you can 5y them is not early enough to get the very tip. If I find more lab time and remember, I will add a second edit with the specifics for which characters can and cannot be hit by the full combo.
  9. WhiteChocolate

    Sceptile's 2X: everything you need to know

    Hey everyone, IF THE AMOUNT OF TEXT INTIMIDATES YOU THERE IS A SUMMARY AT THE END. I saw that no one has done anything for Sceptile yet, so I decided to make a post. Recently I have been looking into the mechanics of slidekicks such as Gardevior's 2y and Sceptile's 2x, and have noticed that they all work a little differently. I have been thinking about making a general thread and maybe even a video on this if there is enough interest, but I figured I would discuss Sceptile's here since I have grinded it out the most and, because he is my main, actually added it to my neutral and oki games. What most of you will be familiar with is that Sceptile's 2X is -12 on block, meaning it is grab punishable and 1 frame away from being punishable by most light attacks. Now, common sense may also dictate that the later you hit with the move, the less negative you will be on hit. This, however, is not REALLY the case "I will get into why it sort of is in a little bit;" however, depending on how far you begin the move from your opponent, you may push him / her farther away from you, making you safer. To help you understand this, I have defined 4 general ranges at which this move can be operated. Close Range: This range defines the spacing from your opponent in which you are so close that you are grab punishable / punishable by other means on block. This is character dependent, as characters with a shorter grab and normal range, such as weavile, will have a much more limited punishing range than characters with longer 9 frame grabs / attacks such as mewtwo. Additionally, this range does not really "exist" for chandelure and suicune because they do not have any 9 frame duel options, and therefore cannot punish you regardless. Unsafe Mid-Range: This spacing occurs when you have started your 2X far enough away so that the pushback of the move exceeds the remaining distance Sceptile has to travel so much so that the opponent will be rendered too far away to punish Sceptile with his / her sub-12 frame input, but not so far as to prevent the enforcement a rock-paper-scissors interaction. As a result, 2X is now unpunishable on block, but not "safe" either because you will still be both minus 12 on recovery and within 13-frame range. This range, like the aforementioned one, is character dependent for the same reasons. Safe Midrange: This is the distance between you and the blocking opponent in which you have now started the move far enough away to cause a pushback towards the end of your sliding animation so that your opponent will be too far away to reach you with most moves. This will also be character dependent like the first two ranges. The reason I have mentioned a difference between this and "unsafe" mid-range is because the fast majority of characters / players cannot really blockstring or want to begin blockstrings with moves outside this range. This means that there will be a more or less neutral state after this interaction, where as in the previous example a RPS situation is far more likely to occur / the pressure is so great players feel compelled to make a move / bait out a move with block immediately. Far Range: This is where things get complicated. I like to think of this as a sort of "tipper" 2X because, when the 2X is executed at the precise distance, the move will actually make contact with the opponent after Sceptile has stopped moving forward. This will result in a massive gap between Sceptile and the opponent and, when executed at the proper distance, will actually be around plus 1 on block (though I mostly get even on block if not just a little minus). To put it in perspective, this range is to be executed at around Sceptile's leaf-blade tipper range. Unlike the previous three ranges, every frame later you are with the contact of the hitbox on the opponent once you have reached the Far Range threshold will directly translate into one less frame difference between the recovery of you and your opponent. Also like the previous three ranges, your "safety" is no longer dependent on what the opposing character is since you are now saving frames, not distance. Thus, it follows that the other three ranges are not safe to use when the opponent is on the wall because you will not push them back; however, because you can be at a frame advantage with proper spacing, at the Far Range, this move actually becomes a potential pressure tool on the wall while getting you into your opponent's face. One caveat here: because you take so long to reach your opponent from this range, someone with good reflexes (and off of netplay) may be able to react to your 2X if they are ready, so this can by no means be spammed at all (though you will most likely be able to shield the counter-attack in time, a very smart opponent will punish with a move which displaces their target such as fast aerials like mewtwo's jy). There was a lot to cover here, so I am sure I forgot something lol but I hope this helps. Until now, no one has ever really seen Sceptile's 2X as anything beyond a combo-ender for the BnB, and I don't know if counterplay may develop to hinder the usage of this move, but I have come to believe 2X can actually be a good mix-up tool to catch opponents off-gaurd every now and then. Other uses for 2X include pushing the opponent into traps (mispaced unblockable oki or leech seeds) and anti-airing (the best example is how this move actually does a better job against machamp's jy than toxic or 4X, though toxic is almost always the best option for antiairing still). To anybody who made it through this entire essay, it really means a lot lmao. For those who don't want to read: SUMMARY: Sceptile's 2X gets safer the farther it is from the opponent until you reach a range so far away that the hitbox is delayed and you become even / plus on recover on the opponent's block as opposed to the normal 12 frame deficit.