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  1. Here are the top 5 charts of online ranked matches in the Wii U version of the game, for the month of September 2019! POINTS Perhaps unsurprisingly, even this September saw significant changes compared to the prior month: The only returning playrer is Ljunini, likely an alternate account of Lobo. They gained no less than 325 points last month. The other players above them, all of them being newcomer, are riketan, who gained no less than 12926 points last month and ended in first place, luckey69, who gained no less than 10598 points last month and ended in second place, and Jay_$lay/Jay_Slay16, who gained no less than 5072 points last month and reached third place. It's not possible to estiamte the minimum amount of points gained last month by cf7mkchaps/cf7mkchap who entered the charts for the first time as well, in fifth place. WINS There are less dramatic but still important changes in this chart as well, compared to last month: Mellocair stays in the charts and even reaches first place, having won no less than 50 matches last month. Similarly, Sella/MarioEnvy won no less than 41 matches last month and reached fourth place. The other three are newcomers that can be seen in the points-based chart as well: luckey69 who won no less than 65 matches and reached second place, riketan who won no less than 46 matches and reached thirs place, Jay_$lay/Jay_Slay16 who ended up in fifth place. Last year, the decrease in activity due to the end of the holidays led to dramatic changes that even prompted a new way of analyzing the numbers, this year the changes aren't as drastic, but are still very important. In a certain sense, these charts are affected and thus give hints about the different availability of free time during the year. Next month, it will be interesting to see if players who were in the previous months' charts like Ljunini, Mellocair and Sella/MarioEnvy wil gain enough points or wins to stay in the charts, and if some of the newcomers here will stay in the charts.
  2. Well, better late than never! Here are the top 5 charts of the online ranked matches of the Wii U version! POINTS There are a few changes with respect to last month: First place is still in the hands of josue/2003minicachorro, who gained no less than 2525 points last month, another returning player is the former newcomer ryuujiid0125 who gained no less than 20072 points (!). Dmoney$/destrella3018 is a newcomer who gained no less than 1208 points last mont and reached directly 3rd place. On the other hand, it's not possible to estimate a lower bound for princess,elsa*/vic386, another newcomer who reached 4th place. As far as fifth place is concerned, unless Jalisco is full of Garchomp players owning the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament, we are likely looking at another alternate account of lobo. WINS Similar changes could be observed in this chart with respect to last month: The feat of ryuujiid0125 might be less impressive here in terms of numbers, but still having won no less than 689 matches in a month is still a nice achievement, especially considering that they almost doubled the number of wins of last month, and that number has been proven to consider more than one month of time frame. josue/2003minicachorro won no less than 89 matches last month, and that number was not enough to keep first place in this chart. On the other hand, Mellocair won no less than 68 matches and managed to reach third palce in this chart. Notably, this chart allows us to estimate a lower bound for the number of wins of princess,elsa*/vic386, with it being 67 wins. Very surprsing, however, is the return of MarioEnvy, said player had last appeared one year ago, in the charts of August 2018. It's a nice surpsise to see tham again in this chart. They had to win no less than 44 matches last month to finally return. Overall, this August there was only a slight increase in activity of most of the returning player with respect to July, with the only exception being that of ryuujiid0125. In a certain sense the resutls of the latter are quite surprising, as they don't seem to match the activity of the other players. There could be multiple explanations to this, such as constantly finding a player against which there were many wins, as the latter wouldn't show up in these charts, but ultimately those numbers don't allow us to make any considerations of this kind. In any case, the numbers reached by josue/2003minicachorro and ryuujiid0125, when compared with the numbers of the other palyers in the chart again give the impression of there being few very active palyers among a generally less active player base, it's still notable how even palyers who were disappeared a year ago from the charts like MarioEnvy managed to return, another sign of the dedication of the remaining palyers despite the more modest numeric values.
