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  1. Hi guys! It's been a while so I hope everyone is doing well and excited for the next interview! I wanted to release this interview a little sooner than this, but with all the events like Spring Fist, and the sneak peaks of Blastoiste etc, I had to delay it. Apologies for the inconvenience but it is finally time to declare our next guest! The thorned rose of the Japanese community... The elegant, the swift but deadly... Chiu-Chan! Outside of Ikebukuro Gigo, during EVO Japan! standing behind our white scarfed photographer Yon-Chan, is Chiu-Chan! A little bit of background information: - Without a doubt, one of the most oppressive and dominant female players in the world. A libre player who has taken many big names in numerous tournaments! - Made it into EVO Japan's top 8 pair, alongside Oshizu (Also a very strong female gengar player from Osaka), defeating the Allister and Midori team for the spot! - Has very good taste in foods and arts! Ask her for Japanese food recommendations :)! - Follow her on twitter: @chiuchiuchus2 -Glossary for noobs- - BGM: Background music - Choukaigi: A prestigious tournament of many games, hosted by the NicoNico Douga, a Japanese online video company similar to Youtube - -Chan: An honorific used to emphasize one's appeal in cuteness. Very popularly used when addressing women or children of closer relationship - Shoujo Manga: Japanese comics targetted towards the general female audience. Often emphasizing themes like young love and real life friendships. -- Let the interview begin! -- M: Why did you choose the name “Chiu” for your handle? C: I actually wanted to choose a name that has some impact upon first sight so initially I used the handle “dedennededenne” at first. When I went to my first off-line tournament everyone called me dedenne-chan and it was extremely embarrassing... So I immediately changed to “Chiu”. My first name also starts with the hiragana character “Chi” which helped me decide though the rest just came to be. It’s a pretty lowkey name which I’m grateful for and it also sounds cute, so I decided it as my handle. I actually really like it! M: So why did you choose Libre as your main? C: From the beginning I always used Pikachu, but after the release sale of the WiiU version, I thought Braixen was also really cute so I changed mains right then. Soon after, a 2v2 tournament, Choukaigi was announced but at the time, the newly added Braixen was not yet in the arcade version (which Choukaigi was being held in). For the tournament, the person I wanted to partner up with was also a Pikachu main so I thought I had no choice but to try and learn a new character, and thinking Libre is also a Pikachu, I assumed she worked similarly to my old main, so I decided to choose her. Actually if the Choukaigi tournament was held in WiiU version, I may still be a Braixen player right now. To add to this there are a lot of Libre players around my circle which not only affected my overall choice, but they taught me a lot also, which enabled me to do more and more things with the character. I found that really fun and without realising, I’ve been using libre until now~ Libre is not only cute, but also cool and strong so of course I love her ♡. M: In your personal opinion where would you put Libre in the tier list? And what do you think is the strongest and weakest point of the character? C: I think Libre is strong and very fun to use! A strong part of Libre is not only does Electroweb debuffs the opponent, her wall jump is an extremely good run away tool in my opinion. Personally just for me, her weak point is that I find her homing attack difficult to apply in matches.. M: I see, so what is your personal best and most confident matchup and what character do you not have confidence fighting against? C: There are no characters I have confidence against! But I'm not good at fighting Shadow Mewtwo... A very oppressive character, in Chiu's eyes! M: Which characters do you think are the top 3 and bottom 3 of the game? C: I guess I'm not like others who has fiddled with a wide variety of characters so I'm not so sure i can comment about character rank. M: Please tell us your hobbies outside of Pokkén~ C: I love music, including performing, listening and even composing. I really like the BGM in Pokkén too! When I hear the Tellur Town BGM, I think of tournaments and get excited! M: So speaking of music, what is your favorite genre, band and BGM from Pokkén? C: I like pop and Jazz for genre. I love JUJU's jazz album so much I listen to it often. My favorites from Pokkén are Old Ferrum Town (Winter) and Diggersby Land. Old Ferrum Town, one of Chiu's favorite stages in the game! M: Until now, how many pieces of composition have you done musically? Which of your piece do you like best and what is it about? C: I never counted so I'm not sure! I pretty much stopped composing after graduating from college so probably not too many. My favorite piece that I composed is a song called Orange. This was a song that I made when I was reading the Shoujo Manga of the same name. I still have memories performing this song with a fellow college friend who formed a band with me. Orange. A popular Shoujo Manga that was made into a live action movie in the recent years~ M: What are your favorite foods and recommended Japanese foods? C: My favorite is Natto! Since I was young I loved it so much I'd eat it everyday without fail. It's a life essential! The food I recommend would be sushi! Anago is my personal favorite. Natto. Fermented soy beans, which is a delicacy not often appreciated by foreigners with it's unique smell. Definitely an acquired taste. M: If you could change something about the game what would it be? C: Please add spectator mode! M: What Pokémon would you like to be added to the game? C: Plusle and Minun as a Support Set would definitely be cute! And Pyukumuku would be interesting I think. M: Is there anyone you look up to in the Pokkén world? C: Yes, it would be Azazel-San! Catching a glimpse of his demeanor in tournaments makes me think 'man he's so cool' lol. I also respect and look up to his skills. M: As a female player, do you think there is a 'special strength unique to just female players?' C: That's really hard! Um.. I'd probably say there seems to be a lot of female players that can absorb and implement advice given faster. That and performing well in crunch time. (Editor's Note: I think female players handle the audience and tournament pressure fairly uniquely and I have seen a lot of players who lose to their composure so I think this is what she is referring to.) M: Just like other fighting games, the Pokkén scene is dominated by male presence. Do you think that there are not enough female players personally? How would you go about increasing the number of female players if you think so? C: Hmm if we were to say enough or not enough then yes there are not enough female players. I think it’s pretty hard to show the charm and goodness of Pokkén as a whole to girls who are not interested at all in the first place, so I think it’s of crucial importance to treat girls who physically come to tournaments well individually as a person. I don’t think I’m personally good at doing this either so in that part I will also try my best to get better at it. M: Is there any question you'd like to be asked? Please also give us the answer to the question~ C: Q: Why do you continue to be involved with Pokkén? A: Of course aside from that Pokkén is fun to play, you get to meet a lot different people and interacting with them is really fun. M: Any words you'd like to give for the fans and readers at home? C: Please play friendlies with me! M: Who do you want friendlies with most from overseas? C: Actually I don't know much about the scene overseas, but if there is someone that seems strong it would be Suicune Master from the Oceania qualifiers so I'd like to try battling him. M: Thank you Chiu-Chan! End of Ep.10, Ft Chiu! Thank all of you guys for your patience and interest in this series! Stay tuned for more~ ~~Midori~~ Japanese version / 日本語版
  2. Hi guys! It's been a while so I hope everyone is doing well and excited for the next interview! This was a rather long one, and happened during a pretty busy period this year for myself, so again apologies for the wait. This time, we have our recently sponsored, EVO Japan champion.... V3 | CROSS-Igarashi! The man that is deemed the main character of the scene! A little bit of background information: - One of the most notably vocal members of the community with a passion second to none in terms of connecting to others, including outside of Japan! - Partnered up with Mikukey to seize the title of Champion for EVO Japan. Hoshino-San himself made a comment indicating how happy he is for Cross upon winning the championship! - Extremely welcoming person who notably always makes time whenever a non-Japanese Pokkén player makes their way to Tokyo. - Follow him on twitter: @CROSS130 -Glossary for noobs- - Eighth grader syndrome: The notion that one believes that they have super powers. Very common for eighth grader kids! - OP: Overpowered. Too strong. - -San: honorific attached to a person who is respected by the talker. Closest English equivalent is miss. Or mister. But the overall nuance is more sophisticated than that. - RPS: Rock paper scissors. In fighting games, the notion that option A will beat option B, option B will beat option C and option C will beat option A. -- Let the interview begin! -- M: So what made you play Pokkén in the first place? C: What made me decide to play Pokkén was the WCS Qualifier tournament Choukaigi 2016. I’ve always yearned to stand on the WCS stage in the first place, and being able to challenge myself to see if I could earn the right to stand on the main stage of a fighting game tournament makes me really happy. It is in order to be WCS champion that I try my best and play Pokkén! M: I know that Igarashi comes from your real name but what made you add the “Cross” part for your handle? C: Sorry but I actually don’t remember! *Cross laughs* However the “Cross” part of my handle does relate to ‘communication’. (Editor's Note: Cross implies to ‘cross paths’) It is as one of the founding ‘parents’ of Pokemon, Mr. Junichi Masuda says, Pokémon is a means for communication. It’s where people and Pokémon alike communicate and hence I decided on this handle. Though yes.. As expected, kind of an 'eighth grader syndrome' answer I suppose! *Cross laughs* M: *Laughs* So why do you main Lucario? C: I main Lucario because he’s my favorite Pokemon. I was originally a Smash player and even then I was