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  1. Shadowcat

    Pantheon: A Smash 4 Send-Off

    MSU Smash 4 proudly presents part of one a two part tournament series, Pantheon! Come out November 17th for one last Smash 4 tournament, and come back January 19th for the Kick-Off of Smash Ultimate for part two of Pantheon. Pantheon: A Smash 4 Send-Off November 17th! $500 pot bonus for Smash 4 singles! There will be Singles, Doubles, and an Amateur bracket! Ever wonder what MSU Smash 4 is up to? Check out our Season 3 Power Rankings video! -----> Tentative Schedule: 10:00 am : Venue Opens 10:45 am: Doubles Registration + Check-in Ends 11:00 am : Doubles Starts 1:00 pm : Lunch Break 1:15 pm: Singles Registration + Check-in Ends 2:00 pm : Wave A Pools 3:00 pm : Pokkén Singles 4:00 pm : Wave B Pools 6:00 pm : Top Bracket Begins 7:00 pm : Amateur Bracket Begins 9:30 pm : Tear-down Begins 10:00 pm : Venue Closes If you are not checked in before registration + check-in ends you will be DQ'd from your bracket unless you have contacted a TO and have made arrangements Stream: Stream will be provided by GooshiGaming.https://go.twitch.tv/gooshigaming Pricing: $10 Venue $5 Venue if you are a Club Member $5 can be reimbursed if a player supplies a full setup and it remains at the venue until it is no longer needed (as determined by the TOs). Entry: $10 for Singles ; $20 for Doubles ($10 per team member) https://smash.gg/tournament/pantheon-a-smash-4-send-off/details
  2. Shadowcat

    Michigan M@sters 2019

    Michigan M@sters is back and now a 3 day event! Join PEPPERMINT☆DROP as we take MM2019 to new heights! Multiple ballrooms, five streams, pool parties, arcade games, and more! For more information on the event please visit our website. The Radisson of Farmington Hills: 31525 West 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334, USA When booking, click "More Search Options" and enter promotional code "MMS19" for $99/rate discounthttps://www.radisson.com/farmington-hills-hotel-mi-48334/usafhmi Registration: $30: Until November 18th $40: November 19th – December 25th $45: December 26th - March 1st $50: March 2nd – April 3rd (Pre-Reg Close) $60: Onsite https://smash.gg/tournament/michigan-m-sters-2019/details
  3. Shadowcat

    Vs. Empoleon "Burning Royalty"

