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  1. You ever feel frustrated against a tough opponent that was utilising a move for free? Well maybe that move listed here in BadIntent’s new video guide to punishing 10 prominent attacks in the game. A strong offence isn't all that makes a champion, don't forget to lab all your defensive options! While the video features some Aegislash moves it doesn’t feature any from Blastoise as it was released prior to the character’s debut. Please support Badintent and his continued helpful content !
  2. The Official Pokemon YouTube channel has now uploaded the VOD for the Grand Finals of the Oceania World Championships qualifier. You can now relive the epic half hour showdown between the two competitors that earned themselves the first spots at Worlds this year: Elm and Midori. Make sure you don't miss the qualifiers in Europe (June 16-17) and North America (July 6-8) As well as the World Championships themselves on August 24th -26th
  3. If you ever wrote off Croagunk as being a completely RNG based character you might want to rethink your assessment. Community member TheJrJam has proved there is more method in the madness than initially thought by showing that perfect cancelling jX into jA will always net Croagunk his best two projectiles (Tornado and Boulder) In addition to being a true block string, this can also be used to enable some amazing combos as Boolerex demonstrates by utilising the tech to pull off Croagunk's otherwise hard to land 4X. While he uses the Tornado outcome here, he assures it's also possible with the Boulder. What this does for the character and it's mains is provide stability and assurance in occurrence outcome and damage output. Slot Machines sound pretty appealing if you know how to net yourself a jackpot every time right? In addition to this, the newly expanded possibilities go further as according to JoNa, jY can also be used similarly not as a perfect cancel but with very specific spacing, allowing for increased odds of one of three better outcomes (Tornado, Boulder Sludge Bomb) It just goes to show that at any point a character's meta and options can change entirely. With these new developments in the open, the question is: will they be left alone by the devs? While some argue this development could be a "bug", it's also possible it was programmed in to allow the character to stand up competitively and reward those with the bravery to master the power of the unknown. All we can do is wait for future patches, but for now: watch out, these slot machines are rigged. To keep up with the Croagunk meta, be sure to check the Croagunk tech hashtag: #PTDX_GNK Editor's note: "Exploit" is indeed the correct word to use in this circumstance, its original non negative dictionary definition.
  4. A new Nintendo Direct has been announced for tomorrow: March 8th. With it will come new details on upcoming Switch and 3DS titles. This is a very exciting time for Nintendo fans and could prove to be even more exciting for Pokkén fans! The second strand of our initial paid DLC will be launching on March 23rd and there's a strong chance we could receive more details on it, but maybe even more details on a potential 3rd DLC character to fill the last remaining space in our CSS that will be left open once Blastoise is added! So set time aside and catch the Direct live at these times: 2pm PT / 5pm ET for America 10pm GMT / 11pm CET for Europe You'll be able to catch the direct here Let's all hope for some exciting news!
  5. The team behind the Pokkén tech channel, 21 Hits, are at it again with a new video. This time they're covering Homing Cancelling and Perfect Blocking, two skills that will prove very effective for players who are looking to dynamically turn their opponents aggression against them. Force your opponent to respect your defence by mastering these crucial techniques! 21 Hits continues to periodically upload great Pokkén videos covering techniques and combos that will surely be a boon to any player looking to level up their game. Please consider supporting 21 Hits and the duo behind the magic: Zyflair and FangShaymin
  6. The pot bonus for NorCal Regionals has recently hit the $1k mark making this an event you definitely won't want to miss. The bonus has been entirely self funded by continued support from various members of the Pokkén community through donations during and after NorCal Pokkén streams. Previously the NorCal community planned to fly out one community voted player to the event in line with reaching $500, but now the opportunity has expanded to three players from the NA community having a chance to get flown out for a chance to compete. Nominations for the flight awards remain open until the end of February with the poll itself taking place from March 1st to the 7th. Stay tuned to see who earns the awards and always remember to support your locals and events! Shoutouts also to Zyflair, Allister and the NorCal community for working hard to build up this event and make it what it is.
  7. Ever wanted to dive deeper into the theory and the craft behind the mastery you watch at Pokkén events? Luckily for you Burnside has you covered with The Burnside Breakdown, a streamed analysis of the top 8 for this weekend's major: Winter Brawl. There'll be lessons to learn and many intricacies to highlight, as the weekend's success stories are stripped down and explored in the debut of this new exciting way to relive the beauty of high level Pokkén. The stream will take place on Burnside's Twitch channel on Tuesday 27th at 6.30 EST. Pools of Winter Brawl will not be streamed, but Top 16 will be at 4pm EST on Saturday 24th here. Sunday's Top 8 will be at the same place but at the earlier time of 1:30pm EST. If you want to prepare for the event you can read the preview here. Be sure to catch the action live before the Burnside Breakdown shortly follows!
