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    Shadow Mewtwo's Special Cancels

    To cut to the chase its a table giving the frame advantage / disadvantage when SM2 performs a special cancel. There's not much to reading this but to those who might be overwhelmed, there is a key over on the right side of the table. So .. what exactly does all this even mean? Essentially the parts in orange are giving you the amount of frames it takes for said Pokemon Move / Special to connect on block. An example will be with the chain, 5Y 6A, which has a 4f gap before 6A hits on block. The data really only helps to players who want to see what is considered a frametrap and what is a true blockstring. Outside of that, there's not really another use for this, well unless you want to figure out if someone can mash a certain button and beat whatever SM2 option he chooses. The blue bars on the left represent what is the "advantage" when SM2 uses a special cancel. Using quotations as that doesn't account for anything actually happening just the initial "advantage". The gap is calculated by taking the speed of the special and subtracting it from advantage in blue. How'd you find all this data? Just used some in-game testing and looked at the Japanese frame data which you can find at the bottom of Shadow Mewtwo's dorito bag (here).
  2. Introduction - Honestly the most fun matchup other than the mirror. Mewtwo is kind of like the big brother in the sense that he’s better where it counts. It’s a close matchup although pink toes usually is the one said to have favor. SM2 can struggle here if not careful, especially with his high commitment moves versus Mewtwo’s excel in neutral game. Round Start - Round start is pretty important for SM2 to gain control of center stage and getting initial burst nuggy. jY is fairly safe against Mewtwo’s has lower commitment buttons like 5AA~R and sY. Mewtwo sY is pretty good at controlling movement well due to good tracking / being hard to sidestep, and Psycho Cut is a good fireball that can cut through our weaker / slower projectiles. Seeing that burst is a huge deal for SM2, getting the first spawned synergy crystal should be his round start MO. Both of the previously mentioned buttons on Mewtwo’s part are good at staking a claim at center stage, but using walk up - jY or fY gives SM2 the upper hand (IMO) since they can beat both Psycho Cut and sY whilst being safe. In the case throwing out a hitbox isn't your style, Homing - guard is the safest option to quickly get to center stage, although simply walking up is not bad too. Field Phase - The balance scales of FP are tipped in M2’s favor. Comparing the two, SM2 really needs to use HP to bring a fight. Mewtwo having a good grasp on movement control with his projectiles really gives SM2 a taste of his own medicine to a degree. Playing the punish game is strong here where SM2 has somewhat safe options against Mewtwo, although Barrier plays a huge role in catching high commitment moves and dumb mistakes. jY proves an effective tool against Mewtwo’s psychic CDs (gotta dish out the mixtape), and is generally safe from cancel options like 5A or 4A_. Using Blast can stop Mewtwo from releasing his mew mixtape among other projectiles. Raw Barrier isn't a threat really, CA in Drain Punch range and jump/jA up close to properly deal with it. Air teleport is there but if in DP range it's susceptible to CADC - fY / side homing and up close it's garbage. fY is very good due to its speed and priority, making it a threat to Mewtwo and forcing him to either get out of the (unreactable) range or hold dat looming cloud that there’s an set of swords just 17 frames away. Midrange Slash is ok; with tracking and deceptive range it proves useful against Mew2 sY and will lead to good damage on hit. Only thing to be wary of is the followups out of Slash are mediocre. If blocked, CADC will beat Slash 2, Vortex and Blast, making teleports somewhat the lurking variable that can create space (although they still can be punished >-<). Using Mirrors is really more of an oki/setup thing due to the long startup of sY and recovery of Miracle Eye, but the strafing does help move him across the stage while putting out a hitbox just be mindful of the range used at. Both parties nY are pretty much the same, yet I feel SM2 has the upper hand with the ability to cancel into fY, Specials and get Orbs with ME. It gives him an anti air and chance to Slash midrange or Blast as a continuation of zoning. Orbs’ use is limited due to sidestep and jY from Mewtwo to effectively make the tracking of them useless, so like Mirrors it’s more of an oki tool than anything. As one would think, these characters have some CTRL V moves. Homing being one of them. They’re both good at movement and whiff punishing the other (usually thanks to Togekiss). Both characters have good movement control, and with SM2 being 100cc it makes for an interesting fight for synergy crystals. Mewtwo isn’t probably going to get burst that round due to collecting them but it denies SM2 burst (however good that effort was is to be decided by who shifts). The phase in its entirety is somewhat in M2 favor as long as SM2 isn’t being stupid and trying to shoot all the time or whatever. Due to HP costs, SM2’s game is more of a risk. It does make him a threat but banking on getting the shift is pretty much all or nothing. It’s how he gets most of his meter and health recovered. Mewtwo having safer zoning options really takes the cake here although by only a slice or two. Duel Phase - Duel is pretty nuts especially in neutral. Mewtwo has the options to win neutral handedly, usually meaning he’ll combo -> shift and have starting advantage in FP. Unless SM2 has won FP which is possible to happen. If SM2 won then he should have a good life lead and be near Burst, making it tough for Mewtwo on defense. If either gets their plan going, it usually leads to the death of the other Offense - SM2 shouldn’t run into too much trouble on offense, but has to be wary of preemptive 8Y on Mewtwo’s part. Bread and butter Miracle Eye mixups do what they should here, with 6X - jump cancel and jA keeping defensive 8Y use to a minimum. Fire Punch is really strong against antsy jA_ followups, although SM2's shouldn't be using that without the opponent giving them reason to. Psystrike is pretty bad, like it's more of a flashy throw crush than a DP. SM2 has plenty ways to beat it, nuff’ said. Mewtwo’s high-low defense game is pretty good for highs, having 8Y, iAD jY and (if you count mid-highs) Fire Punch. However with 2Y not low profiling that leaves 2X, which is ok. It has good reward but looking at how it's unsafe and 17f it's not something he'll use preemptively, but more on read (against Slash, 5Y etc). CA is bleh. It's not an option you'll see used, and it's a low which makes it easy for SM2 to explode. F.Punch is one of the lower risk, higher reward command counters and can force a 50/50 on hit or block so it’s something to really make sure doesn't be the bringer of death as it does around 1/4th of SM2's health on crit. Avoid overextending and keep throw mixup in the loop to keep 2A usage down. Other than that, HP usage shouldn't be too high (no higher than what Recover heals) even when factoring in okizeme. SM2 has tools to adjust to Mew2’s defense which makes for a fairly standard offense game. Defense - Mewtwo isn't known for having cool mix and active pressure. It’s more of a reactive “I dare you to press a button” pressure, aka passive-aggressive. Strong as it is, to SM2 the threat level is…?? To explain, Mew2 oki game isn't really anything much. Meaty jY:X is minorly plus and requires to be respected, as it's safe against 8A and CA. Beyond oki, Mewtwo can't capitalize too much off of being plus. High-Low game is strong with 8Y, 5Y frametrap/OSes and iAD jY; with SM2 not having a safe 8Y (and 2Y to an extent) to use preemptively, Mewtwo can get away with some pressure. 2Y is good for staggers and can be a bully with good spacing. 