    Vs. Empoleon General tips Defog negates all of our projectiles and even certain support calls but they’ll have to either commit to something right after or its back to neutral. Defog has much more uses in duel phase since their aerial attacks have a much easier time to land like j.Y. j.A, and surf. Knowing when you can interrupt Aqua Jet and any of their pressure tools are very important if you end up against a wall or on wake up. Recommended supports Emolga Can punish every projectile or attack he throws out. Excellent in field phase to help stall out more time and boost yourself with sunnyday. Dragonite Can push him back at full screen or even punish his jump in attempts! Good if he’s getting too close. Rotom A good support that can shut down Aqua Jet, fY, homing, and j.Y, but they can bait out Rotom with forward dash so keep the pressure on when you use rotom. Togekiss Pretty good on stalling time in field phase, not much compared to duel phase Farfetch’d One of the fastest supports! Can call out any attack in field and almost every pkmn move followup. Umbreon A great get off me support or even can combo into with FCC. stealing their synergy and no crit means you won’t have to worry about getting CA. Litten Fast charging support that can deal tons of damage depending on your HP and Counter pierce their attacks like Rocksmash. Celebi having the ability to go straight into field phase while getting pressured is great overall, even it you get pierced. Field phase Fighting an Empoleon on this phase is one the easiest times you’ll have! Their approach options against Braixen are really poor! Slow movement, slow homing, slow tracking projectiles, and Aqua Jet. You can dodge almost everything from running to the side and punishing their attacks with flame charge or by punishing their jumps with projectiles or boomerang. Duel phase Playing around there Aqua jet distance, knowing how to punish the followups, and dealing with drill peak are important when you’re getting pressured! Here’s a list of moves that can punish any of their followup attempts! Note: Grab will always beat rock smash and jumping will always dodge surf and rock smash. Aqua Jet lvl 1 Grab > Cut 8Y > Waterfall/Surf (Will whiff against Waterfall but can punish right after) 5X/Y > Cut/Surf 2A > Surf (Enhance will beat Surf) Aqua Jet lvl 2 8Y > Waterfall/Surf 5X/Y > Surf (Trades against Cut) 2A > Cut/Surf Aqua Jet lvl 3 2A > Surf/Burst Attack Grab/2Y > Burst Attack Drill Peak Grab > All except Surf 2A > All except Rocksmash but its safe 2Y > All except Rocksmash and Surf but its safe Burst Attack > Beats all options and raw Some supports can even interrupt some Aqua Jet follow ups as well like Emolga, Farfetch’d, Mimikyu, Fennekin, and so forth so experimenting when you can interrupt is also important! Hydro Pump does a ton of chip damage and you don’t want them to continue the pressure so on block its best to Light screen right after if your not against a wall. Drill peak will beat it but they won’t get a full combo which means your safe to continue neutral or even punish a follow up! Against the wall however Drill peak will wallsplat but Enhance Light screen will trade against Drill peak resulting in an Air tech From close/mid range, their only good moves for approaching or lounge attacks are jump ins, 8X, 2X, and AJ. Once their close enough you can either jump away or play aggressive with 8X. 8X is a really good attack in the MU since there anti airs don’t lead into combos and have a long recovery. They can however 4X to Iframe against flame charge for a punish so only commit to a flame charge after 8X when their against a wall and you're enhanced. Having a slow CA means you can poke safely with 5Y and 2Y or trying to stuff it out by canceling into light screen. Burst Management In burst mode, you won’t have to worry about and j.Y but look out for ice beam 6A since it still does hitstun. The last hit of each AJ does hitstun as well! So its beat to punish their AJ and j.Y with burst attack or punish their landing with psybeam. Empoleon is also a 150cc character so he’ll eventually get synergy at least by round 2. Going to be making some changes and corrections to this sometime this week for more information. Just a basic rundown on the MU so far.
  4. Shadowcat

    Vs. Machamp "Magic Vs. Might"

