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  1. Hi folks! I was the head TO for Pokkén at CEO 2017, and I want to hear your feedback about the event! Discuss anything about the event, whether you're a player, commentator, spectator, etc.! Anything we can do to help improve future tournaments, let me know!
  2. Congratulations to the following players for events in this past week! Monthlies/Side Brackets: Syn - June 2017 Smash Jam - (Bracket Link) Utah HBA|Rokso - HAY 3 Pokken 1v1 (Bracket Link) North East HBA|Rokso - Inferno 1 (Bracket Link) North East Weeklies: HBA|EveryDamnDay - HBA Pokken Weekly #62 (Bracket Link) North East CoolJake - Friday Salty Pokken 24 (Bracket Link) Utah PuppyHavoc - Pokken Weekly Return 49 (Bracket Link) Online (Discord) Bebop - Ooples Pokken Weekly 6/10/17 (Bracket Link) Austin, TX Brocooli on the Side (Brocooli and Burnside) - Inferno 1 Doubles (Bracket Link) North East Tronzilla - Siege Day (Bracket Link) SoCal Afrokami - Meltdown Pre Dreamhack- Saikyo Saga (Bracket Link) EU Fumu - Pokken at Underground 6/13/17 (Bracket Link) Nebraska Did I miss one? Need something corrected? Let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.
  3. Hi folks! With the buzz about Pokkén Tournament DX, we’re seeing more and more activity and new faces in our various locations in the community. We have reports 10x the usual activity than normal on the forums alone, and that is fantastic. Keep up the good work, everyone, and welcome to the community! We caught wind of a UK TV/twitch show named On the DDL, and thanks to @naysayerz, Rudafuda has now been interviewed twice regarding the Pokkén community, and the outlook on the game looking forward. This was a great avenue, since I was told that their TV portion nets near 40k viewers. An excellent opportunity, and Rudafuda did a great job talking about the community, the game, and our dedication to seeing this become something great. We also have a submission button on our Front Page! We have one Front Page Editor at the moment, Jetsplit, but he can’t have eyes on everything all at once! If you find something that you think is worthy of front page material, be sure to submit it to that box for Pokkén Arena staff to review, and you might just see it up on the front page! In other big news, @STDXALLISTER was selected to participate in the e3 Invitational and represent the Pokkén community at this event! This is alongside other youtube stars and some notable FGC players. That event occurs TODAY, so good luck to those participating! Nintendo seems very serious about getting involved with the competitive side of their games, and Pokkén DX showed as one of their first of three titles they are supporting! Also, OUR DISCORD IS NOW PARTNERED! We are recognized as an incredibly active discord, and being partnered is amazing. I look forward to the continuing days of growth on the discord moving forward. You can easily reference this discord link now by just typing in discord.gg/pokken into your web browser of choice. Invite your friends who are interested in the game! We also announced Battle of the Bandwidths 2! An North America online tournament that the winner will win a pre-order of Pokkén Tournament DX! You can sign up for this bracket at challonge.com/BotBW2 . Looking forward to seeing the competition there. Just yesterday, demo stations for the game popped up for select locations around the US, and a few of the Tri-state region got to test out the new content. It provided valuable information on the characters and the new support set, and it all looks incredibly interesting to poke around with. You can view the footage on twitter, @ReyDelEmpire and @MinsPokken. This weekend is gonna be big! We’ll have Tekken’s Harada at CEO (unsure if he will stop by in the Pokkén area, or if his focus will be on Tekken 7 solely), and also some big names in Nintendo watching, by the buzz going around twitter! With Dreamhack also happening in the EU, this weekend is going to be really good for Pokkén. Till next time!
