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  1. The rise of the new Duel-to-Field exploit

    Amended accordingly
  2. Great news for players going or thinking about going to EVO Japan in January, the Official Japanese Pokkén website has announced a supported free to enter 2v2 bracket as a side event. While absent from the main lineup of games, the most skilled teams will still have a chance to achieve the full EVO glory experience as the finals of this event will be broadcast from the main stage. General infomation on the event: Event begins on 27/01/18 from 10:00am JST (which is 26/01/18 8:00pm EST & 27/01/18 01:00 GMT) 64 team bracket (128 players) Waseda style single elimination (both members play a game, 2-0 for a win, if both teams have 1 win and 1 loss the two winners of each face off, winner's team advances) Both team members can't use the same Pokemon Players are character locked from the start of the event Only the Hori pads supplied by the event can be used, button configuration can be changed The tweet from the Japanese Pokemon Twitter account announcing it is here The full announcement can be found on the Japanese Pokkén website here EVO Japan's webpage can also be found here
  3. If you, like others have seen the word “Thermodynamics” flying around today (some of us for the first time knowing such a word even exists) it’s probably because of the discussion surrounding a glitch in Pokkén that has recently gained a lot of traction. The glitch involves phase shifting while in a dash state from duel to field – thus granting access to duel exclusive moves in field so long as that state is maintained. Thanks to extensive labbing from Antwerp; followed up by Gintrax, who served to spark attention on this new glitch tech, people are now looking heavily into other ways to make use of this new craze on their own Pokemon. The applications vary per Pokemon, with characters like Gardevoir gaining access to effective future sight setups in field phase. The real origins of this glitch begin a patch ago when a Japanese player found a way to use Scizor’s bullet punch, a duel exclusive move, in field phase. Though the method was promptly patched by the devs, it seems you can’t keep a good thermo-nuclear-dimensionally-transitional-dash-exploit down. If you want to get in on the action there’s a compiled list of already found uses compiled by Burnside here, and a hundred individual discussions across social media on what to “officially” name it. My vote goes to “Phase Cross”. A cross over of phases while crossing phases. What’s your pick?
  4. Want to get into Pokkén competitively or teach one of your friends? If that’s the case, CrowSpaceBoy has got you covered with his new ongoing series of videos: Phase Shift. His first video, easily accessible on the Shoryuken Youtube account, covers the introduction to the series, footsies and Lucario’s 2y. The series aims to guide its viewers to learning advanced tech within Pokkén initially through Lucario, before branching into the other Pokémon in the game. The first video is here: The next Phase Shift will be covering a Bone Rush Option Select. Stay tuned! If you want to follow CrowSpaceBoy you can find him on Twitter here
  5. Pokkén DX 1.1 patch released

    The highly anticipated 1.1 patch for Pokkén Tournament DX has now been released! Be aware that on the new patch, previous replay data from the old patch will no longer work, so save your clips before you update! Main changes include: 3v3 mode added to Online Friendlies, Online Group Match and LAN mode. Record & Playback feature added to Training mode Info display settings added - (Can change whether or not you see win percentages and losses or just match wins on online match records. Turned to only match wins by default, can be changed back to how it was in Profile Settings of My Town.) Individual Pokemon Bug fixes and the rest of the patch notes can be viewed here
  6. The patch notes for the highly anticipated first update to Pokkén Tournament DX have been official released! With this patch, trainers will now be able to enjoy the new Team Battle mode in online friendlies, online group matches and even in LAN mode - which opens up the possibility of 3v3 brackets at future offline events. Additionally the recording feature in training mode will also come with this patch, allowing trainers to properly study countermeasures against moves and situations that cause them trouble. While no new major gameplay or balance updates have been noted, there are various bug fixes across the board for certain Pokemon. The Pokemon bug fixes have been translated by Pentao The patch is said to arrive Mid-November For the official Japanese release of the patch notes, see here A link to the official English release of the notes will be provided when available.
  7. Welcome to the second Weekend Watchlist from the Pokkén Arena staff and what a big weekend we have in store. The highly anticipated DX only major: Final Boss is now upon us, with a lot of the high level competition from all over America in addition to some of the top players from Japan and one of Europe’s brightest stars. This alongside the Canada Cup just a day before make this one of the best weekends for quality Pokkén content this year. Make sure to spread the word, you won’t want to miss any of what’s to come! Final Boss October 28-29, 2017 Newark, NJ _____________________________ Streams: Main Stream- Secondary Stream- Schedule: (Taken from Final Boss page) Times are in EST Day 1 (Oct 28) 10:00am - Doors Open, player, check-in, warm-ups 10:00 - 11:30am - On-Site (walk-in) registration, Waseda Team Event sign up 12:00pm - Waseda Team Event (Top 4 Teams advance to Day 2) 2:00pm - 1v1 Pools 1-2 start 4:00pm - 1v1 Pools 3-4 start 6:00pm - 1v1 Pools 5-6 start 8:00pm - 1v1 Pools 7-8 start 10:00pm - Pokkén Salty Suite or side event TBA Day 2 (Oct 29) 12:00pm - Doors Open, warm-ups 1:00pm - Waseda Top 4 Finals 3:00pm - 1v1 Top 16 Finals Prize pool: $2500 1v1s $500 Team Waseda Event Notable entrants include: Due to the sheer number of “notable entrants” spotlight will be given to the overseas competitors from Japan and Europe ELM Azazel Midori Uho Syado Momo Gintrax More Info:én-national-3000-pot-bonus/details Canada Cup October 27 2017 Ontario, Canada _____________________________ Stream: There will be no stream for this event however VODs will be uploaded here- Schedule: (Taken from Canada Cup Side event page) Times are in EST 7pm Start @ BYOC section of the venue: (Hilton Airport Toronto) Notable entrants include: SmashSteve InTheGroove More info: Hope you enjoy this weekend's events! Be sure to let us know if you want the Weekend Watchlist posts to continue by leaving a comment below.
  8. A new patch has been announced for Pokkén Tournament DX providing some features that have been heavily requested so far, such as the ability to play Team Battle online and the addition of recording/replay in free training. The patch also features new ranked rewards and various minor fixes. The full extent of what's in the patch is unknown for now but this leaves hope that perhaps the Team Battle mode could also be added as a LAN mode feature in the future. The patch is not currently live nor has a scheduled date for it's release yet. Update 1: The official English website has now posted on the patch providing a bit more clarity on what's coming up: It is also specified that this is "first" update, eluding to further updates along the game's lifespan. Image Source:
  9. Revolution 2017: Full Results

    As the dust settled after a long-fought bracket reset in London, one man emerged victorious: that man’s name was Goreson. The newly crowned Revolution UK 2017 champion fought his way back from top 8 losers side after being downed once by his adversary from America: Oreo. Goreson showed no mercy on his path to grand finals taking out big names like RoksoTheSavage, xAbsoluted and Rubs to earn his shot at revenge against Oreo. Standing tall atop the European meta once more, Goreson has proven he’s still EU’s shining star. Congrats to EMT Goreson for his thrilling performance as well as to HBA Oreo and all the other members of top 8 at Revolution! Special shout out to all who attended including the players who flew over from America, who helped make this the biggest major Pokkén event in Europe so far. Group A1 Group A2 Group B1 Group B2 The full bracket is available here: If you missed the 9 game thriller that was the grand finals or simply wish to relive the Top 8 in its entirety, the VOD is available here: Timestamp 03:02:36 – 05:35:34 And will be uploaded to YouTube in due time.

    Litten combos jX, (litten), 5A, j6YY AA (242 dmg) 5YY, 6AA, (litten) jAA (250 dmg) Burst mode: 4[Y], (litten) BA (279 dmg) 5YY, 6AA, 2X, (litten), 4[Y] (299 dmg) 6YY. (litten), 5A, jYX AA (298 dmg)
  11. Now I'd like to say that the production value first off was amazing. I absolutely loved how good this worlds looked. The streams were great, the commentators were amazing: A lot of people have given major props to H2, Burnside and D1 and they genuinely deserve all the kind words. Really set the standard for what commentary should be like at for our events. The player cards and everything were fun and overall i didn't have any problems watching worlds. My only gripe. And it's a big gripe: The chat moderation. Like I KNOW we asked for chat and it was given to us and that's great and all, but the Moderation was so unreasonably over strict and ridiculous that it really distracted from how good this worlds stream was quality-wise. Numerous players got banned for saying reasonable things and a lot of conversation was stopped from happening. People were being banned for asking questions, answering questions, making supportive statements, I won't lie I think the chat was so unreasonably restricted, we may as well have just not had it up. I have a lot more I could say but you get the point. Worlds and LCQ were good from a spectator point of view, that's the main point here. And I hope the streams and production value continue to get better like this for next year!