    Vs. Machamp General Tips: Fire spin is an excellent attack for stalling and for keeping him away! Use it as a wall to give you a breather to think! Aim for staying away from him and only contest up close on a knockdown. Make sure every phase shift comes from you shifting! Don't allow them to get any synergy what so ever Don't be predicable when it comes to throwing out projectiles Recommended Supports Emolga A great support to catch him pressing any buttons in duel and even in field. Speed debuff will not only decrease his movement speed but also their j.X in field phase so you won’t have to worry about getting punished for throwing out anything. Will also force them to either play defensive which can lead into a guard break or force them to press a button to take some damage for a phase shift. Magikarp Same debuff for emolga but game plan will change from whiff punishing to playing aggressive in duel phase without worrying about guessing wrong. Once Karp lands, you’ll have a free oki attempt then return back to neutral Umbreon A standard get off me support that steals synergy on hit and gives a crit debuff Ninetales Can be used as both a get of me and a shutdown support. Either stop his approach for a breather and to stall out more time overall or to lock them down in place for some pressure Eevee A standard support that gives hp and an attack buff. Good to contest against Burst Machamp without using or having Burst mode ready. Togekiss Amazing for running away in field to stall more time or better positioning yourself. Can also force them to guess as well in duel phase along with playing around our neutral. Mimikyu A defensive support that can help give you more room and makes a machamp scared to press anything in field phase. Has uses in duel phase as well! If hit on block meaning It’s your turn after Mimikyu Mismagius A slower charged support that gives an atk buff while allowing you to either contest up close while its approaching or to use it as a neutral tool to give you a breather. Field Phase The start of the round is a knowledge check if they’ll go for bulk up or not. Psybeam can punish so It’s recommended to instantly throw it out at the start. The moves you’ll be using for neutral will be sY to put out some pressure while staying mobile to dodge certain attacks, bY for knowledge checking and for catching their jumps, and fY to punish their CA or to catch them pressing buttons. They have ways to approach in field such as side homing, j.X, and Karate Chop which they’ll use if there getting close enough so It’s best to start running away or jumping away once he gets close enough! Simply running away is faster then him running towards you unless their using homing which means he has to commit to a block or jump so if you see him homing towards you, start throwing more projectiles like sY and bY to continue neutral and repeat. They’ll start CADC our projectiles for meter so don’t go full screen! Instead, make sure you’re able to punish their dash cancels with fY. Duel Phase The start of this shift depends on the result from field phase If you phase shifted with psybeam or if they phase shift with a grab or fY, just like in field phase, they might go into bulk up, which you can punish with a psybeam. If you boomerang, It’s a guess for them! The safest option would be 2A since it pushes them back on block and on hit, safe against CA and 4Y, and can lead into a combo for better stage control. (Note: 2A will get punished from enhance submission) For neutral, You want to lock down their approach options as much as possible by reacting! CA there 6X, 8A there jump ins, and 8X or grabbing the roll are all good options to cover each approach. You can also space away from j.X and low stance any other option he would do airborne and punish! Even though their roll attack has CA properties, it doesn’t last very long so you can easily stuff it with 8X. Another good thing about their roll is that their unable to go into CA after rolling since pressing X leads to the roll follow-up. Machamp can deal a ton of pressure up close but don’t be alarm, knowing when you can go back in neutral or try to contest with your own attacks as well can help improve your game! All of their fast pokes (6Y/2Y) can’t lead into a pkmn move so once you see them pressing any of their fast pokes, back away or jump back after blocking and continue neutral! The only standard attacks he can cancel into a pkmn move are all high starters (5Y/8Y) and their pkmn moves are mostly highs and a command grab so your best option is to 2Y for a safe poke or 2X for a knockdown but keep in mind they can cancel there command grab and punish our 2X (note: Close combat will beat both options so keep that in mind) Other moves that help in neutral are psybeam and enhance delay psybeam which can catch some jump ins and even catch them trying to approach from mid-long range but don’t be predicable when it comes to using psybeam as they can roll through it for a punish. Fire spin is an amazing wall, they can’t roll through it, jumping over it requires strict timing since their horizontal movement is pretty poor along having a below average jump speed. What supports to look out for The main supports you should be looking out for are Whimsicott/Pachirisu, and Togekiss. Both Whimsicott and Pachirisu gives them more room to approach without worrying about our projectiles while Togekiss helps their mobility but still have to work around our projectiles to an extend. Burst management Gameplan changes depending on who’s closer to Burst mode or who has Burst mode ready. 99% of the time you’ll get your Burst mode faster than theirs but be aware that since they have a large amount of HP and the fact they’ll be around the center of the stage more often for synergy drops, they won’t be too far behind. Even though you can zone Machamp easily, It’s recommended to phase shift as soon as possible in field phase for the synergy boost. The only time I advise to put out as much damage as possible or for a better position for a phase shift is when you both have Burst mode ready or If they do (If you’re running a disruption support or a support that gives an attack buff)! Fighting Burst Mode For field phase, you want to run as long as possible to wait out their burst mode! Togekiss can help with this! In Duel phase, It’s a lot harder to wait it out compared to field phase so its best to either have an attack buff or have burst mode yourself. Rundown Overall we simply have the advantage for neutral! As long you play it safe with little to no mistakes, you shouldn’t have to worry about them ever getting close to you! Stay in mid-long range and react to whatever approach option they do! Keep an eye on their Synergy gauge and be prepare for when they go into burst mode. You can easily lose the round from 2-3 guesses.
  5. Shadowcat

    Rebirth X

    Location 18600 Haggerty rd, Livonia, MI, 48152 Event will take place at the student activities center at the basement of the Vista Tech Center! Schedule Venue opens from 10:00am to 11:00pm. Expect Pokkén to start around 2:00pm Registration Pre-reg is required! (No door registration!!!) Venue Fee - $10 Pokkén - $5 Register here !
  6. Shadowcat