a Lucario main. Although Smash Lucario and Pokkén Lucario are very different, even then, Lucario is a very important existence that I want to fight together with. As Lucario has been with me through thick and thin, I will continue on as a Lucario main! M: I see, very loyal of you (I love character loyalists!). So what is your favorite move and one move you’d want to change with Lucario if you could? C: My favorite move is his 2Y! Dat reach! Dat lack of recovery! I know how difficult it is for the opponent when dealing with this move so in my head I am always like "Man Lucario is so OP!" *Cross laughs* The move that I’d want to change if possible would be his nY. At the very least I’d want to make it be able to combo into bone rush when hit at point blank range. The move itself admittedly has its uses, but it is a pretty lacking move so I’d just like a little more from it... Lucario 2Y. One of the best normals in the game. M: Which characters are your personal best and worst 3? C: Best 3 is Lucario, Braixen and Decidueye. Worst 3 is Machamp, Gardevoir and Croagunk. I think it’s more important to be able to have ways to fight characters that have the advantage over you rather than to win your winning matchups by a landslide. If you’re fighting against all sorts of people from all over the world, it is good to have a character that can still fight somewhat evenly in matchups you do not know very well. I also just want to say that the worst three characters aren’t too weak by all means, as they have a lot of strong points too. In part, having lopsided bad matchups is a weakness, but I think having really good winning matchups are on the other hand, their strengths. Anyway the reason I think Lucario is number one over Braixen and Decidueye is because his Burst mode is extremely strong when compared to Braixen and Decidueye. A force to be reckoned with. M: I see... Thank you for elaborating! Next question is what is the most enjoyable aspect of Pokkén in your opinion? C: I think it would be the easiness of the game intuitively and also the depth of the game. In other words, the simplicity of the RPS theme to the otherwise many deep and technical concepts like Homing Cancelling and Perfect Blocking. The game system and mechanics give the new players a chance while strong players could still win decisively. For example, at least within the Japanese scene, myself winning a major event is not within the expectations of the scene in general. I think that is proof enough. M: As a community, what do you think we should do in order to promote and make Pokkén grow worldwide? C: Hmm... My response is a standard one, but you should act upon what you can. Try to invite a friend who doesn't play Pokkén, show them videos and talk to them about Pokkén during your hangout and drinking sessions. I think that continually pushing our scene outside of the community is a very important thing. At the same time, if you are savvy on streaming within the community, etc., making combo videos or strategy write ups would be extremely useful to the new players. M: Maybe so! Let’s take this out of the game for a minute. Tell us your hobbies outside of Pokkén! C: Hmm.. That’s a toughie.. For real I don’t have anything I’d call a hobby otherwise... I don’t want to be taken as someone unfun but a big reason would be simply because I can’t find time to cultivate or get into new hobbies. I am decisively not a top player and I am also not good at games. However, in order to strive to win I don’t really have the time to play around! For interest though it would be English. I want to communicate with the overseas players more! However English would just not retain itself in my head.. So please give me advice! *Cross laughs* M: Guys, give Cross your language learning advice! *Midori laughs* M: Who do you want to be better friends with outside of Japan Pokkén? C: Well the first and foremost person that came into my mind is XAbsoluted! I’ve never met him in person before, but as a player of the same main, I got a lot of support from him. After the end of tournaments he’d always give me passionate and encouraging DMs, and when I win, congratulatory messages. I’m really thankful to him and would like to meet him soon for battles! Speaking of fellow same-mains, there is also Pentao, Milln (Accel), and Deitylight. They also give me a lot of support and their cheers fuel my strength every time! There are also others such as the pro player who continues to challenge himself, ALLISTER, the one who always makes amazing result graphics, Burnside, and the player and commentator, H2. The exciting Uchi, who roused things up when he came to Japan, as well as Suicune Master, Catfight and the rest, who put on a really good show with their battles in WCS 2016. Honestly if I keep going there won’t be an end to this. *Cross laughs* I also want to battle against Rokso, Thulius and Twixxie, and I’ve always liked WhiteyWhite’s commentary, so I want to hear him in real life! I also love D1's commentary! In order to be better friends with them all, it’s not an option not to work hard on my English huh… This is really tough... *Cross laughs* Of course I can’t forget about DC, as he was the one who gave me a participant T-shirt even though I could not compete myself for WCS 2017. Even with half a year passing by and the ocean separating us, he still kept his promise, so personally he is my hero. It is because of that kind of support and energy DC gave me that I was able to grasp the champion title in EVO Japan. I don't think I could have won without him, so I am thankful from the bottom of my heart! I will not say that I am a strong player yet, and I cannot speak English yet. However, those guys still gave me LOTS of support. Time and time again it is their personal messages that give me strength and help me out a lot. As a player, to battle them and on top of that, to be friends and communicate a lot with them is my dream! M: I’d like to add a piggy back question to this but how about who you look up to in the Japan scene? C: Oh, there is no doubt in my mind for this one. It would be Tanoshimi-San! He’s a Mewtwo main now, but his Lucario is honestly the strongest in my opinion. When I first started to play Pokkén, he taught me a lot and supported me during the WCS 2016 championships. It is one of my dreams to surpass Tanoshimi-San, as the Lucario player I look up to. M: That is so inspiring... (Thank you Cross for the long response!). Any questions you’d like to ask yourself? And please give us the answer to the question as well! C: Yes, it would be what food do I like! The answer is I generally LOVE anything sweet! (Editor's Note: Funnily enough, this is exactly like XAbsoluted!) Especially Chocolate! I’m really happy every time I receive chocolate as a souvenir, so for example when ALLISTER and Suicune Master gave me chocolates I was really happy! *Cross laughs* What Cross really wants! M: Random but speaking of food, what is something that you MUST eat if you come to Japan? C: As expected it has to be Sushi! The combination of vinegared rice and fresh seafood is just wonderful! As I am saying this it makes me want to eat it actually! *Cross laughs* M: Is there anyone that is still unknown outside of Japan that you would like to spotlight? C: Yes, it would be “Masquaito”-San. (Editor's Note: I am unsure of the actual spelling the person himself decides so apologies if I am grossly wrong.) He is still a player with good room for growth, so I will not say he’s a top player but among returnee players from the Wii U version I think he is one with real skill. There are a lot of players who become strong quickly by going to tournaments, so it’s important to just challenge yourself on everything! Then as you are doing so, you should be determined to defeat strong players all the while! M: Finally, please give a message for the fans and readers at home! C: I can’t really speak English so the fact that I got the chance to be in this interview series and have everything translated into English makes me really happy! Midori, thank you so much! Looks like there is going to be WCS Qualifiers this year as well, so I expect everyone is giving it their all as players in order to win! If you are a player and reading this, please battle in high spirits! Let us meet in a real battle! If you are not a Pokkén player, please try to watch the live streams of Pokkén matches! Seeing lots of players battle seriously will show you how cool they really are! I am an average person with no special talents, who has made countless numbers of mistakes in my life up to now. Even then I was able to be cheered on by people from all over the world and become the EVO Japan champion, so from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to express my gratitude once again! Soon, the battle for qualifying spots to represent Japan on the big WCS stage will start. Japan has a lot of amazing players so it will be an extremely tough situation, in my opinion. Even then I will still try to become the champion, for the sake of everyone who is cheering for me and in order to meet players from all over the world once again. I want to show the people who look up to and respect the title of the ‘best in the world’ what ‘best’ really means and prove it. (Editor's Note: Cross is implying this is his goal.) Another thing I’d like to say is that I have something important to announce soon, so please wait in excitement for it! (Editor's Note: It was hush hush before, but now it's out that Cross is sponsored by V3! Congratulations cross! ) Thank you for reading this article and let us meet again in battle (tournament) or on stream! M: Thank you CROSS-San! End of Ep.9, Ft Cross-Igarashi! Thank all of you guys for your patience and interest in this series! Stay tuned for more~ ~~Midori~~ Japanese version / 日本語版
  3. Yes I have played him numerous of times in the past and even in tournament (I never won against him in tournament though xD). The experience is generally quite liberating and I was able to learn a lot from the matches. Haruyuki has one of the best defense in the business but it's hard to compare it to krai today since I feel all darkrais kind of play very differently (a little bit like m2 in that movement will vary a lot depending on person playing). I'll say that I think the closest to Haruyuki style is shadowcat as they are both very defensive and on the constant lookout for openings and I feel like there isn't even a Darkrai that plays like myself at the moment. And thank you so much! It means a lot to me when people come forward to show that they had a good time with something I created so I'm hoping to write more ^^!