  3. Here are the top 5 Wii U online ranked matches charts of the hottest month (or is it August?)! POINTS This time, there were few changes compared to what was seen last motnh: josue/2003minicachorro is still in first place, having gained this month no less than 7175 points, an amount even higher than the one seen last June. Similarly, Blade/kingtayo and Blazin'/themackmack kept their 3rd and 4th place respectively, having gained no less than 150 and 574 points. sea6741 returns in the chart after having left it last March, having gained no less than 10478 points and ending up in 2nd place, while Ryuujiid0125 in 5th place is a newcomer in the points-based charts, having been seen last time in the wins-based charts last November. WINS There are a few more changes in this chart, compared to what was seen last month: josue/2003minicachorro widened the gap with the other players, having won no less than 272 matches last month, while Leo/inkaysquidd maintained their 5th place, having won no less than 4 matches last month. In between, the effort of Ryuujiid0125 is more apparent in this chart, with no less than 241 matches won last month, leading them in 2nd place while in the case of sea6741 the difference with the player in 5th place last month is 27 matches won, enough to reach 3rd place. Mellocair returns in these charts in 4th place after last March, having reached the highest S1 rank in the meantime and having won no less than 26 matches last month. Overall, the general trend of more activity in the summer holidays was confirmed, This time, josue/2003minicachorro and Ryuujiid0125 proved to be the more active, with sea6741 possibly being very active as well, considering the points gained dsespite the lack of change in rank and the lack of signs of an alternate account being made to quickly gain a lot of points in a few matches. A quick comparison with the results seen in July last year: Points Wins shows that the relative decrese in activity, when comparing the results of the players in first place, wasn't as dramatic as seen in March and April, but at the same time it can be seen how the activity was more widespread, with many palyers having relatively smaller differences compared to the values of the person at the top. What could be perhaps inferenced from those results and the quick comparison is that, as expected, fewer people are currently actively playing the game, but at the same time those fewer people are still able to be active, meaning that matches can still be found and played.
  4. And here we go with the top 5 charts of the online ranked matches of the Wii U version for the month of June 2019! POINTS A few interesting things can be observed when looking at the previous month: josue/2003minicachorro reconfirmed their first placement, having gained no less than 6987 points the previous month, while Blazin'/themackmack gained no less than 425 points and ended up in 4th place. Surprisingly, there were at least two palyers who gained a considerable amount of points: one is Lucario,Girl/RieBear who was last seen in the charts of February of this year and gained no less than 18104 points last month ending up in 2nd place, while Blade/kingtayo is a new player in these charts who gained no less than 7629 points, enough to reach 3rd place. nico.kaltgmx.de is a new entry as well who gained no less than 4748 points to end up in 5th place. WINS A few interesting changes can be seen in the wins-based charts as well, when comparing to the results of the previous month: josue/2003minicachorro managed to keep the first place here as well with no less than 164 matches won. Another returning player was spyro22, who rose into 4th place after having won no less than 114 matches. Lucario,Girl/RieBear managed to end up in 2nd place in this chart as well, having won no less than 222 matches the previous month. ponysalvaje in 3rd place, who won no less than 117 matches last month, might be an alternate account of the notorious Lobo, considering how they are a player from Jalisco having as Battle Pokémon. In 5th place we have a newcomer, Leo/inkaysquidd, who won no less than 70 matches. In general, the raw numbers showed that activity has increased in June compared to what was seen since February; this is to be expected, with the holidays beginning in that month. The results of July and August are expected to reconfirm this trend, even though almost surely not with the same numbers seen last year. The fact that the palyer in 5th place in both charts of June had higher raw numbers than the player in 3rd place in the corresponding charts of May is an encouraging sign that the activity increased for many players, not just a few. In any case, with 3 players in the points-based charts and likely 4 players in the wins-based chart being returning players, the trend of the game still being played by dedicated players was reconfirmed as well.
  5. Here are the top 5 charts of last month's Wii U online ranked matches! POINTS It shouldn't come as a surprise how the people in the first three places are different from the ones in the chart of the previous month: There have been nontheless some returning players: josue/2003minicachorro who gained no less than 10417 points and reached first place (and S2 rank as well) and Blazin'/themackmack who gained no less than 2171 points and reached second place. Furthermore, in third place we have a familiar face: Odilonreis, who had appeared in first place in the wins-based chart of the previous month. Curiously enough, the names, country and Battle Pokémon of the players in 4th and 5th plave indicate that those are two account of the same person, vistima. WINS The wins-based chart had less drastic changes Odilonreis is no longer in first place, but in second, having won no less than 106 matches the previous month. josue/2003minicachorro is in first place in this chart as well, having won no less than 251 matches. Blazin'/themackmack had a good result in the wins-based chart as well, having raeched the top three. We can't exactly know how many matches they won the previous month, as they have only 9 matches more than the player in fifth place last month. Similarly, we can't really know how many matches vistima won the previous month, as the difference with the person in 5th place the previous month is just one win. Finally, Kevin/spyro22 returns again in the top 5 charts, this time in 5th place. Overall, both charts actually showed that the activity didn't decline in the month of May 2019, with josue/2003minicachorro showing more activity than what seen last month and Odilonreis (and possibly Kevin/spyro22 as well) still being active. It would be intriguing to know how much vistima played, but due to the likely use of two accounts, it's not really possible to know that. This time, the points-based chart was also very similar to the wins-based chart, likely due to the relatively high rank of most of the people in those chart causing less of a mismatch between points gained and matches won.
