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  1. Hi folks! We want to hear your feedback about the event! You can rate the event and give specific feedback either here on this thread, or anonymously here!

    Pokkén Tournament DX comes out today on the switch!
  3. FINAL BOSS - $3000 Pot Bonus

    FINAL BOSS, a Pokkén exclusive major held in New Jersey, will be held on October 28th to October 29th! General Information: The event will be in the Double Elimination format with Double Elimination Pools. If you make it out of pools in losers side, you'll start top 8 in losers. Make sure to bring your own controller! $3000 in pot bonuses! $2500 to 1v1 Singles, and $500 to the 3v3 format! People to contact for information: Event Organizer: @hitboxarena (Johnny) Head TO: @TheDanGoodATTE (Fumu) Other Points of Contact: @RoksoTheSavage (Rokso) Event Location: The Wyndam Garden Hotel Ballroom 550 Rte 1 and 9 S, Newark, NJ 07114 Phone: (973) 824-4000 Event Schedule and Stream times: Schedule of Events: Day 1 (Oct 28) 10:00am - Doors Open, player, check-in, warm-ups 11:30am - On-Site (walk-in) registration ends 12:00pm - 1v1 Pools 1-2 start 2:00pm - 1v1 Pools 3-4 start 4:00pm - 1v1 Pools 5-6 start 6:00pm - 1v1 Pools 7-8 start 8:00pm - Team Battle Mode Tournament (Top 4 advance to Day 2) 10:00pm - Pokken Salty Suite Day 2 (Oct 29) 12:00pm - Doors Open, warm-ups 1:00pm - Team Battle Mode Top 4 Finals 3:00pm - 1v1 Top 16 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/275333242936309/ RSVP today!
  4. I was the Head TO for Final Round, Apple was the Pokken General. Some of the issues that arose out of that are entirely my fault. I blame no-one but myself for the mishaps that happened there. And for the two tournaments I ran, if there isn't major feedback regarding the event, I can't just go asking people to make stuff up. If there seriously wasn't an issue with the event, then so be it. I still heard my criticisms about the events, and took those to heart. Hell, I still hear about problems with DHATX17 today. These feedback threads have never been focused on an attack on anyone. They are intended for people to voice their opinions on issues with the event. People are allowed to voice their opinions with it, and now with the survey option, they can rate the tournament and provide feedback anonymously.
  5. SuperTiso, as i explained on Twitter, I have done feedback threads previously on here as an open forum. I intend to always offer options to submit feedback regarding my events, and people can be 100% truthful with me. This feedback thread is not anything malicious toward ANYONE. Without feedback, we have no way for us to improve our events. If there are repeat complaints, that means we as TOs overlooked something that should have been addressed. We should be learning from the mistakes, instead of repeating them. Again, this is not an attack on anyone. Not The Apple Boom, not the Big E Staff. No-one.
  6. For the sake of feedback, we will be sharing the anonymously submitted feedback given by the survey here as well. 100% anonymously, i have no idea who submitted what.
  7. Hi folks! We want to hear your feedback about the event! Discuss anything about the event, whether you're a player, commentator, spectator, etc.! Anything we can do to help improve future tournaments, let me know!
  8. Defend the North

    You can find information about this event on their website. 66 Hale Ave White Plains, NY 10601 http://www.defendthenorth.com/
  9. Ladies and gents, When I stepped into the role for head of Pokken Arena, I was introduced to a back room channel. I began using this channel, instead of some sort of "higher-power club", as a leadership channel and as a project management channel. We began organizing efforts to improve things around PA, the main discords, etc., and the organization has worked well, I think. However, because it was a "back room", it has often limited our speed of progress on certain projects, simply because we don't have enough hands available in the leadership to help run with the potential projects. I want to change this. I'm asking for responsible volunteers to join us with projects to help better things around the Pokken Community. I need people who are go-getters, and can help us actually implement some projects, get some traction on them, and try to get them up and running as soon as possible. I need people who can bring new ideas to the table, and maybe even act as the project lead to help manage the project, and help delegate tasks to those who are willing/able to help with the project. If you are interested in helping with project work, you can join us on the discord channel here: https://discord.gg/XVvPdZV Please note that if you are in the channel, you are expected to be helpful and contributing something productive to the discord channel. Failure to be productive in the channel may result in removal from the channel. I appreciate your interest in helping with this community's development!