2X is -12 (no one punishes this !?!?), but 2X:X is sometimes used to be +4 and reset pressure. The main option for SM2 is jA. Mewtwo has fairly long recovery on both of his lows, 8Y - jump cancel on armor doesn't help too much against well timed Flamethrower and in most cases jA alone can reset the situation into neutral. x - Barrier/Fire Punch is the only thing to worry about when using jA, so making sure you can assess what is happening is important as no one likes armoring 5Y just for Barrier to absorb all of EQ and get crit by Confusion. Backdash is fairly nice midscreen for escaping to neutral, morseo than teleport with it's recovery. Ok so unlike Pink Panther, SM2's Psystrike is actually nice (as in it has hitstun for all hits)! It's pretty niche during pressure due to corner 8Y - jump cancel baiting DP and Barrier OS eating it all up for a free Confusion. It's good against high iAD jYs that most try to compensate for by doing jYX and but other than that it's not touched. Lastly, if anyone Barriers in your face JUMP! More specifically jA so you'll armor delayed Confusion and be able to punish that along with Telekinesis and Drain Punch with jA_. Neutral - Neutral is fun, for Pink Panther. Long range SM2 has nothing threatening and shouldn't really be there of his own will. Pillar will pretty much always trade unfavorably or not even come out against Psycho Cut and Blast is too slow. Mid range is a bit closer but still Mewtwo bests SM2 here. Instant Blast is just big enough to hit Pink Panther during airdash startup in the case he's looking for the iAD jY approach but it's still open to full jump or delayed airdashes. Although SM2 has a pretty good low game it's not gonna help him against iAD jY, sadly as 8Y is not good at calling that out. 6Y is a maybe but the recovery is too bad to risk it. To cut to the chase we have no reliable answer to iAD jY and that sucks. Playing outside of that range is not good either since SM2 can't duck Psycho Cut, meaning there's a 50/50 that Mewtwo controls with it. 2Y, 2X, CADC and jump are all ways to maneuver around Psycho Cut but as said it's part of a 50/50 that Mewtwo has control of with dash cancel / followup. Relying on footsies to make Mewtwo perform a mistake is SM2's best bet at winning. Use his good whiff punishers and have a good handle on your fundamentals to keep up here. SM2 has good neutral tools but M2 has better. This is where SM2 struggles the most, playing someone else's game rather than his own. Burst - Burst shakes things up and bakes shit too. SM2 with burst can enforce his game plan better so getting it as much as possible reaaally helps. Neutral remains the same so long as Mewtwo runs Eevee, although the threat of BA does relive SM2 of having to deal with long(ish) range Psycho Cut. The real kicker is that SM2 can kinda just pop burst and be like “ok my turn”. That's what really makes it such a leveling factor in this matchup; who doesn't like walking into iAD jY range, poping burst and ignoring thinking? Ok maybe that was (not) an exaggeration, but seriously it keeps SM2 up to pace and with him getting it frequently, it's enough to make it a highly important variable in the matchup.
  3. Introduction - Suicune is fat. Dunno why it has 630 HP. Sui is probably one of the more boring matchups (no offense to Suicunes), everything about her is pretty..normal. Zoning is alright, she has a fairly standard kit to work with. Seems pretty crappy of an introduction, huh? Well really Suicune is an interesting matchup having Mirror Coat to contest SM2's own anti-zone/FP game. As usual with zoning matchups it's a test of fundamentals more than anything. What this covers... - Round Start - Field Phase - Duel Phase - Offense, Defense, and Neutral - Burst Round Start - Round start is arguably slightly in SM2 favor. Both sides are able to get their agenda going; with SM2 getting the center Synergy Crystal and making his way towards Sui, and Suicune has Icy Wind to slow down his approach with the necessary frame advantage to create space. However when looking at options as a whole, Suicune’s slower options lose to the Black Flash. That is, with SM2 homing - guard to get near center stage fairly quickly; making Aurora Beam, bY, and Icy Wind susceptible to homing - guard - fY or walk up - jY. With SM2 gaining center stage control, the initial burst lead and the opportunity to punish some of Sui’s buttons all in one go it does look kinda rough. Suicune does have walk up - fY that can handle jY well and strikes a claim to center stage and the burst nuggies for herself. Other options like either parties’ sY are good at getting the other at choosing another movement option or provoking them to use a countermeasure. Field Phase - Field decides who's ass gets beat first. Mirror Coat takes advantage of SM2's linear and lengthy recovery projectiles quite well. It's a present threat against his zoning game, making one hesitant to (go gorilla :p) enforcing his game of bullying from center stage and herding the opponent to the wall. Sui having a fY similar to SM2, being an anti air helps keep jYs to a minimum. Aurora Beam and MC also help SM2's steer away from far range jY. But honestly, that's where the good things for Sui ends. Comparing the two, SM2 clearly has the advantage in movement, using that to get in midrange / close. With midrange, SM2's buttons fair better against Sui given there's less room to react with MC and slower (and/or) unsafe projectiles don't help her much. SM2 having threat of Slash and Homing (both physical) keep Sui on lockdown for the most part. nY is kind of a safe check here and with cancels into Slash or teleport(s) for repositioning it's not bad at baiting Suicune to do something and punishing. Both fYs are still good anti airs here, but as both are very linear they're best used on reaction. Sui at midrange kinda has to hold whatever SM2 is doing or guess with homing or CA. It's not the best but they're the only things she can really do. SM2 can make good use of teleports in this phase especially with one in the air and on the ground (able to move in a total 8 directions), used with nY or sY they do prove useful in baiting Mirror Coat. However patience from the Suicune still can lead to being punished as both teleports have generally long recovery / startup. Generally, each character has something to trump the other at x range of when “A” presses x, etc. This phase typically is seen as even. Duel Phase - Gorilla vs Water Horse. To be honest should be a King Kong movie. Anyway, DP is slightly in SM2 favor as a whole but that's not to say neutral isn't a pain in the ass. Waterfall (Suicune 6X and 5X), Icy Wind, Water Gun (jY) and Hail are pretty annoying to deal with if you aren't careful. SM2 has to use methodical movement here once again to approach Sui and start playing his game. Going through the water-type’s circus show is a good exercise before the cardio ass beating workout. Suicune pretty much has to hold a 3/4ths screen distance against SM2 without ending up walking herself to the corner, otherwise SM2 gets to cooking (insert SM2 cook emote by Corgian here). Standard zoning crap here blah blah. Offense - Offense is where the gorilla vortex begins and doesn’t end, unless he uses Vortex and is -8. Suicune ain’t got buttons on defense. It’s pretty much “Once gorilla goes gorilla, you gotta hold gorilla”. Suicune usually holds dat mix, with CA Y being one of her move DP-like moves. Speaking of CA Y, SM2 can use meaty jY:A off Slashes or 8AA (both common enders) to successfully stuff anti airs and be able to block CA Y, basically a safejump setup. Defense - Dunno what Suicune really does on melee offense, although Hail and waterfall feint oki are fairly nice. With more midrange / zoning focused pressure, Sui has fair game at keeping SM2 at bay. It’s back to the water park course from here SM2 has things like jA to help him get out of things, and with Sui’s bad normals for offense it’s pretty easy to get out. Her mixup is pretty wack and having a 13f grab is just bleh. Neutral - Neutral game is slightly in Suicune favor due to better control of mid-to-long range (as a zoner should). SM2’s slower fireball (5AA) doesn’t really help him against jY or Waterfall. Although Pillar is pretty fast, not having hitstun and being an obvious choice at fullscreen, it does become pretty susceptible to Mirror Coat which is a good chunk of life gone. Obstacle course continues, and it’s up to SM2 to walk and block his way in. Something that’s more of a player thing is that Suicunes tend to kinda walk into corner often, giving SM2 the advantage for free in a sense. Burst - Burst is sooooo crucial to SM2 since it allows him to just pop it in neutral and now Suicune can’t jY in neutral lol. He’s getting it at least twice a round. Really just gives SM2 a boost to everything and allows him to steamroll Suicune if they don’t tread lightly. Suicune burst doesn’t give her much other than LVL 3 Icy Wind all the time and a BA that was buffed in terms of startup. Although the threat of a CA Burst Attack is something to cause hesitation when trying to whiff punish something or overextend trying to approach as SM2. SM2 can somewhat deny Suicune burst by getting the momentum first in FP, but with a reversal support on deck, Suicune should get it at least once per round.
