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  1. Was able to get very limited footage of experimenting with Popplio. In a nutshell, you can jump, do an aerial maneuver, and use 2nd jump, OR jump, jump, aerial maneuver. Attacks should always be used last, since most attacks will lock you for the duration of your jump. You can throw out and attack and double jump again in some cases like attacking in Charizard's or Decidueye's glide, or chandelure after an aerial laser. I also confirmed popplio being used with gardevoir j.R, weavile j.A.j, and Pikachu j.A.R
  2. Global/Community: ALLISTER Burnside Fumu North America: Fumu Europe: Gintrax Sabre Japan: Midori Sasahune Character Specific: Blaziken: BadIntent McDareth Braixen: Double Shadowcat Chandelure: Twixxie Charizard: Scatz Garchomp: SKDale Rokso Gardevoir: Bendy Ouroboro Gengar: SirSpudd Lucario: Zyflair Machamp: Ouroboro Mewtwo: Mewtater Thulius Pikachu: Kino Pikachu Libre: MeLo Slippingbug Sceptile: Gintrax White Chocolate Shadow Mewtwo BadIntent Spin Suicune: ALLISTER Burnside Weavile: Mitchel All of these people are here to help. Don't be afraid to reach out to them!
  3. More and more people are getting their hands on the Nintendo Switch! If you're looking to add some friends, post your friend code here!
  4. 5y~5yyy and 8y is special cancellable, which means you can interrupt these attacks with mirror coat. What is this used for? You can avoid critical counter attacks with this technique! Check out this video for details!
  5. Midori, the Darkrai main from Japan was nice enough to provide footage and notations in his quick walkthrough! Check it out!
  6. Hey Folks, Pokkén Tournament DX is right around the corner and the new game has added a feature, 3v3 team battle. There have been heavy discussion about it being present at tournaments and the big question come up - Should 3v3 be a standard in competitive play for Pokkén Tournament DX? Or should we continue with our traditional 1v1? Please answer with an explanation and try to include some pros and cons. (Not familiar with the 3v3 format? Click this link on some brief details!)
  7. Also, if you're not able to go out and get access to stamps/envelopes, you can order both online from Amazon etc.
  8. Shoutouts to MajoraZ + /r/pokkengame Discord and a HUGE shoutout to Burnside for collaborating and providing the Graphics, Mission statement, and Prompts!
  9. Hey Pokkèn Fam! Welcome to Operation: Synergy We are planning to send physical letters to TPCi about our concerns with Pokkèn Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U. We will be sending a letter every 2 weeks with a new prompt each time. It's incredibly significant that we as a community make the biggest impact as possible, so it's very important that we mail our letters on the same day so the volume of each wave will be overwhelming. Here's how it's going down: 1. Use the Official Operation: Synergy template that has been provided: 2. Write a short and simple letter that describes your concerns and follows along with the prompt 3. Take a picture of your letter and post to Twitter including #OperationSynergy 4. Wait for the select date to send out your letters 5. Seal your letter in an envelope, stamp it, and send to the following: The Pokémon Company International 601 108th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004 USA This is our community's opportunity to have a big impact! We are making a huge statement, come join and be a part of Pokkèn history! Have fun, and thank you for your participation! WAVE 1 PROMPT: Send out on 3/15 WAVE 2 PROMPT: Send out on 3/29 WAVE 3 PROMPT: Send out on 4/12
  10. Diglett sways the land Eevee has chosen its path Lapras floats the sea
  11. A leaf drifts lower Sceptile protects our forest Tellur Town Autumn