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    BadIntent's Shadow Mewtwo Advanced Guide

    Just started playing this character after a year of playing Pokkén and this guide, along with your general Pokkén guides; on youtube and elsewhere, are an enormous boon to me and the rest of the players just starting their fighting game studies.

    Gengar Matchup VODs

    Thanks for this. Lots of good videos!

    Player of the Week: t.eap$!

    These player of the week features are pretty cool. Good sets on all of them!

    Player Interview: Whiff Punish Pro, BadIntent!

    Thank you for your thoughtful interview and for answering my question! I love your youtube channel and have learned a great deal about how all fighting games work through it. As technical as the content can be, you still give all of us viewers advice that we can apply no matter our skill level and anyone that doubts that should check out your youtube. Thank you again!

    Player Profile: BadIntent

    As of now you main 3 characters. Have you considered learning a fourth at any time?

    Support Damage And Scaling Spreadsheet!

    Thanks for the very detailed answer Zard. I didn't realize this was a game mechanic at all.

    Support Damage And Scaling Spreadsheet!

    Can anybody explain what damage scaling means? I can't seem to dig this information up anywhere. Thanks!
  8. I saw on your Twitter that episode 3 of this series is going to be sceptile. I loved the first two and am wondering if 3 is up yet anywhere. Also are there any plans to do a Suicune episode? My thoughts immediately jump to elm at Oceania qualifiers this year. There really are a lot of great Suicune players gracing your company! Thanks for making this content and for your vivid commentary at top events. These things are part of what makes this game special!
  9. Nice topic! It's general info but it is really helpful. I look forward to the next installment. Maybe I'll be in c rank by then!
  10. NIKKEN

    Nintendo Switch Friend Code Thread

    SW-6813-6417-5306 I'm always up for a casual match but I play mostly in ranked just to see how I am doing. I also really like team battle if anyone is interested in it. I think it provides a cool dynamic that a single match doesn't quite satisfy. I am not a very strong player but I'm not a sore loser so feel free to set up a match! Thanks to Allister for starting this topic!
  11. NIKKEN

    "What Pokemon are you?" Quiz

    Didn't Expect this at all lol. This test is pretty cool and the personality description does ring true a little.
  12. NIKKEN

    Pokkén in Portland ME

    Are there any players in the southern Maine area interested in a Pokkén local? I'm trying to find a local I can reliably get to and I'm hoping there is something in my area. If no locals send me a message if you got a switch and we can do pm battles online! Thanks for reading !
  13. I am starting to hope for a sequel announcement sometime after world's. I could see it doing way better that DX is currently doing. I wish the Pokkén channel in the switch news feed had more content. That could boost the popularity of the game.
  14. I watched you in the Oceania qualifier and checking your content has brought me to this forum. Good luck in world's and nice self interview!
  15. This interview series is very cool! Also I admire the way you play Darkrai. It is very exciting to watch!