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  1. Thank you! No biggie. n_n
  2. I like how my tag keeps getting mistyped... =P
  3. I hate that the EU group matches are barely active. It can take half an hour before my match begins. I want the Green League Master, but can never get it due to very few people attending.
  4. xzx

    8Y: a guide about antiairs

    If you hit someone on the ground with Suicune's 8Y, you will have a guaranteed Hydro Pump out of the "8YY" combo. An Aurora Beam is also guaranteed. (Just wanted to point that out.)
  5. When will the app go live?
  6. xzx

    Player Profile: BadIntent

    Where do you put Blaziken on a tier list?
  7. Maybe show (in percentages) how much a player used a certain character? When I see a player using more than one Pokémon I wanna know how much those Pokémon were used. (Is it too hard to implement maybe?)
  8. xzx

    Player Profile: Kamon

    What is your opinion about Synergy Mode/Bursts from a competitive standpoint?
  9. xzx

    Blaziken's half decent wall carry.

    "... and Suicune is easiest". Woooow what a shocker.
  10. xzx

    Version 1.3.3 Coming September 26!

    Aegislash and Chandelure didn't get nerfed. ? This seems mostly like a bugfix patch, so I hope a "real" balance patch is incoming soon! Also, Serebii's translated patch notes shed more light to some of these changes, such as Suicune's jY and Sceptile's Leaf Storm: https://serebii.net/pokkendx/patch.shtml
  11. xzx

    Player Profile: ThankSwalot

    Do you play any other fighting games?
  12. xzx

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    I feel like you are complaining a bit too much about "you have to guess, not react". This is Pokkén, it is literally a guessing game, much like rock-paper-scissors, but with more options and variables of course. (But I see where you are coming from when you complain about things like Braixens light screen and Chandelures ability to break the attack triangle. You're not wrong.) I main Suicune, also a bottom 5 character, and for one thing, I sure as heck know how to live by the guessing game, as that is the only way Suicune can win. IMO, Suicune is the character that needs to rely on RPSs the most, as he otherwise has bad options and is very punishable overall. He can't just throw out moves willy-nilly, or else he will be punished hard. He's not a great character, but I try to do the best with his tools anyway and focus on improving as a player. Yeah, Gardevoir isn't great, and to be fair, much of what you wrote are warranted. But I feel like Gardevoir players just throws out moves and hopes for the best. It gets predictable at last, making her very easy to punish. But I don't have Gardevoir's perspective, so I really can't say more. Now, I'm all for complaining about bad/underpowered characters, because no one will do it for you. There are still balance issues in Pokkén and underpowered characters like Gardevoir and Suicune need more love indeed. I honestly don't know what to say more.
  13. xzx

    Help finding a main?

    Try either Braixen or Pikachu Libre, maybe even Pikachu. Try them in their tutorials. If I have to guess then I think it is Braixen that you are looking for.
  14. xzx

    Suicune Support Guide by Burnside

    How exactly does Mimikyu work and is it worth using? It having a stage control effect and lowers both Attack and Burst strength seems enticing.