  6. Here's the report about the top 5 charts of Wii U ranked matches of last month! Well, this time it's special just because the first report I wrote was the April 2018 top 5 charts! At this point, there will be even in this report a brief comparison to the numbers of last year. POINTS These results are entirely different from the ones seen last month: All of the names in the chart are new compared to the month before that, the only thing that can be said is that the number of points acquired by the people in first and second place is no less than 5400 and 3377, respecively. Unsurprisinlgy, the overall numbers seen last year, in April 2018, were greater: This time, though, the numbers of last year are about twice as big as the currrent ones, indicating a less dramatic decrease in activity than the one prospected by the results of March 2018. WINS In this chart we can see a couple returning players, one if comparing to last month: Odilonreis managed to reach first place, winning no less than 129 matches, while luffy/AnestGuerrier21 returned in the chart after having disappeared after November 2018. It's not possible to know how many matches they won in April, though. The numbers of April 2018 aare even closer to the ones seen here: In this case, the overall numbers of April 2018 are from one third to twice as big, still a significant decrease but definitely less dramatic than the ones that was apparent from the charts of March 2018. Indeed, the first reprot of last year showed what could have been a dramatic decrese of activity in April 2018 comapred to March 2018, although the lack of knowledge of how the results of more than one month were summed into the final value led to believe that the decrease happened in one month, whiel it might have happened in multiple months, becoming apparent only in April 2018. In this case, the increase of points and wins, 5400 and 3377 points and 129 matches won, is more in line with what was saw in the previous report, although the lack of spikes of activity of herobrien/jervis6 (who obtained no less than 9178 points) and of Kevin/spyro22 (who had won no less than 284 matches) is notable. Indeed, those two players are absent from the most recent charts of this report. Overall, the decrease of activity of April 2019 compared to March 2019, if it actually happened, is much less dramatic than what could be seen in the charts of my first report dealing with April 2018 comapred to March 2018, with the caveat that said decrease of last year might have been more gradual than what the charts suggested. The charts based on the matches won also showed that a few dedicated players might still be active as well. The next months will allow us to see if they are indeed still active or not.
  7. Here we are for the March 2019 top 5 charts of Wii U online ranked matches! And there are two surprises too! Well, one actually, the other is just a consequence of the first report being written in April 2018, thus meaning that the March 2018 charts are available for a comparison! POINTS Again, there are quite a few changes compared to the chart of last month: On one hand, yuukatubasa is still at the top, with an increase of 649 points compared to last month; on the other hand, perea81 had a more significant increase of points, 4624 points, which allowed them to reach 3rd place. It's also interesting to note how Mellocair, who appeared in the wins-based chart last month, appeared in the points-based chart of this month as well. They got no less than 1870 points this month. Very interesting is the performace of herobrien/jervis6 as well, who obtained no less than 9178 points, ending in 2nd place. Finally, this time even the minimum increase in points of Lashe in 5th place can be estimated, it being 878 points. Since these reports started on april 2018, we can also see the charts of March 2018 to make a quick comparison on the activity: Back then, more than 3 times the points were needed to reach 1st place, even 5th place had a higher amount of points than the current 1st place, although the two values are more similar. WINS The changes with respect to last month here are less drastic than those observed in the comparison of the points-based charts: yuukatubasa, Mellocair and perea81 all reappear from the previous month, with an increase of wins which is 12, 70 and 100 respectively. In 5th place we see the return of Odilonreis, who was last seen in the charts on Novemeber 2018. This time they won no less than 21 matches to return in the chart. The most intriguing change in this chart, though, can only be appreciated when looking at the chart of March 2018: As surprising as it might look, Kevin/spyro22 finally managed to reach the top of the chart after disappearing from the charts for an entire year! No less than 284 wins were needed for the achievement, which is actually the biggest minimum increase seen in the current charts. When comparing the number of wins, the values still tell us that more than twice the number of wins were needed to reach the top of the charts last year, although even with the results of this month Kevin/spyro22 would still have reached 5th place the chart of March 2018, adding to the merits of said results. To qucikly sum things up, the comparison with the results of last year definitely indicate that the expected decline in activity in the online ranked matches effectively happened, with the current activity being possibly one half to one third of the activity of last year. Despite that sharp decline in overall activity, some dedicated players didn't drop the mode, with perea81 and Mellocair continuing to have some matches this month and Odilonreis returning to them after having disappeared last December. The real surprise of this month though was the return of Kevin/spyro22, who managed to finally reach first place after last March they only managed to reach 2nd place. Considering how they had since disappeared from the charts, said return with a result that would have allowed them to appaer even in the top 5 chart of last year definitely stands out, to say the least.