  4. Introduction - Everyone says that Champ can kill SM2 in two reads and that’s the entirety of the conversation. Truth be told, Champ struggles against SM2. SM2 has near full control of the entire match. SM2 has the synergy, offense, neutral game and defense to handle Machamp particularly well. What does Champ have in return? Big ass hands, big ass muscles, big ass damage and big ass reads. Round Start - At the start of the match, Bulk Up is the the common option chosen by Champs. It enhances (or bulks up) his specials, which goes back to the “big ass damage” I guess. There is no doubt that SM2 has the advantage here whatsoever. Champ being stationary during Bulk Up allows for SM2 to get the starting synergy crystal first. If SM2 gets a perfect (frame 1) homing at round start he can punish Bulk Up! Champ having slow / poor movement does lend SM2 the chance to shoot first, usually with sY - ME to gain Mirrors and start to herd Champ near the wall so you can lock him down after a shift. Field Phase - Field is definitely in SM2 favor if he plays it right. Using nY raw is good at forcing Champ to do something stupid. Although it’s linear, the cancel window is large enough to punish Champ’s reaction to it. At a range it’ll be safe on block, can cancel into fY to anti air or Blast to catch sidestep/side-homing. Mirrors are extremely useful at capitalizing on his poor movement. Champ’s projectiles aren’t very good, which doesn’t help him here at all. In this phase it’s a matter of making sure SM2 can zone within a comfortable range and relying on Champ’s struggle to secure a shift. Homing for both parties are good. Champ being the fastest in the game at 10f (SM2 at 15f), both are good at getting in and whiff punishing one another. In the case Champ gets in on SM2, jY and jA provide good escape. Duel Phase - Duel is where things get spicy especially with Champ’s new 2X roll mechanic that is projectile invincible. If SM2 won FP then he can somewhat keep muscle mass at bay while punishing his approach options. On the other hand you have the fact the Champ is the only character in the game who can “perfect block” in Duel by cancelling Submission into block. With Bulk Up he gets counter armor on its startup and can help him slowly advance towards SM2 for the big ass bopping. With his high HP pool of 660, duel can turn into a big waiting game since Champ can turtle and turn the tables, forcing SM2 to approach. For SM2 it's crucial to get a good life lead so Champ has to come to him, giving him the opportunity to use projectiles and normals to make approaching somewhat difficult. Offense - Offense requires slight adjustments due to Champ 2Y and 6Y being 9f mids. Those two beat jA when -8 but that really just means SM2 can't pull 5YY 4A or something else -8. Champ’s instant air grab also catches jA when SM2 is -8, but 6X - Jump Cancel can bait and punish it with a Flamethrower. SM2 should be safe from the aforementioned buttons Champ has as long as they keep framedata in mind. 5A_ is pretty wack in this matchup since Champ’s love going for air grab against Vortex; not like it should be used in pressure anyway but just word of caution. Champ still has to hold dat mix like the majority of the cast. His CA being high can be exploited with 2Y or 2X and is always -8 regardless of charge or not. This really makes defensive CA kinda bleh for Champ since SM2 has many ways to work around it such as: x - 4A - 2Y/2X on armor or using 2Y/2X - [2] to maintain a low profile state even after the move is over. Fairly standard offense game here, with Champ forcing SM2 to think about what he’s doing (morseo) due to threat of his 9f mids. Defense - Champ can make you shook. His 5Y and 6Y buttons usually provoke people to CA or jump, basically make them guess for whatever reason (prob the big ass damage). Reaaaaaallly tho, it’s not too spoopy. Hold the 5YY or 6YY and he’s -4 and -8 respectively. jA is your friend at getting out of the guessies situation, but you also have 6Y being a 13f mid which is good at contesting when he’s minus. His 5XX/5X[X] mixup loses to a CADC option select. Other buttons are fairly slow and not used in pressure (2X, 4X, 6X etc). What to watch out for would be 8Y which is +4, although backdash proves it’s usefulness here, with its invulnerability making Champ’s followups whiff and giving you room to work with or the chance to whiff punishing. SM2 can handle Champ’s offense well as long as the player knows of the knowledge checks and how to handle x situation. Champ doesn’t force guessing really, and overextensions lead to an escape or combo for the dark gorilla. Neutral - Neutral game is fragile. SM2 can play it well vs Champ but if he makes a mistake, well..”big ass damage” comes in again. Fullscreen, Pillar not having hitstun makes a difference as SM2 no longer gets a combo, but it being near instant in speed doesn’t change anything. It’s still effective against Champ’s poor movement and on block (or hit ) SM2 can create a relatively safe 50/50 with dash - delayed ME /throw/attack. The only downside is there is no reason for SM2 to stay fullscreen and stall when he can’t get a confirm and low chip damage makes it health inefficient. Blast is good at keeping Champ at bay, usually with level 1 charge as it’s faster to get out, lessening the chance of a 2X~R to go thru it. Speaking of 2X~R, as long as SM2 is in range of 2Y he can beat any followups. At midrange, SM2 has the upper hand with having better normals. Whether in speed, range or both. Champ has 2X which is really his only poke. Both characters have a low stance that armors lows, but with SM2 having an option like 6X, Champ can’t solve all his problems with it like SM2 can in this situation. Jump in jY from Champ is fast and good for air to airs, not to mention plus on block. SM2 however has 3 ways to stop him: 8Y with head invuln, 8A with armor and a super high vertical hitbox, and 6Y which sometimes will reach. If Champ decides to try to bait these with jX, he’ll have low success due to the multi-hit factor of 8Y and 8A (sorry 6Y) that can stuff armor rather consistently. Champ’s whole Submission/ Submission block/jump mixup loses to jump, giving SM2 the opportunity to jump back - Flame to not risk losing a jY v jY air-to-air. Jump forward can result in a crossup jY on SM2’s part that can stuff 8Y due to it’s poor range. Burst - Burst mode here is strong for both, especially thinking about Jirachi + Machampion. SM2 usually gets it first due to winning FP and gaining crystals allowing him to sit on it, so in the case Machampion comes in swiggity swooty (looking for that booty), Burst relieves him of having to guess or take a mixup. There’s not much that changes for Champ other than always having EX specials (i.e Bulk Up) when in Burst and bookoos of damage. His BA is completely garbage and the Submission - Block - BA / Submission mixup gets beaten by jump as previously talked about. Burst saves both parties as it’s kind of a “clutch” thing either can pop when down on the life lead or nearing the kill of the opponent to secure the W. It’s important for Champ to make sure SM2 gets the least amount of times possible but that’s a hard task for him. The fact SM2 can get Burst so fast and really make Champ have to hold dat or pop his own Burst is really big when thinking about the resource game. Winning the round and getting more meter from cheer skills is something that gives SM2 the edge in the meter game, Champ relying more on support that takes time to charge (unless he’s running x cheer skill) makes meter building slow and could possibly cost him the round.