  8. The date and location of the North American International Championships, which was confirmed to be the location of the NA qualifier for the 2018 Pokkén world championship circuit, has been officially announced. The event will take place in Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, from July 6-8. In addition to this, the venue for the World Championships and subsequently the Last Chance Qualifier will be taking place in the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee from August 24-26. So gear up, book your tickets, and clear your calendars because you won't want to miss any of this year's action. The official statement from Pokemon can be read here. Good luck everyone!
  9. Aegislash and DX Patch 1.2 now LIVE

    That's right, the patch containing our first DLC character is now live. If you haven't already updated your system, hurry up! You're missing out on some sweet lab time. Aside from the addition of Aegislash, Mimikyu and Mega Rayquaza for those who own the DLC, this patch also comes with a balance patch. The patch notes can be read here with much thanks to Pentao for the translation! It's also worth noting that the newly expanded Character Select Screen, space is now open for two more Pokemon slots, one of which we know is going to Blastoise but the other remains a mystery... for now. How will the new Pokemon and supports change the meta? Will they affect your play specifically? Who will be the first player to make a breakout performance with our new additions? Only time will tell.
  10. As just announced in the January Nintendo Direct Mini, Pokkén Tournament DX will be receiving two waves of Paid Downloadable Content Wave One goes live on Janurary 31st and will include new playable Pokemon Aegislash with Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu as the first support set. Wave Two goes live on March 23rd and will include new playable Pokemon Blastoise with Mew and Celebi as the second additional support set. The "Battle Pack" which includes both waves of DLC is already available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop for £13.49/$14.99/€14.99 and will unlock new clothing options for your trainer and for Nia. With the Battle Pack, you'll receive the content immediately upon their respective release dates like other DLC "Season Passes". The Direct Mini itself can be watched in full here Writers note: It's not yet known if the wave one DLC will be usable at the Syndey Worlds Qualifier. Be wary.
  11. Guile eSports announced today that they'll be expanding their Pokkén roster with the new addition of Oreo. The Tri-state star will join Son_Dula in representing Guile at future events. With more support behind him, there's no doubt the veteran Mewtwo main will have a legendary year ahead. You can follow Oreo here to support him in his new venture, as well as his new team here
  12. It's been revealed that the Pokémon Oceania International Championships will be the first event to host a qualifier for this year's highly anticipated Pokkén World Championships. The event, taking place at Sydney Olympic Park, begins on February 9th and runs until the 11th. Day One of the Pokkén qualifier will take place on Saturday 10th with some form of top cut taking place the next day. More detailed information is sure to follow soon but it's very exciting to get a glimpse of what's in store for this year's circuit. The mere fact that this qualifier was announced and takes place far earlier in the year than any other previously is a good sign. This is also the first Pokkén qualifier held outside of Japan, North America and Europe. More information on the event including registration and entry can currently be found here
  13. The rise of the new Duel-to-Field exploit

    Amended accordingly
  14. Great news for players going or thinking about going to EVO Japan in January, the Official Japanese Pokkén website has announced a supported free to enter 2v2 bracket as a side event. While absent from the main lineup of games, the most skilled teams will still have a chance to achieve the full EVO glory experience as the finals of this event will be broadcast from the main stage. General infomation on the event: Event begins on 27/01/18 from 10:00am JST (which is 26/01/18 8:00pm EST & 27/01/18 01:00 GMT) 64 team bracket (128 players) Waseda style single elimination (both members play a game, 2-0 for a win, if both teams have 1 win and 1 loss the two winners of each face off, winner's team advances) Both team members can't use the same Pokemon Players are character locked from the start of the event Only the Hori pads supplied by the event can be used, button configuration can be changed The tweet from the Japanese Pokemon Twitter account announcing it is here The full announcement can be found on the Japanese Pokkén website here EVO Japan's webpage can also be found here
  15. If you, like others have seen the word “Thermodynamics” flying around today (some of us for the first time knowing such a word even exists) it’s probably because of the discussion surrounding a glitch in Pokkén that has recently gained a lot of traction. The glitch involves phase shifting while in a dash state from duel to field – thus granting access to duel exclusive moves in field so long as that state is maintained. Thanks to extensive labbing from Antwerp; followed up by Gintrax, who served to spark attention on this new glitch tech, people are now looking heavily into other ways to make use of this new craze on their own Pokemon. The applications vary per Pokemon, with characters like Gardevoir gaining access to effective future sight setups in field phase. The real origins of this glitch begin a patch ago when a Japanese player found a way to use Scizor’s bullet punch, a duel exclusive move, in field phase. Though the method was promptly patched by the devs, it seems you can’t keep a good thermo-nuclear-dimensionally-transitional-dash-exploit down. If you want to get in on the action there’s a compiled list of already found uses compiled by Burnside here, and a hundred individual discussions across social media on what to “officially” name it. My vote goes to “Phase Cross”. A cross over of phases while crossing phases. What’s your pick?