  8. Here are the parameters (statistics), attack and hit tables used by Pokkén Torunament DX version 1.3.3: Parameters: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14XWvka5YlWjcftZ2cbVJAVsK12_0CoFrwRwI0dFuKxs/edit?usp=sharing Attack (fighter Pokémon): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Cmpw5Xbvwr73KLMAcnnW5u16RRh9s-zPUdgADud4Wzc/edit?usp=sharing Hit (fighter Pokémon): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dsX-lF-0aAWQjKA_qyoBWVYnQ7zXrET-pqM-UD_s2AA/edit?usp=sharing Parameters: various stats of the fighters and Support Pokémon like HP, size of the Burst Gauge, duration of Synergy Burst, time needed to charge the support gauge, and so on Attack: various data about the attacks of the game, such as damage, scaling, ability to break shield or pierce armor, alteration of the Synergy and support gauges, stun duration, how the attack alters the status of the opponent, what is the heght and type of the attack, and so on Hit: various data about the hitboxes, including size and duration It is important to stress how these tables do not contain data about the moves that use the attacks! They do not contain the total duration of a move, when the attack is used in the move, the attributes that are set during the move as well as additional effects such as recoil damage or reduction of debuffs, and what are the move the current move can cancel to. Said information is much more time consuming to extract. The Attack and Hti tables of the Support Pokémon will come at a later time as well.
  9. Here is the monthly update on the TOP 5 charts of Wii U online ranked matches! POINTS The chart has some pretty big differences compared to that of last month: Only two palyers are returning, RieBear whose points increased by 125, and yuukatubasa, whose points increased by 625. These small increases are already enough to reach second and first place, respectively. Of the newcomers, we can only estimate the minimum points increase of sea6741 in third place, which is 4867 points, an amount only slightly lower than the minimum estimated amount of last month, 5219 points gained by TOMRO_SUN who then disappeared from the charts of this month. WINS The differences with respect to past month are similar to those seen in the points' chart: We see that agin, the number of wins of RieBear increased by 5, while the number of wins of yuukatubasa increased by 11. These are again small increases, yet they are enough to reach first and second place. Since the other players have a number of wins which is less than 606, it's not possible to estimate the number of wins they had in the previous month. One thing to note, though, is that in third place of this chart we have the return of Mellocair, a player maining Garchomp active in September and October 2018. Last time that they appeared in the charts, their rank was A5, so this again suggests that the player has been active all these months. Overall, these results again seem to indicate how many current players reach these charts through short but intense bursts of activity, as indicated by the little increases in the following months as well as them leaving the charts in just a few months, likely as soon as the points and wins obtained in these bursts expire. Notable exceptions can still be seen, that of this month being the return of Mellocair, who was in these charts a few months ago, with a much lower rank. Likely due to expiration of wins and points, this month the numbers seen in the charts are much lower, to the point that it's not possible to make reliable considerations on this month's overall activity in this mode. Hopefully, next month an estimation of the minimum number of wins for the newcomers will be possible, allowing to have a better idea of the actual activity.