  4. Pokken at the Wishing Well

    SoFlo Weekly! 7p to 2a! https://www.facebook.com/events/178911402641342/?ti=cl
  5. Battle of the Bandwidths 2

    Pokken Arena Presents Battle of the Bandwidths 2! First Plase will win a pre-order of Pokken Tournament DX! Sign up now! http://www.pokkenarena.com/news.html/community-news/battle-of-the-bandwidths-2-r47/
  6. Pokken Arena presents Battle of the Bandwidths 2! First place will win a pre-order of Pokken Tournament DX! Sign up now! http://challonge.com/BotBW2
  7. Nebraska Pokkén: UMSK

    Join us in Omaha, NE on the 24th for Tekken 7, Pokkén, Street Fighter 5, 3rd Strike, and Guilty Gear! https://www.facebook.com/events/1396332667122713/?ti=cl
  8. Congratulations to the following players for events in this past week: Monthlies/Side Brackets: TheAppleBoom – Broad Street Battle (Bracket Link) North East Weeklies: Oreo - HBA Pokken Weekly #61 (Bracket Link) North East Wzurds - WNF Pokken Finale (Bracket Link) SoCal Twixxie - Pokken Weekly Return 48 (Bracket Link) Online (Discord) Fumu - Pokken at Sparta: Draft Bracket 6/1/17 (Bracket Link) Nebraska KomachiOnoduka - Aus Pokken's Secondary Saturdays #4 (Bracket Link) Australia SirSpudd - Pokken at Underground 6/6/17 (Bracket Link) Nebraska Bim? - VSGC Pokken Weekly 6/6/17 (Bracket Link) SoFlo Did I miss one? Need something corrected? Let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.
  9. Hello everyone! We have a LOT of new people interested in our subreddit, our forum, and our various discords, which is AMAZING. Welcome, everyone! For those who don’t know who I am, I’m Fumu, recently appointed head of Pokkén Arena. I help oversee development projects of our Pokken Community, among other things. I’m also the head TO of Nebraska Pokkén, and have assisted in tournament organization in various parts of NA. This week was big for our community. Long we have awaited news on either DLC for the Wii U, or a Switch port of the game. Getting the news of the Switch port is amazing, and my hope of getting additional characters if they went this route ended up working out as well. Decidueye looks awesome, and I recall a lot of comments when Sun and Moon released about how the ghostly archer would be an amazing option in Pokken. I, along with many others, will be very excited to try him out. In general, getting the 5 DX characters means we have some big names in other FGC scenes looking at the game again. I saw tweets regarding the new fighters from folks such as ESAM, MVD, Jwonggg, Nairo, ThePhenomenalEE, shofu, D1, and many others. These influential faces are awesome to have support from, as they encourage others to play the game as well. The future looks very bright for Pokkén. For our folks who have been with us, I want to very seriously encourage development of resources for the current cast. These new folks, especially who want to play competitive even at a side-game level, need these resources available to understand what all they missed out on during our journey to get here. Please review over resources in the various character pages on the forums to see what you can help develop. Help each other out! If you want a super good format for, say, a combo guide, take a look at the Lucario resources. Those folks did an outstanding job with theirs, and it’s a great format to model for the other characters as well. We have started up a Decidueye section on the character forums, so information can be shared there as well. If you are interested in the Decidueye discord, you can get the link by typing in the general discord “!decidueyedisc” or “!birbdisc”. Nia will hook you up. Looking forward, we have some big events coming up! Pokkén at CEO, Pokkén at Dreamhack Sweden, Pokkén at EVO, and LCQs at Worlds! With weeklies and monthlies of our various scenes sprinkled all in there, we’ll have plenty of Pokken action on the way up to the release. I also want to drop a small hint about a fun tournament we have planned for July 1st. Keep your eyes out for that one, details are almost completed. Keep adding events on our calendar system! With these new folks looking to our resources, we need to make sure information is up to date. It helps communicate about your local! Just make sure to drop a facebook event page link with the details, or whatever other social media channels you have it communicated on. We’ll help share the word out! Keep working hard folks! We stuck it out for the update, and we got our reward. Let’s seize this opportunity, and continue developing the community! #Pokken #LongLivePokken #GoToYourLocals #SupportYourLocals #PokkenDX #PokkenTournamentDX #PTDX
  10. It'll be up to everyone to help make sure the game is supported to prevent this. We already have hecklers bashing on the game, and salty folks who wanted a main series title on the switch instead of this. I plan to look past that and push forward to get this game the respect it deserves.