  4. Hi Pokkéners! My name is Midori and I am a community bridge Darkrai main who previously lived in Japan. I’d just like to mention something I feel is important to this community so here goes! As we all know, Pokkén has top players from all over the globe, but since it’s inception, Japan has been the region which stands on top, with quality top players maining all sorts of characters that are often poorly represented in other parts of the globe. Unfortunately due to the language barrier, it is sometimes difficult to communicate or get information and opinions from these quality Japanese players. It is for this reason that I started the Japanese player interview series, so that you guys could have a chance to peer into the brilliant minds of Japanese Pokkén and its scene! With this I’m hoping to push cross global friendship and community development, but most of all, to ensure all of you that regardless of nationality, background, new or old can be more connected with the country that started the game that we all know and love today! So without further ado, I present to you guys the Japanese player interview series! Released episodes at this time will be linked below! Enjoy and don’t hesitate if you guys want to reach out further to the Japanese community! Midori~ -- Episode #1: Bangi - Top Japanese Garchomp player and third champion of the prestigious Kanto Tournament 3, 4th place for fighting game summit Toshinsai. http://www.pokkenarena.com/forums/topic/1314-japan-player-interview-series-ep1-ft-the-storm-of-the-sands-and-our-kanto-winner-bangi/ Episode #2: S-Ki - One of the top Blaziken players from Japan who made a splash by defeating last year’s World Championship Series champion in tournament, and making top 2 in the stacked Last Chance Qualifier bracket at Worlds. http://www.pokkenarena.com/forums/topic/1315-japan-player-interview-series-ep2-ft-when-passion-meets-calculations-we-have-the-brave-s-ki/ Episode #3: Subutan - Top Japanese Pikachu Libre player who placed 4th at 2018's Kanto Tournament 3, and notoriously known for OCVing (One Character Victory) 5 top players back to back in the 5 on 5 Team Tournament PMC2 during Grand Finals. http://www.pokkenarena.com/forums/topic/1317-japan-player-interview-series-ep3-ft-the-chosen-one-of-gargantuan-power/ Episode #4: NIKO - Top Japanese Pikachu player born in the 2000s! Has won multiple Toratawa tournaments (considered the most stacked local in the world), including 3 times in a row. http://www.pokkenarena.com/forums/topic/1327-japan-player-interview-series-ep4-ft-the-sparky-but-collected-youngster-niko/ Episode #5: Katou & Akuryou - Top junior league Mewtwo player in the world and his (also very strong) father! Top 8 in 2017's stacked Last Chance Qualifier bracket at Worlds with multiple championship trophies for junior league. http://www.pokkenarena.com/forums/topic/1328-japan-player-interview-series-ep5-ft-the-child-prodigy-and-the-unconditional-love-behind-the-scenes-katou-kun-and-akuryou-san/ Episode #6: Elm - Top Suicune player in Japan who is also an organizer and the 'charisma' of Pokkén Japan. 4th place for the 2017 World Championship Series, and champion of the 2018 Oceania Qualifier. http://www.pokkenarena.com/forums/topic/1376-japan-player-interview-series-ep6-ft-the-silver-prince-that-turns-mud-to-h2o-elm/ Episode #7: Mikukey - Top Chandelure player in Japan who is the runner up for the 2017 World Championship Series. Champion of EVO JAPAN's 2 on 2 Pokkén Tournament with Lucario player Cross-Igarashi. http://www.pokkenarena.com/forums/topic/1386-japan-player-interview-series-ep7-ft-the-devilish-sadist-who-chips-his-foes-from-afar-mikukey/ Episode #8: Midori - One of the top Darkrai players and community bridge leader between Japan and world Pokkén. Runner-up for 2018's Oceania Qualifier. http://www.pokkenarena.com/forums/topic/1387-japan-player-interview-series-ep8-the-episode-where-midori-highfives-himself-d-~~-but-darkrai-tips-w/ -- Interested in communicating with Japanese players more yourself? Check out Midori's "Communicate with JP Players" thread here!
  5. Hi guys! o/ This one is was a pretty convenient one for me cause I'm finding myself needing to spend a lot of time with my family. I was contemplating not to do this but with the response of 87 or so % in the favor of me interviewing myself on my twitter poll and that it's convenient at this current time, I guess I'll yield ^__^'' (Thank you guys so much for being so supportive of me, it means the world to me!) I hope everyone can enjoy~~ Don't know what I did to deserve this gorgeous artwork uwu.. Midori(nrin)~ But yass man thank you TPCi for the hat. it's fantastic uwu. A little bit of background information: - I'm actually an Australian player who have been living in Japan for a few years, hence I was raised by the competitive scene of Japan - I love the community aspect of this game more than the competitive aspect, but I also love pushing the game for depth >__< - I regard it my personal mission to connect you guys deeper with Japan inside and outside of the game~ - Follow @midoripokken in twitter if you're interested in Darkrai content, and connecting and / or news about the Japanese community ^__^ -- M: So tell us the story behind your handle M: Three reasons. First, I always seem to main green characters all the way till Darkrai. For example I mained cammy in SF4, Hazama in Blazblue, Sceptile in Pokkén beforehand and so on. Second is because I really like Deku from Hero Academia and in some senses reminded me of me at some points of my life. Third is that I had a beautifully stunning client with the very same name so I decided to use it ^__^”... At first i wanted my Japanese and English handles to be different but in the end everyone just called me by Midori anyways so it just stuck lol. Midoriya Izuku (Deku) from My Hero Academia M: What made you play Pokkén? M: I initially thought it was a cool game and started playing casually in the arcades. I introduced my brother to the game so he and my sister in law eventually got the wiiU version and challenged me so I thought, yes this is super on. Wanting to get better I searched for top level play and finally found Bim VS Suicune Master grand finals at CEO. I was so inspired by Bims sceptile and diglett set-ups that it motivated me to switch away from my first main pikachu to sceptile, and got a card to play in the arcades. The more I played the more I got hooked so... Oh and fun fact I beat my brother 20-1 when I finally did play him but he is a very gracious loser and improved a lot from our games (^_^;)! And yeah Bim is still one of my personal gods Lel. Bim. The Gawd. M: How did you feel qualifying for WCS? M: Amazing. Especially since I was super sick the entire weekend and had food poisoning the day before day 1. I threw up six times and couldn’t sleep for intervals longer than 1 hour for the tournament weekend. Despite of this it didn’t affect my play all too much so I was able to still give a good showing I think. There were some bad mistakes in the tournament itself on my end, but I think that’s quite unavoidable no matter what (^_^;)... Anyway I feel elated and excited to see all my friends and family once again and it will be my most important mission that you guys can all have a fun time when it comes to interacting with the Japanese players! I will work hard for both parties! M: Who were your hardest matchups in the WCS Oceania tournament? M: That would also be the two people I didn’t wanna see most in bracket, Antwerp and Suicune Master. These guys have such good game intuition topped with a very good head on their shoulders. I ended up having to play both these players.... TWICE. EACH. (._.).... Well better now since it could be the start of many more VS Ant lol. Elm was also amazing but I just felt so at home I didn’t really think of whether the matches were hard or not hard. I just wanted to focus on having a good time for myself, and having good games for the audience (^^)! M: Did you bring any experience from other fighting games prior to Pokkén?" "What stands out and attracts you most to Pokkén? – props to Vuvho for pitching in this question M: Yes I did! I played many fighting games including MVC1, SFA3, SF3S, SF4, Blazblue, Tekken etc before Pokkén. What stands out to me most about Pokkén is actually *Drum rolls* FIELD PHASE! Since it’s not something you typically get in other fighters (^_^;).. I think the dynamics and reward keep this game super interesting for me personally. What attracts me most to Pokkén is easily the community (though I super love the opportunity to connect people and translate as well!) . I’ve met so many brilliant, amazing people from here that I would like to be friends for life with. If Pokkén dies in a fire, I will still definitely feel glad I met a lot of these people. MVC, loved this game! M: Why Darkrai main? M: It’s funny because up until Sceptile my story is verbatim same as Australian player Antwerp lol. I used Pikachu because he had simple, intuitive juggles at the start but got boring quickly so I used Sceptile because I used to think leaf blade was crazy broken at the time and the loop combos were insane cool. I couldn’t really beat the old nY move as Sceptile VS Darkrai so I started playing around with Darkrai. I eventually found out that he could employ an extremely diverse play style at any given moment and the sheer number of options and tech made me like the character more and more. I was also always encouraged to use Darkrai in team tournaments by the Japanese players at the time as people didn’t know how to fight Darkrai yet lolol. M: Where do you think Darkrai falls in the tier lists? M: First and foremost I’d just like to say the gap between top and bottom tier in this game is smaller than other fighting games so everything is relative, but I think he’s a solid mid ranking between 8-12 right now (Feb 2018). He has some extremely strong matchups and extremely good field and nightmare tools, but is balanced by his bad matchups and lack of character power in normal mode. He becomes worse without knowledge from the user’s end and also worse the better the knowledge your opponent has and some of the game mechanics are innately against him. For example shifting without a plan can actually punish you when it rewards every other character, he has less freedom to throw as he forfeits nightmare mode from it (actually, throwing even HURTS the Darkrai player a lot of the times), and has very lackluster frame data overall having no true mids until 19F. Despite this I think he can’t truly be bad as he has so many options and he still has a lot of potential as I believe we have yet opened a whole world of undiscovered tech with this character. You need to work hard but I think with hard work he can reach about 8th place in the current meta. M: Any advice for aspiring Darkrai players? M: The best I can give is study the frame data and properties of your moves (example who’s homing you can backdash for free charged or uncharged) and keep yourself patient. Don’t always go for the panic options like nasty plot or nightmare drill up close as using these options out of desperation will lose you games VS good players. When having important games like tournament, the most important is thinking what your opponent will do and what you can do to beat it. The quicker you can do this process the less options your opponents will have and the faster they