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  1. Thulius

    Counteracting Scizor's options

    After blocking a close bullet punch, any 9 frame attack clashes with X-scissor and punishes every other option~
  2. Thulius

    Avoiding Rotom

    A quick visual guide showing a variety of ways different characters can nullify or punish Rotom. Many of these methods aren't entirely safe, but are unlikely to be punished if rotom is called from a distance too great for the usual grab punish.
  3. Thulius

    Mewtwo Combo Thread

    4AY 8Y iAD j.Y 5AA~R 2Y 66 8AAA
  4. Thulius

    Pokkén Projectile Priorities

    Nice list. I believe Mewtwo's f.Y and hyper beam should both be under no durability though? They don't get canceled by or clash with any of the projectiles listed above them.
  5. Thulius

    Just Mewtwo Things: What Makes iAD j.Y so good?

    From about 3/4 screen or further, you can get 6X off 5A. Closer if it's meaty. Only reason to take less is if you confirm late.
  6. Thulius

    The Dragon Fly Cave Favorite Pokemon Test!

    Top 3-5ish followed by misc pokemon I like a lot in no particular order.
  7. Hey there, this is an overview of Mewtwo's entire movelist; what each button does in each phase and why you should or shouldn't use 'em! ~~~~~~~~~~ Universal Mechanics and Special Attacks (Pokemon Moves) ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Duel Phase ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Field Phase ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Burst Mode ~~~~~~~~~~