  10. Mister Wu

    How clashes work

    APPENDIX CLASHES WITH FIGHTERS IN THE AIR Clashes with fighters in the air work in the same way as clashes with fighters on ground, with one imprtoant difference: for the fighter in the air the stun of the stronger knockback lasts the same amount of frames as the normal knockback. In the cases observed the stun lasted 30 frames, one frame less than the normal ground knockback stun that lasts 31 frames. 's upward attack (8Y, clash priority of 2) against 's Counterattack (X + A, clash priority of 3) 's Fire Punch (clash priority of 3) against 's Counterattack (X + A, clash priority of 3) CLASHES OF DIRECT ATTACKS WITH GRABS When a direct attack clashes with a grab clash priority is not considered, and the direct attack always wins the clash and connects, even in the cases in which there should be knockback for both fighters instead. 's simple punch (5Y, clash priority of 1) against 's standard grab (Y + B, clash priority of 0)
  11. Mister Wu

    How clashes work

    's 8Y, 6Y and 5Y have a clash priorty of 3, 2 and 1 respectively, neither of these three attacks are able to break light armor, so priority is not used to determine whether an attack will be able to break light armor or not. 0 clash priority is used for special cases like impacts and possibly grabs. It's not used for the usual moves, in any case remember that 0 clash priority can still cause a knockback clash against priority 1 moves, since the clash priority difference is 1 - 0 = 1. You must consider the difference among clash priorities.
  12. Mister Wu

    How clashes work

    As @bryansempai pointed out, there's actually a very funny case in which having a clash priority higher than 2 results in the expected outcome, but the results are not... satisfactory! 's weak high attack (8Y) has a clash priority of 3 and thus wins the clash against 's low weak attack (2Y), that has a clash priority of 1. However, 's 8Y is unable to break Burst's light armor, resulting in continuing his attack and connecting the whole combo! You can see this fun corner case here:
  13. An update: I was wrong about how the attack height is determined: attack height is a coded value found in the attack table, just like the attack type. Furthermore, 's Flying Stance was able to evade standard grabs simply because those grabs have special flags that allow them to only grab opponents on ground and not opponents in the air. I now corrected the posts I made and uplaoded a new image that shows a case of actual evasion due to attributes.
  14. Mister Wu

    How clashes work

    Very simply, this post will deal with how clashes work, now that the value determining clash priority has been found! Clash priority is found in the attack tables, here are the ones of Pokkén Tournament DX version 1.3.3, while here are the ones of the Wii U version. The clash happens when two direct attacks' or throws' active hitboxes collide with each other before colliding with one of the fighters. It's a rather rare event with jabs, while it can be seen more frequently when moves with many active frames are involved (e.g. 's charged footdive, j[X], against 's upward spinning attack, ]X[). What happens in the clash depends on the clash priority of the moves, said value ranges from 0 to 5, with 0 and 5 being reserved for special cases (the latter in particular is used for Burst activation and for the Burst Attacks, but also some moves have that priority, like 's charged Force Palm). SAME CLASH PRIORITY In this case, the clash results in a small yellow circle followed by a knockback animation for both fighters with a stun that in general lasts 31 frames. 's simple punch (5Y, clash priority of 1) against 's simple punch (5Y) 's simple scratch (5Y, clash priority of 1) agaisnt 's simple scratch (5Y) CLASH PRIORITY DIFFERENCE OF 1 This case is very important as the animation is easily confused with the animation of the case of same clash priority, but the outcome is very different. In particular, the yellow circle is slightly bigger, and this time the fighter with the higher priority move will have the usual knockback, while the fighter with the lower priority move will have a stronger knockback with a stun that lasts longer. In the cases I tested with and , the stun of the stronger knockback lasted 42 frames instead of the 31 frames of the usual knockback, leaving the fighter with the higher priority move at a +11 frame advantage. 's belly bump (6Y, clash priority of 2) against 's simple punch (5Y, clash priority of 1) 's simple slash (5X, clash priority of 2) against 's simple scratch (5Y, clash priority of 1) CLASH PRIORITY DIFFERENCE HIGHER OR EQUAL TO 2 In this case, an impact with a big yellow circle can be seen, following that the move the higher priority will connect. 's Dragon Claw (FS X, clash priority of 3) against 's simple punch (5Y, clash priority of 1) 's flying kick (8X, clash priority of 4) against 's simple punch (5Y, clash priority of 1) 's Knock Off (6A, clash priority of 3) against 's simple scratch (5Y, clash priority of 1) 's Ice Punch (8A, cash priority of 4) against 's simple scratch (5Y, clash priority of 1) In short: SAME CLASH PRIORITY → Same type of knockback and stun for both fighters CLASH PRIORITY DIFFERENCE = 1 → Stronger knockback and stun for the fighter with the lower clash priority move CLASH PRIORITY DIFFERENCE ≥ 2 → The move with the higher clash priority connects Additionally, knockback gives 60 Mega values to each of the fighters, while having the clash won by a single move (priority difference ≥ 2) gives 30 Mega values uniquely to the fighter winning the clash. Furthermore, here are two additional aspects that i'll deal with in the appendix: for the fighter in the air, the stun of the stronger knockback lasts the same as the stun of the normal knockback direct attacks interacting with grabs always win the clash regardless of clash priority And that's what there is to say at the moment about clashes, the most important part is being able to recognize the case in which a priority difference of 1 is happening, as those cases generally give a considerable frame advantage but are easily mistaken as clashes with the same clash priority. If it's not possible to tell the yellow circles apart, it's important to remember the clash priority of the moves that are frequently used.
