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  1. I'm AURA|Aldrake a player that currently doesn't have Pokkén Tournament DX for the Nintendo Switch as consequence of not owning a Nintendo Switch. However, I am aware that I am not the only one in this predicament as there are several players in the community that don't have access to the current meta of Deluxe. So I have created a discord for those who are not fortunate to have the Wii U Version of Pokkén Tournament so they do not feel excluded from the community. Players that have access to both versions of the game were and are still invited to join and train to gether for possible offline locals and majors. And I've been organizing Online Tournaments as well and called the 20 FPS Pokkén Tournament Wii U series. This has been a monthly deal for the most part and already the third edition of the tournament is in the works for October 27th starting at 2:00 pm EDT. Registration can be found on Challonge and I highly encourage those who have access to both versions to come and participate as well. Though there are no monetary prizes, The winner shall receive bragging rights and a custom role in the Pokkén Tournament Wii U discord. I look foward to continuing this project and to see the community reach out to the Wii U folks. https://challonge.com/xh6k4b0d
  2. AURA|Aldrake

    How do Gardevoir mains feel about the Lucario MU?

    That would be nice. Though this would be a "losing MU" for Gardevoir, I feel that is doable but it involves patience and creativity. Something new Gardevoir's and sometimes veteran Gardevoirs can have a hard time dealing with it. Though this reply is late, I'll be willing to help in anyway I can as I am a Lucario main and Gardevoir is a current secondary but training to co-main with Lucario and Garchomp as well.