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  1. Mins

    Nintendo Switch Friend Code Thread

  2. I wonder how they will go about the community choice event. Will we be able to suggest any event, or will they have a select few?
  3. Not gonna lie, I'm much more excited now for these events than I am for Pokemon Worlds.
  4. Mins

    Shadow Mewtwo Tech

    Hello everyone, I was recently messing around in training mode, specifically messing around with the hard knockdown from 5XX. I found that if you delay a 6Y so that it wiffs the falling opponent you can set up an unblockable between a grab, and the miracle eye enhanced pillar.
  5. Mins

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    My last name is Minsley, cut off the last 3 letters you get Mins! Since that story isn't particularly interesting, my alt gamertag FullAutoTuna was created for when Mins is taken. the first time i needed an different name than Mins, was around the time I was playing a ton of Awesomenauts. I was a Vinnie & Spike main, cuz he was beyond broken at the time, so I wanted to have something fish based. And then i thought the idea of a Tunafish gun funny. And thus FullAutoTuna was born.
  6. For those who don't remember, both chandelure and a playable ShadowMewtwo were revealed last Tokaigi 2v2 tournament.
  7. Mins

    Pokkén Height & Invincibility Interactions

    Amazing work doing all of this! A few additions for "Attacks that can be grabbed despite being attacks" are Shadow Mewtwo's 2nd parts of 2YY, 8YY (both while charging and after the button is released right before sm2 leaves the ground for the attack), 5XX and Psywave Slash. These can be grabbed if their first attack is avoided by some form of invincibility (i.g. Burst Exhaust or wakeup invul) and then the opponent grabs. And finally Shadow Mewtwo's earthquake can be grabbed as well if he enters a grab hitbox right before the earthquake becomes active.
  8. Mins

    Shadow Mewtwo Tech

    Shout-outs to Bolimar for originally finding the 6X>iad jY loop, which I propose we should call shoulder loops for convenience, and helping me figure out that it was the direction of the jump that was the key factor for getting the loop to work.