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  1. Jayniro

    Shadow Mewtwo Tech

    Found an option select for SM2 in burst mode not too long ago. Here's a brief overview of the option select (OS for short): First jab: Hit block: second jab hit block: miracle eye Hit connect: burst attack Reason: Due to the second jab being slightly delayed, if the first jab hits a shield, second jab executes. When the second jab hits shield, the burst input is eaten by miracle eye and ME cancels 5YY keeping it +2 on block. When the first jab connects with anything the opponent does other than block, the second jab ends up being buffered. The burst attack input then overwrites the buffered jab and burst attack is executed since both jabs are special cancelable which, in turn, means that it is burst cancelable as well. For a quick demonstration, here is a quick video showing off what it looks like in action:
  2. Jayniro

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ calls me a fraud but has no tourney experience to back up his claims < goes to LAN tourneys for actual experience and practice v is bad at Overwatch
  3. Jayniro

    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ is correct about me not enjoying long walks on the beach cuz its cold af < last local went to was in November cuz school reasons. Is starting back up in 2017 for the first Siege of 2017 V wants a Lucario body pillow instead of a Braixen body pillow
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    ^<v Forum Game

    ^ Still needs to follow me back < Goes to locals and kicks butt v Dreams of having a Braixen body pillow
  5. Jayniro

    Introduce Yourself!

    1) What's up guys. I'm Jayniro 2) I reign from SoCal (Southern California) 3) I main Shadow Mewtwo and like to think I'm pretty good at him LUL 4) My Twitter is @JTRGamer and my Twitch is just Jayniro 5) I currently stream on Twitch and plan to make content for YouTube in the future 6) I do play offline as well and go to my locals (which all of you should as well). Catch me at Siege which will usually be streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/rightmeow and if you do see me irl, don't be afraid to say hi and become friends!!!