  15. 3) EXAMPLES OF ACTUAL USE Let's now see how the attributes were set in the examples I provided above: EVASION As we'll see below, the preliminary phase of the jump has the attr_jump set for the whole phase, it sets the following attributes: h throw = 1 m throw = 1 l grap = 1 l shot = 1 l throw = 1 Since there is evasion on grabs of all heights, the standard grab (B + Y) is therefore evaded. As an aside, the standard grab has a special flag set that prevents it from grabbing opponents who are not on ground, for this reason, and not because of evasion properties, the standard grab fails to grab in Flying Stance: INVINCIBILITY In the Wii U version, the Burst Attack started in the air has the attr_muteki_all_hml set for the whole duration of the preliminary animation, said function sets the following attributes: h grap = 2 h shot = 2 h throw = 2 m grap = 2 m shot = 2 m throw = 2 l grap = 2 l shot = 2 l throw = 2 Since invincibility is set for all attack types, the counterattack is evaded. RED ARMOR The high stance has the attr_attack_armor_m set from frame 4 of the animation (5th frame) until the last frame in which the high stance button is pushed. This function sets the following attributes: h throw = 3 m grap = 3 m shot = 3 m throw = 3 l throw = 3 It should be noticed how this is a composite of the attr_attack and attr_armor_m functions, composite functions are commonly used in the game to set multiple attributes at once. In this case, since there is red armor on all the throw attacks, the grab is red armored. BLUE ARMOR Fire Punch in Duel Phase has the attr_block_all_hml set from frame 0 to frame 24 of the animation, this function sets the following attributes: h grap = 4 h shot = 4 m grap = 4 m shot = 4 l grap = 4 l shot = 4 Since all the direct attacks are blue armored in that time frame, this simple punch attack (5Y) is blue armored as well. SHIELD The first hit of the counterattack triggers the dm_guard_weak animation that has the attr_guard_freeze set from frame 0 until frame freeze+12 (12 frames after the guard stun animation), this function sets the following attributes: h grap = 5 h shot = 5 h throw = 1 m grap = 5 m shot = 5 m throw = 1 l grap = 5 l shot = 5 l throw = 1 since the second hit of the counterattack hits before guard stun is finished, said second hit is automatically shielded even without the player's input. A notheworthy detail: during guard stun, grabs are set to evasion, this explains why the simple punch (5Y) canceled into Seismic Toss is evaded: Seisimic Toss is active before evasion has ended. REPELLING RED ARMOR In the case of the simple punch (5Y), the function attr_attack_repel is set from frame 0 to frame 7, said function sets the following attributes: h throw = 6 m throw = 6 l throw = 6 since the grab hits in that time frame, it is red armored and then the player is repelled. JUMP Jump consists in two phases: Phase 1 goes from frame 0 to frame 4 During this phase it's possible to cancel the jump into ground moves. Phase 2 starts from frame 5 onward In this phase it's possible to start aerial moves. Phase 1 has the attr_jump set for the whole phase, it sets the following attributes: h throw = 1 m throw = 1 l grap = 1 l shot = 1 l throw = 1 Phase 2 has the attr_jump_start set from frame 0 until frame 8, it sets the following attributes: h throw = 1 m grap = 1 m shot = 1 l grap = 1 l shot = 1 both these functions explain the peculiar evasion properties of jumps. STEP BACKWARD The step backward (also known as backdash) has the attr_backstep function, that in the case of is set from frame 0 to frame 7 of the animation. It sets the following attributes: h grap = 2 h throw = 2 m grap = 2 m throw = 2 l grap = 2 l throw = 2 Stepping back allows to avoid grabs and direct attacks, but not ranged attacks. Surprisingly, this function sets the evasion using the invincibility attributes: