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  1. snoozingslowpoke

    Mobile Pokkén Tournament DX App Announced by KandiSAI!

    Omg the app looks amazing hope it goes live soon
  2. snoozingslowpoke

    New to the forum and fighting games

    Thank you Mister Wu. These are all very helpful tips indeed. Gonna take a look at the moves again and lean what moves best to use for priority.
  3. snoozingslowpoke

    New to the forum and fighting games

    Hey guys, Long time Pokémon fan played a lot of vgc and decided I wanted to learn Pokkén. I'm pretty new to fighting games (only played smash for fun no items tho) and I just cleared the main campaign of Pokkén XD with Suicune. But I want to learn the game and get to the point that I can hold my own a bit when I play online. I already checked the beginners guide by BadIntent. those where really helpful. But I think my main problem is combo execution and learning the framedata (it is all a bit to much to learn at once I feel) Beside Suicune I tried all the other fighters and I think the one I like the most at this point is Pikachu. Any tips and advice would be highly appreciated.