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    Pokkén Arena Appreciation Thread!

    The first time I started looking at PA was when I first joined the community as a complete scrub lol. Wanting to learn more about the game I liked playing and too afraid to ask questions I so happened to stumble upon a link to Pokkén Arena. It was FILLED with info that I had never knew was in the game in the first place. My biggest reason for improving is because of how much I read, reread, took notes, and practiced what I learned here. A big thanks to those who took time and effort to make these guides! I guess that is my memory of my first time on PA :3
  2. ashgreninja1

    How did you end up with your Gamertag?

    I really always used to name myself after a pokemon. The only name that I actually put imagination to is ninjaboy12 cause I was and to this day still am painfully obsessed with all things relating to ninjas. Then the day greninja became a thing I loved his design and really triggered my ninja obsession. I changed my name to greninjafan asap. After ash-greninja got announced and released I just thought, "hey! Why not?" And that's who you see here today :3
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    What to do in a match > Current Strategy > Random Notes

    Scizor's 6X can low profile high attacks. That is convenient
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    Summer Jam XI Feedback Thread

    Overall for this event I thought it was great even though there were a few mishaps but in my opinion for me the positives overran the negatives.
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    Pika mains say hi

    hi :3 pikachu secondary
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    "What Pokemon are you?" Quiz

    I got this