  12. Revolution London

    Revolution is a premier Anime Fighting Game event held in heart of London and the first major event in Europe to host a Pokkén Tournament DX The hosts of the event are @NGIEvents We've also recently been granted a $1000 pot bonus from Mr.Wiz and the EVO team for our Pokkén Tournament DX event. General Information: Revolution will be held from the 6th to the 8th of October. The Pools for Pokkén start on Friday 6th, with top 8 on Saturday 7th. The event will be in the Double Elimination format with Double Elimination Pools. If you make it out of pools in losers side, you'll start top 8 in losers. Naturally it's a bring your own controller event. (If setups are needed i'll make a big deal about it at a later date) The event specifies that you must be 18 or above to enter The weekend pass and day tickets for the event can be purchased here along with pre-registering your place on tournaments: Payment for each tournament is £5 which will be taken from you at the door when you check in. Further Event information: People to contact for information: Event heads: @Firei_uk @Rayokarna ‏ Notable Pokkén Community members: @AngelDarkSong @Sabrewoif Event Location: Rocket Complex Islington 166-220 Holloway Road London N7 8DB, United Kingdom **IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that players from outside London purchase a Oyster Card at an Underground or Train station. This can be used on all London Underground & Docklands Light Railway (DLR) services, and will cut your train travel costs by half for the 2-3 days that you will be visiting London. Oyster cards cost 5 Pounds Sterling. Buy the Oyster Card and add money accordingly. ** The 3 nearest stations to the venue are: Holloway Road – London Underground Piccadilly Line Highbury & Islington – London Underground Victoria, London Overground & First Capital Connect National Rail Services Caledonian Road – London Underground Piccadilly Line We highly suggest heading to Holloway Road due to it being a 2 minute walk to the Venue. More information including specific directions from Airports and Accomidation: (A good area to look for Airbnb searchers is Holloway, being the best area near to the venue with good access to a wide range of food and stores) Event Schedule and Stream times:
  13. London Gaming Society Usually the first weekend of each month- July's one is July 8th A monthly anime fighter event hosted by NGI Events Location: High Cross United Reformed Church, Colesterworth Road, High Road Tottenham, N15 4BN Hyper Japan (14-16th July) A chance to try out Pokkén Tournament DX early Location: Tobacco Quay, Wapping Ln, St Katharine's & Wapping, London E1W 2SF Lagswitch Showdown (July 22nd) EU's equivalent to the popular online tournament: Battle of the Bandwidths with the winner earning a copy of Pokkén DX More Info:én-tournament-dx-giveaway-tournament/ Revolution 2017 (October 6th-8th) The first Pokkén DX major in the world, hosted in London by NGI Events. Location: Rocket Complex, London Metropolitan University, 166-220 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DB More info:
  14. Hey everyone! Hope the CEO/Dreamhack weekend was a fun one for you all, regardless of whether you were playing or watching. For the first time in probably ever, I can say happily that Europe has another major event to look forward to thanks to NGI Events. They've added Pokkén DX to their lineup of games for Revolution, their huge annual fighting game event in the heart of London. This means that London will be the first place in the world to host a major Pokkén Tournament DX event! NGI have been absolutely amazing in terms of helping breathe life into the London scene for Pokkén and without them we wouldn't have what we have now, so not only would a huge turnout be amazing for the scene but it'd show appreciation for a group that have gone to a lot of lengths for our game. General Information: Revolution will be held from the 6th to the 8th of October. The Pools for Pokkén start on Friday 6th, with top 8 on Saturday 7th. The event will be in the Double Elimination format with Double Elimination Pools. If you make it out of pools in losers side, you'll start top 8 in losers. Naturally it's a bring your own controller event. (If setups are needed i'll make a big deal about it at a later date) The event specifies that you must be 18 or above to enter The weekend pass and day tickets for the event can be purchased here along with pre-registering your place on tournaments: Payment for each tournament is £5 which will be taken from you at the door when you check in. For any questions or queries you might have on the event, the people to ask are @Firei_uk & @Rayokarna ‏on Twitter or alternatively the NGI account itself: @NGIEvents Event Location: Rocket Complex Islington 166-220 Holloway Road London N7 8DB, United Kingdom Literally everything else you need to know is on the NGI Revolution website (, including directions from various airports and local accommodation, don't hesitate to ask them, me or any other London based player if you need additional help with directions and the sorts. Hope to catch you at Revo !