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pokken Arena is proud to announce the Awards of Excellence for Q1! These are awards given to players who excelled in 8 different categories, based on results from their locals! Most Points 1st: HBA|Rokso - 820 points 2nd: Suicune Master - 604 points 3rd: Slippingbug - 522 points 4th: Forest - 438 points Most Active Player (# of tournaments) 1st: Fumu - 24 tournaments 2nd: Bebop - 23 tournaments 3rd: TIE at 21 tournaments- HBA|Rokso, SkyRasen 4th: TIE at 20 tournaments- Forest, Tronzilla, Wonderchef Well-Versed (Highest # of Unique Player MUs) 1st: HBA|Rokso - 35 different players in bracket 2nd: Bebop - 33 different players in bracket 3rd: TIE at 32 different players in bracket - Fumu, DeadlyShoc 4th: TIE at 31 different players in bracket - HBA|WhiteyWhite, sq1|slippingbug Active Match Battler (Highest number of total matches) 1st: HBA|Rokso - 285 Matches 2nd: Fumu - 263 Matches 3rd: WonderChef - 252 Matches 4th: SkyRasen - 246 Matches Active Set Battler (Highest number of total sets) 1st: HBA|Rokso - 106 Sets 2nd: Fumu - 102 Sets 3rd: SkyRasen - 95 Sets 4th: Forest - 86 Sets Highest match win rate 1st: Kukkii - 83.93% 2nd: sq1|slippingbug - 80.00% 3rd: CoolJake - 79.13% 4th: Thulius - 77.33% Highest Set win rate 1st: CoolJake - 92.31% 2nd: sq1|slippingbug - 90.67% 3rd: Kukkii - 90.00% 4th: TIE at 85.71% - Suicune Master and meLo Biggest Rivalries: 1st: eM|SuperTurboRyan v Rox - 60 Matches 2nd: SorryTag vs Fumu - 43 Matches 3rd: Abyss|Tronzilla vs Wonderchef - 40 Matches 4th: HBA|Rokso vs Madluk Help support your locals, and you might see yourself on this list!
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pokken Arena is proud to announce the Awards of Excellence for Q2! These are awards given to players who excelled in 8 different categories, based on results from their locals! Congratulations to the following! Most Points 1st: HBA|Rokso - 957pts 2nd: HBA|Oreo - 766 pts 3rd: Fable|Suicune Master - 661 pts 4th: SQ1|slippingbug - 606 pts Most Active Player (# of tournaments) 1st: HBA|EveryDamnDay - 21 tournaments 2nd: TIE at 20 tournaments - HBA|WhiteyWhite and TheSandyDragon64 3rd: TIE at 19 tournaments - HBA|Rokso, HBA|Oreo, Fumu 4th: SkyRasen - 17 tournaments Well-Versed (Highest # of Unique Player MUs) 1st: HBA|Rokso - 41 different players in bracket 2nd: HBA|WhiteyWhite - 39 different players in bracket 3rd: HBA|Oreo - 35 different players in bracket 4th: TIE at 31 different players in bracket - TheSandyDragon64, Mezza Active Match Battler (Highest number of total matches) 1st: HBA|Oreo - 280 matches 2nd: HBA|Rokso - 271 matches 3rd: SkyRasen - 209 matches 4th: HBA|Whiteywhite - 205 matches Active Set Battler (Highest number of total sets) 1st: HBA|Oreo - 100 sets 2nd: HBA|Rokso - 94 sets 3rd: HBA|WhiteyWhite - 88 sets 4th: TheSandyDragon64 - 78 sets Highest match win rate 1st: Ghav - 79.17% 2nd: BadIntent - 76.47% 3rd: SirSpudd - 74.44% 4th: SQ1|slippingbug - 73.68% Highest Set win rate 1st: Ghav - 86.67% 2nd: SQ1|slippingbug - 84.62% 3rd: CoolJake - 84.00% 4th: SirSpudd - 83.78% Biggest Rivalry 1st: SkyRasen v Fumu - 48 Matches 2nd: SkyRasen vs SKDale - 42 Matches 3rd: HBA|Oreo vs Shippo - 37 Matches 4th: HBA|Rokso vs HBA|Oreo - 36 Matches (There was a three way tie for 35 matches: Wonderchef vs Forest, MFG|Utah vs StormStriker, and CoolJake vs Syn) Help support your locals, and perhaps you can find yourself on this list!
