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  1. xzx

    Gardevoir's State in the Game

    I feel like you are complaining a bit too much about "you have to guess, not react". This is Pokkén, it is literally a guessing game, much like rock-paper-scissors, but with more options and variables of course. (But I see where you are coming from when you complain about things like Braixens light screen and Chandelures ability to break the attack triangle. You're not wrong.) I main Suicune, also a bottom 5 character, and for one thing, I sure as heck know how to live by the guessing game, as that is the only way Suicune can win. IMO, Suicune is the character that needs to rely on RPSs the most, as he otherwise has bad options and is very punishable overall. He can't just throw out moves willy-nilly, or else he will be punished hard. He's not a great character, but I try to do the best with his tools anyway and focus on improving as a player. Yeah, Gardevoir isn't great, and to be fair, much of what you wrote are warranted. But I feel like Gardevoir players just throws out moves and hopes for the best. It gets predictable at last, making her very easy to punish. But I don't have Gardevoir's perspective, so I really can't say more. Now, I'm all for complaining about bad/underpowered characters, because no one will do it for you. There are still balance issues in Pokkén and underpowered characters like Gardevoir and Suicune need more love indeed. I honestly don't know what to say more.
  2. xzx

    Help finding a main?

    Try either Braixen or Pikachu Libre, maybe even Pikachu. Try them in their tutorials. If I have to guess then I think it is Braixen that you are looking for.
  3. xzx

    Suicune Support Guide by Burnside

    How exactly does Mimikyu work and is it worth using? It having a stage control effect and lowers both Attack and Burst strength seems enticing.
  4. xzx

    Pokkén Tier List Maker

    I would like to see several top players' tier lists!
  5. xzx

    Version 1.3.2 is Available Now!

    Suicune still sucks.
  6. xzx

    1.3.2 Patch Hasty Translations

    Is it only Suicune's "jumping counter" that has changed or is it for the standard counter into the jumping counter that got changed? Is the hitbox lowered or just the jump height of it?
  7. xzx

    DreamHack Austin 2018: Full Results

    Can I get a link to where I can watch the matches please?
  8. Wasn't there a Braixen change as well?
  9. Not really, since that is just spilling information about a player. (I know you didn't ask me but I chose to reply to this anyway.)
  10. Because competing in a set should only be player vs. player, not player vs. player + coach. Also, it is annoying for the other player to hear his/her opponent getting coached midmatch.
  11. Okay between sets; never okay during sets.
  12. xzx

    List of Suicune Changes

    Hi! I will dedicate this thread to documenting every single character change that has happened to Suicune. Yes, everything from the first patch to Pokkén Tournament on Wii U to the latest patch to date. (After looking around the internet I never found such a list, so therefore I decided to make one myself.) Please note that this list is made with me trying to remember as much as possible of what has happened to Suicune throughout the updates + the obvious changes that already have been documented. This means that "subtle" changes will not appear here, since I don't know what could have happened between the arcade patches. (But if you know then it would be very, very appreciated if you could post them.) The easiest changes to find was of course the 1.3 on the Wii U and 1.5 on Pokkén Tournament DX since they are all very well documented and can be found on this forum and Serebii. Please correct me if something is wrong or I have forgotten a change, so I can adjust it in the list. So without further ado, here it is: 1.3 (Wii U) Y~X now shield pushes Midair-Y in duel phase now has decreased block stun (1.3X-1.49X) (Arcade patch(es)) Mirror Coat blindspot now fixed (previously it had a blindspot in front of it) Mirror Coat now counter pierces Blizzard now causes a wall splat when it crits Hail no longer disappears when blocking an attack True Sheer Cold no longer crits against countering opponents True Sheer Cold (attack portion) now comes out faster (this was made to prevent characters from grabbing Suicune even though Suicune had already activated True Sheer Cold) 1.5 (Pokkén DX) Icy Wind (stage 2) requires 30 less frames to charge (180>150) Icy Wind (stage 3) requires 60 less frames to charge (300>240) Aurora Beam in field phase can now be angled left or right Holding Side-Y in field phase is now a new move Midair-Y in duel phase during burst mode now shoots out two "water guns" instead of one Midair-Y in field phase now has a landing hitbox 1.5.1 Aurora Beam in field phase can now be angled left or right when canceled from a Ranged Attack (neutral B) ?? (Future patches) --- Did I miss something? Please feel free to correct me if anything is wrong. Thanks for reading! Interesting trivia: - Most of Suicune's changes are just fixes or bugfixes. - No change has ever been made to Suicune's damage output. - Suicune has received one nerf throughout updates. - The only changes to Suicune's frame data was to the Icy Wind charge times and to True Sheer Cold - There has been three major updates to Suicune's move properties: Mirror Coat counter pierce, Midair-Y in duel phase shoots two water guns in burst mode and Midair-Y in field phase has a landing hitbox - Suicune has received one new move option throughout updates
  13. xzx

    Suicune 1.1 MU Chart

    I don't get how Suicune beats Machamp - I was always under the impression that Machamp had the advantage? Pikachu and Weavile doesn't seem even. At the very least Suicune has a slight disadvantage against them, I would say. I agree with the Chandelure players. No way this matchup is even. It's easily in Chandelure's advantage as there is no need for Chandelure to ever approach. They pressure us more than we pressure them, even if we have Mirror Coat. Chandelure has way to many counter pierces to not have the advantage. It would be nice to hear the reasoning behind this selected matchup chart, but maybe that is too hard to get since this was made/decided on Discord? Anyway, great initiative! This was interesting.
  14. I also thought Chandelure was male, in the same vein as Luma is. Mewtwo's and Shadow Mewtwo's gender was confirmed in the story to be male. Also, Weavile's gender is confirmed by Nia to be male. Just wanted to point this out.