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    New player, looking for a discord.

    The link is on the homepage.

    Self-Start Guide

    New to Pokkén Tournament DX? Looking to improve? Want to play competitively? You're at the right place! Step 1: Tutorial Step 2: Video Series Step 3: Notation Step 4: Characters Step 5A: Intro to Frame Data Step 5B: Using Frame Data Step 6: Detailed Mechanics Have any more questions? Still hungry for some knowledge? Join the Pokkén Community Discord! Discord is a free to use software that let's you easily communicate with other gamers! See you there! Discord.gg/Pokkén
  3. Hello Pokkén Players! Pokkén Arena is a fantastic forum where you can contribute and learn. We have accumulated a lot of data, so many guides, and answered tons of questions in the past years. PA is a great resource for Pokkén Tournament DX! Below, tell us why you're a fan or share a special memory you have with PA! There may be something in store for one lucky user! Thanks again for always supporting!
  4. Hey fam, streaming right now twitch.tv/allisterNA hit me with those lab requests, first come first serve!
  5. *Product Provided by Nintendo Hello! WonderChef and I have received review copies of Pokkén Tournament DX and we have teamed up to explore the new changes that have been made with the cast. This list is currently in progress, so please check back frequently as we will update this post once something new is discovered. Let's get started! *This list contains the new changes from the DX patch that differs from 1.5 (Current Arcade Version in Japan) Suicune: - Field Phase: jY is now two hits, and each hit does 30 damage which link together. The first hit is when the bubble lands on opponent's head, and the second hit is when the bubble lands on the ground and splashes. In previous versions, this attack was one hit and dealt 30 damage. - Field Phase: You can now change Aurora Beam trajectory with sA. You can aim the beam left or right. - Duel Phase: In Burst Mode, Suicune now has 2 water guns that shoot at different angles when using j.Y. One will shoot towards the grounded opponent, the other will shoot slightly above. Blaziken: - Duel Phase: There is now a new follow-up attack after 6y. If you execute 6yy, Blaziken will follow up with an attack that has a similar animation to fY in field, but without the projectile. This follow-up is safe on block, and crumples the opponent if it crits allowing you to continue with any other attack to continue a combo. Shadow Mewtwo: - Duel Phase: SM2 can now teleport into the air during Psywave in all 3 directions. This is performed by doing 5AB + any direction (4 for back, 5 for up, 6 for forward). You can also teleport into the air after the first slash during Psywave by performing 5AYB. His forward teleport goes significantly farther than his other aerial teleports, as well as his forward ground teleport. Chandelure: - Duel Phase/Field Phase: Burst mode 5A now crumples and is now worth at least 6 PSP. After the crumple, you can follow up with another attack or hex to continue into a combo. - Duel Phase: Burst mode 6XX now shoots out a full screen laser instead of the normal mid range fire follow up. This follow up attack (after 6X) also crumples the opponent in both buffered and delayed version. After the crumple, you can follow up with another attack or hex to continue into a combo. This move has at least 6 PSP. Gardevoir: - Duel Phase/Field Phase: You can now dash out of Moonblast before the projectile comes out. You can only forward dash, and it is after the first initial startup hitbox before the arrow(s) take off. This is performed by ]A[ R. This is minus but safe on block. If the opponent gets hit by the startup of Moonblast and you dash forward, they will quickly crumple, but you are not able to use any of Gardevoir's attacks to follow up. Machamp: - Duel Phase: You can now follow up Machamp's roll (2XR) with an armored hammer punch. This is performed by using 2XRX. Armor frames activate immediately after the roll, and this attack is plus on block. If this attack crits, it will launch opponent. Gengar - Duel Phase/Field Phase: You can now attack quickly out of jR - Field Phase: You can now cancel jY into jR Mewtwo: - Duel Phase: 2XX has a just frame option added, 2X;X. This is performed by executing the follow up right when the first attack hits the opponent. 2XX does 102 damage and is 3 PSP. 2X:X is 116 damage and is 2 PSP. Sceptile: - Field Phase: Sceptile can now n[Y] which is similar to nY but the two leaves stay lingering in place right in front of you, spaced, for a short duration. You are still able to dash and 5A after this attack. The hitboxes last for about 2 seconds. Darkrai: - Field Phase: nY from patch 1.5 has been removed and has been changed to a new move entirely. The new nY shoots out 3 small orbs that slightly Thanks for reading, we will update this post once we find more! #LongLivePokken

    Mewtwo Combo Thread

    New jY confirm Please read video description
  7. Was able to get very limited footage of experimenting with Popplio. In a nutshell, you can jump, do an aerial maneuver, and use 2nd jump, OR jump, jump, aerial maneuver. Attacks should always be used last, since most attacks will lock you for the duration of your jump. You can throw out and attack and double jump again in some cases like attacking in Charizard's or Decidueye's glide, or chandelure after an aerial laser. I also confirmed popplio being used with gardevoir j.R, weavile j.A.j, and Pikachu j.A.R
  8. Global/Community: ALLISTER Burnside Fumu North America: Fumu Europe: Gintrax Sabre Japan: Midori Sasahune Character Specific: Blaziken: BadIntent McDareth Braixen: Double Shadowcat Chandelure: Twixxie Charizard: Scatz Croagunk: Melo Mewtater Darkrai: Drakonzeta Decidueye: Thulius Zyflair Empoleon: Chef Garchomp: SKDale Rokso Gardevoir: Bendy Ouroboro Gengar: SirSpudd Lucario: Zyflair Machamp: Ouroboro Mewtwo: Mewtater Thulius Pikachu: Kino Pikachu Libre: MeLo Slippingbug Sceptile: Gintrax White Chocolate Scizor: Milln Six Shadow Mewtwo BadIntent Spin Suicune: ALLISTER Burnside Weavile: Mitchel All of these people are here to help. Don't be afraid to reach out to them!
  9. More and more people are getting their hands on the Nintendo Switch! If you're looking to add some friends, post your friend code here!

    Mirror Coat Cancel Tech

    5y~5yyy and 8y is special cancellable, which means you can interrupt these attacks with mirror coat. What is this used for? You can avoid critical counter attacks with this technique! Check out this video for details!