  5. Introduction - This matchup is probably the most annoying in the game. Our ice cat friend is not only 100cc like SM2 but can drain synergy and has very nice defensive options to help combat the dark grape gorilla we love so much. What this covers… - Round Start (Stadium sized) - Field Phase - Duel Phase - Offense, Defense and Neutral - Burst Round Start - Round start is somewhat in SM2 favor. Weavile’s traps are susceptible to homing - block which gets him in range to punish and get the starting synergy crystal giving him the lead in the burst race. Going back to punishing traps, homing, Slash and Zen are really nice at catching sY. Ice cat has kinda short ranged projectiles like nY and jY compared to SM2's and given Zen having higher priority, homing travel speed being fast, and Slash having slight tracking (and priority) SM2 should have not too much to worry about. Field Phase - Field as a whole SM2 can play the game of punishing sY traps and outranging / outzone Weavile. However, Agility brings a hiccup to the table being projectile invincible. SM2 has to be wary of his projectile placement otherwise Weavile can Agility through and possibly punish endlag. This nuisance makes controlling movement with projectiles troublesome to say the least. SM2 still has the capability to overcome Agilty by using his good midrange (and physical) buttons: homing and Slash. Used with well spaced projectiles to bait Agilty, SM2 still controls movement well just in a less traditional way. Overall the phase goes based on whether the SM2 has the spacial awareness and movement skills to fluidly navigate the stage while enforcing his agenda. If not, there's no doubt Weavile can run train against clunky gorilla (Chunky Kong, anyone?) Duel Phase - Duel tests your skills harder than the MK ladders. Even if SM2 gets the upper hand, Weavile has all the tools necessary to contest him. The entire phase is like fighting those gnats who keep flying right by your head moments after you swat it away. It can be frustrating for both parties definitely. Offense - Obviously gorilla > cat. But rules of nature don't apply in Pokkén (usually). SM2's offense is still very strong, however Weavile has two main options that can spook him if he's not careful. jA is always a safe option but not when -8, as Weavile 4Y being 9f will hit him out of jump startup and can combo into Knock Off to drain meter. Teleport gets you out but risking getting 2X’d or walk up Knock Off’d is not worth it. Taunt is super nice for Weavile, it's invincible the entire time he moves back and when in stance and gives Synergy debuff as long as he armors something. He can also cancel the slash with block, so overextensions BEGONE. Does SM2 really have an answer? Not..really? Wakeup taunt could be OS’d (in theory) similar to SM2's 8A OS, but replacing 8A with 4A. So after hitting the guard point SM2 cancels whatever move, say 5Y and allows him to block before Taunt hits. He still gets debuffed and uses HP, which isn't efficient considering meaty j[X] pierces and is barely minus. The only issue with jX is that Weavile’s 2X is a frame 1 anti air. Clearly Weavile has the answers to SM2's common options, one layer beats “X” but then layer 2 gets beat by “Y”. SM2 has to rely on conditioning and his throw mixup vs Weavile morseo that other characters. Defense - So ice cat has good defense, but offense is something SM2 can deal with rather consistently. His oki usually involves 6[X] / 5[X] which are susceptible to backdash, or if you're lazy, teleport. That gets you out of whole 6[X] - Fakeout (true) blockstring that leaves him +8 where he can 4Y to frametrap then reset into another 6[X] blah blah. His stagger pressure is good with 5Y/4Y, which is good at beating mash. Jump, jA and jX can get you out but don't expect much room to punish; Weavile has fairly low recovery on normals and cancel into Taunt on armor is just an input away. Think more of it as getting back to neutral or declaring that it’s your turn. Keep an eye out on pressure resets and know where you can get out to come out unscathed. Neutral - Neutral game. Fug. Icicle Crash being buffed allowing for two Signal Slashes is nice. It was already nice at having a projectile on screen that could move Weavile towards or away from you at the same time. Add in Agility and long range becomes non existent almost. Pillar isn't something you use without KD just due to those two buttons. Blast can be charged to max to overblast anything but that's a free Agility. Weavile can kinda sit at long range and have SM2 approach with “walk and block”. Midrange is kinda hectic due to Icicle Crash. Blast gets exploded by 2X and agility, making any form of zoning ineffective honestly. It's a case of being less proactive than normal, focusing on using 6X and 2Y to control the ground game. 8Y is good if you can react to forward launch (Icicle Crash) fast enough. The recurring theme is “walk and block”. It's a challenge, however doable to walk Weavile to corner where options are limited, meaning more control for SM2. Can't be reckless, but can't be too complacent. Definitely the most important part of the matchup. Burst - Hate 100cc battles. They all suck, and it's worse when one can drain meter. Arguably of equal importance as neutral, Burst decides a lot. Whoever wins the race first usually will win the round. SM2's burst completely ruins Icicle Crash due to threat of BA, giving him advantage in neutral. Weavile burst just means more ice on the screen. Ice isn't nice, it fucking sucks and factor in good walk speed with an armored BA, SM2 could easily get snowballed (ha pun) if he makes a wrong move. It's literally a matter of who gets meter first as both gain significantly from it. Weavile with meter drain vs SM2's ability to gain meter quickly brings up a pretty weird sight: how did a cat manage to steal bananas from a gorilla? Like has no one seen what happens when DK’s nanas get stolen he beats the crap out of them. Screw cats.