  12. Hypertension 14

    Nebraska Pokken July monthly has been announced! We'll be joining New Age for Hypertension 14! ARMS side bracket for this one! https://smash.gg/tournament/hypertension-14
  13. Hi folks! I was the head TO for Pokkén at CEO 2017, and I want to hear your feedback about the event! Discuss anything about the event, whether you're a player, commentator, spectator, etc.! Anything we can do to help improve future tournaments, let me know!
  14. Congratulations to the following players for events in this past week! Monthlies/Side Brackets: Syn - June 2017 Smash Jam - (Bracket Link) Utah HBA|Rokso - HAY 3 Pokken 1v1 (Bracket Link) North East HBA|Rokso - Inferno 1 (Bracket Link) North East Weeklies: HBA|EveryDamnDay - HBA Pokken Weekly #62 (Bracket Link) North East CoolJake - Friday Salty Pokken 24 (Bracket Link) Utah PuppyHavoc - Pokken Weekly Return 49 (Bracket Link) Online (Discord) Bebop - Ooples Pokken Weekly 6/10/17 (Bracket Link) Austin, TX Brocooli on the Side (Brocooli and Burnside) - Inferno 1 Doubles (Bracket Link) North East Tronzilla - Siege Day (Bracket Link) SoCal Afrokami - Meltdown Pre Dreamhack- Saikyo Saga (Bracket Link) EU Fumu - Pokken at Underground 6/13/17 (Bracket Link) Nebraska Did I miss one? Need something corrected? Let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.
  15. Hi folks! With the buzz about Pokkén Tournament DX, we’re seeing more and more activity and new faces in our various locations in the community. We have reports 10x the usual activity than normal on the forums alone, and that is fantastic. Keep up the good work, everyone, and welcome to the community! We caught wind of a UK TV/twitch show named On the DDL, and thanks to @naysayerz, Rudafuda has now been interviewed twice regarding the Pokkén community, and the outlook on the game looking forward. This was a great avenue, since I was told that their TV portion nets near 40k viewers. An excellent opportunity, and Rudafuda did a great job talking about the community, the game, and our dedication to seeing this become something great. We also have a submission button on our Front Page! We have one Front Page Editor at the moment, Jetsplit, but he can’t have eyes on everything all at once! If you find something that you think is worthy of front page material, be sure to submit it to that box for Pokkén Arena staff to review, and you might just see it up on the front page! In other big news, @STDXALLISTER was selected to participate in the e3 Invitational and represent the Pokkén community at this event! This is alongside other youtube stars and some notable FGC players. That event occurs TODAY, so good luck to those participating! Nintendo seems very serious about getting involved with the competitive side of their games, and Pokkén DX showed as one of their first of three titles they are supporting! Also, OUR DISCORD IS NOW PARTNERED! We are recognized as an incredibly active discord, and being partnered is amazing. I look forward to the continuing days of growth on the discord moving forward. You can easily reference this discord link now by just typing in discord.gg/pokken into your web browser of choice. Invite your friends who are interested in the game! We also announced Battle of the Bandwidths 2! An North America online tournament that the winner will win a pre-order of Pokkén Tournament DX! You can sign up for this bracket at challonge.com/BotBW2 . Looking forward to seeing the competition there. Just yesterday, demo stations for the game popped up for select locations around the US, and a few of the Tri-state region got to test out the new content. It provided valuable information on the characters and the new support set, and it all looks incredibly interesting to poke around with. You can view the footage on twitter, @ReyDelEmpire and @MinsPokken. This weekend is gonna be big! We’ll have Tekken’s Harada at CEO (unsure if he will stop by in the Pokkén area, or if his focus will be on Tekken 7 solely), and also some big names in Nintendo watching, by the buzz going around twitter! With Dreamhack also happening in the EU, this weekend is going to be really good for Pokkén. Till next time!