  15. Dreamhack Sweden is a big event for the European Pokkén community, being that this is the first event that will see most of the region’s active and notable player base under one roof. A far cry from NA and Japan who regularly have access to major events and an actual form of infrastructure. As such it’s important to know there’s a lot riding on this event for many players and a lot of sub stories that will come to prominence during its course, these are just some. Rivalries and Stories going into Dreamhack Sweden: Netplay Warriors? It’s no secret that the EU region has been critically starved events due to the lack of any inherent FGC structure and the issue of borders within the region. Because of this, EU is in the interesting position of all having most of their notable players known only for their netplay. With the exception of AngelDarkSong and Sabrewoif, no EU players have been to a Pokkén event outside of the questionably run initial TPCi circuit of last year. Since then a prominent group of players have stepped up to try and claim the region as their own, many of them regularly sweep online tournaments with themselves as their only competition. But with no way to properly exert validation of their skill, there’s been a rise in tension and an uncertainty of who truly stands on top. Are players like xAbsoluted all they seem to be online? This is everyone’s chance to finally gain a result worth bragging about, to show that they’re not just carried by “online strats”. Can the “Netplay warriors” find victory on the only battle ground that truly matters: a major offline event? UK vs EU Since the beginning of Pokkén EU’s history there’s been a somewhat divide between the UK players and the rest of the mainland EU players. This rivalry has been ignited and tamed a number of times over the course of the community’s life but without any way to truly do anything about it. This rivalry will climax at Dreamhack with everyone being together for the first time. Most of the EU players don’t believe the UK players are much of a threat and that they’re the true contenders for the top spots, the sentiment is held also by the other side as most of the UK players don’t believe the EU players will place as well as they think they will. Still despite everything, the rivalry is a fierce but friendly one. Who will come out on top? In addition to the actual Dreamhack bracket, there should be a UK vs EU crews battle that is in the process of being organised and will likely be streamed by Goreson, please stay tuned for info on that and any other side event we may get going at Dreamhack! Sleepers Because of the previously stated issue of EU having no events to provide validation for themselves, the region’s internal power rankings are a shambles based mostly off the opinions of the various cluster groups. Many people looking into the region wouldn’t know who to definitively call the region’s top players because for the most part it’s purely a shouting contest between people who play ranked and online tournaments a lot. A lot of players from outside the inner circles probably wouldn’t even be able to name 10 EU players cleanly off the top of their heads. (do it I dare you) And because the region’s power struggle is so heavily focussed between the cluster groups of the London’s local scene and the EU backroom, there are a lot of really strong players who will fly under the radar rather unjustly and who will almost certainly provide a big shock to outside viewers and to the members of the cluster groups themselves. It’s not as clear cut as many believe it to be, this event will be a merciless brawl which will shock those who aren’t ready. Emotional value A lot of EU’s players are very passionate and full of love and competitive spirit for the game, however this could prove to be a fatal flaw for many of the players who will experiencing their first ever high stakes event. With a lot of pride, money and reputation on the line, what could prove key in this event is which of the players manage to hold themselves and their concentration together the best. For many this is not only the first big event the game has had for them but it could also be the last they get and thus their only time to shine. It’s put up or shut up for a long time, unlike in NA or Japan, there may not be another event to go to, no other chance to validate themselves and prove they can do it. That’s a very scary prospect to be going into. Matches to watch out for: Gintrax vs xAbsoluted The origin story of “Lucario Hours” and one of the most intense pride driven ego sensitive internal rivalries in the region. Gintrax vs AfroKami Best Sceptile EU? AngelDarkSong vs xAbsoluted The offline champion of EU vs the online champion of EU. Both prideful and confident, both expect and are expected to win by their cluster groups. Fabilous vs Goreson A long time friendly rivalry between two of EU’s titans, and should prove to be one of the best potential matches. AfroKami vs AngelDarkSong The historical meltdown London local rivalry stemming back to the finals of competitive Pokkén’s 1st “circuit major”: UK Nationals The UK/EU crew battle As previously mentioned, the community crew battle should prove to be both hype and a huge salt fest. Tournament Details Saturday 17th June 17:00 CET - 21:00 CET Sunday 18th June 14:00 CET - 21:00 CET Worlds Qualification spots to the Top 4. Cash prizes for Top 8. More details:én-tournament-championship-series-back-at-dreamhack/ Confirmed Notable Players: AngelDarkSong Goreson AfroKami Fabilous Sabrewoif Rubs Kemo Gintrax Finchster Dark Foowig Xabsoluted Galactasaur MillerTime JustinPig Gwan Yue Sentenza ToSaix