need to adapt, adding pressure to them. Actually Azazel was the one who gave that advice to people and I think it’s an amazing one so I’m just restating (^_^;). M: Top 3 Worst 3? M: Top 3 is Lucario, Libre and Decidueye, probably in that order. Worst three is I’m gonna get shot for this but Machamp, - big gap - Suicune and Croagunk, with Croagunk being the worst. I can foresee Croagunk being better though since he just has so many more options than Suicune. Like yes Elm, Burnside and Allister are Gods but that character deserves more options tbh. M: Who would you add into the game? M: The characters that will make everyone happy, as that ultimately gives us the numbers. Personally, Greninja, Zoroark, Loppuny, Lycanroc and the like. Please also add baby supports like Cleffa and also, Cofagrigus though cause they’re bae uwu.. M: Thoughts about Mimikyu, Rayquaza and Aegislash? – pitched by Slippingbug M: I think they all have potential especially Aegislash. I think Mimikyu will be a viable counterpick VS jirachicario and Aegislash has amazing options and a lot of set-ups yet to be discovered. M: What would you change about the game if you could? M: like Elm-San and Katou-kun, I want spectator mode more than anything else. Ever. However other things I want are burst armor gone on jump or heavy 8ys, lasers doing less shield damage and for weaker characters to have more tools. It would also be nice if they could nerf or rework whimsical. Like H2 and Gintrax I'm the last that completes the anti whimsical trio lol. The other two are sworn against it, but I'm taking a different approach: I will do all I can to prove its strength so it gets nerfed lol. As for Darkrai changes I’d like to see 4y become a mid OR become 11F. Such a hideously bad normal deserves that much at least. Lol. M: Hobbies outside of Pokkén? M: I like cycling, going to the gym, sketching etc. I karaoke and go to cat or dog cafes to heal my soul uwu (I love animals in general). I also like cutting hair and have been cutting my own hair and cosplay wigs for friends for more than 10 years I think... Lol. I’m also a pretty avid foodie and I basically force people to engage meaningful conversations if I like them (^_^;) lolol... M: What do you think of the Australian players of Pokkén? M: I think we are small but the top players have good talent that is capable to wow the world if polished a little more. Apart from the Australian community being extremely down to earth, extremely welcoming, and very decent guys all around, I believe 1000% that Ant, Dan and Koma are all very capable of reaching the top American level. I’ll do my best to give them all I’ve learnt from Japan to help them and the others reach new heights if possible (>_<)! Dan (left) Toppest bloke Australia, Burnside (right) toppest bloke America tbh. Fite me. Photo credits is Burnside's twitter and Dyna hole for linking me the photo \o/ M: Free question for yourself time! M: *rubs palms in anticipation* yasssssss. My question is “Who do you think are underrated characters in this game?. And why?” Answer is: Pikachu, Blaziken, Charizard and Chandelure. I actually think any of these characters are capable to win majors if a strong player decides to play them. Reason being is that Pikachu, Charizard and Blaziken are all still VERY able to enforce a very oppressive play if players are starting to find ways to win field. Pikachu has extremely good footsie buttons (best 5x in the game) , a mix up from ridiculous ranges with nuzzle etc. Blaziken and Charizard will always be relevant as characters who can kill you in three touches will always be a threat and Chandelure is just an extremely good tournament character with both good offensive and defensive options that can chip away not only at the opponent’s health but also their mental fortitude with every hit in high pressure situations. M: Words for fans etc? M: Thank you guys for supporting me and appreciating what I do (may you read the interview series, enjoy my translations, my Darkrai tech or even as a friend!)! I’m still here cause of everyone else here and let’s keep pushing Pokkén to the world together! I hope to keep seeing you guys in discord, twitter and even worlds this year for those coming! Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with Japan! I don't know why I have synergy with green characters I kinda just do it seems lol. End of Ep.8 where Midori high fives himself. And of course, thank you guys for reading! Stay tuned for the next interview (which will be a real interview) :)! ~~Midori~~
  6. Hi guys! o/ I'm sorry for the long hiatus, as you know I have been super busy with the WCS Oceania qualifiers, as well as Chinese New Year with my family. This interview actually differs a little from my previous ones as the person himself approached me well before I considered him as a candidate. It was a very pleasant surprise and of course, I cannot let the person and his fans down, so I'm just going to push this forward :)! So I present to you all the next interview.... The devilish genius himself.... Mikukey! A little bit of background information: - Actually ACTIVELY approached me in person in order to ask to be interviewed! As he is one of the shyer members of the community, it really took me by surprise in a very good way ^__^~ - Avid fan of the Xenoblade series and his in game names and musings often relate to the Xenoblade franchise itself - Regarded as the best Chandelure in Japan, along with Subutan. Definitely one of the pioneers of offensive Chandelure, along with Twixxie! - Follow him at @mikukey_fmt -Glossary for Noobs- -san: honorific attached to a person who is respected by the talker. Closest English equivalent is miss. Or mister. But the overall nuance is more sophisticated than that. -hex: 2a, Chandelure's notorious long range grab move. -senpai: upperclassmen, or senior members from clubs, schools, colleges, work etc. As Mikukey and I have the same initial I will put myself as Q. For the Questioner in charge. And also... I've always... kinda wanted to be... like Q... sometimes... uwu... ......AAAA....?AAA? -- Q: Please tell us the story behind the name you chose for yourself (mikukey) M: Well in the past, I played the Hatsune Miku game and by the time I know it I was already using the name “Miku”. I added the “key” just because and continued playing Pokkén with it ever since. Hatsune Miku from the Vocaloid series! Q: So why do you main your main? M: I started playing Pokkén in a club that I was participating in. At the time, my Senpai told me that “Chandelure is without a doubt a character that is designed for you”, so I started using her, continued on and she became my main. Q: Where do you place Chandelure within the character ranks personally? M: I’ve always thought from the very beginning that Chandelure is about middle of the road in terms of character strength. She has some pretty extreme matchups so people often think she is broken. However, in the original version it is a fact and would not be going overboard to say that she was the most fragile character. It is for this reason that she can feel “at danger (of losing)” and in contrast her character power is average I guess. Rather, before DX I think her character power was slightly insufficient, but debuff and synergy supports were nerfed so that helps her a bit. Q: What character would you use if not Chandelure? M: Hmm.. In any case someone without combos too difficult, a good enough reach and reasonably powerful moves would be a character I’d like. For example I used Machamp and actually quite liked him lol. Q: OwO (who would have thought that in Mikukey’s heart even without chandelure... Still near... Far... Dirty rps.) Q: Apart from yourself who do you think deserves to take the right to the World Championships? M: Right.. So I think it’s for the best that Bangi should head out for the world to see. Q: Can’t agree more lol Q: Any advice for Chandelure players to become stronger? M: Well you need to consider that Chandelure’s moves are slow to become active and hence her moves in itself are generally quite honest. As a beginner chandelure player, I think it’s good to use Fennekin as a retaliation method and it’s good to further get a feel of long ranged footsies. Furthermore, it’s best for you to practice combos starting from 2y, for example 2y hex. It’s also best to feel out and remember the distances and hit boxes for the different versions of hex. The infamous Hex Q: What kind of opinion do you hold about other Chandelure players from overseas such as Twixxie and Catfight? Anything you want to say to them? M: Chandelure is a pokemon who is very well equipped with able moves and for this reason, when paired with the available supports, you can employ different types of strategies that focuses on different objectives such as: adding fire-power, guard crush set-ups or even playing the stall game. I don’t particularly have any further opinion on this and everyone has shown their uniqueness and pushed their own unique, strong Chandelure play because of this. Q: What is your most confident matchup and least confident matchup? As best as possible please also give us your reasoning~ M: My most confident matchup is, I guess, Machamp (Apart from some secret character that you can access via secret sequences like Akuma or something lol) . It’s still however, scary cause you could randomly lose quickly but as expected you can maintain an advantageous tempo and range the easiest in this matchup. Editor note: In my understanding he’s trying to jokingly imply the possibility of secret characters no one knows of yet and that they might lose to Chandy worse than Machamp. (Note that I could be wrong since I asked some other Japanese players about this and they also did not fully understand what Mikukey meant also qwq..) My least confident matchup is Gengar as in FP, Chandelure cannot use more than half of her projectile tools and in DP, Gengar can deal with Chandelure’s striking offensive moves by reacting. As for Chandelure, she can’t react to Gengar’s offensive moves and the difference in Burst mode power is like heaven and earth level so.. Q: I mean... QwQ... Secret.... Character...? OwO... EDIT: Mikukey clarified that the secret character was implying to Azazel, saying that he is not a real Machamp, but a much more powerful, greater being! All praise lord AZAZEL! Lord Azazel Q: Please tell us your best and worst 3 in the game~ M: About best 3... Number one is Decidueye as his closest competitors have been nerfed, number two is Braixen I think. As for number three.. It’s a bit difficult but maybe Libre? But anyway, characters with few weaknesses and lack of tools such as Libre are strong imo. As for the worst 3, it is rather difficult to choose as the game balance is rather good... If I were to force myself to choose unwillingly I guess Croagunk, Machamp and Charizard. But first and foremost I’d also like to say you could still easily randomly lose to any of these 3 characters so I will not say they are weak characters. Q: If you could change one thing about the game, what would you like to change? M: That’s hard as when it comes to Chandelure, all her moves are balanced superbly well (in relation to each other) and so are generally useful. I would not like them to be touched and especially nerfed if possible (^_^;).. Speaking outside of Chandelure herself though I’d like Decidueye. To have less damage. Q: Please tell us your hobbies / interests outside of Pokkén~ M: I really like the Xenoblade series. Q: Which character do you like best in the Xenoblade series and why? M: That would be Mythra from from Xenoblade 2. I like characters who is overflowing with a sense of a grip of themselves. Mythra, from Xenoblade series Q: Do you think there’s a difference between the playstyles of Japan and others? A: I think the thinking behind support selection process is different I feel. Mewtwo Togekiss is a good representative of this. Q: Any player you look up to or want to be better friends with? M: I’d like to meet Catfight or Twixxie, so I will do my best for the qualifiers this year! Q: Will you also be participating WCS this year? M: Yes, with all my power I’d really like to participate. I’ll do my best in the qualifiers. Q: Anything you’d like to ask yourself for this interview? Please also give us the answer! M: that would be “what move do you think IS Chandelure’s strongest?” I did mention earlier that her moves line up and resonates with each other miraculously well so everything is strong I feel. If I were to choose the strongest among these moves however it would be 6x as if you land this move the situation becomes extremely good for you. Q: Please give a word to the fans and readers! M: Pokkén is an extremely good creation (implying great game) so I recommend everyone to please try playing it! Thanks Mikukey-san! End of Ep.7, Ft. The long range devil, Mikukey! And of course, thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for the next interview ;))))! ~~Midori~~ Japanese version