  6. Introduction - Chandelure over the course of Pokkén’s history has been a good matchup for SM2, with Pillar he could easily shut down Chandy’s long range neutral and get not only nice damage but if blocked, force a mixup while approaching. However, in DX that ability has lost it’s oomph with Pillar no longer have hitstun on the initial part. Shadow Mewtwo still has ways to get in but now has to work for it. It certainly has changed some things in this matchup. What this covers…- Round Start (Stadium sized)- Field Phase- Duel Phase- Offense, Defense and Neutral- Burst Round Start - At round start one would think it's in Chandy's favor with the infamous laser. He has something to punish lasers, being round start homing - block - fY. This should punish fairly consistently. Laser proves a nuisance when attempting to get the first synergy crystal, but with homing block cancels you can be a speedster in disguise. Her other options such as nY or sY are somewhat annoying to navigate around but options like a well-timed jY or sidestep can help you out. Field Phase - Field Phase is really gonna be hard for SM2 if you love going “Touhou-style”, shooting stuff all the time. The approach here is to get in on Chandy with good movement and patience, and whiff punish her options. Chandy’s movement is something SM2 can punish very well, all of her dashes are laggy and Pendulum Swing (jR) is susceptible to fY or sidejump jY if you’re quick enough. The only issue is that SM2 can’t really be the aggressor here, when he wants to provoke movement with nY, sY or 5AA, Chandy has Smog, laser and nY that beat those fairly consistently. It’s pretty much a cliche of zoner matchups: SM2 has to wait his turn and hope Chandy screws up where he can capitalize. Now, one last factor to consider is the fact both of these characters have weak shields, SM2 can’t just sit there and block everything otherwise he’s losing meter and the phase due to shield breaks. This phase is a test of the SM2 player’s movement, patience and reactionary skills; as long as they are up to the task SM2 can take FP from Chandy. Duel Phase - Duel is where the ass beating begins. It’s that simple. Either Chandy gets her game going and forces SM2 to go thru a circus trying to get in or SM2 is about to blow out the candle when he’s in that ass. Looking from both possible outcomes, starting with Chandy advantage, SM2 no longer can chuck Pillars out at will without risking the chance of an unfavorable trade at best! Lamp has a solid game for both grounded and aerial approaches with 4A, 6Y, j8Y, 8Y and 5A. Like Field, this test the skills of the SM2 player to a somewhat greater degree. All of the aforementioned moves except 8Y are slower than 20 frames (8Y - 17f). SM2 has to deal with laser (6Y and j8Y) with jump and 2X/2Y respectively, in the case that lasers are charged it just gives more time for the player to react and properly handle the incoming attack. 5A is really nice at making opponents jump but in reality a 4A or 8Y could be coming up next, both of which have fairly huge hitboxes that SM2 has no way of beating. Teleporting through just leads to getting caught by her long range buttons: being 5Y, 2Y and yes.. laser once again. Add along that it doesn’t interact with other projectiles and counter pierces, only enforces the point that it is to be respected. In short, SM2 needs to wait for the right moment and seize it if he wants to start playing his game again, otherwise another shield break is in his future if the player is too passive. On the other hand if SM2 has won FP and is in that lamp’s behind well, she’s gonna have some issues. Strong mixup with safe ways to beat Chandy’s defensive options make it one of those (insert wiping sweat from forehead here) moments. Offense - Chandy not only has a weak shield but her health is on the lower side of the cast’s average (as are for ghosts). Her defensive buttons are actually pretty nice: 8Y being high invulnerable on frame 1, Minimize being completely invuln on frame 1 and Overheat having red armor (acts like a DP). Although this sounds well on paper, SM2 potentially explodes it all with OSes / frametraps. Off KD, SM2 can get strong oki like Blast or Pillar that leads to 5YY or 6X OSes (like BadIntent’s 8A OS shown on Youtube! Just be sure to swap 8A for what's necessary, like 2A or 5A.) that beat out reversal options. Depending on how you perform it, you can even leave an intentional gap to frametrap without going into any Specials on block to beat out options like 8Y. With Minimize being nerfed so it can now be grabbed, that hot mix off Miracle Eye which has throw as a threatening option now is even better as it covers it now. But...there’s a catch. Chandy has good piercing options (no seriously, all of her specials bar Minimize counter pierce) and 8Y is so big that it’ll beat 6X - Jump cancel. This makes jA on offense or near the end of SM2’s turn more risky when these choices exist, taking out one safe escape for him. Although there’s still teleport and manual staggers to exploit Chandy’s move speed, an example being 2Y - 2Y to avoid a 4A callout on jA. SM2 can be crafty and lock Chandy down well, it’s definitely hard for her here. Defense - Defense is where it’s morseo back to the obstacle circus. Chandy doesn’t have that melee pressure really, so it’s back to standard zoning for her. Remembering what was covered previously, using movement and certain moves like 2X to slide under air laser and correctly navigate her game is the best advice one can give here. Supports provide a good helping hand here, Togekiss (Speed Up), Magikarp (ikr?), and Emolga are really good at providing either an enhancement to movement or punishes on gaps in zoning (or in the case you get hit then Magikarp COOOOOOMMMMME THRU). Neutral - Ok so, this may sound repetitive but neutral is literally the same thing. SM2’s midrange is nice overall but Chandy has the edge here with longer ranged normals like 5Y and 2Y. jY makes its presence known here as well. But bad framedata turns the tides, as 5Y is a whopping 21 frames and is high, and 2Y is a 17f low that can’t be cancelled. What does that mean? It means that low stance is powerful here, which gives SM2 that ability to armor lows at no HP cost. He may not be able to act proactively but Chandy’s slow moves are the reason for her doom. With good reactions, SM2 can play the high-low game and has coverage of options he can’t react to via Low stance (unless it’s 4Y or 6X rip). SM2 should win midrange because of this, since options like 6X can be OS’d. Long range is pretty much in Chandy favor with not factoring in supports, otherwise SM2 usually can opt for Attack Up support(s) and use Pillar as if it was 1.3 Wii U. Burst - Burst is something else, it’s kinda like this: Chandy pops Burst. Shadow Mewtwo snorts cheeto dust gets super-mewtwoian (?) strength. In other words, Chandy burst sucks a lot compared to SM2. I dunno how Burst helps her other than light armor but SM2 can fight it decently well. The main scare is here Burst Attack which has counter armor, it’s hard to teleport on reaction too. If Chandy ever pops defense Burst, I guess that’s ok?!?! Like really, it’s lackluster and you still play the same game as if she wasn’t in Burst. Say SM2 pops Burst, well Chandy has having a hard time especially with a BA OS (which Jayniro so kindly has on Youtube.). With Burst giving SM2 so much more, much more frequently thanks to 100cc it’s a big factor in this matchup that gives him the clear edge.
