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  1. godofhay

    Tournaments in Washington?

    I am curious about this as well since I just recently moved to Portland, OR. I have not had much luck with finding anything that mentions any locals around the northern part of the west coast. Pandarian, were you able to find anything nearby after posting this?
  2. godofhay

    Introduce Yourself!

    1. Jamal / godofhay 2. NorCal (soon to be Portland OR) 3. Started with Empoleon and learning Lucario 4. Twitter @godofhay_ 5. I like to stream random stuff, but am not a regular streamer by any means. 6. I'm moving to Oregon soon and have no idea what's around there in general (including a community if anything). Would be nice to know if there are others up there that I can chill and play Pokkén with! Since I am just starting out competitively it would be fun to learn from locals!