    Showdown: Battle Royale 2

    Introducing Showdown: Battle Royale 2 Register early to get more raffle tickets! Venue Fee: Early bird Special $15 Until June 1st ~~$25 Until July 31st ~$35~ Late Venue Fee $45 Emergency Late Registration Fee Registration Closes September 13th ! $25 Spectator Fee This premiere two day event is brought to you in part by Ksev, Amiibo King, Smash GG, Unrivaled Tournaments, Gooshi Gaming, No Limit Gaming, DMG, and more! Streaming for Smash 4 will be done by good renown Unrivaled Tournaments & GooshiGaming! Events include: Smash Wii U Singles Smash Wii U Doubles Project M Singles + Doubles Smash 64 Singles + Doubles Brawl Singles Street Fighter V Tekken 7 Injustice 2 More ! Showdown: Battle Royale is set to take place Sep 23-24th 2017 in the Main Ballroom Of the Raddison Hotel of Farmington Hills. This will include a Mainstage, loud sound, and a raised projector with viewing seating for over 100 with plenty of standing room. All of Top 8 will be played on the Main Stage and all of top 32 will be on stream or recorded! The first 100 Entrants will be placed into a raffle. The Winner of the raffle will get a mystery prize soon to be announced!
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Shadowcat and I'm here to give you a list of the most optimal field phase combos after breaking a grab with a homing cancel! A Homing cancel is an homing canceled by a jump or a block so breaking a grab with a homing and canceling it when your red will give you more options to punish the grab attempt. Recoil: f[A] [X] 172 (most synergy) Without recoil: XXX 134 (can't against chandelure unless you don't cancel the homing) fA 90 (for chandelure) Burst mode recoil f[A] [X] 191 Burst mode without recoil: XXX 149 (can't against chandelure) fA 98 (for chandelure) Burst attack: BA 253 XXX 36 Against a wall: Left XXX 136 (Depends on the position against Gardevoir, Gengar, Machamp, Braixen, Mewtwo, suicune, Weavile, Charizard, and Shadow Mewtwo) (Can't against chandelure) Burst mode: XXX 147 Burst attack: BA 193 nY bA 164 Against a wall: sXXX 136 (position is inconsistent against Braixen while in burst mode) (can't against chandelure) Burst mode: nY bAA 202 Burst attack: nY BA 228 Note: Using calm mind stack 1 is less optimal then using none in a combo nY f[Y], f[Y] 166 (stay on field phase) nY f[Y], slightly walk forward, [CA] 164 (most synergy) nY f[Y], jump back, jCA 158 (for + advantage) Calm mind stack 2 fA, f[Y] 188 (stay on field phase) fA, slightly walk forward, nY nA 178 (most synergy) fA, slightly wait, nY fY 178 Calm mind stack 3: fA, f[Y] 228 (stay on field phase) fA, dash forward, nY nA 218 (strict timing) fA, dash forward, nY fY 218 (slightly walk back instead of dashing against Sceptile, Gengar, Machamp, and Garchomp) fA, b[Y] 224 fA, b[Y], fY (strict time b[Y] and fY on certain characters) (b[Y] asap against Lucario, Gardevoir, Braixen, and Charizard) (most synergy) fA, b[Y], bY 222 (for more + advantage for setups) (strict time b[Y]) (can't against Suicune) (Most synergy) Against a wall: nY f[Y], position to the side, fy 158 nY f[Y], position to the side, nA 158 nY f[Y], position to the side, nY fA, bY 152 nY f[Y], position to the side, fA 1 stack, nY nA 165 nY f[Y], position to the side, fA 1 stack, nY fY 165 nY f[Y], position to the side, fA 1 stack, bY 160 nY f[Y], position to the side, fA 2 stack, nY > nA 177 nY f[Y], position to the side, fA 2 stack, bY 172 Wall splats : nY f[Y], walk slightly back, fA stack 3, bY 184 nY f[Y], walk slightly back, fA stack 3, fY 186 4m from the wall: Special Thanks to H2 fA 3 stack, bA Y~Y, nY fA, nY fA 285 fA 3 stack, bA Y~Y, nY fA, nY bY/fY 284/287 burst mode: nY f[Y], nA 212 nY f[Y], fY 212 nY f[Y], Jump back, jCA 212 (For + advantage up close) nY f[Y], Homing 217 nY f[Y], slightly walk forward, [CA] 222 nY f[Y], f[Y] 222 (stay on field phase) Calm mind stack 2: nY fA, nY f[Y] 241 nY fA, nY nA 235 nY fA, nY fY 235 Calm mind stack 3: nY fA, nY f[Y] 259 nY fA, nY nA 257 nY fA, nY fY 256 fA, b[Y] 254 fA, b[Y], fY 254 (strict time b[Y] and fY on certain characters) (b[Y] asap against Lucario, Gardevoir, Braixen, and Charizard) fA, b[Y], bY 253 (For + advantage for setups) (strict time b[Y]) (can't against Suicune) (Does not phase shift) Burst Attack: nY BA 252 XXX 113 Get enhanced: Grab 80 bA 60 (Speed debuff) Enhanced/Burst mode bA 120/132 Burst Attack: BA 225 Against a wall: sXXX 113/123 {burst mode} (~4m away against Pikachu and Pikachu Libre) (~2m away against Machamp and Braixen) nYY 122 bY j.X 99 (for a knockdown) Synergy: XXX 112 (very small amount more compared to nYY) Against a wall: sXXX 112 (~2m away against Machamp) (can’t against chandelure) Burst mode: bY dash cancel, nY fAA 144 bY dash cancel, bY dash cancel, bY dash cancel, homing 153 bY dash