  7. @pentao What's with me and handsome players... Why, does it offend you? Lol. Thinking about it the reason has to be because the caster I originally respected and enjoyed most from starcraft does it I guess so it becomes a byproduct of respect and appreciation. Plus I like aesthetics and I like to hear about peoples tastes and. It's subconsciously ingrained in my style. @dunkin Eating good food is a very normal hobby to have and I believe only two or so of the seven people interviewed mentioned this. Maybe it seems like more cause I like to ask about it and the topic haha.
  8. Hi guys! o/ I'm sorry for the long hiatus, but alas, I have gotten my lazy self out of a rut and cleaned up on the editing, just for you guys! So we have a guest that actually was lined up to be one of the earlier guests, though for all sorts of reasons I needed to push his interview release back. The full hint picture was correctly guessed by Galactasaur. Messam ELMdor the silver prince. So I present to you all the next interview.... The Charisma of Pokkén Japan... This gorgeous art is drawn by the talented @thefireflylamp! Follow her on twitter if you love her art ;)! Elm-San! (Finally! I'm sorry it took so long! qwq) A little bit of background information: - Is the prince of all Suicunes (rumored to have elderly Suicune magic which automatically thwarts your RPS attempts), and has lots of girls within the community actually commend him on his looks, personality etc. He is the total package and more ;)! - I regard him as the 'Charisma' of the community as everyone listens and respects this man in every event he organises including after party meals, drinks etc. He was also the lead organiser for the Japan Evo Drive. - Has really good taste! (Food, beautiful spots, looks you name it!) - Is actually a very open person who I can ask about many different things outside of the game. I hope his English will get good enough one day for you guys to experience it yourselves :)! (And it's getting a lot better quick!) -Glossary for Noobs- -san: honorific attached to a person who is respected by the talker. Closest English equivalent is miss. Or mister. But the overall nuance is more sophisticated than that. -ikemen: The various types of men which would be 'popular' with the masses, society and public. As this is the only requirement, the amount of types of ikemen are numerous may it be cute, rugged, cool, beautiful etc. -Oji: An archetype of ikemen to do with a man who is or seems older, is handsome and has assuring presence. Oji example: Masaharu Fukuyama Let's start the interview! M: So Elm-san, you were originally a VGC player right? What made you start playing Pokkén? E: Well I originally liked Pokémon so on the day of release I went to the arcades to play and liked it straight away. So.. (^^) M: And... so why are you a Suicune main? E: Suicune was my favourite Pokémon among the first 8 characters released that’s why. Other potential candidates were Weavile and Gengar but after trying them all I felt like I could move Suicune best out of all so I chose him. M: Who do you think is Suicune’s best matchup and why? E: Easiest matchup... Is maybe Charizard? In duel phase, if you play keepaway it’s hard for Charizard and in field phase Suicune’s homing attack outprioritizes Charizard’s, however, if Charizard wins field phase he gets a lot of Synergy and if you lose in okizeme situations, you could just lose very quickly so I wouldn’t say Suicune’s advantage is exactly too big. Maybe it’s just a little better than 5-5 in my opinion. M: I already know you think Lucario is Suicune’s worst matchup so please tell us your thoughts on why. E: the easiest way to explain is in field phase, if Suicune does any attack it will lose to bone rush and in duel phase there’s nothing Suicune can do about Lucario 2y. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by Lucario’s burst mode and the difference in strength between Lucario’s burst and Suicune’s burst is too big. But I prepared a lot for the Lucario matchup so I’ll say I have confidence in the matchup. As long as it’s not Tanoshimi or Absoluted Lucario I think I can win. And it’s not like I have zero chance against those two in the first place. Another thing I’d like to add is that there are characters I find as hard to deal. With as Lucario and they are Pikachu and Scizor. I’m still preparing strategies and countermeasures for them but as much as possible I wouldn’t like to fight them In tournaments. Loll. M: Personally where would you place Suicune in the tier list? Please tell us where you feel Suicune is weakest and also where he is strongest. E: Unfortunately, Suicune is the weakest pick. The sheer lack of number in players also show that. I think I have to disagree with this one (^_^;) E: Suicune’s strongest point are his wide range of anti airs from 8y, 8a and CA.y His weakest point is his grab. Framewise and damagewise alike. M: If you could change one thing about Suicune what would it be? E: Do you mean if I can trade a move with another character? ( ・∇・) Then it would be to swap my grab with Mewtwo’s cause Suicune’s grab is the worst lol. M: Ah I see. I strongly agree with the weak and strong points lol. What do you think are the best, and worst 3 pokemon in the game are? E: At the moment (late Jan 2018)... Best 3 are Decidueye, Scizor and Lucario. Worst 3 are Charizard, Machamp and Suicune. M: As both a Pokkén and VGC player, would you say the required skills are different in tournaments? E: I think the knowledge needed is different, but a lot of the needed skills do overlap. In every situation you need to consider what options are available on both sides, and you need to put your strategy and game plan in order. M: Please give Suicune and tournament advice! E: I think it’s easy to mistake Suicune as a zoning character, but I don’t really think he is because you don’t really decide the outcome of battles from afar and you don’t really get big damage from being far either. I guess it’s easy to close your distance with CADC alone right? In order to win I think it’s necessary to engage close distance fights, score big damage for a life lead, then win by protecting your life lead I think. You also need to try your best to secure field wins as although Suicune’s burst is not so strong, life gets hard when the opponent imposes their burst mode on you so it’s in your best interest to as deny them off of synergy as best as possible. As far as to win in tournaments I guess it’s important to keep your cool and not play recklessly after you make a mistake. Everyone gets nervous in tournaments so somewhere along the line you will most likely make mistakes in tournaments. If you prepare yourself for this mentally and have this mindset I think you can feel more at ease~ M: Ok, let's stray a bit from the game itself ^^~ who do you think are the most handsomest Japanese Pokkén players (besides yourself of course lol)? E: To pick just the handsomest is difficult... Maybe Momo, Tougou, Guy, Popopo etc are good candidates though... BUT the handsomest in the world is Burnside! \o/ ayyyy!!! (Much Oji, Much handsome.) M: Please let us know your hobbies outside of Pokkén~ E: Travelling, Eating good foods and Sightseeing beautiful sceneries! M: Please let us know which Non-Japanese players you want to be better friends with. E: Burnside, H2 and Allister. I want to be better friends with them but my English isn’t so good lol... But I’ll try harder! Man both the handsome and want to be friends lists are both damn solid, I approve tbh lol. Water. Because Elm loves everything water related. Suicune.. H2.. M:Please let us know your favourite foods and restaurants! E: I like pasta and sushi! For pasta I go to a shop called “tapas&tapas”, for sushi I go to “sushi train toriton”! M: What do you think of the European Pokkén scene? (question requested by ToSaix) E: I went to Dreamhack last year and until then honestly, I didn’t know much about the European players, but I’m glad to know that strong players like Fabilous and Xabsoluted exist! Afrokami, Gintrax, Goreson and Angeldarksong were also strong! I’d really like them to come to Japan at least once to battle the Japanese players! I think both sides would be able to learn a lot! M: Is there any question I haven’t asked you that you’d like to be asked? Please give us the answer as well! E: Yes. It would be: “Why did you become organiser for Pokkén at EvoJapan?” My answer is because Pokkén is a game that is very easy to pick up, but has good depth and is interesting. Despite so, the number of players playing the game is relatively small, so to promote the interestingness of Pokkén and as a goal of the existing players, I decided to register as an organiser. M: Please give a word to your fans and readers! E: In terms of Pokkén, I will be active and working hard in both Japan as well as overseas this year as both a player and organiser. Please don’t overlook my appearance at World Championships at Nashville! Thanks Elm-san! End of Ep.6, Ft. Our silver prince, Elm! And of course, thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for the next ALSO, HIGHLY ANTICIPATED interview ;))))! ~~Midori~~ Japanese version:
  9. Wow those are some interesting revelations. I've always loved Sasafune taking care of a lot of people. Fun fact he housed like 4 people during KVO which in itself is amazing. I knew about Quiet vs Katou since I was cheering for Quiet at the time, but what I loved was how BadIntent just like vanished out of his seat after Katou-kun beat him like M2/SM2 losing animation. I found that and the matches itself really interesting lolol
  10. Lol pentao you did a solid job! And yeah I don't intend to do this for the near future and the upcoming guests I have at the moment Do not worry! I hope this interview was entertaining and even more than the last for everyone!
