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  1. 1) We were actually debating about the order of the tournament placements on the card, so we'll definitely note that there was a bit of preference for the tier order instead of the chronological order. 2) We did have IcySoapy provide the W/L totals of just their records vs the others in top 25. IcySoapy actually did release this information separately from the presentation, and the idea of the player cards in the presentation was what would be easiest for the players to share their results with. We can explore this more for DX Season 2 if there is additioanl interest in included this information in the presentation as well. 3) We will make note on the HMs for the future. Thanks for your feedback!
  2. If we do a shorter period, we would likely remove the event minimum for the periods specifically. So, for example, if we did a DX Season 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.0, the .1, .2, and .3 rankings would be the 4 month period, with the 2.0 being the entire year added up. The event minimum is in place to ensure we have at least a certain amount of data to help make rankings a tad more accurate, and likely would still be in place for the yearly rank, but not the 4 month periods. However, if folks feel like 3 periods is too much, and the two periods that we had for DX Season 1 was sufficient, then we'd like to hear if that was preferable. Mid-season did not have the event minimum in place, but the final rankings did. We also offered up a reminder prior to the summer season for those who haven't hit the minimum yet and had a chance to rank. Thanks for your feedback!
  3. It's definitely possible to do this, but it requires two things: 1) All brackets have to be ran on smash.gg instead of challonge due to the character reporting not being supported by challonge at this time. 2) The TOs actually have to report this data. Some events do get this data, and it's fantastic when we have that information available. However, some of the third-party groups who TO a bracket for us do not report this data, usually seeing it as a nuisance to the process. Sadly, this is a "all or nothing" effort, and getting it to that "all" point is extra difficult. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. I appreciate your feedback on this, Madluk. I'll try to comment on everything presented. 1) I can agree with the HMs being a bit iffy, and causing some issues for those who landed in HMs compared to #25. 2a) The method of determining the rank of an event looks at the context of the players. It's a formula that takes ((Total number of Players)+(Total Number of Ranked in last Period players)+(Total Number of International Players)) to determine a score. 2b) We can certainly work on the communication, and we did push for our usual sharing methods, but it all takes participation. I hope this improves in the future as well, not only by our team, but also from the other members in the community. 3) One of the proposed changes was to actually have shorter periods in the season, potentially 4 month periods, and then the results of the 3 periods totaled up for a 'end of the season' final ranking for DX Season 2. The minimum event rule would obviously need to be waived for the periods, and we would have to look at the event minimum in regards to the end of season ranking. Another proposed idea by a player who has spoken to me in the past is regarding a leaderboard, where the ranking order would just always be available. The downside to this is we have a tough time hyping up a presentation or reveal of the ranking via this method, so it would take some tinkering. Need some player opinions on if that is desired by a lot of players or not, as some might worry too much about the "race" if it is live time, and could be seen as a de-motivator. Or the exact opposite, who knows? 4) We discussed heavily in regards to an X-factor for DX season 1, but ultimately decided that the timing of when we were talking about it (July/August iirc), it was entirely too late in the season to add in. We were exploring this for potentially DX Season 2, and have a method to that in the works. 5) While Azazel and ELM did show up on the midseason, by the end of the season, they both only had 2 events in the US. These are the US rankings currently, but we'll be looking into potentially doing JP and EU events as well, and maybe somehow doing global rankings. That part gets a bit tricky with international matchups are increasingly rare outside of particular events, but we'll be exploring this option and have discussed with the team previously. On your note regarding the formula for the rankings, I have to definitely thank Burnside for the assistance in developing the weighted formula method, as the season 1.3 formula was definitely a tester and had some unintentional mis-balancing of the weight between head-to-head vs placement, and stuff like that. Regarding Season 1.3 rankings, we definitely had to pull together what we could based on review of what counted as a regional, so I imagine some events were placed in question for sure for that. We learn from each of these rankings, and hope to improve as we go based on review and feedback from the players. Again, I really do appreciate your thoughts and feedback on the DX Season 1 rankings.
  5. Might just say who i'm referencing since the quotations can lead to lengthy posts, lol Jetsplit, one of the ideas shot around was to actually expand the rankings to three separate regions that we would manage. So for DX Season 2, should there be enough events for each region, there would actually be a DX Season 2 ranking for JP, NA, and EU. Figuring out how this would all work is the struggle, but it's an idea that has been tossed around for sure. I did try to remind folks about the fact this is North American ranks only, and the fact that OOR players can qualify on there should they attend enough events, but it only works so much. There definitely needs to be a way to recognize those OOR players who travel to NA events to compete and place well enough to be recognized for those, but we totally understand it is a financially costly thing to fly overseas sometimes. Things in the works on that for sure, but we are totally open to expanding into JP and EU.
  6. The rules for the system were briefly given on the thread for the rankings, but also explained more at the midseason presentation. A quick overview: Head to head represents 45%, placement represents 35%, and the hitlist represents 20%. We almost did a top 50 for this season, but the number of players who attended the minimum numbers of events (3) was really low, and thus the accuracy of the rankings would have mainly been in question. Trust me, I really really wanted to do a top 50, because I really enjoy having that, but we needed more active players at majors to do it, and we unfortunately just did not make it to that number.