cancel, bY dash cancel, bY jX 135 (for a knockdown) (strict timing) Burst attack: sY BA 238 Special thanks to Madluk jAR, slightly move back, XX 112 (Must cancel the homing into a jump, not a shield) (can’t against chandelure) (strict timing against small characters) XX 102 (can’t against chandelure unless you don't cancel the homing) bA 90 (for a knockdown) For synergy: jA[X]R, ]X[ 104 (must cancel the homing into a jump NOT a shield) (can’t against chandelure) Grab 100 (take synergy) (highest reward) Wall combo: jA[X]R, ]X[ (3 hits) jA[X]R, ]X[ (3 hits) jA[X]R, ]X[ (3 hits) 169 (0~1m from the wall/air resets) jA[X]R, ]X[ (3 hits) jA[X]R. ]X[ (3 hits) jFX 193 (0~1m from the wall) jAR, A, XX 138 (~2-3 from the wall) jAR, A, bY 115 (~2-3 from the wall) Against the wall: jBSAR SjSBA[X]RS ]X[ (3 Hits) jBA[X]R ]X[ (3 Hits) jFX 206 Burst mode: fY 193 Grab 153 (take synergy) (highest reward) Burst mode wall combo: jAR, A, XX 244 (4m from the wall) jAR, A, jAR, A, jAR, A 272 {21 hits} (4m from the wall) Against the wall: jsAR, sX, pause, XX 244 Burst attack: BA 264 XX 134 (gives the most synergy) Bulk up/Burst mode nY bA 168/183 Burst Attack: nY BA 281 jA 96 (stay in field phase) (must be an instant jA) (easier if you cancel homing with a jump) jX 92 (must be an instant jX against chandelure) (for a sunny day setup + oki) XXX 90 bY 72 (for full screen duel phase) sY A 76 (most synergy) For support guage: Grab 80 Sunny Day: (Can’t connect the fire spin against charizard) (can’t homing to ember combos against mewtwo and sceptile) (can do flame charge and homing combos against machamp but homing is very strict and must do an instant flame charge) (semi hard on gengar) (Gardevoir, lucario, blaziken are easy) EX j.A, nA 151 {8 hits} EX j.A, fY 161 {13 hits max} (most synergy) EX j.A, XX, nY (1 hit) nA 171 {11 hits} Wall combo: Sunnyday: jA, jA 192 jA, jX 191 (strict timing) (hard against machamp) Against a wall sXX 90 (can’t against chandelure) jX, jump over 92 (instant j.X against chandelure) sY nA 76 (but puts you at a -) Burst mode: (Can’t connect the fA against charizard) (can’t preform any homing > nY combos against mewtwo and sceptile) (can do EX j.A and homing > nY combos against Machamp but homing is very strict and must do an instant flame charge) (semi hard on gengar) (Gardevoir, lucario, blaziken are easy) EX j.A > slightly move forward > nY 1 hit > fA > fA > Homing 234 EX j.A > Slightly move forward > nY 1 hit > fA > fA > homing 2 hits > nY 1 hit > EX nA 239 (does not phase shift) EX j.A > slightly move forward > nY 1 hit > fA > fA > fA > bA 242 EX j.A > Slightly move forward > nY 1 hit > fA > fA > bA 244 EX j.A > slightly move forward > nY 1 hit > fA > fA > fA > EX j.A 243 EX j.A > nY 1 hit > fA {Hold A after using fA} > ]A[ > homing 2 hits > nY 1 hit > nA 248-254 {17 hits} (only works on Blaziken, Lucario, Mewtwo, Suicune, Garchomp, Gardevoir, and Shadow mewtwo) EX FC > nY 1 hit > fA {Hold A after using fA} > ]A[ > EX j.A > nA 249 {21 hits} (253 max damage if you sunny day asap) (only works against Blaziken, Lucario, Mewtwo, Suicune, Garchomp, Gardevoir, and Shadow Mewtwo) Against zard: EX jA, EX jA, EX jA 208 (time the EX jA) EX jA, EX jA, nA/XXX 202 (time the nA or XXX) (for distance or for setups up close) Wall combo: EX bjA, bY 248 (can't against machamp) EX bjA, slightly move back, nY (1 hit) bA 233 (for Machamp) Burst attack: BA 204 (for chandelure) EX jA, Slightly move forward, nY (1 hit) fA, BA 246 EX jA, nY (1 hit) fA {Hold A after using fA}, ]A[, BA 264 (only works on Blaziken, Lucario, Mewtwo, Suicune, Garchomp, Gardevoir, and Shadow mewtwo) XXX 151 Burst Mode: XXX 176 Burst Attack: BA 241 Against a wall: sXXX 151/176 {Burst mode} Special Thanks to FZG|Soul XX 154/{Burst mode} 171 (must commit to the homing without the shield cancel) bY, sYY[Y] 124 {damage very on characters} For def debuff: nYYYY fA 84/{burst mode} 98 (slightly move back while nYYYY) (def debuff) bY, slightly move forward, X (1 hit), nY fA 144 {damage very on characters} For atk debuff: bY, nA strict timing 138 (attack debuff) {damage very on characters} For synergy drain: bY, bA 117 {damage very on characters} For full screen: Slightly move back, nYYYY[Y] 108 (can't preform in burst mode) Support drain: jA jf[Y] 156/{burst mode} 190 (must commit to the jump without the homing cancel) XXX 134 Burst Mode: XXX 146 Against a wall: sXXX 134 (can't against chandelure) nA XXX/AAA 137 (can’t against chandelure) jY, nA XXX/AAA 129 (for chandelure) Synergy: jY, jY, nA XXX/AAA 127 Synergy lost: jY, jY, fA 111 {10 hits} (instant jY against chandelure) Wall combo: jY, sA XXX/AAA 157(position dependent) (can’t against machamp) Against a wall: sjY, sjY, fA 111 sA XXX/AAA 137 (can’t against chandelure) Burst mode: sA XXX/AAA 151 (can’t against chandelure) XX 