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    Croagunk Character Specific CA Combos

    Well, I've never created anything on this website before, so hopefully I don't mess anything up But! Quite a while ago at this point, I was testing Croagunk's Counter Attack, and I found that it launches at a... sorta weird angle. By that, I mean it has a ton of different followups, but they branch out a lot depending by character. I posted this all to twitter quite a while ago, but it wouldn't hurt to document it here, too. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge with the other gunks, but I haven't seen anyone else really talk about or use them. you can do [CA] > 5Y > 4A, but it seems to drop most of the time if they have two buffs. you can also do [CA ] > 5Y > 6A, if you want. [CA] > 5Y > 4A, though it drops most of the time if they have any buffs. [CA] > 5Y > 6A works, still. [CA] > 5YY > 4A works, regardless of buff count. It drops for some reason if you only use 5Y, though. and of course, [CA] > 5YY > 6A. you can't combo into thief at all, but [CA] > 5Y > 6A is still an option. [CA] > 4YY works, and can go into quite a few things. you can start doing swim loops off of it, do [CA] > 4YY > 4YX, or combo into 2X. [CA] > 5YYY > ijX works on these two. It can lead into swim loops, however, since Croagunk and Weavile are both able to be hit by CA > 4YY, that is the more optimal way to land swim loops from CA. [CA] > microwalk > 5YYY > ijX works exclusively on Chandy. Weird. It's the same as the last combo, but you have to microwalk before the 5YYY. by extension, you can do [CA] > 5Y > BA on any of these guys above for a nice chunk of damage. OR, if you're feeling extra risky in that particular moment, you can try [CA] > 5Y > jA, but it only works if you get boulder or tornado. And now for [CA] > 2X, which is much less restricted, but still character specific: [CA] > 2X > 2Y works on these characters. It's the most universal of the character specific combos, and sets up nicely into a 4YX oki. [CA] > 2X works, though 2Y will not connect, as far as I can tell. And of course, there's always [CA] > 6X. It's not character specific, so it's the most reliable way to combo from CA. Hopefully this info is helpful!