  11. Hi guys! o/ Here is the next interview! This one was an extremely fun one for me as I was able to do a new type of interview for this one. The next guest is also a HIGHLY requested one, so I hope the hint was sufficient and did not throw you guys off ;)! Here is the full picture of the hint image. Wherever the light shines, the (other) god of Pokemon (M2) is watching :^). Without further ado I, present to you guys our next guest, the dynamic duo, the father and son.... We have... KATOU KUN! (Ft. PAPA, AKURYOU SAN!) A little bit of background information: - Dad Akuryou approached me after I tweeted my interest in interviewing the young ones, and because he seems interesting I decided to also add him to the question mix! - Not even in his teens, Katou-kun was junior champion of WCS, and was best 8 in the adults section LCQ. Monster! - They are based in Aichi Nagoya, and Katou kun came second to Pboo to qualify for top 16 in the WCS Aichi qualifiers, after KVO. - Follow daddy Akuryou at: @akryo24pkmn !! -Glossary for Noobs- -kun : honorific attached to males the speaker feels closer to. Generally more common among people of the same age or people younger than themselves to have a more casual, and less intimidating interaction. -san : honorific attached to a person who is respected by the talker. Closest English equivalent is miss. Or mister. But the overall nuance is more sophisticated than that. Let's start the interview! M: So how old are you? (mainly directed to Katou-kun) K: Twelve! A: Twenty five. M: Akuryou-san... Aren’t you like wayy too young? OuO”... A: Well yeah, maybe cause my wife is a little older than me so (^_^;) M: Ahh, I see! But still so young ∑(゚Д゚)... A: lol, I wouldn’t deny it (^^) M: Interesting lol (^^;), so how did you guys come to start this game? K: I started by trying the WiiU version. It was a lot of fun so I continued from there. A: Same with myself~ M: If you guys played a first to ten, what do you think the outcome would be? K: Hmm... I think probably 9-10 and I feel like I might lose... Lol~ A: I think I’d get owned 0-10 tbh lololol M: So Katou-kun, you are a Mewtwo main right? Why did you choose Mewtwo as your main? K: Well I actually tried a lot of characters, but the one who fit me the most was Mewtwo, so... A: Well my son uses Mewtwo so I went to the net to teach myself in hopes of teaching him but... (^_^;) M: This young father has such warm fatherly love... ( ˘ω˘ ) M: Do you guys use any other characters? K: Well I’m currently practising Darkrai and Croagunk. A: Pikachu Libre and Gengar for me. M: As a Darkrai player I’m actually pretty hyped to hear that Katou kun is trying out Darkrai even if still in Practice lol. Why are you using Darkrai and why do you think he’s weak? K: I actually saw Uho-san use Darkrai and thought wow I think he’s interesting so.. Lol~ he’s weak because for starters Mewtwo wins the matchup and if you can’t get into nightmare shift his duel phase is well.. You know.. Like that.. Lol. M: As of late, I agree with everything to be honest (´;ω;`) lol. M: So who do you guys think are the top 3 and worst 3 in the game? K: Mewtwo, Decidueye and Chandelure are top 3, and Empoleon, Darkrai and Croagunk are the worst 3. A: I agree. Ah, but in good hands Darkrai can perform very well though! Heck your opinions Watsky (^ω^) M: What are your hobbies outside of Pokkén? K: Ultra sun and moon and also listening to Vocaloid songs! A: Making "プラモデル" plastic models. M: That’s actually pretty interesting !(◎_◎;). So special question just for Katou-kun, what Vocaloid song is your favourite? K: Lemingming by KairikibearP (レミングミング) M: And special question for Papa. How big is the biggest plastic model you’ve ever made? A: That’s a trade secret lol (^_^;) "Puramoderu", plastic models https://www.google.co.jp/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=video&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiKhoefn_DYAhUGJJQKHbgBCM0QtwIIJzAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DE0GdAXoGSu4&usg=AOvVaw22dhxhFjA9P9IUPqcQ_VxY Link to Katou-kun's favorite vocaloid song! M: So who do you guys look up to in Pokkén? K: Potechin-san and Tanoshimi-san. A: Azazel-san for me. K: Ah! And also Thulius-san and Sakimoto-san! M: Wah, I think Thulius will be happy to hear that, thank you Katou-kun (^_^;)! Ayyyyyyyyyyye! M: What 3 support sets do you guys reckon are the best? K: Togekiss, Eevee and Farfetch’d. A: Agree. M: What do you guys think of overseas players? As in what’s your impression on them? K: I didn’t really talk to them but I think they’re all good people! Also, they know soo much about Japanese players (>_<) lol. A: The fact that they bonded with and let my son be friends with them, makes me happy! M: What are your favourite foods? K: I think steak is the best! A: Ramen and Udon. This kid is W O K E. M: Any advice for players to get stronger? K: If you want to get stronger, firstly, let’s try playing offline battles! If you have ideas in your head, make sure you try them out in real matches as well! A: Can’t disagree with the above! M: If there’s anything you can change in Pokkén, what would it be? K: Instead of replays, I want the ability to watch matches live as they occur! A: Instead of red cards, it would be nice if they could make rage quitters unable to join ranked matches for weeks loll. M: Any questions you wished I asked you guys? K: Yep, why am I that strong? Cause I train intensively. That’s why lol (^^). A: Nothing in particular for myself (^^).. Katou-kun's power level. Obviously. M: Please give a message to the fans at home! K: If I see you at WCS Junior division, I will be the champion so please have faith in me and let me carry your expectations! I also hope to talk more and more with you guys (^^)! A: Please feel welcome to talk to my son (^^)! If you need advice or want to exchange advice please also feel free (>_<)! Thanks Katou-kun and Papa Akuryou-san! End of Ep.5, Ft Katou-kun and Akuryou-san! And of course, thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for the next ALSO, HIGHLY ANTICIPATED interview ;))))! ~~Midori~~ Japanese notes:
  12. Hi guys! o/ Here is the next interview! This one is more of a chat than an interview, but as a result I think I was able to weed out a lot of good detail which should be good I hope ^__^''... I present to you guys our next guest, whom I think is personally the best Pikachu player in Japan. We have our young talent... NIKO! Oops forgot one tier. Pika S E N D N U D E S :^) Kappa A little bit of background information: - Despite of his age, and opposite to Mega Chitanda's blender, aggressive pace breaking style, Niko employs a more calm, footsie oriented and calculated play. - Has at one time won Toratawa locals back to back 3-4 times in a row before in 2017. - Actually calls me Midori-CHAN. Very friendly kid, cooperative, mature beyond his years except for the lewd jokes and dank memes :)... - Follow him at: @niko0310114514 !! Prelude: M: So Niko! I’ll just paste all the questions here all at once ok? If you could give me a pic that you’d like to use that’d be great as well! N: Uh… I’m bad at selfies D:, lol. N: But I don’t mind about the photo! Take one of me during EVOJAPAN K ;D? M: Sures bromodachi :D! Let’s start the interview! M: So first off, how old are you this year? N: So this year, I’ll be 17 years old! M: Sooo young >__<… and how did you come to start Pokkén? N: Actually I was originally a Tekken player and upon hearing a Tekken-like themed game I tried playing it and that’s how I came to start Pokkén! M: Why do you main Pikachu? N: Because I didn’t really know anything much about Pokemon anyway, I thought as the main character, Pikachu can’t be weak right? So I started using him. M: Well I guess no Pokemon yet in the game is close to your Tekken main Nina huh? Lol~ N: Well yeah lol~~ N: But I started using Nina after Pokkén came out actually so~ Niko's Tekken 7 main, Nina! M: Ahh, lol I didn’t know! But next question, where do you see Pikachu in the tier list? Any particular reasons? N: I don’t think he’s within the top tiers, but he is a good, strong character in my opinion. Top characters include Mewtwo and Decidueye for example. M: So you think Pikachu is within the next tier after top then? N: Personally, I think so! I think it’s easier to see if you check out Momo’s latest tier list! M: I see, although I don’t personally agree with Momo’s latest list… >__<… N: Regardless of what you think I think Pikachu’s placement is correct personally! M: I guess Pikachu’s placement is probably correct huh? Lol~ Above is the Momo tier list, for reference purposes. M: So which characters are top 3 and bottom 3 in your opinion? N: Best 3 are Decidueye, Mewtwo and Chandelure in my opinion. Bottom 3 are Croagunk, Shadow Mewtwo and Empoleon. In DX Croagunk did become stronger so in actuality he might be a little bit higher maybe? M: I understand why Mewtwo is strong, but Chandelure and Decidueye, why do you think they're strong? N: I'm not actually super knowledgeable about them so I won't say I can say with absolute detail but these 3 characters should be able to achieve stable results in tournaments and hence I think they're strong. Mikukey and Potechin are good, easily understandable examples of this I suppose. M: Usually, our young players are really strong huh (lol)… Please name some strong, young players aside from yourself? N: Theoretically maybe Subutan is top class worldwide perhaps. Other than that Itou-kun and Haruyuki-san are also extraordinarily good in my opinion. These guys generally have stable (and good) results in tournaments. M: I think I have to agree that those three are exceptional in any case lol xD. Please let us know your hobbies and interest outside of Pokkén itself~ N: Apart from Pokkén I love sports! I often go to the gym and do bouldering, but recently I have been totally immersed in this game called “Dead by Daylight”. I think it’s a pretty popular game so a lot of non-Japanese Pokkén players probably know about it right? M: Yeah, probably a lot of them lol xD~ M: By the way Niko my boy! You really go to the gym? You slayyy lol XD, Do you have a six pack? N: Lol I used to go really often but now I only play Dead by Daylight xD. Young but unshaken by the horror is Niko! M: What foods do you like? N: I really hate spring onion and capsicum (peppers), but other than that I generally like everything else! M: Niko, what is your dream or goal in the future? N: Even though I already need to be thinking about the future I still haven’t really decided… I guess if not some sort of creator, I’d like to be in a job related to video games if possible. Eh but I think you actually have a butt-ton of time tbh xDD (didn’t say this to Niko in real time) M: Is there anyone you look up to in the Pokkén community? N: Azazel-san and Elm-san. Azazel’s Machamp has figuratively speaking climbed over a lot of mountains and difficulties and became a pro even and, Elm-san even outside of his Pokkén play, has coordinated tournaments, and promoted and roused the Pokkén world. I think that’s really cool! Azazel (left), Elm (right). Amazing players and amazing people. (Credits go to my baby Allister you can't milk these ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) for the photos!) M: Next question! Which matchup do you feel most confident in and which matchup is the hardest for you? N: We are advantageous vs Empoleon, Gardevoir, Gengar and Charizard I think. Characters that are disadvantageous for us in my opinion are Garchomp, Mewtwo and Chandelure. Against Chandelure, having depending on your preparation and strategy you could do well though. M: What are your top 3 Pikachu moves, please let us know. N: FP Jx, DP 5x and 6y. M: I think Burst mode 2y is also plenty strong though lol. N: He does have a lot of other strong moves lol xD. I didn’t know if I should list 6y or nuzzle for example haha xD. M: If you can change one thing about Pikachu, what would it be? N: Hmm... Let me think about that one...... OK. I don't wanna say anything too greedy, so it would be if 8x could combo into a phase shift after a critical hit, that'd be nice! M: Any questions you wished I asked you? Or is there any questions you’d like to ask yourself? N: Hmm… That’s a tough one… N: Can I change it to me asking the non-JP players (or yourself) a question? M: Of course, feel free ;)! N: In which case, it won’t be a question but I don’t really know about other Pikachu players outside of Japan, so please tell me a few! M: Of course! M: Personally I think the best female player outside of Japan is a Pikachu player, Kukkii. (I’m not 100% sure but) I think probably same level as Chiu and Iboo. Other than that… America: JDA, Kino, CoolJake Europe: Arrowni, Millertime. But I think Kukkii or recently Kino is probably the best (Yes come at me you disagreeing Pikcucks :^)). N: Strongest female player outside of Japan you say? If I find her twitter I’d like to follow actually! M: I’ll give it to you :D! @KukkiiNKurimu, although Garchomp player OrlandoFox has also been on a tear lately lol. N: Overseas seem to have so many players which sounds like fun ^__^! M: Well overseas don't just include one country and that's why there's a lot I guess? Haha, buut I think Japan is still the best so ^__^''... M: Continuing on~ who are the strongest 3 Pikachu players in your opinion? N: Myself, Paras and Mega Chitanda. M: Any advice for aspiring Pikachu players out there? N: I have the impression that overseas players tend to use Pikachu’s projectiles a lot. His projectiles are strong, but it's good to also incorporate the 3 strong moves I mentioned earlier. Japanese Pikachu players are generally really good at utilizing these so I'd like you guys try it out for yourself! M: Please give us a message for the fans at home~ N: I haven’t really met foreign players, so if I have the chance to meet them I’d like to communicate with them a lot! I was thinking I may make a Pikachu combo video or stream on Twitch so please come play me or say hi! Thanks NIKO! End of Ep.4, Ft NIKO! And of course, thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for the next, HIGHLY ANTICIPATED interview ;))))! ~~Midori~~ Japanese notes:
  13. Hi guys! o/ Here is the next interview! First and foremost I'd just like to say this will be a shorter interview as our next guest is a pretty highly anticipated one, although more towards the reserved side of the spectrum, often choosing not to elaborate their responses to the fullest. I ask that you guys respect that it is the player's wishes to often be more private as a custom in Japan and that response length and elicitation will vary among people. Please take note of this for future interviews to come and apologies if it affects your overall enjoyment >x<~ However without further ado, I present to you our next guest! Aza... Xabs: No. .. ..... .... .. .. Teaser image. .. .... .. . .... .. .. .... .... Real image. .. .. ... .. .. ..... PHIKHAAAA?!!?! . . . . . . . ???? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ..... ... .. S-ss~SUBUTAN! \o/! Picture above: PMC2 winners, Left to Right: Mikukey (barely on the bottom left), Sasafune, Subutan, Paras, Uho. Do you guys have the E D U C A T I O N?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) A little bit of background information: - Unquestionably the Libre player in Japan with the best results of all time so far - Was the one who OCV'd Elm, Momo, Tonosama, Bangi and Azazel team - Has a twin brother who used to play Pokkén. He quit after getting it handed down to Subutan a lot I heard though... ^__^''... - Follow him at: @Subuta_tit !! -Glossary for noobs- Seiyuu: Voice actor / Voice actress in Japan~ Let's start the interview! -- M: To start off, please tell us the story behind your handle, and how that came to be~ S: In my middle school years I always used the handle "酢豚" (Read: Subuta Meaning: Chinese style stir fried sweet and sour pork), and thats how my handle came to be. Mm...... (*´艸`) M: Previously you were a notable Chandelure main, but now you are a Pikachu Libre main. Why these two Pokemon? S: At the time when Chandelure came out into the arcades, people didn't really prepare for the matchup and so I won a lot of games, became interested and kept using the character. As for Libre, I started by watching Uho and Kinuko and admired their play. They started teaching me the neutral and frame data for the character as I started picking her up. M: Any advice to those who are looking to become better Libre players? S: I think it's very important as a Libre player to take (and win) Field phase properly. M: Ohhh~, and any tournament advice you'd like to give? S: I guess it would be to not panic and be nervous and play as you normally would~ M: Please tell us where you think Y is in the tier lists, as well as the worst and best 3 in the game~ S: I think every character in the game is strong, so I never really thought about character strength and tier lists before. It's because I thought Libre is strong that I use her. Somewhere in this world Swalot respect points for Subutan +100. M: What are your favorite support Pokemon and why do you like them? S: Frogadier and Whimsicott. As for why, it's because they are cute! (I agree they're qut uwu) M: Any Pokemon you'd like to be added to the roster? S: I love Cofagrigus! But I also like Chansey and Tyranitar. M: Please tell us your interests and hobbies outside of Pokkén! S: Yes, I like Seiyuus! M: And who is your favorite Seiyuu? S: Asakura Momo! Asakura Momo-San! M: Any interest in participating a Pokkén tournament overseas in the future, and is there anything else you'd like to do if you are overseas, as well as any overseas players you would like to be friends with? S: Well, I can tell you that I have interest in participating in tournaments outside of Japan M: Please tell us if you have any players you look up to. S: Player I respect > Ganikosu. First S1 ranked player in the world!! (´ฅ•ω•ฅ`) *Fanboy mode is ON* M: If there was a system related change to be implemented in the game, what would you like it to be? S: It would be the isolation and segregation of laggy players online (from players with good connection) M: Any questions you wish I'd ask you? S: Mm, Nothing in particular~ M: Anything you'd like to say to your fans and the readers at home? S: From now on, let's keep giving our best in Pokkén -- Thanks Subutan~~ End of Ep.3, Ft Subutan~ And of course, Thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for the next interview :)! ~~Midori~~ Japanese version / 日本語版
