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  1. For a rundown of Steel Wing as a whole, please watch the following video from Raikel. This thread will be focusing on one particular tool of Steel Wing, that being the retreating j.A to create space. It's a very powerful, albeit underutilized tool, and can even out space sm2 2yy when performed correctly. However, as it turns out, some character's hitboxes shift back when they block, making the j.A miss entirely. The following is the list of characters that are hit and the characters that are not. It was tested by me, and my findings were confirmed by Lario. Can Hit: Can't Hit:
  2. motherlatias

    Aqua Jet levels from grounded 6yy

    Hey there everyone! It's everyone's favorite mediocre penguin here with a mildly important post about an underutilized move! But enough with the self-deprecation, I know what you're really here for! 6yy naturally links up with aqua jet, but the level of the aqua jet depends on the character and spacing of the 6yy. Do keep in mind that this is only about grounded 6yy, as it's very different on opponents in the air (as in, a lot more level 3s). Level 2 Try as I might, Scizor was the only character I couldn't get level 3 on with proper spacing. If anyone else gets it, please please tell me and I can update this. Level 2; Level 3 with tipper The bulk of the cast here. Up close, it lands on level 2, but if spaced to the tip (about a backdash and a half away) it ends up as level 3. Some of these feel like a tighter spacing window than others, though that might just be me. Level 3 These five will always end up on level 3 aqua jet, regardless of spacing. That's just about everything I got! Safe sliding, everyone!
  3. h-hewwo? mr. obama? is that you mr. obama pwease hewp me hewwo h-hewwo??