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    fresh meat looking for some advice

    thank you for the response! i am aware that suicune and braixen are zoners and i quite like them for that; zoning feels 'safe' to me. i know the majority of suicune's ranged attacks, and i can string them together in some combos in duel phase, but i'm utterly clueless when it comes to combos in field. the same can be said for braixen, however i have a little bit more of an idea of field combos with her. i've done the combo dojo tutorials with them both many times, enough to slightly understand what i'm doing-- but i'm prone to panicking and when i panic, i mash. so it's not the best, but i'm trying to move away from that and block more so i can feel safer.
  2. hi! i'm super new, i just got the game yesterday and i'm having a ton of fun with it. i'm slowly making my way through the leagues with suicune who i've decided to main for now. i've done a few friendly matches online and lost all of them, which is fine since i had some close matches and it was cool to see more experienced players, but i wanna git gud! and... is suicune good for learning the game with, or should i learn the game in and out with a different character before going back? which character has the lightest learning curve? one of my biggest issues is combos, its not that i don't know any, i do... but i suck at executing them in ideal situations. i also don't block nearly enough as i should, and i also am not great at reading. it should be noted that i want to learn every character eventually, but right now my eyes are on suicune, braixen and pika libre/pikachu. any tips at all would be greatly appreciated!