  11. Congratulations to the following players for events in this past week: Regionals: Scatz – Momocon (Bracket Link) Georgia Monthlies/Side Brackets: Bolimar - Seattle Regional (Bracket Link) Washington Double – Combo Breaker (Bracket Link) Chicago Oreo - Hidden Boss 7 (Bracket Link) North East Slippingbug - Alamo Battleground Monthly (Bracket Link) San Antonio Twixxie – Down Right Fierce 12 (Bracket Link) North Carolina Weeklies: BadIntent - Burst Attack! 17 (Bracket Link) NorCal Cooljake - Friday Salty Pokkén 23 (Bracket Link) Utah KomachiOnoduka - Australia Pokkén Secondary Saturday #6 (Bracket Link) Australia Shippo - HBA Pokkén Weekly #60 (Bracket Link) North East SkyRasen – Pokken at Underground – 5/30/17 (Bracket Link) Nebraska SuperTurboRyan - WNF 3.3 (Bracket Link) SoCal Twixxie - Pokkén Weekly Return 47 (Bracket Link) Online
  12. Hi folks, Fumu here for your midweek update! Despite the holiday weekend giving me a chance to unwind and relax, this past weekend quite a bit going on. Congratulations to the winners of the various weeklies, monthlies, and the regional that occurred this weekend! In regards to projects, we've got some stuff on the horizon that we are hoping to implement soon, which will aim to help increase the methods to contact us, and submit front page material for Pokkén Arena. All in works, so can't talk too much on the details just yet, but something to look forward to for sure. I still want to push for events being submitted on the calendar, even if the event is months away. If you have a confirmed date for the event, we want it on the calendar. This helps other TOs trying to plan future events, and in general gets the frequency of Pokkén events is a viewable format. Regarding the potential Switch leak, I want to encourage you to not go too overboard on excitement of this just yet. It is still undetermined if the incident was simply an editing accident, or actually an unintended leak of information. Regardless of what the true situation was, we do not have an official confirmation of a switch version coming. It’s possible, but not confirmed. I encourage everyone to help build/update/refine resources for the various character discords, to make sure information is very new-player friendly. It will be imperative to ensure the accessibility of this information, the friendliness of the documents, and of course, the accuracy of the information as well. Make sure to revisit old resources to ensure those documents are accurate as well. Let’s enter June with a drive to get stuff prepared for new players, especially since school is out! Looking forward to CEO! We’ll see you there. =) #GoToYourLocals #SupportYourLocals #LongLivePokkén
  13. Pokemon Worlds

    More info to come.
  14. You can either send that to a Pokken Arena admin, or you should be able to submit these requests yourself for a mod here to approve. You can also provide me the information via DM on discord for me to input. =)
  15. Hi folks! Fumu here, with a midweek update. I think it might be good to address progress on Pokkén Arena projects, development on resources, and in general what we can look forward to in the near future. First, Pokkén Arena. My initial idea was to get an idea on how we can improve resources available to new and existing players, and ultimately, the best way to do that is to ask the people who will be using the website the most; the community. Asking around, I received mainly push towards a recognition system in regards to a contributor badge of sorts. In speaking with Quiet on this matter, he mentioned there are a few coding hurdles he needs to hammer out on this item, so that is a work in progress. Secondly, we need to catch up on a lot of information. Resources that can be updated, tournament results in the appropriate thread, and also events on the calendar. This takes the initiative from the community to help provide. I'm reaching out to you to ask to help with these initiatives. If you see a gap is missing, see what you can do to fill it. Ask your character discords on what you can work on as a community to help provide information. Working together towards this goal is the best way that we can get caught back up to speed in the best way possible. If you need guidance on this, reach out to me and I will be more than happy to help point you in the right direction. Ideas are great, but the community needs people to act on the ideas and see them to fruition. Regarding the Calendar, make sure your TO submits event information to the calendar, and advertises using this website. We won't get traffic to Pokkén Arena without people directing people to it, so we need to start using that as our first point of information. Looks like we have a few monthlies this weekend, so make sure to tune in and support those if you can! #GoToYourLocals #SupportYourLocals My DMs are always open, or just respond back on this thread if you have a question or comment. Thanks!