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  1. Decidueye from what we've seen so far has no clear weaknesses, there is a considerable amount of people saying there is nothing he can't do and i'm inclined to agree, Darkrai has seen a ton of success in arcade and this recent nerf hasn't seemed to hurt him that much as we have seen from Rubs at EGX, Chandelures damage and overall utility has been buffed quite a bit in return for a (Probably) needed nerf to minimize, her defense got considerably weaker but the smog changes make her ability to create space between herself and the opponent even stronger. SM2's tools have been hindered quite a bit in the nerf to 6y and while the diagonal teleport is nice it hasn't completely sold me so i'll hold off on bumping him up until i can see it put into play, 4X cancel is gimmicky.
  2. So as most people know by now, everyone in this community has their own tierlists, so Gintrax and I decided to make a tier list that we would update weekly based on that weeks results, latest character findings, other people's opinions and even theorycrafting. This weeks tierlist is mostly influenced by everything we've already found since Pokkén Tournament DX came out as well as todays results for both North Americas SoCal Regionals and Europes EGX Invitational. We will most likely be either streaming or making a video on the tier lists weekly changes starting on week 2 but please leave any questions or opinions for characters placings and we will do our best to respond and implement your feedback on next weeks tierlist. Thank you! - Watsky. P.S. : Special shoutout to Allister and Afro for taking these tournaments! P.P.S : There is order within tiers.