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  1. Was able to replicate on my own computer...will add to my to-do list.
  2. Special thanks to @Mins and @ReyDelEmpire for recording these.
  3. Years ago, I had a couple of particular character flaws. Because of those flaws, I ended up really upsetting/hurting some of my friends. At that point, I grew an immense dislike of myself and the things I had done, so I abandoned my old accounts in order to distance myself and remove my toxic presence from my friend's lives. I tried to start over with a new online identity, and I used the name "Quiet" (or Quiet Repentance) as a reminder to myself to live on as a better person, not just for myself, but for everybody around me. It's been about six or seven years since that point. I think I'm doing okay.
  4. In hell, where that channel belongs.
  6. First order of business: I've opened staff applications. In the parent forum you will find an application format. Post your actual applications in the subforum. You will only be able to see your own application. Sorry this took so long - figuring out the permissions/logistics was a pain. Second order of business: On the matter of the domain switch, there's some technical shenanigans preventing a transfer of ownership. I'm in contact with people that are helping me fix it, but it's going to be a few more days at least. Hang tight, I'm doing everything I can. And lastly; some ground rules for the forums. You're all kind of a well behaved community (for the most part) so these are just obligatory. First off, we will be using an infraction "point" system. This means that when you break a rule, you'll get an infraction for a certain number of points, depending on the severity of the offense. At certain point counts, you'll face repercussions. They are as follows; 3 points: 1 day posting ban. 6 points: 1 week posting ban. 9 points: 1 month complete ban. 12 points: Permanent ban. Points will decay on a per-infraction basis, with a default of two weeks. Got it? Good. Let's move on to the actual rules; Rule 1) Be respectful. (1-2 points) Don't launch personal attacks. Don't make a post just to put somebody down. Please do not go into a salt induced berserk rage and tear into people. Refrain from insults in general. If you can't solve your disagreements respectfully, just don't post. If you feel somebody is being antagonistic, please PM a moderator/admin rather than fight back. We don't need things devolving into metaphorical fisticuffs. Rule 2) Keep content "SFW" (or PG rated). (1-2 points) This includes both sexually explicit and violent images/links/text/etc - posting either of those will result in an infraction. Please abstain from posting even if it's suggestive. Borderline cases will be deleted with a warning rather than an infraction, but only the first time. Repeat cases will start to earn points. Rule 3) No spamming. (1-2 points) Try not to repeatedly post inane, empty posts/threads. Also try to abstain from posting just to promote your own stream/product (unless there's a thread/subforum specifically for doing that.) Also, do not "bump" topics with more than one consecutive "bump". This means, every time you bump a thread, you must wait for somebody else to post in that thread before you can bump it again. When making actual contributions to a thread, please try to edit your previous post instead of making a new reply. Rule 4) No doxxing. (3-12 points) Doxxing means attempting to find out somebody's personal, real-life details (such as name, residence, etc) through use of their online details. Even if it's easily found, do not go searching for people's personal information, and absolutely do not post it. Infractions for this rule will always result in a ban, and how severe the offense is will determine the length of the ban. Rule 5) Do not share illegal downloads. (6-12 points) You can talk about emulators and emulation, but do not share illegal software, or discuss how to obtain it. Links to ROMs, torrents, etc, will be met with an immediate ban. Rule 6) Do not avoid punishments. (12 points) If you use an alternate account to avoid a ban, even if that ban is temporary, I will up your ban to permanent and extend it to all of your alternate accounts. Do not do this. I will know if you do. I'll adjust/add to this as things come up later. -Quiet
  7. You don't have to follow the format to a T, but please try to include the information asked for. New applications can only be posted every 4 months. If you post any sooner, your application will be deleted. Position applying for: Character moderator, site moderator, or writer (for News articles). Moderating (or writing) experience: Any other platform/community/etc you've helped manage before (or other website you've written for), or any other experience you deem relevant. Past experience with the Pokken community: Have you written guides? Have you made content? Do you manage a Discord server, maybe? Or are you just a player? Reasons for applying: What you hope to accomplish or contribute by applying to be on the PA team. Content contribution (Just want to write for the front page - what kind of articles do you want to write? Why?) Do you want to help build the site on its new platform (graphics? coding?)? Write guides for your character subforum? Your application will be discussed in private by the mod team, and you'll get a reply when we've made a decision. Don't pester us for ETAs on a verdict, that'll just make us really want to decline you.
  8. Nothing really. Maybe Andromeda? I'm interested in seeing how the Switch ends up. I've heard a lot of rumors of some really underwhelming specs.
  9. Also from Dragonflycave, where the favorite pokemon picker is. http://www.dragonflycave.com/quizzes/what-pokemon-are-you I took the quiz and got...
  10. If you build on a planet where the listed weather effects include "Meteor Showers", you deserve everything you get
  11. Starbound 1.0 was pretty much the best gaming experience I had this year
  12. You people need help.
  13. Finally, after a lot of work, the new forums can be put up for all to use! I'm quite glad for things to be off of the old Proboards software. The new software we're on (IPS) gives us much more control over the website, allowing us to add features we were previously incapable of. Now, we have a front page news section, as well as an integrated calendar that users can submit events to! (Although events will require staff approval.) Soon, we'll add a video archive, perhaps a guide library, and much more! There's a couple of old features we're working on bringing back (like the ability to select your main character to be displayed on your forum profile) and they'll be popping back up in the next couple of weeks. If you have any feature requests, please use the subforum for suggestions. http://pokkenarena.invisionzone.com/ is a temporary URL for the next day or two, but after that we'll be moving to our permanent home of http://pokkenarena.com/ ! (Once the old content has been moved. It takes 24-48 hours, for technical reasons.) The old forums will be up for a month or two just for people to copy old stuff over, but then we'll be nuking them. Back up everything important sooner rather than later. You have been warned. -Quiet
  14. Freaking Christmas

    Holy Shit