  14. Hi guys! o/ A big THANK YOU for all the readers and the positive feedback for my first interview with Sharklord, Bangi-San! Due to the responses, I have decided to publish my next one a little earlier than I scheduled for myself personally. Our next guest is a passionate, calculative one who surprisingly took the hearts of many of our players in the West, although relatively unknown before his big splash in WCS tournament. I welcome you guys our brave bird... S-ki! A little bit of background information: - A player who is a little under the radar though since WCS, he's splashed flopped his way to the west! - Seems to be the typical red ranger type of person, as he also pockets a Scizor! - Defeated Tonosama in WCS last chance qualifiers for a first finish in his bracket! - Follow him in twitter: @SKi_Pokken !! With his fast replies to the offer, I present you the interview. I hope you guys enjoy! -Glossary for noobs- Sensei = Respected person of profession in Japan (i.e. Doctors, Teachers, and yes, even Comic Artists) Mangaka = Comic Artist that draws One Piece, DBZ and the waifus you like Seinen = "Older boys" (or bois who have hair on their land from down under). Usually Japanese comics that has more adult themes incorporated such boobs, gore and blood and suggestive waifus. - M: So first off, where did your handle “S-ki” come from? Please tell us the story if any~ S: When I was playing Smash Brothers on 3DS I used a Mii that looked like a character from the Manga “Bakuman” who is a manga editor in chief named “Sasaki”. Because of the resemblance my Mii has with Sasaki, I decided to name myself “Editor in Chief, Sasaki”. It ended up being one Japanese character over the word limit though so I decided to shorten it into “S-ki”. After that I decided to stick with it since the long version became a bit troublesome so that’s how my name came to be ! Sasaki from Bakuman! M: And, what made you play the game in the first place? S: When the arcade version for Pokkén came out I went to the game center with a friend and came across a Pokkén tournament by mere coincidence and although I haven’t played the game even once, I decided to participate! At that time the eventual winner of the tournament used Blaziken so I thought this character must be without a doubt, a strong one! So when the console version came out, I started playing Blaziken. By the way, the winner of said tournament we randomly came across using Blaziken... Was Tonosama. Our national treasure. (For those who don’t know... Yes, Tono has a BIG BRAVE... Bird too 8)) M: What do you think are the most important things needed to be strong with Blaziken? S: The most important is to be able to calculate and balance the management of your health and synergy gauge. Also, if your enhanced blaze kick is blocked, it’s important to always think about what options will give you the highest chance to win in the next exchange. M: What are your personal worst and best matchups? S: My personal worst is VS Weavile and the matchup I have most confidence in is Blaziken mirror. M: Worst and Best 3 in the game in your opinion? S: Best 3 in my opinion is Decidueye, Lucario and Weavile. Worst 3 is Pikachu, Machamp and Darkrai. M: Can you give us some rationale behind why you think the worst 3 are the worst? S: Sure thing. Pikachu > Moves that start an offense is a bit lacking, so if the opponent has a lead and runs away it’s hard for Pikachu to make a comeback. His damage is strong if you work hard to corner your opponent but at the end of the day it’s still hindered by his lack of good offensive moves to fight for space. It is because of this that it is often Pika who finds himself being walled by the opponent. But I guess he gets his burst fast though.. Machamp > Although he does have the complete set of good moves and health needed, making him strong enough, basically Machamp has a lot of disadvantages to carry on his shoulders in the neutral. Furthermore he has some characters he super loses to begin with. There’s one character I have in mind that is a really bad matchup for Machamp. (I think we all know who lol xD) Darkrai > This character has an advantage VS some of the cast which makes him strong, but I feel he also has a lot of losing matchups making him a character that can exist in both extremes (of winning and losing). Without Bad dreams rising (nightmare shift) he is by far and away the weakest character in the game and although that is the case he only wins field VS some of the cast. And even if he nightmare shifts you, he isn’t that much of a menacing presence if you prepare for the matchup and have countermeasures. Me, tbh M: Whoah, interesting and very insightful! Please tell us other hobbies you have outside of the game itself~ S: I like to play other games, read manga, and go out to eat delicious foods! M: Ohhh we have a foodie here (Midori stamp of approval) What is your favourite food? S: Sushi! M: So I heard rumours that you were a Mangaka before. Is this true?! Was it fun, and why did you stop? S: Actually yes, I was a Manga assistant to be exact. I often help draw the hair and clothes of the characters as well as the background images. It was something I liked so I enjoyed it but I worked too hard and collapsed once... After that I got addicted to a game I liked and decided to stop. Ahhh such a shame qwq... M: Wowedoge, when you were a Mangaka assistant, was the Mangaka you worked for famous? What Manga did they draw? S: The Sensei I worked for is actually pretty well known in the Manga world in Japan but I feel hasn’t really made his way towards the rest of the world. As much as I want to tell you guys, it’s against the work practice rules though... But I’ll give you guys a hint! He writes for a famous Seinen manga magazine ! M: I see, back to the Pokkén topic, any players you respect or pay attention to? S: Hmm.. As far as who I “respect”, it’s Azazel-san and Thulius, but the person that has my attention personally was Tsukichu. You know how Guile Theme goes with everything? That's yesterday's meme. Today's meme is Thulius goes with everything. M: Any players that you feel is not being paid enough attention to but should be? S: Weavile player, Go. !! Editor note !! During my own time here I’ve been hearing nothing but a lot of praises and high regards for this player and they often say he’s the best Weavile in Japan after Potechin. From my sources I heard he’s also very young, but a calculated non rps oriented player with gifted execution! (though our young players from Japan often share this trait xD) M: Anyone you’d like to be better friends with in particular out of the Japanese community? S: I want to be better friends with ALL! I’d like to communicate more with them! M: Any Pokémon that you wished would be added to the game? S: Yes! My favorite Pokémon, Tauros! M: any questions you wished I asked you? Please tell me the answer to the question as well xD~ S: Um... Can non Japanese players react to Blaze kick..? Cause I can’t... Lol. M: And finally, anything you’d like to say to fellow readers or fans ? S: I’m not sure when, but I think someday I’d like to once again participate in an overseas tournament! Let’s communicate and do a lot of friendlies together! Thank you so much! -- End of Ep.2, Ft S-ki! Thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for the next interview :)! ~~Midori~~ Japanese version / 日本語版
  15. Hi Pentao and thank you for the feedback! I actually have questions 1, and 2 listed in my pool of questions but decided to abstain from overloading said player. Question number 3 sounds interesting and I will be considering asking it for the players I feel a bit more technical, like Uho or Tonosama. As for short answers, that is more towards the player themselves being more reserved, or even being considerate of my own workload for translation (Though I am fine with either and even encourage elicitation). If you wait for the next interview, I ASSURE you, you will be satisfied with the level of depth and reasoning they provide :)! Like I said with Pentao. I try to elicit, but also respect the players wills as they often give less to be more considerate towards the interviewer, would like to be as diplomatic as possible etc. Stay tuned for the next interview. I think lengthwise it could very well be double the length :)! I'll consider your other questions as well though! Thank you guys for the feedback!