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  1. This is A lab guide for blastoise if you wanna show the world ur shellshocking power this is for you. I will be going over main tools combos best supports oki setups and more. Buckle in. Lets get started. Some of youre best tools include bubble, water spout, and water gun into either y, a, or x. The main things you wanna focus on when labbing is youre oki setups. For those who dont know what oki means... its the option you choose on youre opponents getup. Lets say you get a hard knockdown with 6Y you can oki into water spout forcing them to shield and take massive chip. Lay lots of traps like bubble and zone effectively in duel. Water spout also counter peirces so its very good to catch a cadc or counter attack dash cancel grab. Feild phase is the same. Keep them out with walls of traps like by dragon pulse which is inputed by doing 5a into x. Dark pulse which breaks counters. (5a into y) etc. Rapid spin is youre best way to get in but keep in mind it can be shield grabbed. So mixing it up with x can be a option. Toise has a lot of field mobility. After inputting side y 5y 5a etc he goes into sheild stance with r. Which can be used to gain a lot of mobility and get in. Zoners are toises biggest issue. This is where you wanna play very bait heavy and use charge a and rapid spin. This gives you lots of counter armor and a defense buff that lasts a bit of time. Use the buff to also get counter armor on toises 2a or his command grab. Be careful tho. As it has huge startup. Lots of toises moves suffer from this. And in general has some of the worst frame data. Now onto combos... the toise loop is very easy to pull off. The main optimal you wanna practice is 4a 2y 4y 2y 4y 8xx. This will give you the most optimal damage in duel. You can also use 8y which has a bit of invincability and is good for the blaziken mu. That combo is 8yr forward 5y 2y 4y 8xx. Now that you know the most optimal combos its time for supports. Mixing and matching is nice latios is good for pinning heavys in and chipping with water spout snivy is good for a get off me option and can even combo or chip. Prob the best choice. Pachi can erase projectiles for zoners and jirachi gives a nice buff to ur synergy burst. Or mega blastoise. Try out different ones and see what works for you. Other neat tricks is blastoises lowstance capiable of counter armoring highs things like uncharged machamp CA or charizards fire punch. Hydropump his 8a is good for catching airborne opponents and has iframes meaning as you charge the move ur invulnerable for a small window. Use this avoiding things like hyper beam from mew2. Well you now know the main tools to use as blastoise. I hope this guide helped some new blastoise players out there. Hes a fun character and who knows you may make tourney waves with him. Let me know if i missed anything. By: Ariel