  7. Introduction This matchup is pretty straightforward from on both sides, one’s a chicken gorilla and the other is a gorilla with a banana in his shoulder. Both deal fairly good chunks of damage when either gets in and opens them the other up, and both deal recoil to themselves, Blaziken doing more to himself on average than SM2. What this covers… - Round Start (Stadium sized) - Field Phase - Duel Phase - Offense, Defense and Neutral - Burst Round Start - At round start I definitely feel SM2 has the advantage, his homing has higher priority, he has a fairly long range fY to cut Ken off from getting the initial synergy crystal at the center of the stage and has fairly good ways of cutting off his movement with sY, nY and 5AA. SM2’s main objective is getting the first synergy crystal so he gets the lead in the meter race, and it increases his chances of getting Burst within like ~20 seconds. Field Phase - Field as a whole is in SM2’s favor. Ken’s zoning game just isn’t enough and leaves him too vulnerable. Tatsu is something to look for, especially if the SM2 likes to overextended and go all Touhou zoning on Ken. Committing to Miracle Eye at the wrong time can lead to death, not just to Tatsu but by homing, Blaze Kicks or fY. Where SM2 really just fucks over Ken is the fact that he can cover and provoke movement options from the center of the stage well. His dashes are kinda clunky, most tend to favor his sidestep which can be punished by a well timed sY, homing or jY. Ken should never jump in FP unless it’s to whiff punish something (maybe a bY in neutral idk) otherwise fY will most likely catch him and beat out whatever option he does. In the case Ken does get on top of you in FP, SM2 has some defensive options to get out. After blocked Blaze Kicks, side homing and jump back jY are good ways to avoid another set of Kicks. Homing guard on Blitz is a good way to reduce blockstun from it as you don’t have an option to beat it in Field consistently. If he’s plus, instant jA is pretty nice at getting out, although punishes are kinda wonky. Duel Phase - Duel is a whole other monster and the flow shifts heavily in one or the other’s favor whenever either a tag. SM2 has the advantage here I’d say, he has more tools to work with than Ken. However here is where mistakes are pretty costly; SM2 uses HP in all three main aspects of Duel: Offense, Defense and Neutral. If he screws up, Ken has buttons waiting to smack you with like Blaze Kicks and 8X. Offense - Offense is pretty shit for Ken, he doesn't really have the defensive options to contest SM2. 2X being his only low profile sucks, it not avoiding highs until frame 5 sucks even moreso. 8X is generally pretty good to avoid SM2’s 2Y pressure or mid lows like 6X. Ken has other buttons like 6Y and 2Y that are tied for his fastest and are ok at mashing out. Then again if Ken is ever mashing anything during SM2's pressure I dunno what the hell they're thinking. SM2 can get a lot of a KD and fairly safe ‘traps' using his jA, Pillar or frametraps off normals. A smart SM2 really won't overextend and risk putting himself -8 in Ken’s face. His pressure is pretty much revolved around Miracle Eye as it allows for a very quick mixup. It's one of his lowest costing Specials and sometimes increases frame advantage (6X 4A +2, 5Y 4A becomes -4 instead of -8 etc). Ken can't exploit SM2's main options out of ME cancels consistently when put in that situation. Those main options being jA, throw or continue with normals like 2Y, 6Y or jX. jA is probably the safest out of them and avoids lows, midlows, grabs and armors anything Ken can mash. If the move is too slow, SM2 can Fadeaway Flamethrower as a 9f whiff punish or just return to neutral where he has the advantage. Overall, Ken has to hold dat mix otherwise he's taking a chunk of damage on top of the HP recoil. The reward for guessing right is fairly good but the risk isn't worth it against SM2. Defense - Say SM2 is getting dunked on. Ken is just in his ass and made a home in it. Luckily for SM2 there's some defensive measures he can take if he's willing to use the HP. With Ken’s 5Y being jump cancelable it does bring up a hiccup in SM2's plans. Ken having a jY safejump makes DP (Dragon Punch, i.e a reversal) a huge no-no after getting KD’d. Aside from that, DP will fry this damn chicken. All of his 6A followups except non-EX Blitz (6AX) will get beaten by Psystrike, even if you mash it! So yeah, it's essentially you holding that 50HP recoil plus damage from 6A_ but in return you can get a phase shift (meaning meter and a chance to Recover) or stay in Duel with a KD to start pressure. In the case Ken is plus on block like off 8X or 4A, then instant jA is your friend. Being able to armor pretty much any followup in his pressure and possible punish is huge considering there's a much smaller HP cost this time (10 for jA itself, up to 40 max using followups). His threat of a piercing move can only be done out of 6A_ or a j[A] but those are fairly slow and SM2 may have escaped by then. Ken pressure is something that really shits on you if you dunno what you're doing, otherwise I think it's ok. Neutral - The neutral game is structured to where SM2 can pretty much control mid and long range but enters a guess-fest up close. Despite Pillar not having hitstun, it's an extremely fast option that can force block and allows SM2 to get in with an advantage..if he decides to go in and ME. Other than that, Blast is fairly good and can be used for the same purpose. Ken can't really contest here and 5A is pretty wack. Mid range isn't as one sided due to the threat of 8X, 6A_ and iAD jY. All of them have a property that prove usefulness: 8X avoids SM2's 2Y and 6X pressure, 6A being unreactable (13f) and iAD jY is just a fairly safe option that gets him in. The only advantage I’d say SM2 has is a semi-fast projectile being Blast. When looking at it as a whole it does kinda seem even mid range, I just feel SM2 slightly edges out by having a better fireball, a decent anti air and handful of solid whiff punish tools. Close range is almost always going to be in a situation where one has a clear advantage, otherwise it's messy guesses. There isn't much other than that lol. Burst - Burst is pretty crucial for both characters. On average, SM2 is gonna get it probably twice a round with some change leftover. SM2 can use Burst for several purposes: maintaining pressure, gaining advantage in neutral easier and/or quickly, not having to guess in a mixup etc. Ken pretty much would use it for the same reasons. The fact that SM2 gets it more often than Ken is why I think it gives him more of a ...boost you could say. SM2 has to let Ken get away with some things when fighting his Burst, but 6Y being a 13f move classified as a heavy is really useful at having Ken respect the fact that it’s your turn even if he’s in Burst.
  8. SpinCycle

    Tier List?

    I'm not one to be to invested in making tier lists, but I guess it couldn't hurt. Pentao actually has good reasoning concerning SM2s placement. Actually taking note of his "blind spots" in neutral! While I agree with what you said, I think in DX he's 5th -> 7th (whatever tier that may be). His long range neutral changed but doesn't make him lose MUs, his blind spots are moreso ranges where his normals lose to basically anything (High/Low, CA). An example(s) would be midrange air space where iAD jY or jAA can just get blown up or has little reward. Nothing is really stopping this character from being top 5 other than those two things: weak options in certain neutral spaces and risk/reward getting more skewed when he uses more HP. Things I believe the player, if skilled enough can make up for.
  9. Shadow Mewtwo is a character that has numerous resources that the player is required to be aware of in order to be successful with him, not only does one need to be aware; they have to be able to manage them correctly while factoring in things like what oki, mixup, combo provides what they want at x cost. There are many things to really think about during a match, but in terms of resources there are four main ones: Burst, Support, HP and PSP. Burst is your lifeline, having 100cc means you can get it very quickly. Burst can give you instant momentum, a way out of pressure, etc. One of your main priorities is making sure you get this asap. Support provides assistance in areas where SM2 can be weak; neutral, risk/reward (hp recoil) or countermeasures in certain matchups, managing it isn't really hard as you have a locked charge time, it's moreso being aware of when to use it and how to use it to it's fullest. HP is the number one important resource you must manage, conserving HP is possible in just about everything you do and you have the possibility to gain Gray Health via Recover or ]A[. Lastly, PSP is one of the variables that controls what you can do in Duel Phase, however we'll be on that subject later on. HP - "Why does that green bar keep getting smaller?" Throughout the duration of a match, HP is bound to go down with this character; whether it be by getting hit or your own doing (i.e HP recoil). Conserving HP can be done in key areas of your play: Neutral, Combos, and Okizeme. Neutral In neutral, HP is mainly used for maintaining space control, dealing chip damage and mixups to open up your opponent. The risk of whiffing his normals makes spacing an matter of utmost importance when trying to win neutral. When it comes to pressuring in midrange and up close, his normals have you covered; however, when it comes to zoning and far range there is no option other than using HP (i.e Pillar or Blast). Thankfully those aren't within his comfort zone and with a character like SM2 it isn't too hard to get into areas that are. Keep in mind that in some matchups especially zoners you will face situations where you need HP (and good movement) to combat them! Now conserving doesnt mean you have to go 100% healtless; during your pressure you can special cancel for a mixup, for a chance to re-position, etc. A general rule when it comes to managing your HP in neutral is to limit how long you spend HP, giving yourself breaks in increasing your Gray Health (which is bad if you get hit!). Combos A common thought among people that look at SM2 is that he needs HP to deal damage or to do x in a combo. This is true in some situations, and for the most part you will use HP to not cut your reward short. When it comes to conserving HP in combos, it's best to look at what ender you want to use; and what oki/position you want your opponent in. Now, depending on the starter you get you may not be only able to spend say, 40HP and if you somehow did, your damage output would be much lower. So there must be a balance along with awareness that allows you to make a decision on what route you want to take. Common enders that do not require a launch 'pre-ender' would be Slash, Zen Headbutt and Psystrike. Using at the most 50HP which is inside the "Recover Range" (10-60HP potentially gained back) and leave you with options to work with via a knockdown/ shift-knockdown or tumble state leaving you + and still in DP. Enders after a launcher normally favor the costlier side of the spectrum to maximize damage like Slash-Vortex. However, you could opt for 8Y[Y] and use none and get a Recover off while still being at frame adv! Exploring your minimal HP enders and working with them to get the oki you want is highly important when trying to maintain pressure and the life lead. Okizeme So you've done your combo (or a happy lil' combo dr-..reset) and you've gotten a knockdown. It's time for your okizeme. At first glance he has some very simple strings that include Psywave (Vortex/Slash) which have a negative Chip-to-HP ratio no matter the charge level. Those type of oki(s) are good to have every once in awhile, not only due to the CTH ratio but the fact that he is almost always at a frame disadvantage, sometimes punishable if not careful. When talking about conserving HP in your okizeme there are things you sacrifice: shield damage and chip damage. Offensively you would be using a combination of normals and special/jump cancels to perform mixups while still being as safe as possible. There are way too many possible oki(s) to list, so here are two examples. The first could simply be 6X - jump cancel - x ; being + after the JC and having aerials that can control the air space you create at minimal HP is really good. A second one can be 5Y - ME: it's very fast yet reactable and leaves you -4. It's usefulness comes in catching opponents off guard due to the speed, allowing you to sneak away with pressing more buttons and continuing pressure or go for a throw. The opponent may have successful countermeasures but that is possible for any oki. This is one of the harder things to master as a SM2 player, it requires extensive character and MU knowledge to increase chances of success. Meter - "Wait, didn't I just use Burst? But I have it again already!? NANI?!!" Field Phase In FP there are various ways to gain meter: whiffing/hitting projectiles(and specials), collecting synergy drops and phase shifting. These are the main three methods you'll be utilizing. SM2 has one of the best FP's in the game, having excellent attributes that put him ahead of most of the cast in terms of his toolkit, movement and mixup/oki. Technically there are such things as 'optimal meter combos' but it doesn't matter too much. However there is somewhat of a relationship between meter gain and damage, given a few exceptions. Let's narrow it down to more common enders such as Homing (5XXX), fY and Slash-x. Homing can lead to a frame trap whilst dealing decent damage, and around average meter gain. fY does better damage than Homing in most cases and does more meter, however instead of having a tumble state like Homing upon Shift, it causes a launch -> air tech. Lastly there is Slash->x (Slash/Blast/Vortex). Having the highest damage and meter gain with multiple oki options after a Shift, it's a really solid route to go for when the opportunity arises. Using a combination of Synergy Drops, combo routes and what some might call "FP zoning" (using projectiles) to gain the most meter you can to accelerate the process of obtaining Burst or already having it available going into DP. This makes your DP scarier and safer while also having you focus on bettering your FP and awareness, something so crucial in SM2's matchups. Duel Phase DP is quite different than FP in terms of gaining meter. Either via shifting, using specials or landing attacks. The significance of meter gain in DP isn't near FP, but it ties in with your HP management. The less HP generally means less meter gain. Combos aren't a big deal and going for such things as "meter optimal" is another way of saying "spam specials as much as possible" which is not rewarding in the slightest for damage. For SM2, he mainly will get his meter from shifting or supports. His mixups are a good way to open someone up for a combo or throw which give ample meter, oki opportunities, etc. "Managing" your meter in DP is more like trying to get it as quickly as possible but without being reckless. It's tough to have that self-control when in certain situations, but once mastered, it is highly rewarding. Support - "SM2 learned Helping Hand!" Synergy Supports are weird. Honestly, when it comes to your support as SM2 you want it to make up for his weaknesses. Said weaknesses could be matchup dependent or an overall flaw with the character. Is gaining meter one of his weaknesses? Hell no, but when he has no momentum to gain it frequently along with costly (HP) and/or unsafe defensive options and an 'ok' neutral game he will have some trouble against characters like Mewtwo, Pikachu or Machamp. That's where Cresselia or Jirachi can come thru we don't talk about Victini. They can give from 30-45% of his meter gauge, more than shifting in either phase! This allows you to gain Burst and shift the tides considerably. In tandem with Special (cheer skill), you'll have access to either support at the start or within a good 20 seconds of the round. Not to mention the meter you also gain to make up for the amount that is gained only by the support. This is game-changing in matchups against other 100cc characters or ones with high threat Burst Modes like Lucario or Charizard, giving you the advantage with Burst on stock before them. Healing Obviously as stated before, health is important. There are a nice selection of supports that heal: Cress, Eevee, Sylveon, Togekiss and Espeon. Each of them have an additional side effect like meter gain, self buff or removing debuffs. This makes running a support that heals much more appealing than those that are offensive like Yveltal or Mismagius, as well as all of them having fast to average charge times giving you a good dose of (60 or more) HP in 30 seconds or less! Having an alternative to Recover which can take away any pressure you have that is much faster and has a buff, can be a deciding factor in battle. Running Special is such a good way to get support when in matchups where your life depletes faster than you can handle (which seems like all of them!). Phase Shift Points - "lol lemme grab at 1PSP" Duel Phase PSP can affect a lot of your actions in DP. It can cut combos short, change your oki or effect your opponent's thinking when you are going for a mixup/reset situation. We all know the basic rule of when it hits 12, you phase shift, but there is more to it than just a simple counter. Resets In terms of resets I mean exactly that. As simple as ending with Blast for a + standing reset into throw, or a bit more fancy as Pillar sideswaps. Since you're dropping your combo for whatever reason, you'll need to keep in mind what PSP you already have used. For instance, if you have 8PSP left and want to go for a throw reset after Slash1; your opponent may think you'll finish the combo and not be looking for a throw. However if at say, 2PSP where you cannot really get any damaging combos going, they may realize this and go for a throw crush or perhaps another method of escaping and punishing your attempt at a cheeky grab. Versus higher skilled or aware players, PSP is one of the factors when it comes to resets. A rule of thumb: The higher amount of remaining PSP, the less enticing a reset seems thus making it the lesser prioritized option to look out for by the opponent, but as PSP dwindles as well as damage due to route limitations, the reset is a more likely option and is in the forefront of the player's mind. Okizeme Okizeme, in relation to PSP is about pressure starters. This doesn't mean use a 6PSP move as a pressure starter because it may not be good! You have to be able to know which out of your better starters can be the most efficient in a Fresh (12), half(6) and low(4 or less) PSP conditions. For example, when you have 3PSP left, using 6X or 5Y as an oki is a good idea as both can perform damaging enders (mainly 5AYX) before a shift occurs. "What gives the best reward?" "Does this limit my opponents options well enough?" These are questions that can help you decide what option is best at the given time, sooner than later it'll become secondhand nature. Combo Optimization Combos are altered a great deal by PSP, sometimes forcing you to use enders you would probably never consider using in the first place. On average, SM2s combos will use 8PSP. All of his launchers use 4PSP, and his enders usually cash out the rest of the 12. Psystrike is an exception by not using any until completion (8AAA) meaning it is possible to gain a knockdown for even 0 PSP! When it comes to punishes, especially 9f and 13f you may feel kinda conflicted as to what combo with. Too put it short there is no reason to never 2Y as a 9f punish because it can combo into 8A and reward with a knockdown or shift if at low PSP. Using 6Y over 5Y grants more damage when you have 4 or more PSP but 5Y - level 1 Psywave(x) ender is better for low PSP. It's also good to mention when performing say one or two linkers than you keep track of PSP, giving you a heads up with generally enough time to switch up your ender if necessary. Conclusion - "That was a by-the-books battle!" As as SM2 player, your goal is to always keep these in check. Losing track of something could mean the loss of a round or elimination out of bracket. I like to think of these four things like this: HP - Conserve this as well as possible without it becoming a chore/hindrance. Meter - Frequently gain this asap as it is a valuable piece to his being as a character. Use not just SM2 but also the game mechanics to help you. Support - Use them to focus on an important resource like HP or Meter, using cheer skills to get them quickly. Could also use to decrease risk/reward or other areas where supports can pick up slack. PSP - Be aware of the changes you'll have to make throughout the DP as the points are consumed not just in one area but in all of them, that includes your opponent's mindset. I hope this guide has helped anyone wondering how to become more efficient with this character which overall makes him more fun! ~ Spin
  10. SpinCycle

    Shadow Mewtwo's 6X loops

    What are his loops? SM2's loops are identified by the name of the move, simply put. The first one is named the jY loop and the second is the Divekick ( jX ) loop. Both loops provide what is called "healthless" combo routes, in other words meaning he doesn't use any HP during these combos! This is a great way to conserve your HP without sacrificing (too much) damage or in some cases, doing optimal damage. Focusing on his jY loop, it's primary purpose is to corner carry. The way you perform is depends on the character but the main thing is you do 6X - iAD jY - repeat. Below are the character specifics, mainly what type of jump you do: Neutral Charizard Machamp Blaziken Sceptile Empoleon Backwards Mewtwo SM2 Gardevoir Garchomp Darkrai Decidueye Forwards Weavile Cannot loop Pikachu P.Libre Braixen Suicune Chandelure Lucario Gengar Scizor Croagunk Do note the PSP that these loops consume, all characters that are neutral jump or forwards, except Sceptile are 3PSP meaning you could do a maximum of 4 reps which carries the entire length of Ferrum Stadium. All characters that are back jump and Sceptile are 4PSP meaning you can do a max of 3 reps with less carry. 3PSP loops scale more than 4PSP, so keep that in mind when doing a 3PSP you should end the combo earlier (say 2 reps instead of 3) to get more damage. A very special thing to note is that there are "hybrid" loops which basically means you are doing both 4PSP and 3PSP loops in one combo. This works on all 4PSP characters and Machamp/Blaziken. Doing a 4PSP loop on the latter two is the same as 4PSP: simply jump back! This increases the amount of heathless damage you can do and allows for an ender even after '3' reps on a 4PSP loop, pretty neat! Lastly, when doing a 3PSP rep on a 4PSP character you can only link a 13f move or faster (5Y 6Y 8Y 2Y). SM2's Divekick loop is a corner only loop that is easier execution wise than the one above. This has some quirks with it too, the notation is 6X - jX - repeat. Just like the jY one the direction needed to jump depends on the character, in this case you need to hit jX low enough to reduce the time of recovery making 6X able to link again. Neutral Pikachu P.Libre Weavile Braixen Backward Blaziken Lucario Sceptile Mewtwo Chomp Chandelure Garchomp SM2 Scizor Croagunk Blastoise Cannot Loop Machamp Gengar Charizard Suicune Darkrai Decidueye Aegislash Divekick has no PSP even when in combos, so you can do this basically 5 times fully as the 6th 6X will shift. The damage is decent for heathless, around the 250's when optimal. For Braixen you can also back jump to have more consistency. Given you can do multiple 6X meaties in the corner and get a frame trap, the probability of getting this loop is higher overall than the jY variant. A thing to note is that the combo takes a few seconds to actually complete, in other words it's not that bad in case you want to run down the clock a couple seconds. What are they for? To simply reiterate the purpose for these loops, it's for heathless/optimal damage, corner carry, or time stalling. You can be creative to use the loops however you wish, but these are the primary uses. How practical are they? The loops are very situational and one of the few things that actually require good execution. Being able to hit confirm it midmatch is something that takes some time. For the jY loop you at least need space to get off the loop more than once and the chances of you getting more than 3 are very, very rare. In short, the jY loop is the optimal midscreen combo SM2 has and has great reward off his arguably best button 6X. However the required things you need right; execution, spacing, the opponent's character and your PSP don't come in neat little boxes frequently. Highly rewarding, highly situational. As for the Divekick loop, being able to hit confirm in the corner is easier due to 6X's cancel window. The main issue here is doing jump back and jX quick enough but not too quick, meaning you have to hit it low and fast enough to link 6X again but not so fast that you jX immediately on top of them. With practice in matches and in training mode using options like "Random Block" to practice hit confirming, timing, etc you can become consistent in doing them. But keep in mind that execution is only one piece of the puzzle, and sadly most of the time you don't get all the ones you need in a match. What combos can I do off _ loop? For Divekick loops here are is an example from Bolimar General information and closure These loops don't work in Burst because: A) His jY is single hit B) His jX has PSP and wallsplats Overall, these two loops are very nice to have in your arsenal when having a creative and damaging way to conserve HP other than Recover. It's one of the more harder things to do but it's worth it whenever you get the chance. I recommend for mid-high -> high/top level SM2's practice it to give you an idea on how you can effectively reduce your usage of HP without giving up stuff such as damage, pressure, meter etc.
  11. Yo I loved how it was run, despite some no-shows to be expected tbh there were enough setups to run multiple matches. Stream didn't have issues afaik. Seating was kinda poopy but that was a given. Reporting you results to a person was fine, it was nice you ran it on smash.gg then I look over and see Smash doing it on paper . Overall I think it was p good.
  12. Might as well start now, I wouldn't want to see a pasta-fest like in Season 1 which I wasnt present for at the time and more intelligent play and not have people somehow NOT punish Psystrike rofl. I feel splitting up into teams can be much more efficient in getting more information for different levels of play. The teams could be based off skill level or just experience, tbh its a good way to connect with people you may not even know existed lol. It's something that can be a major project for the community and fun too!
  13. > "labbers working on a framework of what there is to be explained and written up on, later finding new volunteers and fellow players" This is a good idea, but the problem is would we try to get a labber(s) for each character? Unless I'm blind there isn't many for some characters, such as Sceptile or Champ, and I mean people who both main and lab the character; those who do multiple would be included regardless for extra input. As for the framework itself, there is much to be discussed and given that no one really turns to this forum (although in its second, new form which was supposedly a 'revival' of some sorts) it would have to be located elsewhere (i.e the popular discord server). The actual document would have to cover a number of different topics and subtopics I assume, due to the game having more depth than meets the common eye. Of course seeing this will be a group project I suppose we could use a Google Doc for anyone to contribute with valuable information, links to spreedsheets, templates etc... It could really help people learn about the game more with a easy-to-use resource hub, a database for videos, link dump for textual info, you get the point.
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    Dont forget the one to the NEW SM2 discord: https://discord.gg/Ya73KMx