  7. Hi everyone! This is a thread intended for feedback on the Pokken Arena DX Season 1 rankings! We want to hear EVERYTHING. What you liked, what you didn't like, general thoughts on the rankings, all of it. We are in the works for the system changes for DX Season 2, but we want to make sure that we hear feedback on the rankings that just released to consider any sort of potential improvements to the system. Please note! If you provide us something that you didn't like, make sure to give you suggestion on how to make it better! For reference, you can find the rankings and rule explanation here:
  8. My concerns with this event as a TO looking from the outside in are: 1) Yet again, the attendee lists are not released until pools are out, and I never understand why EOs do this. We want to know who is attending the event, and i don't see the harm in revealing that information at least two weeks prior to the event. Seeing tweets from players showing that brackets weren't available until day of is also crazy to me. I have ran two brackets that allowed day of registration and had brackets out by at least Wednesday that same week. I just post a disclaimer that registration is still open, and the bracket can potentially change at any time. Handles it easily. Not giving our players a chance to prep ahead of time when compared to other majors, we have this? Seems offputting. 2) When I worked with Shippo to submit the seeding, we had no way to know which attendees were in numerous games to prevent time conflicts as best as possible. Also, when we submitted the seeding, and conflicts were not brought back to us to address instead of blindly moving people around without considering what was being moved. This shows a lack of care about the condition of our pools from the TO. 3) No pools stream? Why were we at least notified this was going to be an issue and given the opportunity to maybe set up a community stream instead? We want to see these matches! Numerous people were dissapointed in the fact these were missed. 4) In addition to the last bit, paper brackets were used, no character data uploaded for the pools, and brackets were updated until the day after. I personally have ran a 91 person tournament, had character detail for each set, and updated everything live. We have the means to do this, and I don't see where the problem is with that. Aside that point, I had people messaging me saying the wifi signal in the venue space was perfectly fine. 5) A week before the tournament, Burnside requested from Apple to be removed from the bracket. Apple said he would look into it. Nothing happened. Two days before the tournament, Jamm requested from Big E to be removed from the bracket. This happened within the day. Burnside then approached Apple again about being removed, and we were told it was against the rules to be removed. I asked where these rules were shared, Apple stated they weren't shared anywhere. Burnside then went to Big E to ask to be removed, and was that same day. Seriously? 6) At one point, Apple stated that he relayed all of our concerns already to the EO, Big E, and that he isn't able to do much in his position. As a request, usually your TOs know more about the community, and can handle quite a bit on their own. If TOs are limited down to essentially bracket runners, it puts a lot of weight on you, the EO, that isn't really needed to happen. You hired staff who you trust to run the event, so let them run their event. If there is a problem that comes up, address it. 7) An additional concern was the fact that we met the same number of attendees as Guilty Gear, yet were given half the number of pools GG was. A lot of players were frustrated about this, especially since we had 8 pools last year with similar numbers. All in all, my concern is we have this list of issues and concerns that were mainly brought to me about this event, and it felt like ultimately there was a lack of care of the matter from the TO. I was very upfront with this with Apple. I really hope things change in the future. The venue fee for these events are more than other events I have attended, and yet our players are getting less out of it. Every event we open up feedback threads for players, and while it takes their initiative to actually post here, I get an earful in my DMs about issues that have occurred for Big E events. I just want things to improve so our players can enjoy the weekend's bracket, alongside with meeting back up with the community.
  9. Hi folks! We want to hear your feedback about the event! Post below with your feedback in regards to the event, stream, or anything else related to the event. Thanks!
  10. Presenting the DX Season 1 Mid-Season Update If you would like to watch the video presentation of this update, please view it here. RULES FOR DX SEASON 1 Explanation of the 3 Step system used for the results TOURNAMENTS CONSIDERED FOR THE RANKINGS HONORABLE MENTIONS TOP 25 through 21 TOP 20 to 16 TOP 15-11 #10: BOLIMAR - @causey_dale #9 DOUBLE - @double_FGC #8 ELM - @elm_motochika #7 StDX | ALLISTER - @StDxALLISTER #6 INCONTROL | ROKSOTHESAVAGE - @RoksoTheSavage #5 THANKSWALOT - @ThankSwalotVGC #4 AZAZEL - @Azazel_811 #3 TOASTY - @Toasty_BD #2 BROKEN ALLIANCE | TWIXXIE - @TricksyTwixxie #1 SLIPPINGBUG - @Slippingbug
  11. Fumu

    Pre-Patch 1.1 Matchup Chart

    I don't recall these being the results you gave us previously. And why is SKDale credited? He doesn't play the character. Toasty plays the character somewhat and is in general a high level player, but i would still.think you would stick to specifically blaziken mains who have tournament results (i.e not me) for this information.
  12. Hi folks! We want to hear your feedback about the event! Post below with your feedback in regards to the event, stream, or anything else related to the event. Thanks!
  13. Hi folks! We want to hear your feedback about the event! Post below with your feedback in regards to the event, stream, or anything else related to the event. Thanks!
  14. Fumu

    Coaching Discussion!

    To weigh in on this myself, I have actually always allowed coaching between games at events I run. I think it is a great tool to use, and we don't see much of it in our community. It can especially be helpful for newer players, since a fair amount of folks always seem to ask to have 1v1 sessions with folks to learn the game. In the comparison of sports it is equivalent to a time out, so I see little problem with it personally. Just keep it to a reasonable time frame. Between rounds was an interesting concept because I saw that comparison to a boxing match, where the coach talks to the boxer in the corner. It also helps that it is timed. Ultimately. I think games is more appropriate.
  15. Fumu

    Coaching Discussion!

    To follow up on yesterday's poll, these were the results: