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  1. Hey everyone! This is the fifth Player of the Week post here on Pokkén Arena. This series aims to feature a different member of the community each week. We'll include information about the player like their region, accomplishments, best sets, and more. We hope you enjoy! For the fifth Player of the Week feature, we wanted to highlight the Singapore player Enigma! Enigma is a proficient Gardevoir main from Singapore who has been around since the beginning of Pokkén. Her journey started when her father downloaded the Pokkén Tournament demo in 2016. After trying it out, she had a lot of fun with it and ended up getting Pokkén for the Wii U. Prior to Pokkén, Enigma had no fighting game experience. When selecting which character should be her first, Gengar popped up because he looked cool. Then, she decided to use Pikachu to get through The Ferrum League, Pokkén's story mode. Later, she unlocked Shadow Mewtwo and mained him for the general stretch of her Wii U days, with Gardevoir as a secondary. Nowadays, Enigma says that she mains Gardevoir, with Pikachu Libre and Mewtwo as secondaries. She also says she plays Shadow Mewtwo, Braixen, Lucario, Darkrai, Suicune, and Chandelure. Quite a jack of all trades it seems! Enigma was a netplay warrior for the entirety of her Wii U Pokkén career. She later discovered the r/PokkenGame weeklies and eventually dipped her toes into the community in late August 2017. Enigma then found the Australian Pokkén community in February 2018, and it was one of the first times she felt a true sense of belonging. After branching out, she always assumed she was the only competitive Pokkén player in Singapore, until another player named Bryan reached out to her. They met up once and came to the conclusion that they were the only players that played Pokkén, so they decided to form a local community in Singapore with the two of them as the leaders. Eventually, a player named Joseph appeared, who also had ties with the Smash community. Nowadays, there is a consistent core group of Pokkén players in Singapore that show up to every meetup! After some time, Bryan and Joseph handled the offline tournaments, while Enigma lead the online ones. Enigma and the rest of the crew still continue to grow their local scene and welcome anyone to come and join! Fun Facts: Enigma and her family lived in Texas for about 6 years. She competed for 5 years in a state-wide academic competition called PSIA. She got 1st, 2nd and 5th in science, art memory, and math. Courses she's currently taking include English, Chinese, Math, Additional Math, Chemistry, Physics, Elect-Literature, Social Studies, and full history. She considers herself a bookworm and enjoys reading a lot. She's currently re-reading Game of Thrones for the 4th time! Enigma enjoys drawing, mainly preferring the use of pencil and paper. She enjoys drawing Pokémon and is currently practicing drawing people. Bowling is her extra-curricular activity. Her family has moved three times in the last 8 years. The 2018 Pokémon Japan Championships was Enigma's first offline major, where she placed 4th. She recently won GameStart 2018! Enigma is well-known in the Singapore Pokkén community for being the "character crisis person". You can follow Enigma on Twitter or Instagram, and her Discord tag is Enigma#7527. Special thanks to Jetsplit for editing this post!
  2. Hey everyone! This is the fourth Player of the Week post here on Pokkén Arena. This series aims to feature a different member of the community each week. We'll include information about the player like their region, accomplishments, best sets, and more. We hope you enjoy! For the fourth Player of the Week feature, we wanted to highlight one of France's top players, t.eap$! t.eap$ is a powerful Scizor main from France who has a deep history with Pokkén. When the game was first announced, he took interest in its mechanics and thought that it was the fighting game for him. Getting the game on release, t.eap$ started with Lucario, Garchomp and Shadow Mewtwo, moving to Scizor in the Deluxe version of the game. Some other characters he likes to play on the side include Sceptile, Mewtwo, Machamp, Suicune, and Charizard. Quite the roster! t.eap$ didn’t embrace the Pokkén community until DX released, but finally did so thanks to the Pokkén EU server. He says that it’s the best community he’s been a part of so far, seeing everyone help each other out. t.eap$ says being an EU player has its perks. Being able to meet a lot of his EU friends in tournaments over there has always been great for him, and he loves every single one of them. Despite not being able to travel to North America and Japan as much, he is still proud as a European representative. Not too long ago, t.eap$ placed in the top 4 of the Sheffield Qualifier in the UK and qualified for the Pokkén Tournament DX World Championships as a result. It was definitely his proudest moment of his entire career, and an extremely impressive one at that! It was a dream come true being able to clutch it out, knowing qualifiers only came once per year. t.eap$ had a blast at Worlds, especially since he hadn’t been to North America for 8 years before then. Meeting his North American friends, meeting Japanese players, and just being able to hang out with everyone made his time worthwhile. Being a Worlds qualifier, t.eap$ says his greatest strength lies in adapting to his losses. The more he loses, the better he gets every single time. His greatest weakness? There will be moments he gets tilted which causes him to lose focus and end up throwing matches more easily. If there was one change t.eap$ can make about the game, he said he would want to buff Scizor in a way so he can compete against Chandelure and Gardevoir. He states that Scizor has an extremely hard time versus these two characters. He also wants to make Scizor’s projectiles less minus with a cancellable Metal Claw, and make his 8A a Bug Bite. t.eap$ also really wants to see a new character in the game! Fun facts: t.eap$ wasn’t really into fighting games until Pokkén came out. However, he was a competitive Mario Kart 8 player back in the day! In his Wii U days, he was known strictly as a netplay warrior, but EU’s views of him changed after he attended his first offline event. He was born in Tri-state and lived there for 10 years until he moved to France where he currently resides. His origins are half Chinese and half Cambodian since his ancestors lived in Asia. He is currently studying in Biomedical Analysis, where his work consists of blood research and studying various types of diseases. He intends to help people in need in the future; who knows, maybe he will save your life some day! You can follow t.eap$ here. Special thanks to Jetsplit for editing this post!
  3. Hey everyone! This is the third Player of the Week post here on Pokkén Arena. This series aims to feature a different member of the community each week. We'll include information about the player like their region, accomplishments, best sets, and more. We hope you enjoy! For the third Player of the Week feature, we wanted to highlight a player who shows dominance in The Pokémon Company's official Group Matches - Cecily! Cecily is a Gardevoir main from North California who is widely recognized from Pokkén's official Group Matches, the FSBC Cups. In fact, she has dominated the majority of the official Group Matches! Just to give you some insight, here are her current results: table, th, td { border: 1px solid white; border-collapse: collapse; } FSBC Cup Placement FSBC Aura Blast Cup 10 FSBC Shining Feather Cup 8 FSBC Iron Meteor Dive Cup 5 FSBC Thunderclap Press Cup 2 FSBC Volt Shock Fist Cup 1 FSBC Dynamic Fury Cup 1 FSBC Psyfirecracker Cup 2 FSBC Underworld Ruler Cup 1 FSBC Forest's Flash Cup 3 FSBC Destructive Cannon Cup 1 FSBC Searing Blaze Cup 1 FSBC Outrage Smasher Cup 1 FSBC Volt Shock Fist Cup 1 FSBC Sonic Slash Cup 2 FSBC Infinite Eclipse Cup 1 FSBC True Sheer Cold Cup 1 FSBC Alter Ego Army Cup 1 FSBC Final Flicker Cup 1 FSBC Gatling Flame Kicks Cup 1 FSBC Deep Blue Monarch Cup 1 FSBC Psydisaster Cup 1 FSBC Shadow Drop Cup 1 FSBC Fairy Tempest Cup 1 That's... 23 total cups so far (since the FSBC Volt Shock Fist Cup was done twice) 16 first place finishes 3 second place finishes 1 third place finish 1 fifth place finish (third FSBC Cup) 1 eighth place finish (first Team Battle FSBC Cup) 1 tenth place finish (first FSBC Cup) Cecily actually never played the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament due to her refusing to upgrade her CRT TV. When Pokkén Tournament DX came out on the Nintendo Switch, she ended up playing it and took advantage of the Switch’s handheld feature, playing with a USB hub and LAN adapter connected to it. She later watched a variety streamer playing Pokkén in a group with his community, and she ended up joining and not dropping a single game while getting tons of praise. It ignited a lot more interest in the game for her and she ended up visiting Pokkén Arena, where she learned about frame data, character combos, and more! When the first official Group Match got announced, Cecily got very excited and decided to hop in knowing she would face a lot of tough competition. After playing through the FSBC Aura Blast Cup, she ended up having tons of fun and felt herself improving! She ended up with an impressive #10 spot, snagging one of the original ten North American Chroma League Master titles. She decided to keep participating in the official Group Matches because they were such a fun way to spend the weekend with Pokkén, which rapidly became her favorite game. So she played, and played, and played. The FSBC Cups became the way she met other players and how she eventually ran into ALLISTER’s stream, where he dragged her into the Pokkén Community Discord server. These official Group Matches were her training ground, where she would encounter personal rivals over and over again as if it was her own private lobby and a proving ground. Cecily’s wins and high placements always came secondary to her, though it does provide some motivation to keep her going sometimes. As she grew as a player, she has been seriously considering dipping her toes into the offline scene! Cecily stresses that the Pokkén community’s inclusiveness, diversity, and its welcoming/helpful reputation plays a big role in her considering it in the first place. It’s indeed a special scene! Here are some Pokkén facts about Cecily: Started Pokkén Tournament DX grinding all the offline content, trying to pick some good outfits! Since she loves birds, she ended up starting with Decidueye as her first character While she was completing the game's mission panels, she exposed herself to other characters and Gardevoir really spoke to her Gardevoir’s tools like Future Sight and Psychic offered a unique kind of pressure that she enjoys to experiment with, which resulted in her maining the character. She really enjoyed Aegislash, Chandelure, Scizor, and Braixen. Despite switching mains, Decidueye remains her Partner Pokémon in the game though! You can watch her face off against DevlinHart here! And here are some other fun facts about Cecily: Her first fighting game was Street Fighter 2 Her first competitive fighting game was Super Smash Bros. Melee (lived and breathed the Ken era) She was the valedictorian of her high school She has been working in microprocessor manufacturing validation as a software engineer and test content developer for over 10 years She loves hiking, mountains, and road trips, and just recently came back from a week-long tour to Yellowstone from NorCal! A bit of a technological Luddite, as she is still using CRT TVs and a landline, does not own a cell phone, and is absent from social media. Interested in getting some sets in or contacting the FSBC Cup Master? You can message her on Discord! (Edel Blau#7494) Special thanks to Jetsplit for editing this post!
  4. Hey everyone! This is the second Player of the Week post here on Pokkén Arena. This series aims to feature a different member of the community each week. We'll include information about the player like their region, accomplishments, best sets, and more. We hope you enjoy! Without further ado, here's the second featured Player of the Week on Pokkén Arena - Antwerp! Antwerp is a strong Sceptile player from Victoria, Australia who dived into the Pokkén Tournament scene around 2017. He played for about a year and a half before knowing the community existed, while just playing ranked and watching VODs. Despite being a talented player, he has no background in competitive gaming. Before Pokkén, Antwerp played both Super Smash Bros. and TEKKEN casually. Because he’s still in high school, he tries his best to balance academics and Pokkén. Spending a lot of his time in the lab, he has posted numerous videos online showcasing incredible knowledge with multiple characters. Watching these clips, you can easily recognize his high execution and creativity. Other than being a training mode fiend, he is definitely a player to look out for in the competitive scene. Some of his notable results include second place at Battle Arena Melbourne 10 and an incredible top 4 placing at his first major tournament, the 2018 Pokémon Oceania International Championships! Antwerp’s most impressive set in the international tournament was overcoming Australia’s number one player, Komachi. Where can you catch Antwerp next? He has his fingers crossed for another Oceania Internationals! Other than that, he will attend as many locals as he can between Nekyucards and Ranbats! Fun Facts: Antwerp has played both chess and soccer for 10 years All four of his grandparents were born in Italy, and his whole family embraces Italian culture. Antwerp competed in table tennis, badminton, debating, and math competitions in school. Next year, Antwerp will be taking two maths, two sciences, English, and software development. Will be competing in the Secondary School state champs as part of his school team. You can follow Antwerp on Twitter here! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/227762869?t=01h30m34s Special thanks to Jetsplit for editing this post!

    Player of the Week: Greg!

    Hey everyone! This is the first post in a new series I want to start here on Pokkén Arena: Player of the Week! This series aims to feature a different member of the community each week. We'll include information about the player like their region, accomplishments, best sets, and more. We hope you enjoy! Without further ado, here's the first featured Player of the Week on Pokkén Arena - Greg! Greg is a Blaziken player from Ontario, Canada and has a strong background with fighting games. Currently he plays Pokkén Tournament DX and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Some of his Pokkén results include 4th at Toryuken 2016, 1st at Canada Cup 2017, and 13th at Dreamhack Austin 2018. You’ve probably seen Greg around, as he plays his fighting games with a modded Rock Band keyboard! His impressive peripheral is backed by solid fundamentals and killer plays. At DHA18, he sent one of North America’s strongest players, Toasty, to the Losers bracket after a very close and intense set. He had an extremely strong showing, while at the same time placing 5th in DBFZ! The next tournament you can catch Greg at is Canada Cup, October 26th-29th 2018. Let’s see if he can defend his title! Fun Facts: Greg is a Security Software Developer. He's been enjoying drawing for 19 years. He loves to wild out in karaoke and discovers new music through it. He enjoys fighting games and used to be the best Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax player in North America! Some of his favorite video games include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Chrono Trigger and Mother 2. Greg has generously donated 1,000 dollars to the pot bonus of the upcoming Canada Cup! You can follow him on Twitter here! Below is a set between Greg and Toasty at DHA18. Give it a watch and prepare yourself for some insane gameplay! Special thanks to Jetsplit for editing this post!

    New player, looking for a discord.

    The link is on the homepage.

    Self-Start Guide

    New to Pokkén Tournament DX? Looking to improve? Want to play competitively? You're at the right place! Step 1: Tutorial Step 2: Video Series Step 3: Notation Step 4: Characters Step 5A: Intro to Frame Data Step 5B: Using Frame Data Step 6: Detailed Mechanics Have any more questions? Still hungry for some knowledge? Join the Pokkén Community Discord! Discord is a free to use software that let's you easily communicate with other gamers! See you there! Discord.gg/Pokkén
  8. Hello Pokkén Players! Pokkén Arena is a fantastic forum where you can contribute and learn. We have accumulated a lot of data, so many guides, and answered tons of questions in the past years. PA is a great resource for Pokkén Tournament DX! Below, tell us why you're a fan or share a special memory you have with PA! There may be something in store for one lucky user! Thanks again for always supporting!
  9. Hey fam, streaming right now twitch.tv/allisterNA hit me with those lab requests, first come first serve!
  10. *Product Provided by Nintendo Hello! WonderChef and I have received review copies of Pokkén Tournament DX and we have teamed up to explore the new changes that have been made with the cast. This list is currently in progress, so please check back frequently as we will update this post once something new is discovered. Let's get started! *This list contains the new changes from the DX patch that differs from 1.5 (Current Arcade Version in Japan) Suicune: - Field Phase: jY is now two hits, and each hit does 30 damage which link together. The first hit is when the bubble lands on opponent's head, and the second hit is when the bubble lands on the ground and splashes. In previous versions, this attack was one hit and dealt 30 damage. - Field Phase: You can now change Aurora Beam trajectory with sA. You can aim the beam left or right. - Duel Phase: In Burst Mode, Suicune now has 2 water guns that shoot at different angles when using j.Y. One will shoot towards the grounded opponent, the other will shoot slightly above. Blaziken: - Duel Phase: There is now a new follow-up attack after 6y. If you execute 6yy, Blaziken will follow up with an attack that has a similar animation to fY in field, but without the projectile. This follow-up is safe on block, and crumples the opponent if it crits allowing you to continue with any other attack to continue a combo. Shadow Mewtwo: - Duel Phase: SM2 can now teleport into the air during Psywave in all 3 directions. This is performed by doing 5AB + any direction (4 for back, 5 for up, 6 for forward). You can also teleport into the air after the first slash during Psywave by performing 5AYB. His forward teleport goes significantly farther than his other aerial teleports, as well as his forward ground teleport. Chandelure: - Duel Phase/Field Phase: Burst mode 5A now crumples and is now worth at least 6 PSP. After the crumple, you can follow up with another attack or hex to continue into a combo. - Duel Phase: Burst mode 6XX now shoots out a full screen laser instead of the normal mid range fire follow up. This follow up attack (after 6X) also crumples the opponent in both buffered and delayed version. After the crumple, you can follow up with another attack or hex to continue into a combo. This move has at least 6 PSP. Gardevoir: - Duel Phase/Field Phase: You can now dash out of Moonblast before the projectile comes out. You can only forward dash, and it is after the first initial startup hitbox before the arrow(s) take off. This is performed by ]A[ R. This is minus but safe on block. If the opponent gets hit by the startup of Moonblast and you dash forward, they will quickly crumple, but you are not able to use any of Gardevoir's attacks to follow up. Machamp: - Duel Phase: You can now follow up Machamp's roll (2XR) with an armored hammer punch. This is performed by using 2XRX. Armor frames activate immediately after the roll, and this attack is plus on block. If this attack crits, it will launch opponent. Gengar - Duel Phase/Field Phase: You can now attack quickly out of jR - Field Phase: You can now cancel jY into jR Mewtwo: - Duel Phase: 2XX has a just frame option added, 2X;X. This is performed by executing the follow up right when the first attack hits the opponent. 2XX does 102 damage and is 3 PSP. 2X:X is 116 damage and is 2 PSP. Sceptile: - Field Phase: Sceptile can now n[Y] which is similar to nY but the two leaves stay lingering in place right in front of you, spaced, for a short duration. You are still able to dash and 5A after this attack. The hitboxes last for about 2 seconds. Darkrai: - Field Phase: nY from patch 1.5 has been removed and has been changed to a new move entirely. The new nY shoots out 3 small orbs that slightly Thanks for reading, we will update this post once we find more! #LongLivePokken

    Mewtwo Combo Thread

    New jY confirm Please read video description