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    Blastoise Guide!

    Hey everyone my name is Tony, and I'm kinda a newbie here to Pokkén Arena. This will be my first ever post and it's a guide on Blastoise! I'll be breaking down how Blastoise plays, his moves and everything else. Let's get started! Blastoise is a Pokémon in the Power category like Machamp, Garchomp etc. and it has a very high HP stat. 660 to be exact and it's tied with Machamp for highest HP in the game! How Blastoise Plays: Blastoise is a very good Pokémon up close and faraway with the projectiles it wields and the huge damage it can put out when up close. That isn't to say he has flaws however. Most of its moves come out somewhat slow with his slowest move being j.X in Field Phase at i47. Ouch! Blastoise is also quite slow which is to be expected from a big Pokémon like that however Togekiss can mitigate its pretty bad speed, but we'll get to that and other Support Pokémon later! Now that you know a little about how he plays let's move on with how it does in Field Phase, Duel Phase, and Burst Mode. Field Phase: While in Field Phase you want to use Blastoise's projectiles from a decent distance instead of up close because many of its projectiles have slow start up. When you or your opponent close the distance try using fY or homing attack. Let's talk about the many projectiles, and other attacks this Pokémon can use in Field Phase. nY: A move that shoots two small bubbles at the opponent. Holding the Y button makes the bubbles go left and right instead of them staying close together. sY: Shoots three bubbles towards the opponent that goes in a straight line. If you hold the Y button the bubbles go left, right, and down the middle. bY: Shoots two bubbles out of the cannons on Blastoise's back which then falls to the ground right next to each other, staying there for a few seconds. Holding Y spreads them out with one going to the left and the other to the right. j.Y: Sends out a small water bubble which turns into three jets of water that go three different directions. They can go upwards, down the middle, and downwards, but if you hold Y the jets of water go left, middle, and right. Before the initial water bubble disperses it can eat some projectiles from opposing Pokémon. Bubble (j.A): What Bubble does is it sends out three bubbles in Field Phase which go to the left, middle, and right directions. Should the opponent be hit by this move they will be stuck in the bubble, giving Blastoise an opportunity to attack. This can be used in both Field and Duel Phase, but the three directions for it are in Field only. In Duel Phase Blastoise sends out one bubble which works the same way in Field as it does in Duel. Something to note is that Bubble travels at a slow speed. Water Gun (5A): Water Gun shoots out a blast of water that heads to the opponent. Sounds simple enough right? Well there's other moves Blastoise can use after Water Gun. There's Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, and Dark Pulse. The Water Gun moves can also be used in Duel Phase. Water Gun (5A) into Aura Sphere: (5AA): The fastest of the three options out of Water Gun which causes a Phase Shift once it hits in Field Phase. Water Gun (5A) into Dark Pulse (5AY): The weakest of the three moves out of Water Gun but causes a Counter Pierce. Water Gun (5A) into Dragon Pulse (5AX): The slowest of the three which had a big hitbox with multiple hits to it. You can change the direction these moves go (except Dragon Pulse) by holding the control stick either left or right. fY: An earthquake with excellent range that causes a Phase Shift. j.X: Has Blastoise head straight for the opponent, flips over and falls down attacking the enemy with it's shell. You can also cancel it into Shell Fortress Stance by pressing R which gives counter frames upon canceling it. Don't spam this move. Homing Attack (XXX in Field Phase): An i25 homing attack that Counter Pierces when you hold X on the final attack which is Blastoise shooting water out of it's cannon. The first hit is -4 on block, and the second and third hits are -8. Field Phase Conclusion: Use your projectiles, use fY when the time is right because it's a fast move at i19 which isn't too bad. The range of it can definitely catch opponents off guard sometimes. About Shell Fortress Stance: Shell Fortress Stance is something exclusive to Blastoise which can put it in its shell by holding the block button (R) after using certain moves. The moves that put it into this stance are its grounded Y moves in Field Phase, 5Y, 5YY, 5X, and 8Y in Duel Phase, Water Gun in both phases, and Rapid Spin. You can also go into this stance by holding the A button. When you hold it for long you'll see a light emit from Blastoise. When you release the button it'll go into SFS and even get a Defense buff for a few seconds. Rapid Spin: But Tony, what's Rapid Spin? I'm glad you asked. Rapid Spin is a Command Counter which has Counter Frames from frame 1-34. As for if it's unsafe on block well... What you can do out of Rapid Spin: If you hold the R button while using it you'll go into Shell Fortress Stance or SFS for short. While in this stance you have a few options. Rapid Spin is unsafe on block, giving the opponent a free crit grab however if you transition into SFS and attack the opponent with a move you'll be ok. Well.. most of the time. SFS X: A very fast move that propels Blastoise upwards. This move is ok, but if your opponent blocks this attack you will be punished so be careful. SFS Y: Blastoise points it's two cannons out and attacks with two small orbs of water. It's a good move if you want to throw out a projectile at the opponent but be careful with this as well. Blastoise also has the ability to slide left, right, backwards, and forward in this stance. It can also jump while in SFS. Something that may catch the opponent off guard is being in SFS at a good distance then sliding forward and going for a grab. SFS, and Rapid Spin can be used in both phases. Before moving onto Duel Phase I'll go over the other Pokémon Moves Blastoise has. CA (X+A): A frame 33 when uncharged and frame 55 when fully charged. This counter doesn't combo into any other moves in it's arsenal. Grab (Y+B): It's a 15 frame grab does 80 damage when used in Field Phase and 120 in Duel. Water Spout (2A in Field and 4A in Duel): Blastoise shoots water up in the air and it crashes down a few steps away from it. This move Counter Pierces, and can combo into a few things, but is unsafe. Use it wisely. Water Pulse (2A): A Command Grab that can only be used in Duel Phase. It can also combo into a few things. This grab will have Counter Armor at frame 5-29, but only if Blastoise has a buff. Hydro Pump (8A): Hydro Pump is also a Duel Phase only move which can only hit opponents that are in the air. This move could really help with the Charizard, Decidueye, and sometimes Gardevoir matchup. That's all of the Pokémon moves for Blastoise. Let's move onto Duel Phase and the attacks. Duel Phase: This is where Blastoise can really dish out damage and do fun combos. 2Y: A i15 move that has two hits to it. Something good to do with this move is use it then immediately grab. It is not a guaranteed grab but can catch some by surprise. 2X: Has Blastoise spin on it's shell and moves it forward a little. This can go under certain things like Mewtwo's Hyper Beam, and Psycho Cut. 4Y: Blastoise moves itself forward and does a shoulder like attack. This is best used after using Water Spout. Use Water Spout, 4Y, then 2Y, but the timing can be a little awkward sometimes 6Y: Blastoise sprays water on the ground which has great range but very unsafe. It can also erase some projectiles from other Pokémon. 6X: An i31 move that has Blastoise take a big step forward and hits the opponent with its cannon. This move is able to under certain moves like Psycho Cut when timed right. It's somewhat slow, the range in amazing, a combo starter, and can surprise opponents. 8Y: Blastoise jumps up and slams onto the ground, creating a small waterfall above it. This can avoid and punish moves such as Blaziken's High Jump Kick. If you press the Y button again Blastoise will use Rapid Spin then you can transition into SFS and use either SFS X or Y. You can also cancel into SFS after using this move and do whatever you'd like. Very good move right here. 8X: It's a slow move and is the first part of the it. 8XX: Pressing X again causes a knockdown for the opponent. This move can be ok in some situations, but don't overuse it. 5Y: A slow punch which can follow up with any Pokémon move (Water Gun, Water Spout, Water Pulse, and Hydro Pump) Water Pulse can catch the opponent off guard. You can transition into SFS with the R button after using this. 5YY: This can also put you in SFS by pressing R. If you get both hits go for Hydro Pump or use SFS X or Y. 5X: Blastoise moves itself back and tackles the opponent with it's body. This can follow up into Water Spout if you press X again, cancel into SFS if you press R, and can cancel into any other Pokémon Attacks, but it isn't a super reliable move. It has quite a slow start up and can easily be punished. j.Y: Sends out two bubbles which can be aimed three ways. Hold the control stick backwards to have the bubbles fall next to Blastoise, hold it forward to have them go a far distance, and don't do anything with the control stick to make it go it's normal distance. Bubble: Works pretty much the same as it does in Field Phase but sends out one slow moving bubble instead of three. You can also hold the A button when using it to make Blastoise stay in air a little longer. I don't think there's much of a difference to the move when holding the button. Duel Phase Conclusion: This is the phase where Blastoise deals big damage. Use your moves at the right time, don't use 6Y, and 8X a lot, don't be afraid to use the Water Gun projectiles or anything else. A tip for Duel Phase is when the opponent is knocked down use j.Y and make it fall next to Blastoise. Once Blastoise lands on the ground spam Water Pulse. It's a pretty decent oki option. Ok we're almost done here. Let's talk about Burst Mode. Burst Mode! (Mega Blastoise): When you enter Burst Mode Blastoise will Mega Evolve into Mega Blastoise! It gets a few nice changes while in this mode. Changes to Blastoise: After it uses Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, or Dragon Pulse and you press the A button again it will send out a large explosion which does lots of damage. Field Phase bY: Sends out three bubbles instead of two. Duel Phase j.Y: There's only one big bubble that comes out instead of two. Water Pulse: Instead of needing to have a buff to get the Counter Frames Mega Blastoise will always have it no matter if it has a buff or not. Burst Attack (Destructive Cannon): Mega Blastoise builds up water behind it's back and jets forward, heading right for the opponent. If it hits you get the full animation. Mega Blastoise bombards the opponent with multiple blasts of water then it transitions into a different area where it charges forward, delvering a powerful punch which sends the enemy through a rock. Finally it locks itself to the ground with ice, finishing with a super powerful blast of water. It does lots of damage like any other Burst Attack and Counter Pierces. This is a normal Burst Attack which means it's not a Counter Burst like Mega Sceptile's and not a grab like Mega Gengar's. Before finishing this super long guide let's briefly go over the best Support Pokémon. Jirachi: Having Jirachi will get Mega Blastoise to decimate the enemies HP bar thanks to the Synergy Burst Enhancement Buff. Togekiss: You can patch up Blastoise's mediocre speed with Togekiss and get some HP back. Mismagius: Gives Blastoise an Attack buff and Mismagius attacks. If the enemy ison the ground and about to get up use Mismagius then use Water Pulse. Doing this will have the opponent get caught by either one depending on if they block or not. Eevee: This also gives an Attack buff, but also recovers a little HP, and charges faster. Latios: Using Latios sets up four pillars of light around the opponent which lowers their Defense if they get hit by it. Something you can do is spam Water Spout to rack up big damage. However if your facing Pokémon like Gengar or Chandelure they may be able to dash out of this thanks to the i frames they have from being Ghost types so watch out. Pachirisu: Facing something like a Darkrai can be problematic because of the many things it can throw out to keep you away, but with Pachi you can stop the projectiles some Pokémon can throw out. Pachi can also erase Luster Purge from Latios if you're going against others with that support. Mew: Mew one the newest supports in the game along with Celebi that came with Blastoise. What Mew does is gives you an Attack and All Critical Hits buff. Yes, it sounds good, but these buffs are random which means you can get either one of the two buffs, no buff, or both. If you like taking gambles then go for this. Conclusion: And that does it for my Blastoise Guide. I'm sorry for this being super long, but I wanted to explain a lot about how this Pokémon plays. I hope you all enjoyed this guide and maybe I'll make another one sometime! See ya guys later and thanks for reading!