122 (for chandelure) Synergy lost: fA 100 Burst attack: BA 171 No recoil: XX 144 (can’t against chandelure) sYYY 136 (for chandelure) Recoil: [X], FS [Y], FS fA 188 (put opponents against a wall with + advantage) (most synergy) jfA 176 (for distance) Against a wall: sYYY 136 Burst mode: XX 160 (can’t against chandelure) sYYY 151 (for chandelure) Recoil: [X], FS [Y], FS fA 220 (put opponents against a wall with + advantage) jfA 200 (for distance) Burst Attack: BA 270 (instant BA against chandelure) XX 125 bY, nYY 132 (hard knockdown) (not work against chandelure) bY, XX 146 (not work against chandelure) bY[X], ]X[ 142-178 (slightly move forward for max damage against mewtwos, gardevoir) (very hard to get max damage against charizard, stirct) (only minimun dmg for suicune, braixen, sceptile, lucario, blaziken) (most synergy) Wall combo: bY[X], ]X[ 198 (for weavile) bY[X], j]X[ 211-221 (211 against charizard, suicune, braixen, sceptile, Pikachu Libre, pikachu, gardevoir, and blaziken) (very hard to land 211 against weavile) (can’t land optimal j]X[ against machamp, lucario) (inconsistent against gengar) Burst mode: XX 137 bY, nYY 151 (hard knockdown) (can't against chandelure) bY, XX 166 (can't against chandelure) bY[X], ]X[ 160-202 Wall combo: bY[X], j]X[ 237 Burst Attack: BA 271 Against a wall: sXX 125 No recoil: XXX 151 Recoil: nA~YX 154 (can’t against chandelure) (most synergy) Burst Mode: XXX 176 Burst Attack: BA 259 Against a wall: sXXX 151/176 {Burst mode}
  8. Here’s a Match-up breakdown on how to defeat a Chandelure! Field Phase: The first goal you should be doing is approaching until you get mid-close range. You should always anticipate a laser because everything that chandelure does when there a threat from a distance is reactable except laser and you don't want to eat a laser from full screen and have a more difficult time approaching in duel phase. There's two things you want to do after blocking laser and that’s either using Sunny Day or dashing forward to close the distance. Having Sunny day active will give you more options to punish chandelures tools such as n/sY and bY. This is why I suggest for you to start holding the A button before the match begins to use Sunny day after blocking a laser. You can out run Chandelures nY strings easily by moving to the side and punish with psybeam only if you time the psybeam to hit him before the laser comes out (mid/close range only) or have sunny day active to cancel out the last few nY strings so use this as a reaction tool. delay side psybeam has Iframes against projectiles and yes that includes laser so if you anticipate a laser, you can can dodge it. You can also dodge charged laser and can easily react to the charged as well. This is extremely helpful for 2 reasons! One is that it gives you enough time to move in closer while the psybeam is traveling to your opponent and two is that you can avoid some shield damage! bY Is helpful from mid range as long you can charged the bY on the perfect distance to connect against the chandelure. You want to hit them right above to the point where it won't get destroyed by his laser. bY is also useful to catch jumps if their going for an airborne attack (mainly laser). I would recommend to catch jumps only if you’re throwing something out beforehand such as delay psybeam, nY, sY (only from mid/long range), or on block against lasers. After jump laser, a chandelure will either just drop down or use the swing right after for another attack, you can punish the swing by timing your bY or punish the landing with a boomerang. Upon his landing, you'll have the advantage to put some pressure on him. If your right under a chandelure after a laser, they could go for a j.X and that’s punishable on block from grabs. You can also punish anything chandelure commits to after the nY string with a flame charge (at close range) if you’re at the right height to dodge any of the attacks after nY such as laser, Smog, and Will-O-Wisp. As long there within boomerang distance, a chandelure can't commit to all of his attacks and expect to be safe and they'll have to respect that. He’ll often jump only when he’s within that range so be careful when you try to throw out anything. It’s actually okay if you happen to get hit by a jump laser since it doesn’t knock you down and most of the time they’ll only use jump laser when your in mid/close range so after the phase shift they'll be airborne and you’ll be able to either guess if they'll just land and you could punish or swing or commit to an attack which gives you an upper hand on putting out some pressure because his frame data isn't the best. sY can be pretty effective on mid/close range because you can cancel into a psybeam or a delay psybeam. Like I said before, they’ll probably jump or try to use there projectiles against you and you’ll have an answer to each! Timing the psybeam to punish the nY strings, using delay side psybeam to dodge jump laser (anticipate charged laser because its a knockdown), and using enhance psybeam to give you an easier time to punish if he uses a projectile. Conclusion: The first goal you should always do is to start setting up Sunny day or move in close as fast as possible. Always dodge charged laser with a delay psybeam Sunny Day gives you more options on neutral so try not to throw it out unless you know it’ll hit or for dodging purposes. Take advantage of chandelures frame data and know when you can and can’t put out some pressure. Duel Phase: In duel phase you want to stay mid-close range at all times where you can easily punish and put out some pressure against a chandelure. Chandelure will sometimes go for j.Y > j.A to try to dodge your attacks from the ground if there anticipating it (mainly boomerang), You can punish the j.A by jumping fireball, flame charge, or flamethrower. I would recommend for you to use jY since Its one of the safest option If he doesn’t commit to an attack or you could light screen the j.A after the jY for a more safer way to punish an airborne chandelure with a flamethrower. You can kinda zone the chandelure in duel phase by iad (Instant air dash) back and using your fireballs repeatedly. After blocking the first set of fireball he won't be able to throw out a projectile fast enough to cancel out the 2nd set of fireballs but they can use Will-O-Wisp to force you to either block or jump.. He can CADC back to absorb synergy so use this wisely, mainly for time stall or when a chandelure already has full synergy. If you happen to see a chandelure charging there 6[A], you can cancel the projectile with a flamethrower to avoid the chip damage. Some chandelures will go for the 6X follow ups but know that every raw 6X, 6XX, and 6X delay X is punishable on block so you want to use 2X or 5Y to punish 6X, 8X to punish 6XX, and 2X to punish 6X delay X. Just know that he can delay the second X to make it stronger so It's pretty much a guess if he’ll either he’ll go for raw 6X or go for the 6X delay X. Conclusion: Patience is the key to winning at mid range and waiting for a chandelure to commit to an attack for an punish. Controlling the pace of the match when you have the advantage and forcing them to make a mistake. Supports: I highly recommend Emolga, Togekiss, and Farfetch'd as those are the best supports against chandelure. Emolga can be used for many purposes such as support cancel, trading against his projectiles, giving a speed debuff or just having emolga ready can put a fear to a chandelure player. Most Chandelures tend to use a support to take away all of there debuffs from overheat so do note that they will remove Emolgas debuff as well. Togekiss is another support that limits chandelures options (Mainly in field). You can easily outrun every projectile and even laser as well, The only move you have to look out for are n[Y] and s[Y]. As long you don't overdo yourself and allow yourself to get hit you can easily put out any pressure or waiting for a punish. Farfetch'd can be really effective overall. from mid to close range it can be used to trade against a chandelures s/nY or just for a pause button. even if you mistime the farfetch and they punish your call with a jump laser from mid/close range, you'll have an upperhand from field phase to duel phase because Like I said before, they’ll be airborne while the phase is changing. Burst mode: (assuming only one has burst mode active) Braixens burst mode: Braixens burst can give you a slight advantage on both phases. Having burst increases your run speed which makes you able to dodge chandelures projectiles just like Togekiss. For duel phase, there many options chandelure can't commit to such as every Y attack (except charged laser), Will-O-Wisp, and the 2nd hit of smog. Having burst will give you an easier time to punish with more options. Chandelures burst mode: The only threat is the fact he has a counter attack burst and can use it after minimize, everything else is completely the same. Overall: We have the tools to deal with chandelure, Its just the execution is pretty strict. From dodging lasers, to getting sunny day, approaching in neutral, and punishing an airborne chandelure, all of it comes from execution and timing. If you can master this, you'll easily be able to defeat a chandelure with ease to seal him away once and for all! I hope my guide helped you in a anyway! If you have any questions or thoughts about the guide, feel free to leave your replies down below! *Going to be editing this with more information and etc.*
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    Midwest Monthly #14

    Come join Midwest Monthly #14 on June 4th! There will be Pokkén Tournament, Injustice 2, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and much more! $10 for main games, $5 for side games, $6 for the venue. https://www.facebook.com/events/214507649061781/?active_tab=about
  10. Shadowcat

    So where's the guide on homing cancels at?

    I'm currently making a guide on ever characters most optimal homing cancels. I just need to finish/confirm 4 more characters then I'm finish.
  11. Shadowcat

    Air Tech

    Here's an interesting Air Tech glitch that only Gardevoir and Charizard can do against only to Braixens Ember (Jy). You must get hit by only one ember to do the air tech! To do the tech you must get hit out of your Pokémon move or glide for Charizard then near the moment your character air techs, you input any aerial attack or into another glide.
  12. Shadowcat

    Pokkén Projectile Priorities

    No durability is just projectiles that don't cancel or clash with any other. Most beams and lasers (S) can cancel out pretty much every projectile in the game that's under S which has durability. Every S projectile go through each other or just the fastest one wins because there Beams! Although Mewtwos f.Y should be in S Tier yes.
  13. Shadowcat

    Pokkén Projectile Priorities

    Weaviles j.Y is in multiple tiers because It can cancel out against certain projectiles in each tier. For example, It trades against Weavile's Y (1) and it also trades against Mewtwos A (5). Same thing applies to Blazikens j.YY. I'll add his Counter attack and see about the rest.
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    Pokkén Projectile Priorities

    Hi Everyone! I've made a big list of every Projectile in the game and put them within tiers to help you understand what Projectile beats what and which clashes with each other. Tier 1 having the lowest durability while Tier S having the highest. Here's a graph form here if you want to save it! Now updated for Pokkén Tournament DX! Field Phase Tier 1 Tier 1.3 Tier 1.5 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 4.5 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 6.5 Tier S No durability Duel Phase Tier .5 Tier 1 Tier 1.5 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 3.5 Tier 4 Tier 4.5 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 6.5 Tier S No Durability
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    Aurora Beam is so laggy...

    Aurora Beam is so laggy It makes laggy matches look normal.