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    Croagunk Twitter Tech

    BA can actually hit now
  2. Karnimanu

    Introduce Yourself!

    1. It's literally above my PB. 2. EU/GER 3. , my gunk sucks af tho 4. Boring Twitter 5. Are you a content creator/streamer? Nah, I just shitpost from time to time 6. interesting facts: I play Pokkén. Real shocker, i know. Nobody reads this anyway, lets be honest lol
  3. Karnimanu

    Croagunk Twitter Tech

    Just dropping some shield break set ups; For characters with above average shield health you need an 4YX oki (Works with Yveltal as well) No 4YX oki but wether j.Y or j.3/2Y needed for the rest of the cast. ( Works with Yveltal as well) With different supports (e.g. Foragdier too) it works even midscreen. 4XY oki is needed tho - just imagine the 4YX in the clip is a oki lol no 4YX oki midscreen with Yveltal though; Idk if this is new, probally not but i had fun experimenting with it. Credits to me i guess lol
  4. Karnimanu

    Darkrai combos

    How do you start a combo with 4A??
  5. Is it alright to help you out here? I'm new in the Forum If so: Here a (stronger/other/support) combos. 2A ↑ Does'nt work on Pikachu(-Libre) 2A 6X 6X 2Y Rotom-Support 4A - 190 8x 8X 6ARY Frogadier-Support 66(aka dash) 2Y 4Y 8[A] - 161 Wallsplats (so +30dmg) when started in the middle of the arena (Haunted House) .Works even on Pikachu-Libre etc.